Understanding the nuances of Loganair cancellation policy is essential for travelers looking to navigate the uncertainties of air travel with confidence. With most fares being non-refundable except in cases of significant schedule changes, Loganair outlines clear guidelines for when passengers can expect refunds or alternative arrangements. 

Loganair cancel flight policy delves into scenarios ranging from overbooked flights to disruptions in connecting journeys, ensuring passengers are well informed about their entitlements to compensation, assistance, and the procedures for claiming them. This approach underlines the airline’s commitment to customer service, even when travel plans don’t go as expected.

Below are the major highlights of the Loganair cancellation policy:

  • Loganair cancel flights fares are non-refundable unless your flight schedule has been significantly changed
  • You can cancel and refund your ticket only if your flight schedule is significantly changed and Loganair is unable to arrange an alternative flight that you agree to. Significant changes can include:
    • A change of departure or arrival time by 3 hours or more within 14 days of departure, and/or
    • A change of departure or arrival time by 5 hours or more at any time after your booking, and/or
    • For trips lasting less than 48 hours, any change in flight times of less than the times above that renders the purpose of your trip impractical 

Note. Changes to your flight number, or the addition or removal of a stopover in your route, do not qualify as significant changes unless they also involve a substantial time alteration as described above.

  • To avoid flight cancellations, Loganair may use a different aircraft, arrange for another airline to operate the flight, or both.
  • You may be additionally entitled to compensation and assistance as mandated by applicable laws in cases of cancellations, significant delays, or inability to provide confirmed seating.
  • If you’re denied boarding on an overbooked flight for which you hold a valid ticket and confirmed reservation, you are entitled to compensation and assistance per relevant laws. However, this doesn’t apply if Loganair has a justifiable reason to deny you boarding or if you fail to meet the specified check-in and boarding guidelines.
  • If your ticket includes a connecting flight with Loganair or a partner airline, Loganair will assist you in rearranging your travel plans in case of schedule changes, delays, or cancellations that affect your connection. Alternatively, you’re entitled to a refund for any affected parts of your journey.
  • If you’ve arranged separate onward travel with another airline or transportation provider and your Loganair flight is rescheduled, delayed, or canceled:
  • Loganair will not cover the costs or losses incurred in altering your onward plans or provide additional amenities like hotel stays or meals, and
  • You may be eligible for compensation under certain legal conditions, with the time of arrival at your final destination determining your eligibility
  • If you’re eligible to claim compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004, the following conditions apply:
  • You must file your claim directly with Loganair and allow 28 days (or a shorter period if legally specified) to respond before involving a third party.
  • Loganair cancellation policy will not process third-party claims unless you’ve first contacted Loganair and given the airline time to respond.
  • You can claim on behalf of all passengers in your booking, provided you have their consent.
  • Refunds or payments will only be made to the booking’s payment card or the named passenger’s bank account, with possible verification required.
  • If you or the named passenger are unable to submit a claim directly, a legally authorized third party, like a parent, guardian, or someone with power of attorney, can do so on your behalf.
  • This doesn’t prevent you from seeking independent advice before submitting your claim to Loganair.

Loganair Flight Cancellations Process

The Loganair flight cancellation process is quite simple. You can cancel your Loganair flight in any of the following ways:

  1. Online via Manage Booking (or the mobile app) if you booked directly with Loganair
  2. By phone (call the local office in your city)
  3. Through a Loganair ticketing office in your city
  4. Through the travel agent you purchased your ticket from 

Online Flight Cancellations Process

Loganair cancel flights online via Manage Booking if you purchased your ticket directly from the airline. To do this, visit the official website, select Manage Booking, and input your surname and booking reference number. Your booking details will show up, after which simply select the flight you wish to cancel and follow the prompts to cancel it. 

Loganair Cancelled Flight Compensation 

A screenshot of Loganair’s Compensation Request Form. Source: Loganair.co.uk

When travel plans are disrupted due to a cancelled flight, it can cause significant inconvenience and stress. Understanding your rights and options for compensation is crucial, especially when flying with airlines like Loganair. Known for its extensive network within the UK, Loganair’s approach to handling cancellations reflects a commitment to customer service and regulatory compliance.

Understanding Compensation Rights. Under certain regulations, such as EU Regulation 261/2004, passengers are entitled to compensation when their flights are cancelled, provided specific conditions are met. These conditions include being informed of the cancellation less than 14 days before the scheduled departure and the cancellation not being caused by extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline’s control, such as adverse weather conditions or air traffic control decisions.

