Are you planning a trip with Icelandair and want to make your journey even more comfortable? Icelandair upgrades come in a range of options. Whether you’re looking for more legroom, access to premium lounges, increased baggage allowance, priority boarding, check-in, etc., an upgrade may just be what you’re looking for. This blog explores the different upgrade options available on Icelandair flights. We’ll discuss the benefits of each upgrade and how you can easily book them for your upcoming trip. So keep reading!

Icelandair Upgrades in a Nutshell

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly in luxury without breaking the bank? An Icelandair upgrade has the power to provide you with the comfort and perks of Business Class often at highly reduced prices. This section explains in a nutshell how Icelandair upgrades work, the different ways to apply for an upgrade, how to upgrade on Icelandair, and more. 

  • You can upgrade from Economy Class to Economy Comfort or Saga Class, as well as within Saga Class to enjoy additional perks and amenities. 
  • You can purchase an upgrade with your credit card or Points or bid for an upgrade through the airline’s bid-for-upgrade program, Close Up on eligible flights and fares.
  • All upgrades are subject to availability, including paid upgrades at the airport. 
  • You can upgrade cash tickets with Saga Points from Economy Flex to Economy Comfort (Premium Economy) or from Economy Comfort to Saga Class (Business), as long as you do it at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Icelandair’s Class Upprogram allows you to bid for an upgrade from Economy to a higher class on eligible flights.
    • Before the flight, an email (Icelandair upgrade offer) will be sent to you with the option to bid for an upgrade, along with the price range within which you must bid. 
    • The price range of the bid will depend on demand and availability but typically ranges from USD 300 – 500 per segment (in addition to the fare you’ve already paid). 
    • To make a bid, just select your preferred price and provide your credit card information.
    • If your bid is successful, your card will be automatically charged with your bid amount. 
  • The only way to get a free upgrade to Saga Premium is to have Saga Silver or Gold status.
    • Saga Silver tier members (eligibility: 40K credits within a 12-month period) are entitled to onecomplimentary upgrade every year, along with:
      • Business Class check-in
      • The ability to purchase Saga Silver status for the member’s spouse
      • Additional baggage allowance
      • Limousine service from/to Keflav­K Airport at a discounted rate of ISK 4,400 (approx. USD 32) when flying Saga Class
    • Saga Gold tier members (eligibility: 80K credits within a 12-month period) are entitled to unlimited complimentary upgrades, along with:
      • The ability to gift a Saga Gold status to the member’s spouse for free 
      • Limousine service on any class at a discounted rate of ISK 4,400 (approx. USD 32) plus free parking at Keflav­K Airport
      • One complimentary hotel stay in Iceland or the United States
      • Free Wi-Fi (if available) 
  • Upgrading to Business Class (Saga Premium) on Icelandair can cost between USD 600 – 1,000 more than an Economy Class ticket, depending on your route and time of travel. During the high summer season, the price is higher than during the shoulder and winter seasons, although the latter is gaining popularity. 
  • Upgrading to Business Class (Saga Premium) with Saga Points will depend on your route and will cost you:
    • 20,000 points between Iceland and Europe
    • 53,000 points between Iceland and North America
    • 73,000 points between North America and Europe

Note. You’re allowed to purchase up to 150,000 Saga Points in a single calendar year, subject to a limit of 100,000 Points per transaction.

How to Upgrade on Icelandair?

You can upgrade an Icelandair flight ticket by: 

  1. Purchasing an outright upgrade with cash or miles (i.e., Saga Points)
  2. Bidding for an upgrade using the Class Up upgrade auction
  3. Earning a complimentary upgrade if you’re a Saga Silver or Saga Gold member

Icelandair Bid for Upgrade

If your flight qualifies for bid upgrades, you’ll receive an email 10 days prior to your flight. The email will contain a link through which you can bid to upgrade your seat, such as from Economy Class to Saga Premium. To check your eligibility, enter your last name and booking reference number on the Class Up page. Alternatively, go to the homepage (, select Manage booking, and enter the above information. 

How to Participate in Icelandair Upgrade Auction?

If you’re eligible to bid for an upgrade on Icelandair’s upgrade auction: 

  1. Make your bid by entering the amount you wish to pay for your Saga Premium seat (in addition to the cost of your original ticket).
  2. Provide your payment details, i.e., your credit card number and contact details. You will only be charged if you place a winning bid
  3. Submit your bid and wait for the result by email no later than 26 hours prior to your flight. 

