Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, upgrading your seat can make all the difference in your comfort and enjoyment. Here, we’ll explore the various SAS upgrade options offered by the airline, such as SAS Plus and SAS Business. We’ll also discuss the benefits of upgrading, such as extra legroom, priority boarding, and enhanced amenities.

SAS Upgradesā€”Key Points to Remember

Upgrading your flight can be a great way to enjoy added comfort and perks during your journey. However, there are certain points to remember when it comes to SAS upgrades. In the section below, we list the key things you need to know about upgrading your flight on Scandinavian Airlines. 

  • You can upgrade to SAS Plus or SAS Business in the following ways:
    • Bid for an upgrade 
    • Upgrade with Points or credit card
    • Purchase a last-minute upgrade at the airport
  • The major benefits of upgrading on SAS include:
    • Fast-track security
    • Free access to SAS lounges
    • Priority boarding at select airports
    • Wider and more comfortable seats with more legroom
    • Complimentary food and beverages
    • Free Wi-Fi
  • The fare conditions of your original ticket will continue to apply toward cancellation rules, change fees, points accrual, etc.
  • Your baggage allowance will not change if youā€™re upgradedā€”it will remain the same as that of your original booking class and EuroBonus tier level.
  • When considering a SAS upgrade, the following restrictions will apply:
    • You cannot apply for or purchase an upgrade if youā€™re travelling on a group booking, a travel industry discount fare, a travel pass booking, or a chartered SAS flight.
    • If youā€™re travelling with a pet in the cabin, you cannot apply for or purchase an upgrade to SAS Business.
    • If you pay for your upgrade with points, no EuroBonus points will accrue. 
    • If you receive an upgrade, the travel extras purchased by you will not be refunded.
    • If youā€™ve already pre-ordered a meal and then you are upgraded, you will be served the meal pre-ordered by you (pre-ordered meals are non-refundable).
  • EuroBonus members can upgrade to a higher travel class with points (at least 24 hours before departure) on all member airlines of Star Alliance.
  • The SAS upgrade cost will depend on your route, seat availability, and the travel class to which youā€™re upgrading.

SAS Upgrade Bids

SAS Upgrade Bids offer you an opportunity to enhance your travel experience by bidding for an upgrade to a higher class of service. The SAS bid-for-upgrade program you travelers to bid on available seats in SAS Plus or SAS Business Class, thus providing access to premium amenities and services. You can submit your bid through the airlineā€™s dedicated online platform, and if successful, you will receive a notification prior to your flight. 

The SAS upgrade bidding time starts from the time you book your ticket till

  • 6 hours before departure for U.S. and Asian flights
  • 25 hours before departure for domestic and European flights 

You can place your bid for an upgrade to SAS Plus or SAS Business online via My bookings.

How to Place an Upgrade Bid 

To place an upgrade bid offer:

  1. Go to the homepage, FlySAS.com 
  2. Click on My bookings 
  3. Access your booking by entering your booking reference number and last name
  4. Choose the travel class you want to upgrade to
  5. Choose the payment option (credit card or EuroBonus points) 
  6. Enter a bid amount (per passenger) 
  7. Confirm your bid
  8. Provide your payment details
  9. Review and place your bid

Next Steps 

  • Your upgrade bid will be reviewed by the airline 
  • Youā€™ll be informed about the status of your upgrade bid by email 25 to 6 hours prior to departure 
  • If your upgrade is successful:
    • Your credit card will be charged, or
      Your EuroBonus points will be deducted from your account
    • You will receive your upgraded boarding pass when you check in
      Note. The SAS upgrade offer of elite status EuroBonus members (Diamond, Gold, Silver) will be up-weighted, meaning that theyā€™ll have a better chance of getting a SAS upgrade. 
  • If your offer is unsuccessful/rejected:
    • You donā€™t need to do anything 
    • You wonā€™t be charged anything (credit card or points) 
    • Youā€™ll get to travel on your original seat

