Delta Airlines Name Change

The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) rules require that the name on your boarding must exactly match the name on your government-issued ID. If your name does not appear correctly on your ticket, you may be denied flight access. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your name appears correctly on your ticket—without any typos, misspellings, or mistakes. 

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

To ensure that the passenger who purchased the ticket is travelling (and not someone else), Delta Airlines requires a valid first, middle, and last name—initials are not allowed. Delta does not permit name changes unless they require the correction of a misspelling in the name, usually limited to 3-character corrections. 

Delta Name Change Due to Marriage

Can you tell me about Delta Airlines’ last-name change, etc?

If you need to make a name change after marriage or divorce, you will need to submit valid legal documentation (marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.) with Delta Airlines. Your ticket will be reissued and subject to the applicable fee. 

Delta Name Change Fee 

Will it cost me money to change the passenger name on Delta?

You have up to 24 hours to correct any error free of charge on any U.S. airline, whether you’re changing a single letter or the entire name. For this reason, you should always review your ticket immediately after purchasing it. 

If 24 hours have passed since you purchased your ticket, you will be charged USD 200 as name change fee to make the change or correction. 

How can I change a name typo on my Delta Airlines ticket?

If you find that the name on your ticket appears incorrectly, you must immediately contact Delta Airlines at (or in your city/country) or the travel agent you booked your ticket with. Remember, it may take a few minutes during peak hours. If you discover the mistake at the airport, go straight to Delta’s ticket desk with your valid legal ID. 

Tip. Don’t worry if your middle name or initial has been left out: your first and last names need to be correct, that’s what most airlines look at. 

Delta Airlines SkyMiles Name Change

You can change/update your name on your SkyMiles account, as well as your date of birth or gender, as long as you have supporting legal documentation. To request the change online, log in to your SkyMiles account, complete the Identity Verification Form, and attach a copy of the required documentation—such as your marriage certificate, court order, divorce decree, etc.—with the online form. 

If you’re making changes to your middle name—such as adding a middle name, changing your full middle name into an initial, or changing your middle initial to a full name—you’re not required to submit any documentation. Just log in to your SkyMiles account and make the required changes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Delta Airlines Name Change

Delta Airlines allows name changes that involve the correction of misspellings and typos in a name. Minor errors of up to 3 characters are usually free of charge, but name changes involving more characters, or a change of name due to marriage or divorce, may incur USD 200 as name change fee. Delta Airlines’ name change policy does not allow a complete change of name, such as those that might lead to a change of passenger. 

Delta allows name corrections due to misspellings and typos on a ticket. Minor errors (usually up to 3 characters) can be corrected by contacting Delta Airlines or the source of purchase, generally free of charge. Name corrections or changes due to marriage or divorce may be on a chargeable basis—unless you bring valid legal documentation (marriage certificate or court papers) to prove you’re the same person, as recommended on the D.O.T.’s Fly-Rights page.