Icelandair Upgrade Auction—Terms and Conditions

Icelandair’s upgrade offer (invitation to bid) may include multiple flight segments. This allows you to submit a different bid for each flight segment. 

Eligibility to Bid for Class Up Upgrades 

  • Not all flights qualify for Class Up upgrades.
  • If your flight qualifies for an upgrade, Icelandair will send you an email with a link to the bidding website 10 days prior to your trip.
  • You can also check your eligibility on Icelandair’s website > Manage booking by entering your last name and 6-character booking reference number.
  • Saga Points and Tier Credits for Class Up Upgrades
    • You’re entitled to a Class Up upgrade if you purchased your ticket with Saga Points.
    • You will not earn enhanced Tier Credits and Saga Points on the upgraded portion of a Class Up trip.
  • Other Upgrade Options
    • The Class Up upgrade service is only available online—you cannot use it at the airport. 
    • Only conventional upgrades (such as paid upgrades) are available at the airport, subject to availability.

How to Bid for an Upgrade on Class Up?

Bidding for an upgrade through Icelandair’s Class Up program is a great way to elevate your travel experience. When bidding for a Class Up upgrade, remember the points below:

  • Bid submission
    • You must submit your Class Up bid online—you cannot do it by phone. 
    • Before submitting your bid, select whether you want to bid with your Saga Points or credit card (only one payment mode will be accepted). 
    • You must enter your credit card info for verification purposes.
      • If you’re bidding with your credit card, your card will only be charged if your upgrade is successful. 
      • If you’re bidding with Saga Points, you must log in with your Saga Card number and Saga Club password or email address and password and confirm the offer later in Saga Points. 
    • You must submit your upgrade bid no less than 26 hours prior to departure until when the service is usually available.
  • Bidding cost 
    • Submitting upgrade bids is free of charge. However, if your bid is successful, your credit card will be charged for the bid amount or your Saga Points will be deducted, depending on how you pay. 
    • You may be charged additional taxes for upgrading to Saga Premium tickets on France and U.K. flights
  • Cancelling or Changing Bids
    • You can cancel or change your upgrade bid up to 42 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight, provided your bid hasn’t already been accepted. You can do this through the link provided in the email inviting you to participate in the Class Up upgrade auction. 
    • You cannot cancel or change your bid within 42 hours of departure or after your bid has been accepted. 
  • Bid Selection and Rejection 
    • The major factors determining the selection or rejection of bids are:
      • How many other passengers participate in the upgrade bid.
      • Your bid amount

Note. You will be informed about your bid separately for each flight segment you bid on at least 26 hours before departure. However, for flights departing from Keflavik International Airport, you will be informed at least 3 hours before departure. 

  • If You’re Traveling with Other Passengers
    • If your booking includes more than one passenger, your bid amount must include all the passengers in the booking. 
    • The bid amount must be per passenger and flight segment.
    • The email invitation to participate in the Class Up upgrade auction will be sent to the person whose name appears first in the flight booking.
    • If some of the passengers in your flight booking do not wish to participate in the Class Up upgrade auction, you will need to split your booking prior to bidding (at least 26 hours prior to departure).
  • Cancelling or Changing Successful Upgrades 
    • If your Class Up upgrade is successful, you cannot refund it or use the amount for a future upgrade. 
    • You will only be eligible for a refund if:
      • Icelandair cancels or reroutes your flight.
      • If you bought cancellation insurance with your original ticket and present a medical certificate stating that you cannot travel due to illness or hospitalization.

Note. If you’re re-accommodated on another flight operated by Icelandair, the airline will transfer your upgrade to the new flight if upgraded seats are available on the new flight.

  • Seat Selection After Successful Class Up Upgrade 
    • If your upgrade bid is successful, you can select your Saga Premium seat online through Manage booking or during online check-in (the sooner you do it, the better your chances of getting your seat of choice). If you don’t, you’ll be assigned a seat at the airport counter. 
  • Original Ticket Conditions Will Apply 
    • If your Class Up upgrade bid is accepted, your original ticket’s fare conditions will continue to apply for change fees, cancellation fees, minimum and maximum stay period, as well as other limitations relating to your original ticket.
    • The increased baggage allowance and other eligible benefits of the upgraded class will only apply to the upgraded part of your itinerary.

How much to bid for an Icelandair upgrade?

