Flight change policy

IndiGo Airlines does not allow major name changes on confirmed reservations. However, minor errors can be corrected by contacting an IndiGo Airlines office in your city/country. 

Can I change my name on an IndiGo Airlines flight ticket?

If the name on your ticket is significantly different from your valid legal name, you must cancel your ticket and rebook it under the correct name, or you will not be allowed to board your flight. The flight cancellation charges, if any, will apply. 

If there’s a minor spelling error on your ticket, you should call IndiGo Airlines at any of these numbers and request an agent to rectify the mistake immediately. 

  1. Worldwide (open 24/7, toll-free in USA and Canada) 
  2. India +91-(0124)-6173838/(0124)-4973838
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Renuka Agarwal
1 year ago

My name on my ticket is wrongly printed as Renu instead of Renuka
I am flying today my PNR number is SP1D5Q
6E 122 dated 27 th December scheduled at 2335 hours
Request to make necessary changes

Munir Ahmad
1 year ago

By mistake i write two time last time so what i have two do
Muhammad Afroj Aalam
But in ticket Muhammad Afroj Aalam so how to change name . What will do.

Anil Rajput
1 year ago

Hello indigo
Its urgent call regarding trip
One of my frnd father health got serious
So i need modification in my ticket.

1 year ago

I miss Type Di spelling of my father and the surname what should I do next Indian Service centre is not picking up call

1 year ago

By mistake I booked my tickets with madhavi Na instead of Madhavi Madhavi. What should I do?

Shalini Menon
1 year ago

by mistake passenger name Ms. Gauri Ratish Nath got Mr. Gauri Ratish Nath
Please correct Mr. from MS

1 year ago

How to change my name in ticket

Mohammed Abdul Raheem
1 year ago

I have 3 bookings.
My wife subtitle came as MR.
My daughter subtitle came as Mrs.
Please advise will this affect the travelling or required to be changed.

Shah ashik
8 months ago

My name on my ticket is wrongly printed as Renu instead of Renuka
I am flying today my PNR number is DP9W3D
6E 758 dated 27 th September scheduled at 16:50 hours
Request to make necessary changes
My wife sirname plz (bafna to shah)

Pranay Kapur
8 months ago

Hi please help in changing my wife’s surname as we are traveling on 28th sept

Deepak kumar
8 months ago

My name on my ticket wrongly printed as deepak marlecha instead of deepak kumar
I am flying on 12th of october my PNR no is IPH56T PLS REQUEST TO MY NECESSARY CHANGES

7 months ago

My name on my ticket is wrongly printed as Sai Samartha instead of S S Prasad
I am flying today my PNR number is WPV75G
6E 881, 6E 597 dated 1st December’2022 & 2nd December 2022 scheduled at 1225 hours & 2125 hours.
Request to make necessary changes

6 months ago

I bought Indigo – Booking Ref. MPMLHW
I’ve booked ticket for “Ms Violetta Wojciuk”,
instead “Ms Violetta Helena Wojciuk”.

Is it problem or not?
Please help me.

6 months ago

Dear Sir,

I have mistakenly put my wife’s surname different. can you please help?


4 months ago

Sir my name by mistake in english how can flight policy

Lakshmi Priya
3 months ago

I need to add my father name in last name as per ID Card. can u please guide me

3 months ago

Name on my ticket is wrongly printed as BANAM instead of BANALA
I am flying ON 12-03-2023 PNR ALLFSV 6E-6645 AND ON 16-03-2023 my PNR number is VMWSYI 6E-764
Request to make necessary changes

2 months ago

I was purchased a Ticket nd tickets on print my name Manish Kumar to Manish Dagar name is printed ticket

Sulito chishi
2 months ago

Mistakenly I’ve added my middle name in my booking please help me to move that. Instead of Sulito chishi I’ve reading Sulito G chishi

Ramesh katta
24 days ago

My son, Yash Katta, booked ticket through MakeMyTrip for the honeymoon trip. But by mistake he put his wife name as Ashwini katta. Still we don’t have any proof except marriage card& marriage photos. Whether will it allow these proofs during traveling & boarding? It is urgent. Traveling date- 16.5.23 at 4.30am
Please do the needful . Or please change the name as Ashwini Konda. We have a valid proof against that name.

Dinesh Tiwari
22 days ago

My name Archana Tiwari is wrongly typed as Arcahan Tiwari
flight no 6E5191
27th May 2023
Please change it
We have booked 9 tickets

Mr. Shanu Kumar Sharma
4 days ago

My name on my ticket is wrongly printed as Mr SHANU SHARAMA instead of Mr. SHANU KUMAR SHARMA
My flying dated 14 jun 23 scheduled at 07.55 hours my PNR number is WZM39X

Request to make necessary changes & add middle name ” KUMAR”