If you want to enjoy more comfort, you can easily upgrade your KLM flight to Premium Comfort or Business Class. You can do this before check-in opens (with Miles) and later (with Miles or cash) when you check in online or at the airport—or even after you’ve checked in. On some flights, you can receive a last-minute upgrade offer during or after check-in.

Below is an overview of KLM upgrade policy.

  • Before check-in opens, you can only book a KLM upgrade in Miles through Flying Blue’s customer service by phone.
  • After check-in opens, you can purchase an upgrade (with cash or Miles) online (My Trip 🡪 Change Flight), by phone, at the airport counter (or kiosk—paid only), boarding gate, and even on board your flight. 
  • Last-minute upgrades at the airport can be paid in Miles, by cash, or a combination of cash and Miles (i.e., up to 25% of the ticket price with Miles).
  • Reward tickets are only eligible for upgrades after check-in opens.
  • When you upgrade to a higher class:
    • The price already paid by you will be deducted from the upgraded fare.
    • You will be entitled to the benefits offered in the higher class. 
    • The XPs and Miles will only accrue to the original travel class booked by you and not to the upgraded/higher class. 
  • You can upgrade with Flying Blue Miles and XPs on KLM, Air France, and partner flights (only Platinum level members travelling on Business Class can upgrade to First Class (La Première) on Air France).
  • If you upgrade with cash, the additional Miles you earn will be on the Euros spent by you on the upgrade.
  • KLM upgrades are subject to availability.

KLM Business Class Upgrade

KLM has 2 types of Business Classes—World Business Class and Europe Business Class. The World Business Class is offered on long-haul intercontinental flights while Europe Business Class is offered on flights operating within Europe. 

A KLM upgrade to Business Class entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Complimentary lounge access for Standard and Flex fares
  • Priority check-in, security, and boarding 
  • Additional legroom (all flights)
  • Fully flat seats (World Business Class)
  • Additional baggage allowance
    (If you’re a Flying Blue Silver, Gold, or Platinum member, you can carry 1 additional checked bag, making for a total of 3 checked bags).
  • Better meal options
  • Top-of-the-line onboard experience
    • A 16-18in entertainment system
    • In-seat power
    • Free WiFi
    • Free messaging
    • Noise cancellation headset
    • Pillow and blanket
    • Business Class amenity kit

When can I request a KLM Business upgrade, and how?

You can: 

  • Request a KLM Business Class upgrade with KLM Miles by phone before check-in opens (online check-in opens 30 hours before departure). 
  • Purchase an upgrade with cash or Miles (or both) after check-in opens in any of the following ways:
    • Online through My Trip 🡪 Change Flight
    • By phone
    • At the airport kiosk or check-in counter 
    • On board the flight

How many KLM Miles to upgrade to Business Class?

The number of Miles to upgrade to Business Class will depend on your route. Business Class upgrades can cost anywhere between 20,000 – 30,000 Miles on short-haul flights and between 40,000 – 200,000 Miles on long-haul flights. 

To see the price in Miles, visit this page, enter the origin and destination airports, and click on the Estimate button. The starting prices in Miles will appear. To calculate the upgrade price in Miles, deduct your current fare (in Miles) from the higher-class fare (Business Class) in Miles.

For example, travelling from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) to New York (JFK) on Premium Economy Class will cost you about 30,000 Miles, and Business Class will cost you about 56,500 Miles. So an upgrade to Business Class will typically cost you about 26,500 Miles.

A screenshot of the Flying Blue Rewards ticket page—Image Courtesy: Flying Blue

KLM Premium Economy Upgrade (Premium Comfort Class)

If you’re upgrading to Premium Economy, known as Premium Comfort Class on KLM, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Additional legroom (99cm vs 79cm in Economy Standard and 89 cm in Economy Comfort).
  • Extra recline (20cm vs 12.5cm in Economy Standard and 15-18cm in Economy Comfort).
  • Additional hand baggage and checked baggage allowance 
  • More food and drinks
  • A separate cabin for more privacy 
  • A 13.3in entertainment system vs 9-11in in Economy Class
  • Noise cancellation headset vs standard headset in Economy Class
  • Premium Amenity Kit
  • SkyPriority access 
  • Paid lounge access

How to request a KLM Premium Economy Upgrade?

Before online check-in opens 30 hours before departure, you can only request a Miles upgrade to Premium Economy by phone. After online check-in opens, you can pay for an upgrade with cash, Miles, or both online, by phone, at the airport (kiosk/counter), or onboard your flight after checking in. 

KLM Seat Upgrade to Economy Comfort

KLM Seat Upgrade to Economy Comfort

If you purchase a standard Economy ticket, you may be eligible to upgrade to Economy Comfort by paying cash, Miles, or both. 

  • Upgrade options with Miles are available by phone before online check-in opens (30 hours before departure). 
  • All other upgrade options (incl. Miles upgrades) are available:
    • During check-in (online or airport), incl. at the self-service kiosks, airport counters
    • On board the aircraft (after check-in)

Last-minute upgrades may also be available at discounted rates on specific legs of your trip.