When it comes to bidding for an upgrade on Icelandair, the price you should bid on will depend on a few factors. Firstly, consider the class you are currently booked in and the class you wish to upgrade to. The price difference between these two classes can give you a starting point for your bid. Additionally, take into account the current demand for upgrades on your specific flight. If there are limited seats available for upgrades, you may need to bid higher in order to secure one. Lastly, consider how much the upgrade is worth to you personally. Are you willing to pay a premium for added comfort and amenities? Once you have considered these factors, you can make an informed decision about how much to bid for your Icelandair upgrade.

Icelandair Upgrade to Business Class/Saga Class 

Icelandair Upgrade to Business Class/Saga Class 

All of Icelandair’s aircraft offer Saga Premium seats in a 2 x 2 configuration, other than 767s which offer 2 x 1 x 2 configurations. Located at the front of the cabin, the total number of Saga Premium seats will vary by aircraft. However, each seat offers 101.6cm/40in of legroom and 50cm/20.5in of seat width. Although Saga Premium seats are not fully lie-flat, they offer more recline than Economy Class seats, are wider, and provide more legroom.

Benefits of upgrading to Saga Class

Some of the key benefits of Saga Premium class include: 

  • More comfortable seats 
  • Seat selection on Icelandair-operated flights
  • Complimentary meals
  • Priority boarding and check-in 
  • Fast track through security
  • Complimentary lounge access (select airports)
  • Additional baggage allowance 
  • Premium amenity kits (with skincare products, socks, dental kit, eye mask, and ear plugs) packaged in Nordic-style aesthetics. 
  • Blanket and pillow
  • High-quality headsets 
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Pre-flight drinks
  • Wi-Fi access for 2 devices
  • Flight changes permitted 

Saga Class Meals. Icelandair’s Saga Class meals comprise a 3-course meal service prepared during flights on routes from/to North America. The meals include an appetizer, a main cooked dish, and a dessert. Plus, you get to enjoy a range of snacks on demand, in addition to Icelandic chocolates (incl. local chocolatey, crunchy candy bars). 

Icelandair upgrade cost to Business Class

Depending on your route and when you’re travelling, upgrading to Business Class (i.e., Saga Premium) can cost you USD 600 – 1,000 more than an Economy Class fare. The upgrade cost during high summer seasons is higher than during winter seasons and periods between peak and offseasons (known as shoulder seasons), although the latter is fast growing in popularity. 

How many miles do I need to upgrade to Icelandair Business Class for free? The number of miles you need to get a free upgrade to Business Class/Saga Premium is 40,000 tier credits (within a 12-month period) for Saga Silver status and 80,000 tier credits (within a 12-month period) to reach Saga Gold status.

How many Saga Points do I need for an upgrade on Icelandair? The number of Saga Points you’ll need to upgrade to Icelandair’s Business Class/Saga Premium on a one-way trip will depend on your route, as shown in the table below. 

Route (One-Way*)Saga Points to Upgrade (Economy Flex to Saga Premium)
Between Europe and Iceland20K
Between North America and Iceland53K
Between North America and Europe73K
⭑ For round-trip upgrades, multiply the Saga Points above by 2.
– Only Icelandair tickets starting with 108 qualify for an upgrade with Saga Points.
– Upgrades with Saga Points are subject to a per-passenger booking fee of ISK 3,600.
– You cannot
• Upgrade with Saga Points at the airport check-in desk.
• Convert an upgrade back into Saga Points.
– No child discounts apply for class upgrades.
– If you don’t have enough Saga Points, you can purchase up to 150,000 points per member in a single calendar year, subject to  A maximum of 100,000 Saga Points per transaction.

Icelandair Upgrade to First Class

Icelandair Upgrade to First Class

Icelandair does not offer a First-Class upgrade option for its passengers. While the airline provides a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience in all classes, including Economy Comfort and Saga Premium Class (the equivalent of business class), there is no dedicated First-Class cabin available. 

