The ITA Airways Change Flight Policy provides flexibility for passengers who need to make changes to their travel plans. You’re allowed to make changes to your flight booking, such as changing the date or time of the flight, without incurring any change fees (except for Economy Light fares). However, you must pay the difference in fares (old vs new) in all cases. 

Additionally, you must adhere to the rules and restrictions of the fare class originally booked by you to be eligible for changes. To make a flight change, you will need to contact the ITA Airways customer service team, sales/ticketing office, or the travel agent from whom you purchased your ticket. 

A Snapshot of ITA Airways Flight Change Policy

If you need to make changes to your itinerary, ITA Airways change flight policy allows for easy modifications, provided that there are available seats on the desired flight. You can make changes to your flight before the check-in deadline in most cases, subject to seat availability. However, you may have to pay additional fees depending on the fare type and the specific changes requested. 

If you’re looking to change a flight with ITA Airways, do go through the major highlights of ITA Airways flight change policy below before making any changes. It can save you time, money, and unnecessary hassles. 

  • All standard fares can be changed. Economy Light fares will incur a change fee, whereas higher class fares can be changed free of charge. However, you must pay the fare difference between the old and the new fare in all cases. However, heavily discounted and promotional fares cannot be changed or refunded.
  • If a passenger’s immediate family member dies within 10 days of departure or during the journey, the validity of the passenger’s ticket and accompanying family members can be extended by up to 45 days from the date of death (without penalty/change fee). The immediate family member can be the passenger’s parent, child, spouse/cohabiting partner, sibling, or in-law. The passenger must, however, submit a valid death certificate plus a household certificate to avail of this benefit. 
  • If you’ve downgraded or denied boarding, you will be entitled to the applicable international regulations, incl. Regulation (EC) 261/2004 for flights departing and/or landing in the EU. 
  • If your flight has been delayed by more than 3 hours due to the airline’s fault, you can:
    • Request to be rerouted to your final destination on the next available flight, or 
    • Request to be rerouted to your final destination or point of origin in the same travel class within 2 weeks on a suitable flight at no additional charge. 

You will also be entitled to compensation if your flight is covered by the provisions of Regulation EC261/2004, unless your flight was delayed due to extraordinary circumstances not attributable to the airline, such as adverse weather, an ATC strike, airport closure, suspension of flights by the Competent Authorities.

  • If your flight is cancelled:
    • You can opt for the alternative mode of transportation offered to you at no additional charge, request to be rebooked to your destination within 2 weeks (in which case a fare differential may apply), or change your destination and travel within 1 month (no refund will be given if the new fare is cheaper) or ask for a full refund, and
    • Seek cancellation compensation under EC261/04 Regulation if your flight is cancelled within 14 days before departure for a reason attributable to ITA Airways. To apply for compensation, send an email to

Additionally, you will be provided meals and refreshments in relation to the waiting time, accommodation, and transportation (airport-hotel-airport) if an overnight stay is required, plus the cost of 2 phone calls.

  • If you booked your ticket through a travel agent, you must approach the travel agent directly to make changes to your ticket. 

How to Change Flight on ITA Airways?

ITA Airways change booking process 

You can make changes to your booking: 

  • By phone at 800 936090 (06:00-24:00 CET), or a local call center in your area 
  • Through an ITA sales/ticketing office 
  • Through your travel agent if you purchased your ticket from one

ITA Airways Change Flight Online

How do I change a flight online with ITA Airways? 

Unfortunately, you cannot currently change an ITA Airways flight online—you will have to do it by phone, at one of ITA’s sales/ticketing offices, or through the travel agent from whom you purchased your ticket.   

How to change flight dates on ITA Airways?

As per the ita airways change flight date policy you can change your flight dates with ITA Airways in any of the ways mentioned above, i.e., by phone, an ITA retail outlet, or your travel agent

ITA Airways Change Fee

ITA Airways change fee is route-dependent and applies only to Economy Light fares, as shown below.

