Vietnam Airlines accepts the carriage of small pets (dogs and cats) in the aircraft cabin and larger/other pets as checked or cargo baggage. Depending on how your pet is travelling, you must book your pet 24 – 36 hours before departure by calling the Vietnam Airlines office in your city (online reservations are not accepted). Service animals (dogs) are allowed to travel for free in the aircraft cabin with deaf and blind passengers. 

In-Cabin Pet Policy

Vietnam Airlines allows the carriage of pets in the passenger cabin (PETC service) under the following conditions:

In-Cabin Pet Policy
  • Pets Allowed. Only domesticated dogs and cats. However, service dogs (with kennel and food) are allowed to travel free of charge with deaf and blind passengers.
  • Pet Weight. Must not exceed 13.2lb/6kg (incl. pet carrier).
  • Pet Carrier/Kennel
    • Must not exceed 35cm x 30cm x 20cm in size.
    • Must be spacious enough for your pet to stand up, lie down, and turn around. 
    • Must be made of metal, rigid plastic, fiberglass, solid wood/plywood, or welded metal mesh.
    • Must be solid with a smooth interior and no sharp edges/protuberances to risk injury to your pet. 
    • The floor must be solid and leakproof. 
    • Must be properly ventilated. 
    • Must be securely locked.
    • Must be placed on the aircraft floor in front of your seat. 
  • Pet Age. Must be at least 10 weeks old.
  • Pet Reservations. You must book at least 36 hours before departure:
    • Call Vietnam Airlines office in your city.
    • Visit a Vietnam Airlines ticketing office in your city.
  • Pet Health
    • Must be in good health and free of communicable diseases. 
    • Must be properly vaccinated.
    • Must be odor-free. 
    • Must not be pregnant. 
  • Pet Documents.
    • Valid rabies and vaccination certificates. 
    • All documentation required by the countries of entry/transit/exit.
  • Pet Restrictions
    • Aircraft Restrictions. Pets will not be accepted in Business Class on Boeing B787 and Airbus A350 aircraft.
    • Breed Restrictions
      • Aggressive dog breeds will not be accepted on any flight.
      • The following snub-nosed (brachycephalic) dog and cat breeds will not be accepted on VN flights: 
Restricted Dog BreedsRestricted Cat Breeds
Tosa and its mix breeds
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Shih Tzu
Rottweiler and its mixed breeds
Pit Bull 
Mastiff (all breeds)
Japanese Spaniel (Chin)
Japanese Chin 
French Bulldog 
English Toy Spaniel
Dogue de Bordeux
Chow Chow
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Brussels Griffin 
Boston Terrrier
Staffordshire Terrier
Tibetan Spaniel
Shar Pei
Lhasa Apso
Japanese Pug
Japanese Boxer
Fila Brazillero
English Bulldog
Dogo Argentino
Chinese Pug
American Pit Bull
American Bulldog
  • Pet Fees
RoutePets in Cabin—PETC
(up to 13.2lb/6kg)
Domestic (within Vietnam)VND 3,000,000
Zone A – Zone AUSD 150
Zone A – Zone B
Zone B – Zone A
Zone B – Zone B
USD 250
Zone C – Zone C
Zone C – Zone A/B
Zone A/B – Zone C
USD 400

Pets as Checked Baggage 

Vietnam Airlines allows the carriage of pets as checked baggage (AVIH service) under the following conditions:

  • Pets Allowed
    • Only dogs, cats, and birds are accepted. 
    • Other animals must travel as cargo baggage.
  • Pet Weight. Pets travelling as checked baggage must not exceed 70lb/32kg (incl. pet cage). 
  • Pet Carrier
    • Must be IATA approved. 
    • Must be roomy enough for your pet to stand up, lie down and turn around.
    • The sides must be solid and one of the sides must be openable and securely locked. 
    • The carrier’s interior must be smooth with no sharp edges/protuberances that can cause injury to the pet. 
    • The floor must be solid and leakproof. 
    • Wheels (if any) must be removed before the flight.
    • Must be properly ventilated
    • Only 1 pet per carrier is permitted.
      Exception. 2 birds of similar weight and size are allowed in one container. 
    • Bird containers must be covered by a muslin curtain.
  • Pet Reservations. You must book your pet at least 24 hours before departure by:
    • Phone at the VN office in your city.
    • Visiting a ticketing office near you.
  • Pet Health
    • Must be healthy, free of communicable diseases, and properly vaccinated. 
    • Must not discharge offensive odor, cause harm to others, or damage the aircraft/luggage. 
    • Must not be pregnant.
  • Pet Documents
    • Contact the destination country’s quarantine office, or consulate/embassy to check the country’s requirements, such as quarantine certificates, import/export permits, health certificates, rabies immunization reports, etc.
    • You will be required to fill out and submit a Waiver of Responsibility form at the check-in counter. 
  • Pet Restrictions
    • Breed Restrictions. Refer to Breed Restrictions in the section above (snub-nosed dogs and cats will not be accepted for health reasons).
    • Temperature Restrictions. Your pet may be refused boarding if the runway temperature exceeds 84°F (29°C) degrees at the departure airport. If the temperature is below 45°F (7°C) at departure time, you may be required to submit an Acclimation Certificate prepared by your pet’s vet confirming that your pet is acclimated to lower temperatures.
  • Pet Fees 

Vietnam Airlines applies special baggage charges/pet fee for transporting pets as checked baggage. The per-container pet fees, depending on your route, are as follows:

RouteFees for Pets Travelling as Checked Baggage—AVIH
Up to 20lb/9kg20-35lb/9-16kg35-70lb/16-32kg
Domestic FlightsVND 500kVND 800kVND 1200k
Within Zone AUSD 50USD 75USD 125
Zone A 🡨🡪 Zone B
Within Zone B
USD 100USD 175
Within Zone C 
Zone C 🡨🡪 Zone A/B
USD 200USD 250USD 275
Zone A: Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos.
Zone B: Japan, China, Korea, and other Asian countries excl. Zone A and Australia.
Zone C: The Americas, Australia, Germany, France, UK, Russia, and other European countries, the Middle East, and Africa.

