Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy

Philippine Airlines name change policy (and name correction policy) allows name corrections, as long as the ticket remains in the name of the passenger to whom it was issued. This means you are allowed to:

  1. Correct the (wrong) spelling of your name—such as delete or add a missing letter of your first name or surname.
  2. Add Maria or Ma (the short form of Maria) to the first name.
  3. Correct your maiden name to your married name.
  4. Use your preferred name only if it is specified in your passport with an A.K.A (also known as).
  5. Transpose a foreign name if all names are included.
  6. Correct the gender appearing against your name.

Why it Matters

It is important to ensure that the name on your flight ticket is an exact match to the name appearing on your valid ID—such as your passport, driver’s license, etc. Otherwise, you may not be allowed to board your flight. 

How to Correct or Change Your Name on Philippine Airlines

To correct or change the name on your PAL flight ticket, you will need to call Philippine Airlines or the local office in your country. This phone service is available 24/7 and is toll-free if you’re calling from the United States or Canada. When requesting a Philippine Airlines name change or name correction, you must have your valid legal ID with you.

Documentation Required for Philippine Airlines Name Change/Correction

  • If you’re correcting a misspelling on your ticket, you must present your passport, driver’s license, or any other valid legal ID to support your request.
  • If you’re changing your name due to marriage or divorce, you must present valid legal documentation to the PAL office, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc. 

Note: If you booked your ticket from a third party, you must contact them directly to process your name correction or name change request. 

Name Change Fee

According to Philippine Airlines name change policy, name changes are subject to the following reissue fee.

  1. Name change fee for a point of sale in the United States USD 25
  2. Name change fee for a point of sale in Canada CAD 40 
  3. Name change fee for a point of sale in Japan JPY 2,500

Name change fee for all other points of sale USD 25 or its equivalent in local currency.

Frequently Asked Questions on Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy

Can I travel on a Philippine Airlines flight ticket with an incorrect name?

No, you cannot. If the name on your flight ticket does not exactly match the name on your passport or driver’s license, you will not be allowed to board your flight. This is in keeping with standard airline policies across the world. 

What should I do when the name on my PAL ticket is incorrect?

If the name on your Philippine Airlines flight ticket is incorrectly spelled, you must get it corrected before your check in for your flight.  Otherwise, you may be denied boarding.

I forgot to put my middle name on my ticket—what should I do?

As long as your first and last name appear correctly on your ticket and match the name appearing on your valid legal ID, you shouldn’t worry about your missing middle name. With that said, do call 1-866-399-0587 (or the Philippine Airlines office in your city/country) and check with them.

Can I change my name through the Philippine Airlines website? 

No, you cannot change your name through the website or the mobile app. You must contact Philippine Airlines (or your travel agent) directly because your ticket must be changed and reissued under your correct name. 

What is the name change procedure at Philippine Airlines?

If the name on your flight ticket does not appear correctly, you must call the local office in your country before checking in for your flight. Inform them clearly what is wrong with the name on your flight ticket and exactly how it does not match the name on your passport or valid ID. The customer service representative will suggest a solution, such as asking you to provide documentary proof and pay the applicable fee to reissue your ticket under the correct name.

Can a name be edited on a flight ticket?

Yes, as long as you’re correcting the spelling of your name, adding a short form (Ma or Maria) to your first name, correcting your maiden name to your married name, or using your preferred name (but only if it is mentioned in your passport with an A.K.A), transposing a foreign name if all names are included, or correcting the gender.

What happens to my flight if I change my name?

You can still take your flight after changing your name, as long as the changed or corrected name exactly matches the name on your valid legal ID/passport—or you’re carrying other valid proof, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.

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  • Edwin sabarillo abug says:

    Good morning pal my name is edwin sabarillo abug, i just want to correct my incomplete name in my booking ticket, fromr edwin abug to mr edwin sabarillo abug


    Hello, good morning PAL. I have a booking, and I missloked it. I am a travel agent. The name of my client is MR LLOYD JAY BIGCAS and I only entered MR LLOYD BIGCAS. Iwantnto correct it so that the ticket would not be wasted. I just wanted to add “JAY” on his name. Thankyou. Have a good day!

