Air Canada Name Correction Policy

Like all airlines, Air Canada requires that the name on your ticket must perfectly match the name on your valid legal documents, such your passport or government-issued driving license. This is legally required by governments, and is not just an airline rule. 

If the name on your Air Canada ticket has been misspelled or contains a typo, you must immediately have it corrected by providing valid supporting documentation. Otherwise, you may be refused boarding.

Name Correction Tips

  • Air Canada does not require your middle name on your ticket or boarding pass. 
  • Only your first and last name must appear correctly on your ticket and boarding pass.
  • If you notice a mistake/misspelling within 24 hours of booking, the best option is to cancel your ticket for a refund (free of charge) and rebook (with the correct name).
  • If you notice a mistake after 24 hours, contact the Air Canada office in your city immediately. 

Air Canada Name Change Policy

Air Canada does not allow name changes amounting to a change of passenger. However, if your name has changed due to marriage, divorce, legal adoption, legal change of name, etc., you must contact Air Canada with the following supporting documentation before travelling:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Legal Adoption Papers
  • Valid Court Documentation 

Air Canada Name Correction Fee

Minor misspellings and typos may not incur any fee, but must be backed by valid supporting documentation. However, if your ticket needs to be re-issued because it contains major errors, you could be charged: 

  • USD 50 for making changes to a Flex ticket. 
  • USD 25 for making changes to a Comfort ticket. 

No fee will apply for making changes to Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business tickets, provided they’re fully flexible. 

Air Canada Name Change Fee Waiver for Support Persons

Air Canada allows a name change fee waiver for support persons accompanying disabled passengers. However, the name change of the support person should be made at least 48 hours in advance—but no later than 24 hours before departure. No name change fee will apply in such cases.

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  • My name is Emma Smith
    I am recently married. We want to travel next month but my surname has not been changed in passport and other documents. So do I need to change my surname to travel?
    and what procedure I need to do if necessary?
    Thank you

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