Southwest name change policy allows passengers to make changes to the name on their reservation as long as they do it before checking in for their flights and can provide valid proof that matches the updated name on their reservations. However, changes to the gender on a reservation are not permitted, nor transferring a ticket to another passenger. 

Highlights of Southwest Change Name on Ticket

The important points to remember about Southwest name change policy are as follows:

  • Southwest does not allow a change of name on tickets, except in the case of:
    • Misspelled names (typos and misspellings) in the first or middle name.
    • Legal name changes due to marriage, divorce, etc.
  • You can also “correct” your name for free within 24 hours of booking your flight by cancelling your flight for a full refund and then rebooking it under the “correct” name. 
  • If you’re eligible to make a Southwest Airlines name change, you can do it:
    • Online via Manage Reservations (Flight column) through the Edit link next to your name (or the mobile app)
    • By phone
    • Via social media
      • Direct message (DM) on Twitter @Southwestair 
      • Facebook private message
    • Through a Southwest ticketing office
    • At an airport ticket counter before checking in for your flight 
  • When making a legal name change (such as due to marriage, divorce, etc.), you must provide proof of your old and new name through your old and new IDs and legal documentation (such as your marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.).
  • All tickets are non-transferable, meaning a change of ownership of tickets/PNR to another person is never permitted. 
  • To fix a spelling mistake on your Rapid Rewards account, contact Southwest by phone or email. But if you’ve changed your name legally, you must send a copy of your:
    • Marriage certificate, or 
    • Divorce decree, or 
    • Government-issued photo IDs of your old and new names

…along with your: 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Rapid Rewards account number

You can email or post your request (with documents) to Southwest Airlines at P.O. Box 36647-1CR, Dallas, Texas 75235.

How to Change Name on Southwest Flight Ticket?

About Southwest name change on ticket

You can request a name change on a ticket on Southwest Airlines through multiple channels:

  • Call Southwest Airlines 
    • Provide the required details, such as your name, booking reference number, and flight dates. 
    • Provide the correct spelling of your name to the agent as indicated on your government-issued photo ID.
    • The agent will make the required changes immediately if they relate to fixing spelling errors/typos or ask you to submit documentary proof and then email the updated copy of your ticket.
  • Make the name change online
    • If you purchased your ticket directly from Southwest, you can correct your name online as follows:
      •  Go to the Manage Reservation page
      • (or go to, click on Flight, and then Manage Reservations)
      • Enter your confirmation #, first name, and last name 
      • Hit the Search button
      • Select the Edit Name option next to your name 
      • Enter your correct name 

After you have successfully updated your name, you’ll be automatically taken to the Manage Reservation page where a success banner will be shown to you and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

  • Make the name change at the airport
    • Be sure to arrive early so that you have enough time to make the name change. 
    • Go to Southwest Airlines ticket counter. 
    • Speak with a customer service agent.
    • Show your ID proof to help modify your name.
    • Collect your boarding pass.
  • Request your name change by email
    • Write an email to Southwest’s customer service. 
    • Provide your ticket details and personal information, and your Rapid Rewards account number (if you have one). 
    • Attach a valid copy of your old and new government-issued IDs.
    • Send an email to
    • Wait for a response. 
  • Request your name change via social media
    • Twitter Direct Message (@Southwestair)
    • Facebook private message 

Southwest Name Correction—How to Fix Misspelled Names

If your name (first or middle) includes a misspelling or a typographical error, you can: 

  • Fix it online or via Southwest’s mobile app (if eligible)
    • Visit the homepage ( and select Manage Reservations under Flight)
    • Provide your confirmation #, first name, and last name 
    • Click on Search 
    • Click on Edit Name 
    • Enter the correct name 
  • Call Southwest to request a name correction by phone
  • Request the name correction via social media
  • Request the name correction by email at
  • Request the name correction at the airport counter

Note. If you’ve checked in already, you will have to check in again. After you’ve updated your name successfully, you will be automatically directed to the Manage Reservation section and shown a success banner.

Southwest Airlines Name Change via Mobile App

Southwest Airlines Name Change via Mobile App

To make a name change through Southwest’s mobile app, follow the steps below: 

  • Select Look Up Reservations appearing in the hamburger icon (top left)
  • Provide your confirmation # and first and last name
  • Hit Retrieve reservation 
  • If you’re eligible to change/correct your name, an edit pencil will appear next to your name (otherwise it will appear disabled).

After your name has been successfully updated, you’ll automatically be taken to the airline’s Manage Reservation section and shown a banner asking you to wait for an email. 

Note. If you’ve checked in for your flight already, you must check in again. 

Eligibility to Change Name on Southwest Ticket Online?

The following passengers are eligible for online name corrections:

  • Fully unused travel itineraries
  • Accompanied Minors
  • Youth Travelers
  • Phone bookings
  • SWABIZ bookings
  • Bookings with EarlyBird Check-Ins
  • Cash and points bookings
  • Involuntary flight changes

When Am I Not Eligible for Name Change/Correction Online?

The following passengers are not eligible for a name change or correction online:

  • Passengers who have booked an extra seat
  • Passengers requesting name corrections after they’ve checked their bags
  • Passengers whose Rapid Rewards number is included in the booking
  • Passengers whose flights depart within 60 minutes on domestic routes and 90 minutes on international routes
  • Passengers travelling on partially used itineraries
  • Passengers travelling on group reservations
  • Lap children

How do I Change My Name on my Rapid Rewards Account?

