If you’ve purchased a confirmed Economy Class seat (Basic or Flex), you may be eligible to purchase a Malaysia Airlines upgrade (MHupgrade) to Business Class for a fixed price on select routes. You can both check your eligibility and purchase your upgrade online via Manage My Booking up to 6 hours before departure or by phone. Only domestic flights qualify for an upgrade, but you must still check your eligibility beforehand.

The major highlights of upgrading on Malaysia Airlines are as follows:

  • You must purchase an upgrade in addition to the fare already paid by you. 
  • You can only upgrade:
    • A confirmed ticket on Malaysia Airlines.
    • Tickets on domestic flight segments.
      (If you’re travelling on a domestic-cum-international route, the upgrade will only apply to the domestic segment and not to the international segment).
    • Flights with the carrier code MH with 232 as the document number. 
    • From Economy (Basic or Flex) to Business Class, i.e., to the next higher class. You cannot upgrade from Economy Class to Business Suite.
    • If you’re not a minor. 
  • You cannot upgrade the following bookings:
    • Economy Lite tickets 
    • Flight bookings with unaccompanied minors
    • Flight bookings with wheelchairs
    • Enrich redemption tickets 
    • Flight bookings issued by travel agents 
    • Enrich Full Miles redemption tickets
    • Miles + Cash redemption tickets 
    • Redemption Upgrade tickets 
    • Staff tickets
    • Government tickets (GOM)
  • Each passenger can purchase only 1 upgrade per eligible flight segment.
  • You can check for upgrade eligibility through website (via Manage My Booking) by entering your booking reference number and last name (or by phone).
  • Malaysia Airlines upgrades can be purchased up to 6 hours before departure, subject to availability and confirmation by email. However, Enrich members can redeem upgrades less than 6 hours but at least 2 hours before departure by calling the call center at 1-300-88-3000, subject to seat availability in the next higher class.
  • Last-minute upgrades can be purchased at the airport up to 3 hours before departure (subject to availability).
  • If your upgrade purchase has been accepted by the Airlines, you cannot cancel or amend the price.
  • Taxes, credit card charges, and bank charges (if any) must be borne by you. 
  • If your booking comprises 2 or more passengers, you must pay on a per-passenger basis and you must be authorized by the passengers to act on their behalf. 
  • Your offer will be deemed to have been confirmed after your payment is debited and you have received your EMD receipt (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) by email. 
  • You will not be charged for the upgrade if your purchase could not be completed.
  • Specific seat assignments after an upgrade are not guaranteed. 
  • Once accepted, MHupgrades are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-transferable.
  • Enrich Miles will only accrue based on the originally-issued fare and not the upgraded fare. 
  • After your upgrade purchase has been accepted, the airline will not be responsible for any losses or changes made by you or any third party.
  • If Malaysia Airlines accommodates you on another flight for any reason (other than your fault), it will transfer the upgrade to your new flight if seats are available in the upgraded class. However, if your flight booking is transferred to another airline, you’re not guaranteed an upgrade (in which case the upgrade price paid by you will be refunded).
  • Even if you have been upgraded, the fare conditions of your original ticket will continue to apply to flight cancellations, change fees, and accrual of frequent flyer miles, etc. However, you will be entitled to an additional baggage allowance of 10kg/22lb on the upgraded sector. 
  • An MHupgrade purchase entitles you to the use of Malaysia Airlines lounges for the upgraded flight if you can present a valid boarding pass at the time of lounge access. 
  • If you’re an Enrich member, you will earn Enrich Miles for the fare paid for the MHupgrade on MH-operated flights issued with 232 documents. In other words, you will earn 1 Enrich mile for each MYR 5 that you spend on the upgrade. 

Malaysia Airlines Upgrade to Business Class

Malaysia Airlines Upgrade to Business Class

If you’re looking to upgrade your flight experience, Malaysia Airlines offers a great Business Class option to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable with benefits such as: 

  • Priority boarding 
  • Premium food and beverage options 
  • Personalized service from flight attendants 
  • Access to exclusive Golden Lounges at select airports 
  • Spacious fully lie-flat seats on select routes 

How much to upgrade to Business Class on Malaysia Airlines?