Pets as Cargo Baggage

Pets as Cargo Baggage

If your pet is too large or heavy to travel as checked baggage, i.e., it exceeds 70lb/32kg in weight or is other than a dog or cat, you can transport it as cargo baggage, subject to the conditions below:

  • Your pet must have a valid health certificate.
  • You must have valid CITES permits for your pet if it is listed in groups I, II, and III in of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and is travelling on an international flight.
  • Your pet must have a domestic transport permit issued by Vietnam’s Forestry Branches of Provinces and Cities if it is a wild animal (other than cattle or poultry) captured and raised on a special farm and is carried on a domestic flight within Vietnam.
  • Your pet must be accompanied by the following documents:
  • For more information or to book your pet, contact the Vietnam Airlines Cargo Office or an authorized sales agent at the numbers below:
Phone Numbers of Vietnam Airlines Cargo Offices
United StatesCargo Sales Agent: Southern Stars Services Ltd
Tel: 1-310-645-9920
Downtown Cargo Office
Tel: 1-415 677- 0888 / 8909 / 9088 / 8968
UKCargo Sales Agent: Globe Air Cargo Ltd.
Tel:  44 – 208 757 4730
VietnamCargo Marketing and Planning Department
Tel: 84-24-3 8732 732 
International: Ext. 2061/2355; Email:;
Domestic: Ext. 2356; Email:;
Inbound: Ext. 2334/2354; Email:
AustraliaDowntown Cargo Office
Tel:  61-2 9285 4718
Fax: 61-2 9283 6355
Airport Cargo Office
Address: Level 3, International Terminal Bldg.,
Kingsford Smith Airport, Mascot NSW 2020
Tel: 61-2 9693 5888
Fax: 61-2 9693 5599

General Cargo Sales Agent
Tel: 61-2 9469 7333
AustriaCargo Sales Agent
Tel: 43- 1- 7007 33711
Fax: 43- 1- 7007 33714
DenmarkCargo Sales Agent
Tel: 45 32451451
FinlandCargo Sales Agent
Tel:  358- 98700350
Fax: 358 -987003515
FranceCargo General Sales Agent
Tel: 33- 4 72 22 80 40
GermanyCargo General Sales Agent
Tel:  49- 2203 402880
Fax: 49- 2203 402882
Hong KongGeneral Cargo Sales Agent
Tel: 852-2153-1032
Fax: 852-2153-1030

Downtown Cargo Office
Tel:  852-2810 4896
Fax: 852-2869 8915

Airport Cargo Office
Tel:  852-3621 0643
Fax: 852-3621 0649
JapanCargo General Sales Agent
Cargo Reservation 81-50 3388 2922
Cargo Sales 81-3 6234 0291 
Fax 81-3 6234 0290

Downtown Cargo Office
Tel 81-3 5157 7407
Fax 81-3 5157 7400
Mobile 81-9077122294

Airport Cargo Office
Tel 81-4 7630 0011
Fax 81-4 7634 8778
KoreaCargo General Sales Agent  
Tel:  82-2 775 7666
Fax: 82-2 774 7765

Downtown Cargo Office
Tel:  82-2 757 8920,  82-2 757 0381
Fax: 82-2 757 8921

Airport Cargo Office
Tel:  82-32 744 6565 ,  82-32 744 6566
Fax: 82-32 744 6567
MalaysiaCargo General Sales Agent  
Tel:  60-3-8787 3488 
Fax: 60-3-8787 3828

Downtown Cargo Office
Tel:  60-3-2031 1666
Fax: 60-3-2026 3366

Airport Cargo Office
Tel:  60-3-8776 4620
Fax: 60-3-8776 4615
IndiaCargo Sales Agent
Tel: 91-11-3730 381
Fax: 91-11-3730394

Director: Mr. Vikramjit S. Ahluwalia
Mobile: 91- 9810047016 
Tel: 91- 124 4797501

General Manager: Ms. Seema Sabharwal
Mobile: 91-9810181460
Cargo Manager: Mr.  Rajinder Sehgal
MOB: 91-9871606637
Tel (Direct): 91-11-47596009

Tel: 91- 124 4797513
Middle East
Cargo General Sales Agent  
Tel:  97-14282 1522
Fax: 97-14282 8584
IndonesiaGeneral Cargo Sales Agent
Tel:  62 – 21 – 727 82147 (office)
Fax: 62 – 21 – 727 82149

Mobile: 62 – 8788 290 2298 (Mr. Todi Nugroho Anandito)

Mobile:  62 – 821 120 89141 (Mr. Niko Bramantio)

Mobile:  62 – 857 1740 9333 (Ms. Dahlia Talim)

Service Animals Policy

Vietnam Airlines accepts service animals (dogs only) accompanying disabled passengers (blind or deaf) both in the cabin or as checked baggage free of charge. This is in addition to the passenger’s free baggage allowance for Vietnam

  • Food and kennel can be carried free of charge. 
  • The service dog must sit on the floor in front of the passenger. 
  • Advance reservations are a must. 
  • The passenger must produce the following at the Vietnam check-in desk:
    • Valid health certificate and immunization reports. 
    • Entry/import/export permits.
    • Training certificate (may also be required)

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