Loganair Compensation Policy. Loganair adheres to these regulations by offering affected passengers various options. The airline’s primary goal is to minimize disruption by either rebooking passengers on the next available flight to their destination or, if preferable, offering a refund for the unused part of the ticket. This ensures that passengers have the flexibility to choose between continuing their journey or cancelling their travel plans.

Additional Support. In cases of significant delays resulting from a cancellation, Loganair steps up by providing additional assistance. This may include meals, refreshments, and, where necessary, accommodation. The level of support is determined by the length of the delay and the specific circumstances, ensuring passengers are not left stranded or significantly inconvenienced.

Fly Flex + and Rescue Fares. For those who opt for greater flexibility, Loganair Fly Flex + fare offers a unique benefit. Passengers who miss their flight due to unforeseen circumstances can avail of a ‘rescue fare’ for a nominal fee, allowing them to catch the next available flight. This option, however, is subject to seat availability and may not be applicable if the subsequent flight is fully booked.

Initiating a Claim. Passengers seeking compensation or refunds must initiate their claim directly with Loganair. The process is streamlined through the airline’s official channels, ensuring transparency and efficiency. It’s important to provide all necessary documentation and details to facilitate a smooth claim process.

Loganair Cancelled Flight Refund Process 

Loganair cancel flights process for handling refunds due to cancelled flights is straightforward and customer-friendly, ensuring passengers are compensated fairly and efficiently. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved in the refund process:

Step 1: Notification of Cancellation

Loganair will inform you of any flight cancellations as soon as possible. This communication will typically include details about the cancellation reasons and the options available to you, including the refund process.

Step 2: Review of Refund Eligibility

Passengers are encouraged to review their ticket conditions and the airline’s cancellation policy to understand their eligibility for a refund. Generally, passengers are entitled to a refund if Loganair cancels a flight and cannot offer a suitable alternative.

Step 3: Initiate the Refund Request

Passengers seeking a refund should initiate the process by contacting Loganair directly. This can usually be done through the airline’s official website, customer service hotline, or in some cases, through the travel agency where the ticket was purchased, depending on the original booking method.

Step 4: Provide Necessary Information

When requesting a refund, you may need to provide certain information, including your booking reference, flight details, and personal contact information. This helps Loganair to efficiently locate the booking and process the refund.

Step 5: Refund Processing

Once your refund request is received and eligibility is confirmed, Loganair cancellation policy will process the refund to the original form of payment used during booking. This means if the ticket was purchased via a credit card, the refund would be credited back to the same card.

Step 6: Refund Timeframe

The time it takes for the refund to be processed and received can vary and can take up to 21 days and will depend on various factors, including the payment method and the bank’s processing times.

Step 7: Follow-up

If you do not receive your refund within the expected timeframe, follow up with Loganair customer service. Keeping a record of all communications and reference numbers can help track the refund status.

Loganair Refund Policy

Loganair cancel flights fares are generally non-refundable. However, the airline may refund the cost of your ticket, or any unused portion, along with any applicable taxes, fees, and charges related to your booking in some cases. 

  • Refunds are typically issued to either the individual named on the ticket or the person who made the payment unless stated otherwise.
  • To request a refund, you must demonstrate that you are either the person named on the ticket or, if relevant, the individual who purchased the ticket.
  • Involuntary Refunds
    • Loganair typically issues refunds if it:
  • Cancels a flight
  • Alters the flight time significantly to an extent that you find unacceptable
  • Fails to adhere to the flight’s scheduled timing
  • Omits a scheduled stop at your destination or stopover
  • Denies you boarding due to an active banning notice against you.
  • For completely unused tickets, the refund will cover the total of the fare, taxes, fees, and charges paid.
  • For partially used tickets, the refund amount will be the difference between the total paid (fare, taxes, fees, and charges) and the fare for the used portion of the journey.
  • Voluntary Refunds
    • If you’re eligible for a fare refund for reasons not mentioned above, the refund conditions will be as follows:
  • For fully unused tickets, the refund will include the fare and paid taxes, fees, and charges, minus any applicable cancellation and reasonable administrative fees.
  • For partially used tickets, the refund will be the difference between the total fare and charges paid and the fare for the traveled segments, minus any cancellation and reasonable service charges or cancellation fees.
  • Refund Refusal 
    • Loganair may deny a refund request if it’s made after the ticket’s validity period has expired.
    • Loganair may also refuse a refund if you used your ticket as proof of your plans to exit a country upon arrival unless you can prove that:
  • You have been granted permission to stay in the country, or
  • You intend to depart the country via another airline or different mode of transportation
  • Refund Currency
    • Refunds will be processed in the same manner and currency used for the original payment unless agreed upon differently. For instance, if the purchase was made in US dollars via credit card, the refund will be credited back to your credit card account in US dollars.
  • Voluntary Refund Issuance
    • Voluntary fare refunds are exclusively processed by the carrier or its authorized agents who initially issued the ticket, and only if the refund has been approved by them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Loganair Cancellation Policy

