Why is Avianca so cheap?

Avianca Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Colombia and is also a flag carrier over there. The airline was founded on December 5th, 1919, almost 103 years ago. This time duration is very long and the airline is still growing as the top airline in the aviation industry. Aviance Airlines is a cheap or low-cost airline that provides maximum value at minimum cost to attract more and more passengers towards it. In this blog post, we will take a look at the service and other amenities they are providing at reasonable fares and will find out why is Avianca so cheap. Also, we will explore some factors that make Avianca cheap and best as compared to others.

Reasons Behind Avianca Airlines Cheapest Fares

Avianca Airlines is one of the oldest airlines and has ruled the aviation industry for almost 103 years. Also, Avianca Airlines is safe, and donā€™t compromise with its precious passenger’s life. The airline completely knows how to win passengers to survive in this highly competitive market. Most passengers belong to the low-cost fare categories and they don’t prefer to buy Premium or Business Class or highly payable ticket fares. Avianca Airlines grabbed this opportunity to provide low-cost airline services to passengers. Check out the reasons why Avianca Airlines is able to provide such low-price fares to travelers:

Minimum Expenses

One of the biggest cost-saving aspects is the expense. If the airline wastes most of its money on expenses, then the airline might not survive for so long in the low-cost aviation market. Fewer expenses allow an airline to provide low fares wherever possible. Lesser benefits, bonuses, perks, and even workforce help the airline to apply the low-expense strategy.

Deals and Promotions

Passengers are attracted easily to deals and promotions. Avianca often uses these deals and promotions to get the maximum conversions from there which results in high revenue so that it can provide fewer charges for the fares. The airlines make these offers so powerful that not only old passengers but also new travelers do not want to leave the opportunity to save huge amounts.

Member of Star Alliance

Avianca Airlines is a member of Star Alliance, which is a top Airline Alliance out of 3. This Alliance allows airlines to expand their reach so that they can provide services to a maximum number of passengers to travel to almost every destination globally. Alliance Airlines also provides a facility to book flight tickets through the loyalty program points of that alliance. This also helps them to push the revenue graph much higher.


The airlines provide so many options and fares to select from. Most of the fares are very cheap and budget-friendly. Even after Avianca Airlines provides cheap fares, it makes sure that it also provides complete value to the passengers in the same amount they’ve spent to purchase the tickets. There are many reasons in Avianca Airlines which allows them to provide the services at very reasonable prices. Some main reasons include fewer expenses, offers, and promotions, and booking the tickets with the help of loyalty program points. This blog post includes all the important details that will help travelers understand why is Avianca so cheap. Also, some of the main reasons are also mentioned above. Passengers can read the complete article before planning their future trips with Avianca Airlines to tackle unwanted stress and problems. Happy Journey!


Is Avianca a reliable airline?

Yes, Avianca Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world which holds a 3-star rating. Also, the airline is a member of Star Alliance which makes it stand out from others.

Is Avianca low budget?

Yes, Avianaca Airlines is a low-budget airline that provides cost-friendly value-for-money services to passengers.

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