Depending on your route and time of year, you can purchase an upgrade at a fixed price. If you are eligible to upgrade, the MHupgrade option will be shown on the official website and the fixed price will be displayed there. You can also contact the airlines directly for pricing information and availability for your specific flight. 

How to upgrade from Economy to Business Class on Malaysia Airlines?

You can purchase the MHupgrade from Economy to Business Class by phone or online through the Manage My Booking tab on Malaysia Airlines  website. If you’re upgrading online: 

  1. Click on the Manage My Booking tab
  2. Access your flight booking by entering your booking reference and last name

The MHupgrade availability will be shown on the next page if it’s available. 

  1. Select the option to purchase the upgrade at the fixed price quoted on the page 

After you complete the process, you will receive an EMD receipt (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) receipt by email which you must save for reference. If your MHupgrade is not successful, you will not be charged. 

Malaysia Airlines Bid Upgrade

Can I place a bid to secure an MHupgrade?

Malaysia Airlines has stopped processing upgrade bids, meaning you can no longer bid for an upgrade. You must purchase seat upgrades at fixed prices. If any upgraded seats are available, you will receive an immediate confirmation.

Malaysia Airlines Last-Minute Upgrade

Malaysia Airlines last-minute upgrades are available up to 3 hours before departure on flights operated by Malaysia Airlines. Last-minute upgrades cannot be redeemed with Enrich Points/Miles and are not available for codeshare flights, chartered flights, and non-MH flights. A last-minute upgrade allows you to upgrade to Business Class for a fee and enjoy the perks that come with Business Class—such as priority boarding, complimentary lounge access (if applicable), and more. 

However, when purchasing a last-minute upgrade with Malaysia Airlines, remember the following:

  • You will be provided Economy Class meals.
  • Your checked baggage allowance will remain the same, i.e., you will not be entitled to any additional baggage allowance when you upgrade to Business Class. However, if you’ve already purchased extra baggage, it will be carried forward to the upgraded class.
Malaysia Airlines Last-Minute Upgrade

Malaysia Airlines Last-Minute Upgrade Cost

If you’re eligible, The last-minute upgrade price will be provided to you at the check-in counter, as it is subject to change.

How To Get an Upgrade on Malaysia Airlines?

You can get an upgrade on Malaysia Airlines by phone or online via Manage My Booking up to 6 hours before departure, or last-minute at the airport check-in counter up to 3 hours before departure. 

Malaysia Airlines Upgrade at the Airport

If you’re looking to upgrade your travel experience with Malaysia Airlines, you will need to request a last-minute upgrade at the check-in counter at least 3 hours before departure. If you’re eligible and if seats are available in Business Class, you can purchase a last-minute upgrade for a fixed price which can only be known at the airport counter.

Malaysia Airlines Upgrade with Enrich Miles (now Enrich Points)

You can upgrade eligible tickets purchased by cash/card with your Enrich Miles (now known as Enrich Points) only on Malaysia Airlines flights (issued on 232 documents) by: 

  • Phone at 1-300-88-3000 (within Malaysia) and + 603-7843 3000 (outside Malaysia) 
  • Contacting a Malaysia Airlines Ticket office
  • Online via Manage My Booking

Upgrading with Enrich Miles (now Enrich Points) is a simple and convenient process. To upgrade, you will need to have enough miles/points in your Enrich Miles account to be booked on an eligible flight. Once you meet these requirements, log in to your account on the Malaysia Airlines website and select the option to upgrade using your miles/points. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction and receive confirmation of your upgraded seat. Alternatively, you can call the customer service center and speak with a representative who can assist you with the upgrade process. 

Note. Enrich upgrades with miles/points must be made at least 6 hours before departure in most cases.

Malaysia Airlines Upgrade with Points

Enrich Points have now replaced Enrich Miles as the accrual currency. You can upgrade with Enrich Points only on eligible MH flights issued by 232 documents online through Manage My Booking (as described above), by phone, or through an MH retail office (see above).

Note. Enrich upgrades with points must be made at least 6 hours before departure. If you want to upgrade with points on an eligible domestic flight ticket purchased less than 6 hours but at least 3 hours before departure, you must contact Malaysia Airlines at 1-300-88-3000. 