Dealing with flight cancellations can often lead to a maze of procedures and policies that passengers need to navigate. It’s important to have a clear understanding of your airline’s specific guidelines to manage such situations effectively. The FAQs below about Loganair Cancellation Policy offer a comprehensive overview, shedding light on the crucial aspects of the policy and equipping you with the knowledge you need to address cancellations smoothly and efficiently.

What if Loganair cancels my flight?

If Loganair cancels your flight for any reason, you will be entitled to a complete refund. Alternatively, you have the option to reschedule your flight to another date without incurring additional fees. The decision is entirely up to you.

Can I change my flight instead of cancelling it?

Certainly, you have the option to modify your Loganair flight reservations, as long as you do it at least 2 hours before departure. However, if you opt for the standard Fly fare, a change fee of £50 per passenger for each one-way flight segment will apply, in addition to any fare differences. 

For added flexibility and the freedom to make changes for any reason in the future, you might want to consider the FlyFlex fare option.

What happens if I don’t show up for my flight?

If you fail to arrive for your flight within the required check-in timeframe, your ticket will be classified as a “no-show,” making it ineligible for a refund.

If you’ve purchased a Fly Flex + fare, you will have the opportunity to avail of a set £60 rescue fare in the event you miss your scheduled flight. This applies to the immediate next flight on the day you were supposed to travel, or to a flight on the following day if no more flights are available on the same day.

However, the rescue fare option is not available if the subsequent flight is already fully booked.

What constitutes a “significant change” that qualifies for a refund with Loganair? 

Significant changes include a modification of your departure or arrival time by 3 hours or more within 14 days of departure, a change by 5 hours or more after your booking, or any change for trips under 48 hours that impacts your trip’s purpose.

Are Loganair fares refundable? 

Loganair fares are generally non-refundable, except in cases where there’s a significant change to your flight schedule (as explained above) and Loganair cannot provide an acceptable alternative.

What options do I have if Loganair cancels my flight? 

If Loganair cancels your flight, you are entitled to a full refund or you can choose to rebook on the next available flight without any additional charges, depending on your preference.

How does Loganair handle flight cancellations to avoid passenger inconvenience? 

To prevent cancellations, Loganair might use a different aircraft, arrange for another airline to operate the flight, or both, ensuring minimal disruption to passengers’ travel plans.

Am I entitled to additional compensation and assistance if my flight is significantly delayed or cancelled? 

Yes, in cases of cancellations, significant delays, or if Loganair cannot provide confirmed seating, you may be eligible for compensation and assistance as per applicable laws.

What happens if I’m denied boarding on an overbooked Loganair flight? 

If you’re denied boarding due to overbooking and hold a valid ticket and reservation, you’re entitled to compensation and assistance, unless the denial is for a justifiable reason or you failed to meet check-in and boarding requirements.

If my Loganair flight cancellation affects a connecting flight, what assistance can I expect? 

Loganair will help rearrange your travel plans for any connecting flights with Loganair or partner airlines affected by the cancellation. If no suitable arrangement is possible, you’re entitled to a refund for the impacted part of your journey.

What should I do if my onward travel plans are disrupted due to a Loganair flight change? 

Loganair does not cover costs or losses for altering separate onward travel arrangements. However, you might be eligible for compensation under specific legal conditions, with eligibility determined by your final arrival time.

How do I initiate a compensation claim for a cancelled Loganair flight? 

You must file your claim directly with Loganair and allow the airline 28 days to respond before involving a third party. Loganair will not process third-party claims unless you’ve first contacted the airline.

What is the process for obtaining a refund from Loganair for a cancelled flight? 

To request a refund, you must contact Loganair directly via the official website (submit a request page), customer service hotline, or the travel agency where you purchased your ticket. You’ll need to provide relevant booking information, and once your request is verified, Loganair will process the refund to the original payment method.

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