SAS Bidding for Upgradesā€”Points to Remember 

  • If you have pre-ordered or requested a special meal, you must place your bid at least 25 hours prior to departure, or it will not be accepted. 
  • You can only bid for an Upgrade if the operating carrier is SAS/SAS Group company.
  • You can cancel or modify an Upgrade bid request online via SASā€™ website at least 26 hours before departure and before your bid has been accepted or rejected. 
  • If you cancel your flight or rebook it before your bid for upgrade request is processed, you will not be charged (by card or with points). However, your bid cannot be transferred to another flight.
  • You cannot cancel, change, or transfer an Upgrade bid after it has been confirmed. If you do, you will not be entitled to any refund (money or points).
  • You will be entitled to a full refund of the Upgrade if your flight is cancelled or changed by SAS. The refund will be made to your original form of payment (card or points). 
  • If your upgrade is confirmed after you check in for your flight, your upgrade will be cancelled if you cancel your check-in (after which it will be non-refundable). 
  • EuroBonus members will additionally earn EuroBonus Basic points on upgrade purchases if they have paid for their Upgrades by credit card. The number of points will depend on their destination and travel class to which they have upgraded. If they have paid for the Upgrade with EuroBonus points, no additional EuroBonus points will accrue toward the Upgrade. 
  • EuroBonus members who do not provide their EuroBonus number before the Upgrade is awarded will not be allowed to retroactively register their EuroBonus points.

How much to bid for a SAS upgrade

When bidding for a SAS upgrade, the key is to strike a balance between getting the upgrade you want and staying within your budget. It’s important to consider the value you place on the upgrade and how much you are willing to pay for it. Researching the average price of similar upgrades can give you an idea of what others are paying and help you make an informed decision. Additionally, keep in mind that higher bids may increase your chances of securing an upgrade, but there is no guarantee. Ultimately, it’s all about finding the right balance and bidding an amount that you are comfortable with.

SAS Upgrade Bidding Tips 

Upgrading your SAS flight can be a great way to enhance your travel experience. Here are the top 9 tips for successfully bidding on a SAS upgrade:

  1. Plan early. Start monitoring upgrade availability early and have a backup plan in case your bid is unsuccessful.
  2. Set a realistic budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend on an upgrade and bid accordingly.
  3. Bid strategically. Consider factors such as flight duration, seat availability, and demand when placing your bid.
  4. Bid for multiple segments. Bidding for multiple flight segments will increase your chances of success.
  5. Be flexible. If possible, choose flights with higher upgrade chances or alternate routes that may have more availability.
  6. Know your competition. Research the average winning bids for similar flights to gauge your chances of success.
  7. Monitor your bid. Keep an eye on the bidding process and adjust your bid if necessary to increase your chances of winning.
  8. Leverage your loyalty status. Elite tier frequent flyers have better chances of winning upgrades, so use any elite status you have to your advantage.
  9. Be patient. Upgrades are not guaranteed, so be prepared for the possibility of not securing one on every flight.

By following these tips, you can enhance your chances of securing an upgrade and enjoy a more luxurious flying experience with SAS.

SAS Upgrade with Points or Credit Card

SAS points upgrade | Credit card upgrade 

You can upgrade your travel experience with SAS points or money (credit card). If you have accumulated enough EuroBonus points, you can use them to upgrade your ticket to a higher class and thus enjoy additional amenities and services. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay by card, you can choose to purchase an upgrade at the time of booking or even at the airport, depending on availability. 


  • If you place a winning bid through your credit card, you will earn Basic points in addition to the points you earn on your original ticket. The number of Basic points you earn will depend on your destination and the travel class to which you have upgraded.
  • If you place a winning bid with your EuroBonus points, you will not earn any additional EuroBonus points for the upgrade.
  • Regardless of how you pay, the points that you earn will be based on your original booking class.

SAS Upgrade at the Airport/Gate

If you couldnā€™t get the upgrade you wanted with SAS Upgrade or decide to upgrade just before travelling, you can purchase a last-minute upgrade at the airport. To check whether a SAS Upgrade is available, you must contact a SAS agent at the airport check-in counter or gate. The agent will apprise you of seat availability and price. 

  • You can also request a SAS Upgrade at a SAS service center. 
  • SAS Upgrades at the airport are subject to seat availability in the higher travel class. 
  • SAS airport upgrades are available on intercontinental SAS-operated flights:
    • To/from the United States
    • To/from Asia
  • You can pay for your SAS Upgrade by credit card or with points. 
  • SAS Upgrades purchased at the gate (by credit card or with points) will not earn any additional points.
  • SAS Upgrades purchased at the airport will not be permitted if you have pre-paid or ordered a special meal. 

SAS Business Upgrade 

SAS Business Class seats are available on flights to/from the U.S., Canada, and Asia. 

What to expect

The major features of SAS Business Class include:

  • Free seat selection
  • Fast Track* services
  • Priority boarding
  • Access to SAS lounges
  • A la carte menu
  • Snacks, beverages, and fruit during the trip
  • 15.4in HD entertainment screens
  • Power outlet
  • Fully-flat bed
  • Free Wi-Fi

Note. Youā€™re not allowed to travel in SAS Business with pets/animals.