The benefits of a seat upgrade to Economy Comfort are as follows:

  • Located at the front of the Economy Cabin
  • Among the first to board and disembark 
  • More legroom (89cm vs 79cm in standard Economy on long-haul flights)
  • More recline (15-18cm vs 12.5cm in standard Economy)

KLM First Class Upgrade 

KLM does not offer First Class cabins. The highest class you can fly with KLM is the World Business Class on long-haul intercontinental flights.

KLM Bid for Upgrade

KLM no longer has a bidding system for upgrades. If upgrades are available, you may receive an offer to purchase an upgrade (with cash, Miles, or both) when online check-in opens 30 hours before departure. The offer will depend on seat availability and how much you paid for your ticket. Generally speaking, upgrading to a higher class is cheaper than purchasing a higher-class ticket outright.

How KLM’s Last Minute Upgrade Works

KLM’s last-minute upgrades are available at the last moment on the day of travel. You can request it at the airport check-in counter on the day of departure. It is also possible to make a last-minute upgrade after boarding your flight, subject to seat availability. To upgrade at the last minute on board your flight, ask a flight attendant on duty. 

You can pay for a last-minute upgrade using your Flying Blue Miles, or cash, or both Miles and cash as long as the Miles component does not exceed 25% of the ticket price.

Below are a few important points to remember about Last Minute Upgrades:

  • All last-minute upgrades are subject to availability.
  • Last-minute upgrades apply to specific flights not for the entire booking.
  • Taxes and fees are included in last-minute upgrade prices.
  • The price of a last-minute upgrade will be communicated to you at check-in. 
  • Dietary meals (if ordered) cannot be transferred to Business Class, such as meals tailored to medical diets, religion, or food allergies. 

How KLM Upgrade at Check-in Works?

KLM upgrade at check-in is available from 30 hours before departure, when online check-in opens, or at a self-service kiosk at the airport where you can make a paid upgrade to a higher class—such as from Economy or Premium Comfort to a higher class. 

Check-in upgrades are available at reduced rates from time to time. You can purchase such upgrades during online check-in, at the airport check-in counter, in a KLM Crown Lounge at Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol), or even at the boarding gate.

KLM Travel Class Comparisons 

Before upgrading your seat, check out the main features of Economy, Premium Comfort, and World Business Class seats to get an idea of what each travel class offers.

Economy ClassPremium Comfort Class
(Premium Economy)
World Business Class
LegroomStandard: 79cm
Comfort: 89cm
99cmFully flat
ReclineStandard: 12.5cm
Comfort: 15-18cm
20cmUp to full-flat
BaggageHand: 1 item + 1 accessory (max. 26.4lb/12kg)

Light: Nil
Standard/Flex: 1 bag 
(max. 50lb/23kg)
Hand: 2 items + 1 accessory 
(max. 39.6lb/18kg)

Checked: 2 bags 
(max. 50lb/23kg each)
Hand: 2 items + 1 accessory 
(max. 39.6lb/18kg)

Checked: 2 bags 
(max. 70lb/32kg each)
Meals & DrinksMeals: Snack, a warm meal, or sandwich

Drinks: Fruit juice, soft drink, wine, beer, coffee, or tea
Meals: Premium Comfort meal

Drinks: Additional choice of wines and liquors
Meals: 3-course dinner cooked by top chefs

Drinks: Additional choice of sommelier-selected wines and top liquors
OnboardEntertainment system:

In-seat power: USB-A


Free messaging


Pillow and blanket:

Amenity kit:
Not provided
Entertainment system:

In-seat power: 
USB-A and 110v AC power outlet


Free messaging

Noise cancellation

Pillow and blanket:
Business Class 

Amenity kit:
Premium Comfort Class
Entertainment system:

In-seat power:
USB-A and 110v AC power outlet


Free messaging

Noise cancellation

Pillow and blanket:
Business Class 

Amenity kit:
Business Class
At the airportSkyPriority:
Not included

Lounge access:

Lounge access:

Lounge access:
Free for Standard and Flex fares

Miles Upgrade with KLM

Miles upgrades with KLM are a great way to elevate your travel experience without breaking the bank. By using your accumulated miles, you can upgrade from Economy to Business or from Business to First Class on KLM flights. This means you can enjoy more legroom, better meals, and a more comfortable overall experience during your flight. To use your miles for an upgrade, simply log in to your Flying Blue account and select the flight you want to upgrade. If there is availability in the higher cabin class, you’ll be able to request an upgrade using your miles. 

KLM Free Upgrades

How to get a free upgrade on KLM?

The best way to increase your chances of getting a free upgrade is to be an Elite status member of KLM’s Flying Blue loyalty program—and hope to get bumped up to a higher class if your flight is overbooked. However, the most practical option to get a “free” upgrade on KLM is to earn enough Flying Blue Miles and redeem them to upgrade to a higher class. 