  • Good afternoon everyone my name is melani tioxon servillon I just want to correct my name
    From Melanie servillon tioxon
    To melani tioxon servillon is it possible to do it

    • Alma Magalip Deron says:

      Hi Good afternoon please help to Correct my Booking Instead Na Fatima Magalip Deron Ang na input ko Po is Alma Magalip Deron

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    Good evening po.. Nagkamali po ng naisend sa akin ng family name yong nagpa booked sa akin ng ticket. Alinoor Repors ang senend pero middle name pala nya ang Repors. Ito po ang tama, Alinoor Repors Ibrahim.. Please ptulong po paano i correct.

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    Good mornung pal, my name is zenaida dela cruz bulosan.i just want to correct my name. From zenaida dela cruz buclosan
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  • Airyle Taylor says:

    I booked a flight from LAX TO MNL (round trip) with my married name, but my passport still has my maiden name. Please change my flight details ti my maiden (passport) name.

  • Susana Dagñalan says:

    Hi Pal office ! I want to please correct my name from Susana D Dangalan to Susana D Dagñalan , my flight is tomorrow LGP -MNL . Thank you

    • Gina Melegorio Pay-AO says:

      Hi po .gusto ko Sana palitan ang meddle at last name ko sa tickets nag kamali poh ako pag sulat ..ako poh. Si Gina melegorio Pay-ao ang na sulat ko sa tickets is Gina Pay-ao Kennedy Gsto ko sana palita please I need you help..ung husband ko tumawag na palagi sa Philippines airlines.hindi parin na palitan..salamat sasagut sir👏🏻

  • Hi my name is Zyra marie Obregon agustin . iwant to correct my name in my ticket because sir book for me Agustin obregon its opposite and i don’t have name! iwant it correct to Zyra marie Obregon Agustin

    • Ninia Minoy Yare says:


  • Zyra marie agustin says:

    Hi pal . iwant to correct my name in my ticket because sir book for me Agustin obregon its opposite and i don’t have name! iwant it correct to Zyra marie Obregon Agustin

  • Hello there, im just wondering if i will be allowed to board coz my surname name on the ticket is Guzman-Cura (combination of my maiden and married name) but my surname on my passport is Guzman. (Maiden name) i have my drivers license with my married name on it

  • Hi PAL. I booked my cousin and i missed his second name. Instead of Rol Patrick Glino, i only input Rol Glino. I need to fix this before his flight on Sept.22,2022.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter.

  • Mary ann shioda says:

    Hello good evening po office pal na ibooked ko pong name sa sister in law ko ay marlyn kojima rivera imbes na marlyn kojima villones nagkamali po aq sa pagsulat ng middle name nia pano po gawin mlapit na po flight nmin october 14 po sana po matulungan nio po kmi

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    Pina booked ko po ng flight ang boss ko
    Philippines to Thailand via Thai airways papunta
    Thailan to Philippines via PAL pabalik.
    Sa online booking ako nag pa book Flighthub. nalagyan ko ng none yung middle name sa application
    pero walanag middle name yung boss ko. makaka alis kaya sya? salamat

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    Hello po. Namali po ako sa pag type ng name ko dapat Jeramie pero Ang nalagay ko po ay Jeremie Sana po matulungan nyo ako Kasi malapit na Ang flight ko

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      Good evening. Please pa help po. Mali po kasi yung name ng abak ko. johari areola po ang tama.pero juhari ang naka lagay s ticket niya. . Please pa correct.

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    Good pm Mam my sister book a flight going to boracay with Book ref. No TUVE93 ticket no. 0792416535421 she used Rhodora Mamorno with b’day of May 20,1964 instead of Rhodora Manumbas born May 20,1965

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    My friend forgot to include the JR. after his last name during booking a domestic. Does it matter? If it does what should we do?

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