The Garuda Indonesia flight change policy allows you to modify most domestic and international flights free of charge under its new COVID-19 fee waivers. Aside from this, you’re allowed to make changes to your flight in a few other scenarios, depending on your fare class, route, etc.

Flight change policy

Flight Change Policy Due to COVID-19 

  • COVID-19 Fee Waivers for International Flights 

International tickets booked between April 24, and March 31, can be changed free of charge up to 3 times until December 31, subject to the following conditions: 

  • The fee waiver is valid for: 
    • All international tickets except to/from the Middle East.
    • Both one-way and return tickets.
    • Interline flight tickets.
    • Tickets issued only by Garuda Indonesia’s official website, mobile app, Contact Centers, Sales Offices, Gerai, and appointed travel agents (offline and online). 
  • If you’re rescheduling your ticket: 
    • Your original ticket will be valid till December 31, 2022. 
    • You must complete your travel by December 31, 2022.
    • The fee waiver applies to all international flights in all sub-classes.
    • Additional restrictions will apply to tickets with sub-class combinations.
    • A No-Show fee of USD 100 per ticket will be charged if you fail to make the required changes before your original flight’s departure.
    • Any difference in fares and taxes must be paid for.
    • To reschedule your ticket or receive assistance, call Garuda Indonesia at (or 0804-1-807807/021-2351-9999).
  • If you’re getting your ticket reissued:
    • You must complete your travel by December 31. 
    • You must pay the difference in fares and taxes (if any).
    • You must make the changes through a Garuda Indonesia Sales Office, contact center, or the travel agent you booked your ticket from.
    • To get your ticket reissued or receive assistance, call Garuda Indonesia (0804-1-807807/021-2351-9999).
  • COVID-19 Fee Waivers for Domestic Flights
    Domestic flights (incl. codeshare flights except to the Middle East and Africa) can be rescheduled and rerouted as follows:
    • Tickets issued up to February 28, having a travel date between January 9, until further notice can be rescheduled or rerouted at no additional charge up to 3 times. Blackout dates and No-Show fee will not apply.


  • You can reschedule to a new travel date up to December 31, without additional charges only on the same route and same cabin class. 
  • You can reroute without additional charges only if your new flight costs the same as or is less than the value of your original ticket. 
  • If you’re not sure of your new travel date, you can extend the validity of your ticket (as an Open Ticket) until December 31. 
  • You can exchange your Travel Voucher for a ticket as long as you redeem it by December 31, and travel by December 31. 
  • If you’re rescheduling for a codeshare flight with another airline, it must be to the same fare class. If you’re changing your fare class, additional charges will apply.
  • To get your domestic ticket reissued/rescheduled or to receive assistance, call Garuda Indonesia at +6221-2351-9999 and 0804-1-807-807 or via the 24-hour Live Chat.

Flight Change Policy Based on Fare Class and Route

The Garuda Indonesia flight change policy allows you to make changes to your flight ticket based on your fare class and route (international or domestic), as shown below.

  • International Flight Tickets

The following fares can be rerouted or rescheduled before departure for a flight change fee of USD 80 plus the applicable fare difference:

  • Economy Promotion
  • Economy Affordable
  • Economy Flexible
  • Business Promotion
  • Business Flexible
  • Domestic Flight Tickets
    • The following domestic tickets can be changed (rerouted or rescheduled) for a fee, depending on your route:
      • Economy Special Promotion
      • Economy Promotion
      • Economy Affordable
    • The following domestic tickets can be changed (rerouted or rescheduled) for a flight change fee of USD 60 plus the applicable fare difference:
      • Economy Flexible 
      • Business Promotion 
      • Business Flexible

How to Change Your Garuda Indonesia Flight Ticket

How to change the flight time and date on Garuda Indonesia

You can modify your GA flight schedule by phone (call center in your city), online through, live chat (open 24/7), any Garuda Indonesia sales office, or the Fly Garuda App.

To make changes to your flight date, time, or destination online, follow the steps below: 

  1. Visit
  2. Select My Trip
  3. Access your flight booking by entering your booking code and last name 
  4. Hit the Check button
    The Booking Confirmation page will appear on your screen
  5. Select the Modify flights option
  1. Select the flight you want to change and hit the Continue button

Note. You can search for flights based on schedules and fares. The fee payable by you will appear on the right side of your screen. For penalties and differences in ticket prices, view the sub-class ticket conditions. 

  1. Check your current itinerary and the fee payable. 
  2. Click on Continue to finish.
  3. Agree to the airline’s Terms and Conditions by clicking on the box next to it and then hitting the Continue button.
  4. Enter your payment details and pay.
  5. Your new itinerary will appear on the screen after your payment is confirmed. You will also receive it by e-mail.

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