Can I change a China Eastern flight?

According to China Eastern Airlines flight change policy, you can make changes to your flight date, time, seat, or travel class depending on the fare conditions of your ticket. All changes are subject to seat availability, fare differences, and service fees, as indicated on the fare conditions of your ticket. 

Flight change policy

Note. Seat changes may be permitted online on some routes but flight changes cannot be made online—you must contact China Eastern Airlines (or an agent/branch office) over the phone or physically by visiting them. 

Below is a snapshot of China Eastern Airlines’ flight change policy:

  • If you want to voluntarilydowngrade your travel class, you must:
    • Apply for a refund, and 
    • Then repurchase your new ticket 

Note. If your travel class/seat is downgraded by the airline to a lower class than that shown on your ticket (known as involuntary downgrade), the airline will refund the fare difference to you. If this is not agreeable to you, you can get yourself booked on the next available flight at no additional charge or ask for a full refund. 

  • If you want to change your flight and date after purchasing your ticket, the fare conditions of your ticket will determine whether you can do so or not. If the fare regulations permit the changes, you must request the changes within the time limit prescribed on your ticket:
    • By phone via the local office in your city
    • Through your local branch office 
    • At China Eastern’s airport counter in your city 
    • Through your travel agent 

Flight changes are subject to

  • Making the flight change(s) within the time limit prescribed on your ticket 
  • Seat availability on the desired flight
  • Paying the difference in fares and taxes (if any) 
  • You can request a change of flight without paying a flight change fee if the flight on which you’re travelling with your pet does not accept your pet due to extreme weather conditions on the day of departure, i.e., if the temperature forecast on any flight segment is > 30°C or < minus 12°C (both inclusive).
  • If you want to request a change of carrier after purchasing your ticket, it will depend on the fare conditions of your ticket.
    • If the fare conditions of your ticket are free from endorsement restrictions, China Eastern will endorse your ticket in favor of the chosen carrier. 
    • If the fare conditions of your ticket do not permit a change of carrier, you will have to travel on China Eastern Airlines.
  • If want to request a change of carrier on a ticket containing a flight segment not issued by China Eastern Airlines:
    • China Eastern may, subject to the fare conditions of your ticket, process the endorsement within the same travel class with an airline carrier that has an agreement with China Eastern Airlines. Fare differences, if any, must be borne by you. 

How to Change Flight on China Eastern Airlines 

China Eastern does not allow you to change flights online through its website or mobile app. To make changes to your China Eastern Airlines flight (date, time, and/or destination), you must contact:

  • The China Eastern Airlines call center/branch office in your city/country, or 
  • The travel agent you purchased your ticket from 

Note. Only sales agents authorized by China Eastern Airlines are permitted to process ticket endorsements to other carriers. 

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