IndiGo Airlines Name Change Policy

IndiGo Airlines does not allow major name changes on confirmed reservations. However, minor errors can be corrected by contacting an IndiGo Airlines office in your city/country. 

Can I change my name on an IndiGo Airlines flight ticket?

If the name on your ticket is significantly different from your valid legal name, you must cancel your ticket and rebook it under the correct name, or you will not be allowed to board your flight. The flight cancellation charges, if any, will apply. 

If there’s a minor spelling error on your ticket, you should call IndiGo Airlines at any of these numbers and request an agent to rectify the mistake immediately. 

  1. Worldwide +1-844-903-1897 (open 24/7, toll-free in USA and Canada) 
  2. India +91-(0124)-6173838/(0124)-4973838

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