Upgrade Refunds 

If you are eligible for a refund of your upgrade purchase, Malaysia Airlines will typically issue the refund to the original form of payment used for the upgrade purchase. The time it takes for the refund to be processed can vary depending on your bank or credit card company’s policies. The important points to remember are as follows:

  • You’re entitled to a refund of your MHupgrade purchase if:
    • Your MH flight was cancelled. 
    • Your MH flight was cancelled and you could not be upgraded on the alternative flight.
    • You were given an upgrade but not be seated in the upgraded service class due to reasons attributable to MH.
  • You will not be entitled to any refund due to a change of aircraft if the upgrade is still available on the substituted aircraft. 
  • Eligible MHupgrade refunds will be made to the card and in the same currency that was used to purchase the upgrade. The amount of refund will be equal to the amount charged and will not include any taxes, fees, etc., you may have paid for the upgrade. 
  • If you change your flight after purchasing the MHupgrade, you will not be allowed to transfer the upgrade to the other flight and the amount you paid for the upgrade will be forfeited. 
  • To claim a refund, you must make a written email request to: MHupgrade.enquiry@malaysiaairlines.com and attach scanned copies of:
    • Your boarding pass for the flight 
    • The email informing you that your MHupgrade was successful
    • Other relevant document(s)
  • You must submit your refund request within 3 months of your flight’s scheduled departure date.

Frequently Asked Questions on Malaysia Airlines Upgrade

Upgrading your flight can be a great way to enhance your travel experience, but it’s important to have all the information you need before making any decisions. In this section, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions passengers ask about Malaysia Airlines upgrades.

Which flights can I upgrade on Malaysia Airlines?

Malaysia Airlines upgrades are only available for domestic flights operated by Malaysia Airlines. They are not available for codeshare flights, non-Malaysia Airlines flights, and charter flights.

How do I upgrade on Malaysia Airlines?

You can upgrade eligible domestic tickets on Malaysia Airlines up to 6 hours before departure online through Manage My Booking or by phone, at least 3 hours before departure at the airport check-in counter through a last-minute upgrade. Remember, all upgrades are subject to availability.

How to get a free upgrade on Malaysia Airlines?

There’s no guarantee for a free upgrade on Malaysia Airlines, but you can increase your chances by doing a few things. One option is to sign up for the airline’s loyalty program, Enrich, and accumulate enough points to qualify for an upgrade. Another option is to arrive early at the airport and ask politely if any upgrades are available. You can also dress nicely and be friendly with the gate agent or flight attendant, as they may have the power to offer upgrades at their discretion. Finally, consider booking your flight during off-peak times or on less popular routes, as this may increase your chances of being offered an upgrade.

How can I get a free upgrade to Business Class on Malaysia Airlines? 

In most cases, the only way to get a free upgrade to Business Class on Malaysia Airlines is with your Enrich Miles (provided you have enough accumulated in your account). In exceptional cases, you may be upgraded (i.e., bumped one class up) for free if you’re an Elite level frequent flyer and cannot be accommodated in Economy Class due to overbooking.

How can I upgrade a seat on Malaysia Airlines?

If you’re looking to upgrade your seat on Malaysia Airlines, there are a few options available to you. The first is to use your Enrich Miles (now Enrich Points) to upgrade your seat. Depending on the type of ticket you have and the availability of seats, this can be a great way to secure an upgrade without having to pay for it out of pocket. Another option is to purchase an upgrade directly from Malaysia Airlines, either after booking or at check-in.

Are Malaysia Airlines upgrade auctions still on?

No, Malaysia Airlines no longer accepts bidding upgrades via auction.

What is Malaysia Airlines upgrade cost?

Upgrade costs can vary, depending on the sector flown. If you’re eligible for an upgrade, the upgrade option will be available on the website (via Manage My Booking) and the fixed upgrade price will be displayed.

Can I purchase an upgrade if I booked my ticket through a travel agent?

No, you cannot. You can only upgrade tickets purchased directly from Malaysia Airlines (online through MH platforms, website, call center, and airport ticket offices). Tickets purchased through third parties incl. travel agencies/online travel agencies like Expedia cannot be upgraded through Malaysia Airlines. You must contact the travel agency directly and ask if an upgrade (through them) is possible.

Malaysia Airlines A330-300 Business Class

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