If you’re fixing a spelling mistake or a typographical error on your Rapid Rewards account, you must contact Southwest Airlines by phone or email, or online via Flight 🡪 Manage Reservation 🡪 Edit Name if you’re eligible (as explained above).

However, if you’ve changed your name legally, you must email* a copy of your:

  • Marriage certificate, or
  • Divorce decree, or
  • Old and new government-issued photo IDs

…plus your full name, address, phone number, and Rapid Rewards account number.

*If you’re requesting a legal name change by email: 

  1. Go to the Email Us page
  2. Select Comment/Question 🡪 Rapid Rewards 🡪 Account Management
  3. Fill out the online form and submit it

Note. You can email Southwest using your mobile app as follows: 

  1. Go to the Contact Us section in the menu
  2. Choose Email Us
  3. Follow steps 2 and 3 mentioned above

You can also mail your documents and information to:

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards
P.O. Box 36657
Dallas, Texas 75235

Southwest Name Change Fee

Southwest Airlines does not charge a name change fee for typos and misspellings. However, if you’ve legally changed your name and your ticket must be reissued, you may have to pay the difference between the old fare and the new fare. 

Southwest Airlines Legal Name Change

If you need to make a legal name change on Southwest Airlines, the process is fairly straightforward. To begin with, you must have proper documentation to confirm your identity—such as a marriage/divorce certificate or court order, or your old and new government-issued photo IDs. 

You can then contact Southwest’s customer service team by phone or online to request the change (via Flight 🡪 Manage Reservations 🡪 Edit if you’re eligible. You can also request a legal name change via social media (Twitter or Facebook), the airline’s ticketing office near you, or at the airport ticket counter (provided there’s enough time left for your flight’s departure).  

Remember, you must provide proper supporting documentation as proof (mentioned above), along with your personal and travel information.

Southwest Change Name After Marriage

If you’ve recently got married and need to change the name on an existing ticket, the easiest way is to contact Customer Relations and provide proof of your old and new name, i.e., your old government-issued photo ID and new ID, or your marriage certificate. Alternatively, you can do it online from Southwest’s website through the Edit option on the Manage Reservations page if you’re eligible (or through the mobile app). You can also request the post-marriage name change through Twitter (via direct messaging) or Facebook (private messaging), at a ticketing office near you, or an airport counter provided there’s enough time left for your flight’s departure. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Southwest Name Change Policy

This section provides answers to some of the most common questions about Southwest’s name change policy, including what situations allow for a name change, how to make a name change request, and what fees may apply. By familiarizing yourself with these policies beforehand, you can avoid any potential headaches or surprises down the road and ensure a smooth travel experience with Southwest Airlines.

Can you change passenger name on Southwest flight? 

You can only change a passenger’s name on a Southwest flight if it entails correcting a misspelled first or middle name, or making a legal name change after marriage, divorce, etc. Remember, you must have valid legal documentation to prove your identity.

Does Southwest let you change name on tickets purchased with cash or Rapid Rewards?

Yes, Southwest allows you to correct or change the name on tickets purchased with cash or Rapid Rewards points. This is only permissible if there’s no transfer of tickets involved, i.e., the person in whose name the ticket was issued remains the same, and you have valid legal documentation to prove your identity.

What should I do if my name changed after I booked my flight? 

If your name changed after you booked your flight, you must contact Southwest Airlines to update your flight booking. This is so because per TSA requirements, the name appearing on your ticket must exactly match the name on your government ID. 
The quickest way to make a name change is by phone or through Twitter (@Southwestair) direct message (DM) or private message on Facebook. Remember, you must also provide valid identity proof, such as your personal and travel details along with a photograph of your ID issued by the government (or marriage/divorce certificate). 
When requesting a name change as indicated above, Southwest will also update the name appearing in your Rapid Rewards account so that you can continue earning your Rewards Points.  

How to change the name on a Southwest flight?

You can change the passenger name on a Southwest flight in several ways—such as by phone, online through Southwest’s website or mobile app, by email, social media (Facebook/Twitter), Southwest’s retail office, or a ticket counter at the airport if there’s enough time remaining before your flight’s departure.

Can I change my last name on Southwest due to marriage? 

Yes, you can. You can do this in several ways (see above), as long as you can present a copy of your marriage certificate. If you’ve enrolled with TSA Pre, you must also contact TSA to update your name on TSA’s records.
You must ensure that the name on your government-issued ID matches the name on your flight reservation. If you’ve booked a flight in your maiden name and haven’t updated your government-issued photo ID (such as your driver’s license) and don’t have your marriage certificate, you might want to consider completing your flight and changing your last name.

How to correct misspelled name on a Southwest Airline ticket?

You can correct a misspelled name on a Southwest Airlines ticket in any of the ways mentioned above, i.e., by phone, online, email, social media, at a ticketing office, or airport counter. It’s always a good idea to have your government-issued photo ID on hand as proof if required.

Is Southwest Airlines name correction free—or is there a name change fee?

Southwest Airlines name correction is free of charge. However, if a legal name change requires your ticket to be reissued, you may have to pay the fare difference between the old and new fares.

How to Change Last Name on Southwest Ticket?

If you’ve got married or divorced, and/or have legally changed your last name, you can request a name change online through Flight 🡪 Manage Reservations 🡪 Edit option (if eligible), by phone, social media (Twitter direct message or Facebook private message), a Southwest ticketing office, or at the airport ticket counter (before checking in).  
When changing your last name, be sure to provide a copy of your old and new name photo IDs (government-issued) or legal documentation like your marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.

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