Upgrade Refunds

You are entitled to a refund of your upgrade if you pay for an upgrade and don’t receive it because:

  • KLM cancels your flight
  • KLM changes the type of aircraft
  • You miss a connecting flight with KLM, Delta Air Lines, Air France, or Kenya Airways
  • KLM assigns the upgraded seat to another passenger due to operational, security, or safety reasons 

How to Request an Upgrade Refund?

To request a refund for your upgrade, fill out KLM’s refund form.

Tips to Get Upgraded to Business Class 

Getting an upgrade is not easy, but below are a few tips to help increase your chances of getting upgraded to a higher class.

  • Reach the airport early and inform the gate attendants that you would like an upgrade. 
  • Listen to announcements carefully.
  • Keep an eye out for last-minute seating arrangements after boarding and grab the opportunity when it occurs.
  • Get a loyalty card and become a loyal member. You will more likely be considered for a free upgrade before others. 
  • Book your flight during off-peak periods when higher-class seats are less likely to be full.
  • Agree to take the next flight if you’re offered a free upgrade. 
  • Opt for a red-eye flight during low-traffic periods. 
  • Try flying from smaller airports instead of international airports. 
  • Dress nicely and be polite to the airline staff. 

Frequently Asked Questions on KLM Upgrade 

The FAQs section on KLM upgrades below answers some of the most common questions about upgrading with KLM and helps guide you through the process. From eligibility requirements to payment options, you’ll find all the information you need to make your next flight even more enjoyable.

Can I upgrade my KLM flight?

Yes, you can upgrade your KLM flight if enough seats are available: 
• Before check-in with Miles by phone, and 
• With cash, Miles, or cash + Miles right from the time online check-in opens 30 hours before departure, incl. at the airport and even on board your flight.

How do I upgrade to Business Class on KLM?

You can upgrade to Business Class on KLM by phone with your Miles before online check-in opens 30 hours before departure. After online check-in opens, you can pay for an upgrade with cash, Miles, or both—online via My Trip (Change Flight), by phone, at the airport, or on board the flight

How many Miles to upgrade on KLM?

The number of Miles you will need to upgrade will depend on your route and travel class. To calculate the number of Miles required, go to this page, enter your airports of origin and destination, and hit the Estimate button. From the prices that appear in Miles, deduct the difference between the higher and lower fares. This will be the approximate number of Miles required to upgrade. 

How much to upgrade a KLM flight?

Upgrading a KLM flight can vary in cost, depending on several factors—such as the origin and destination of your flight, the class you are upgrading to, and the availability of seats. Prices for upgrades can range from a hundred dollars (or even less) to thousands of dollars, so it is best to check with KLM directly for specific pricing information and the availability of upgrades for your particular flight.

If you want to know the cost of upgrading with Miles, refer to the answer above this one.

How do I get a seat upgrade on KLM Airlines?

One of the easiest ways to get a seat upgrade on KLM Airlines is to ask at check-in, the boarding gate, or even on board the flight if any seats are available in a higher class. Another option is to call KLM and request an upgrade with your frequent flyer Miles or credit card points to purchase an upgrade before online check-in opens (30 hours before departure). 

Since upgrades are subject to availability and not guaranteed, it’s best to plan ahead and explore all your options before you fly.

How much is KLM’s Business Class upgrade cost?

KLM’s Business Class upgrade cost will depend on your route, the travel class from which you’re upgrading, the time of year, and how you’re upgrading—with Miles, cash, or both.

Do check the price of a last-minute Business Class upgrade during check-in, when discounted prices are often available for grabs. If any upgrade is available, it’ll appear as an option when you check in through the website or the app. Although the prices will vary, you’ll be able to pay with miles, cash, or both.

To learn how many Miles you’ll need to upgrade, refer to the question above titled How many Miles to upgrade on KLM?

How much is KLM’s Economy Comfort upgrade cost?

KLM’s Economy Comfort upgrade cost will depend on your flight route, time of year, and how you’re upgrading (Miles, cash, or Miles plus cash). If you’re purchasing an upgrade to Economy Comfort without Miles, it can typically cost about €6-20 (i.e., USD 6.62-22) for Europe flights and €6-20 (i.e., USD 66-199) for long-haul intercontinental flights. If you’re purchasing the upgrade with Miles, see the answer appearing below this question: How many Miles to upgrade on KLM?

And if you’re a Flying Blue member, you can expect a discount of 10% or more.

When can I make a First Class upgrade on KLM?

KLM does not offer First Class seats, but you can upgrade to a Business Class/World Business Class seat.

What is KLM’s seat upgrade price?

KLM’s seat upgrade price will majorly depend on what type of seat you’re upgrading to, your flight route (within Europe or intercontinental), and your Flying Blue membership status. To know the exact seat upgrade prices, call KLM or check online if you’ve already purchased your ticket.

Can I use my Delta Miles to upgrade a KLM flight?

Yes, you can use your Delta SkyMiles members to upgrade your KLM flight, as well as enjoy special privileges like priority boarding, access to lounges, and other services. 

Can I pay for an upgrade on KLM?

Yes, you can pay to upgrade your ticket on KLM starting 30 hours before departure till check-in, incl. at the boarding gate or on board your flight, subject to availability. 

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