Icelandair upgrade to Saga Premium treats you to the closest equivalent of First Class travel. Some of the major benefits of the upgrade include:

  • Spacious seats with more legroom
  • Personal entertainment system 
  • 3-course gourmet meals prepared by world-class chefs
  • A selection of fine wines and spirits 
  • Personalized service from attentive cabin crew members 
  • Priority boarding, check-in, and fast-track security 
  • Access to exclusive lounges at select airports
  • Additional baggage allowance
  • Premium amenity kits

Icelandair Business Class/Saga Premium vs Economy Class 

The major differences between Icelandair’s Saga Premium and Economy classes are quite clear. Saga Premium offers:

  • Priority check-in, boarding, fast-track security, and complimentary lounge access
  • A 3-course meal, Wi-Fi access for 2 devices, and alcoholic beverages 
  • More baggage allowance
  • Larger and more comfortable seats with:
    • More recline
    • Upgraded pillows and blankets 
  • More points accrual

Frequently Asked Questions About Icelandair Upgrades

Thinking of upgrading your Icelandair flight experience? This section answers some of your burning questions about Icelandair upgrades, from what they offer to how to snag an upgrade. Whether you’re looking for a more comfortable seat or access to premium amenities, we’ll break it all down for you to help you decide what’s best for you. 

How do I bid for a seat upgrade on Icelandair?

You can bid for a seat upgrade on Icelandair using the airline’s Class Up bid-for-upgrade program. The program allows Economy Flex passengers to bid for upgrades for eligible flights. If your seat is eligible for an upgrade via the auction process, you will receive an email within 10 days of your flight inviting you to bid for an upgrade within a given price range. The price range will depend on your route, seat availability, and demand and is roughly USD 300 – 500 per segment (in addition to the fare already paid by you). To place a bid, select your preferred price, enter your credit card details, and wait for the result. If your bid is accepted, your credit card will be automatically charged and you will be notified of the upgrade.

Is the Icelandair upgrade worth It?

Whether an Icelandair upgrade is worth it or not will depend on your personal preferences and travel needs. Upgrading to a higher class of service can provide you with added comfort, extra legroom, enhanced meal options, priority boarding, access to premium lounges, increased baggage allowance, etc. If you value these amenities and are willing to pay for an elevated travel experience, then upgrading with Icelandair may be worth it for you. However, it is important to consider your budget and the length of your flight before making a decision. If you are on a tight budget or taking a short flight, the benefits of an upgrade may not justify the additional cost. Ultimately, the decision is subjective and depends on your priorities and circumstances.

How can I upgrade an Icelandair flight?

You can upgrade your ticket with Icelandair by purchasing it outright online or offline with cash/credit card or Saga Points/miles. You can also bid for an upgrade by participating in the airline’s online upgrade auction, Class Up with your credit card, or Saga Points (you’ll be invited to bid if you’re eligible). Alternatively, you may qualify for a complimentary upgrade if you’re an elite member (Silver or Gold). 

What types of upgrades does Icelandair offer?

Icelandair offers various types of upgrades, including upgrading from Economy Class to Economy Comfort or Saga Class, as well as upgrading within Saga Class to enjoy additional perks and amenities.

Can I use miles or points to upgrade my Icelandair ticket?

Yes, Icelandair offers a frequent flyer program called Saga Club, where members can use their Saga Points to upgrade tickets.

Is there a fee for upgrading my Icelandair ticket?

Yes, there is usually a fee associated with upgrading your Icelandair ticket. The upgrade fee will depend on your original ticket type and the desired upgrade. However, elite members are entitled to free upgrades, depending on their status. Saga Silver members are entitled to 1 free upgrade per year, whereas Saga Gold members are entitled to unlimited complimentary upgrades.

Can I request an upgrade on Icelandair at the airport?

Yes, if there are any seats available in a higher class, you may be able to request a paid upgrade at the airport (you cannot upgrade with points at the airport). However, it is best to inquire about upgrades in advance for better chances of availability.

Can I upgrade my Icelandair ticket after check-in?

In most cases, upgrades cannot be requested or processed after check-in. However, you can request a paid upgrade at the airport check-in desk before completing your check-in process.

Will I earn additional miles or points for an upgraded ticket?

When you upgrade your Icelandair ticket, you will earn Saga Points/miles based on the original (but not upgraded) fare class of your ticket.

Are upgrades available on all Icelandair flights?

Upgrade availability on Icelandair flights may vary depending on flight routes and aircraft configurations.

Can I upgrade an Icelandair ticket booked through a travel agent?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade a ticket booked through a travel agent. However, you should contact your travel agent directly for assistance with the upgrade process. If no help is forthcoming, contact Icelandair for assistance.

Can I upgrade my Icelandair ticket using miles from another airline’s frequent flyer program?

No, currently Icelandair only allows upgrades using Saga Points earned through its frequent flyer program, Saga Club. However, you can redeem a partner airline’s miles (such as Alaska Miles) to buy a ticket on Icelandair.

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