The flight change fee for Economy Light fares issued after October 25, 2022, is: 

  • €150 per passenger for flights to/from the U.S. 
  • €65 per passenger for domestic flights within Italy 
  • $120 per passenger for flights to/from Israel
  • €200 for flights to Brazil and Argentina
  • $190 for flights from Brazil and Argentina
  • €65 for other international flights 

In addition to the above flight change fee, you will also have to pay the applicable fare difference. 

You will not be charged any change fee for the following fares:

  • Premium Classic and Premium Full Flex fares
  • Business Classic and Business Flex fares

However, you must pay the difference in fares if your new flight ticket is costlier.

ITA Airways Schedule Change Policy 

ITA Airways has a comprehensive schedule change policy in place to ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. In the event of a schedule change—such as flight delay, cancellation, or diversion—ITA Airways will: 

  • Make every effort to notify you promptly
  • Provide you with:
    • The assistance you’re entitled to under EC261/2004
    • Alternative flight options on the next available flight (or a later flight convenient to you), or if the airline is unable to organize a transfer, ask you to arrange your transport and reimburse you for any reasonable expenses incurred by you on trains, buses, or taxis


  • Refund the full cost of your ticket if you wish

Frequently Asked Questions on ITA Airways Flight Change Policy

If you’re planning to travel with ITA Airways and find yourself in need to change your flight, you might have some questions about their flight change policy. Understanding the process and any associated fees or restrictions can help ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. In this section, we address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ITA Airways change flight policy. From understanding the eligibility criteria to knowing how to initiate a flight change request, we’ve got you covered! 

How to change flights on ITA Airways?

You can change flights on ITA Airway by phone or a local center in your area, ITA’s sales or ticketing office, or the travel agency through which you purchased your ticket.

Can I change my flight date or time on ITA Airways?

Yes, as per the ITA Airways change flight policy you can change your flight date or time by contacting the customer service team. You’ll be required to pay the fare difference as well as the flight change fee based on your route if you’ve purchased an Economy Light fare. 

Is there a fee for changing my flight?

If you’re travelling on an Economy Light fare, you will have to pay a fee for changing your flight in addition to the fare difference. For higher fares, you won’t be charged a fee but you must pay the fare difference. 

How far in advance can I make changes to my flight on ITA Airways?

You can make changes to your flight any time after booking your ticket till the check-in deadline for your flight in most cases, subject to seat availability on the new flight chosen by you. 

Can I change my destination on ITA?

Yes, you can change your destination by paying the applicable fare difference (in all cases, subject to seat availability) and change fees (in the case of Economy Light fares). However, certain restrictions may apply depending on your fare type and route.

Can I transfer my ITA flight ticket to someone else?

No, ITA flight tickets are non-transferable and can only be used by the person named on the ticket. 

What happens if I miss my ITA flight after making a change?

If you miss your flight after making a change to your itinerary, it will most likely be treated as a No Show and your entire fare (except for airport/government taxes and fees) will be forfeited. However, it is important to remain calm and notify the airline as soon as possible. Depending on the specific circumstances and airline policies, there may be options available to rebook your flight or make alternate travel arrangements. 

Can I make changes to my flight online?

No, you cannot make changes to your flight online—you will have to do it by phone, at a city office, or airport counter.

How many times can I change my flight?

As per the ITA Airways flight change policy you can change your flight as many times as you like, as long as you pay the applicable change fee and fare difference each time you make a flight change. 

How can I request a flight change?

You can request a flight change by contacting ITA Airways customer service, call center, sales/ticketing office, or the travel agent you purchased your ticket from. 

What happens if my new flight is more expensive than my original one?

If your new flight is more expensive, you will have to pay the fare difference.

Can I make changes to my return flight as well?

Yes, you can make changes to both your outbound and return flights, subject to availability and any applicable fees in addition to the fare difference.

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