Benefits of upgrading to SAS Business

  • Fast Track* security (if available) 
  • Free SAS lounge access (where available)
  • 3-course meals, wide beverage selection, snacks, and fruit throughout the trip
  • Massage seats that convert into fully flat beds
  • Complimentary comfort kit for freshening up
  • Free Wi-Fi (where available)

* Fast Track allows you to proceed quickly through airport security via a separate line.

SAS Plus Upgrade

SAS Plus seats offer more comfort and service. If youā€™re flying within Europe, Finland, or Scandinavia, the seat comfort is the same as that in SAS Go, but if youā€™re flying to/from the U.S., Canada, or Asia, you can expect wider seats with extra legroom.

The major features of SAS Plus seats will depend on your route, as shown in the table below.

Major Featuresā€”SAS Plus 
Europe and ScandinaviaFlights to/from the United States, Canada, and Asia
Tea and coffee Meal/snackFast TrackSAS lounge accessPriority boardingFree seat selection 3-course menuSnacks and beverages during the flightLeg rests in row 1; footrests in other rows 2-3-2 seat configuration Seats: reclining, wider, extra legroom Adjustable headrest12in HD entertainment screenUSB ports and power outlets 

Benefits of upgrading to SAS Plus

  • Fast Track security (if available)
  • Free SAS lounge access (where available)
  • Wider seats with more legroom (flights to/from the U.S. or Asia)
  • Complimentary meals and beverages 
  • Free Wi-Fi (within Scandinavia/Europe)

Frequently Asked Questions About SAS Upgrades

If youā€™re considering upgrading your SAS ticket, you probably have a lot of questions. The section below answers some of the most frequently asked questions about SAS upgrades. From how to upgrade your ticket to what benefits you can expect, we’ll provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

How much does it cost to upgrade my seat on SAS Airlines?

The cost of upgrading your seat on SAS Airlines will depend on your flight route, cabin class, and availability. It is best to check with the airline directly for specific pricing information.

How much does a SAS Business Class upgrade cost?

The cost of a SAS Business Class upgrade will depend on several factors, such as your flight route, seat availability, and the fare class of your original ticket. Generally, the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

How much does a SAS Plus upgrade cost?

The cost of a SAS Plus upgrade can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the length of the flight, destination, and availability of seats. Generally, you can expect the SAS upgrade cost to be a few hundred dollars (or more).

How can I upgrade my seat on SAS?

You can upgrade your seat on SAS by bidding for an upgrade (if eligible) or purchasing an upgrade with your EuroBonus points or credit card.

Can I upgrade my ticket after I have already booked?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade your ticket after you have already booked, subject to availability and the terms and conditions of your ticket.

What are the benefits of upgrading my seat on SAS Airlines?

By upgrading your seat on SAS Airlines, you can enjoy a range of benefits such as extra legroom, fast track security, priority boarding at select airports, free access to airport lounges, complimentary dining options and beverages, free Wi-Fi, etc.

Can I use my EuroBonus points to upgrade someone else’s ticket?

Yes, you can use your EuroBonus points to upgrade someone else’s ticket as long as they are travelling with you on the same reservation.

Can I request a SAS upgrade at the airport?

Yes, it is possible to request an upgrade at the airport if there are available seats in a higher cabin class. However, it is recommended to contact SAS Airlines in advance for a better chance of securing an upgrade.

Can I transfer my SAS upgrade to another flight?

No, upgrades are non-transferable and cannot be transferred to another flight or passenger.

Can I upgrade my SAS ticket online?

Yes, you can easily manage your booking and request an upgrade online through the SAS Airlines website or mobile app.

Are there any eligibility requirements for upgrades?

Yes, eligibility for upgrades depends on factors such as your ticket type, travel class, and availability of upgraded seats.

What if SAS does not approve my upgrade request?

If your upgrade request is not approved due to limited availability or other reasons, you will still retain your original booking and travel in your originally booked travel class.

Can I earn EuroBonus points on an upgraded ticket?

You will earn EuroBonus points on the original fare class of your upgraded ticket.

Can I get a Free Upgrade on SAS?

While it is not guaranteed, it is possible to receive a free upgrade on SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) flights. SAS offers a loyalty program called EuroBonus, which allows members to earn points that can be used for upgrades. Additionally, SAS may offer complimentary upgrades to premium cabins for certain passengers, such as frequent flyers or those travelling on special occasions. However, these upgrades are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. It is always worth checking with the airline or exploring the EuroBonus program to see if any upgrade opportunities are available for your specific flight.

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