Saudia upgrade policy offers passengers the opportunity to enhance their travel experience. Upgrading allows you to enjoy additional comfort, more legroom, enhanced dining options, and access to exclusive lounges. The airline provides different options for upgrading seats, including upgrading from Economy Class to Business Class or from Business Class to First Class. The availability of upgrades is subject to seat availability and fare conditions. You can check if you are eligible for an upgrade online, by contacting Saudia’s customer service, or at the airport counter

Major Highlights of Saudia Upgrade Policy

If you’re planning a trip with Saudia Airlines, you’ll want to know about its upgrade policy. Upgrades can be a great way to enhance your travel experience and enjoy the perks of a higher class. The section below highlights some of the major features of Saudia’s upgrade policy, including eligibility criteria, upgrade options, and how to request an upgrade

  • The Saudia Upgrade program allows you to upgrade your seat from Economy Class to Business or First Class on eligible flights.
  • You can use cash or miles to pay for upgrades.
  • Eligible flights for upgrades include both domestic and international routes operated by Saudia Airlines.
  • Upgrades are subject to availability, so you should make an upgrade request as early as possible.
  • You can request an upgrade through the Saudia website or customer service center even if you’ve booked through a travel agency or an online travel portal. 
  • Once upgraded, you can enjoy a range of premium services and amenities, including access to exclusive lounges, priority boarding, better seats, personalized services, and better dining options. etc. 
  • Eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria for Saudia upgrades will depend on your fare class, loyalty status, and availability of seats in higher classes.
    • On domestic routes, you can upgrade all fares except Guest Saver
    • On international routes, you can upgrade all fares except Guest Saver fares:
      • Between Saudi Arabia and the Middle East
      • Between Saudi Arabia and Africa (excluding Ethiopia)
  • You can purchase a Saudia upgrade with cash, credit card, or miles, depending on your preference and eligibility. However, you can only bid for an upgrade with your credit card.
  • The most common ways to upgrade on Saudia are:
    • Upgrading with your Alfursan Miles
    • Upgrading with Saudia Bidding System (My Upgrade)
    • Upgrading with cash/card by paying the fare difference
  • The cost of an upgrade will depend on your fare type, route, and seat availability. You will be informed of the fee at the time of the upgrade request (or later if you participate in the bidding process).

Saudia Upgrade to Business Class

Saudia Upgrade to Business Class

An upgrade to Saudia Business Class can greatly enhance your travel experience. With spacious seating and extra legroom, you’ll have ample space to relax and stretch out during your flight. The comfortable seats are designed for optimal comfort, with adjustable headrests and built-in lumbar support. Some of the major features of Business Class seats on B77Z aircraft are:

  • Fully adjustable electric seats that convert to long, wide seats
  • Fully flat beds
  • A touchscreen panel providing complete seat control
  • 17in wide HD screen monitors 
  • More than 3,500 hours of video entertainment
  • A large dining table with an ottoman
  • Privacy divider
  • Customized credenza stowage area for personal stowage
  • Luxury overnight kit

Additionally, as a Business Class passenger, you are entitled to priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling, thus making your travel experience seamless and stress-free. Once onboard, you’ll be treated to a delectable array of gourmet meals and beverages, carefully curated by renowned chefs. The in-flight entertainment system provides a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games to keep you entertained throughout the journey. With access to exclusive lounges at select airports, you can enjoy complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi access, and a tranquil environment before your flight

How to upgrade to Business Class on Saudia?

There are several ways to upgrade to Business Class on Saudia, depending on your preferences and seat availability. One option is to use your frequent flyer miles or loyalty points to redeem an upgrade. Another option is to bid for an upgrade through Saudia Upgrade Bid Auction program, My Upgrade. This allows you to place a bid (also known as the Saudia upgrade offer) for a Business Class seat, and if your upgrade offer is successful, you will be notified before your flight. Lastly, you can inquire about last-minute upgrades at the airport on the day of your departure, as seats may be available due to cancellations or no-shows. 

Saudia Miles Upgrade

Saudia Upgrade with Alfursan miles explained

Saudia Miles Upgrade program allows you to elevate your flying experience to new heights by using your accumulated miles to upgrade your seat. The biggest upside to a Saudia miles upgrade is that you get to enjoy the benefits of a higher class of service without having to pay the full fare. All you need to do is redeem your accumulated Alfursan miles to upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class or from Business Class to First Class on eligible Saudia flights. This means you can indulge in the luxurious amenities and enhanced comfort of a premium cabin, including spacious seating, priority check-in, priority boarding, priority baggage handling, gourmet dining options, and personalized service—to name a few.

  • How to upgrade your travel class with your miles online. To upgrade your travel class online with your miles, log in to your Alfursan account and choose My Trips under Reservation. After you access your reservation, simply follow the prompts to upgrade to a higher class (if any seats are available). 
  • How many miles do I need to upgrade? The number of miles required for an upgrade will depend on your flight the route, class of service, and availability. Refer to the table below to find out the exact number of miles required for an upgrade on Saudia. If you have any doubts or need assistance, call customer service.
Saudia Upgrade with Miles Table
RouteUpgrade from Economy to BusinessUpgrade from Business to First
Guest Basic to Business (100%)Guest Semi-Flex to Business (75%)Guest Flex to Business (50%)Business Basic to First (100%)Business Semi Flex to First (75%)Business Flex to First 
Domestic (within Saudi Arabia)10,5007,8755,2507,5005,6253,750
Gulf (GCC): Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Kuwait19,00014,2509,50015,00011,2507,500
The Middle East: Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon,21,50016,12510,75015,00011,2507,500
East Africa: Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan24,50018,37512,25022,50016,87511,250
North Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia36,00027,00018,00030,00022,50015,000
South Africa: South Africa, Mauritius, Nigeria38,50028,87519,25030,00022,50015,000
Europe (A): Only Turkey25,50019,12512,75022,50016,87511,250
Europe (B): Entire Europe excl. Turkey34,00025,50017,00030,00022,50015,000
Sub-continent (A): North India, Pakistan25,00018,75012,50018,75014,0639,375
Sub-continent (B): South India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives**25,00018,75012,50022,50016,87511,250
Far East: China, Singapore, Malaysia,Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines46,00034,50023,00037,50028,12518,750
North America (A): United States excl. Los Angeles48,50036,37524,25045,00033,75022,500
North America (B): Los Angeles60,00045,00030,00052,50039,37526,250
  1. You can upgrade with reward miles only on Saudia flights on a per-sector basis (excl. codeshare flights operated by a different carrier).
  2. You must have enough reward miles when requesting an upgrade. 
  3. You can only upgrade one cabin class higher with your miles, i.e., from Guest to Business Class, or Business to First Class.
  4. After completing a reward upgrade, you cannot upgrade on the remaining sectors.
  5. You must hold a confirmed ticket before requesting an upgrade with miles. 
  6. Upgrades with miles are subject to seat availability.
  7. You must pay all the applicable taxes (incl. government and/or airport), as well as fees and airline-imposed charges your upgrade is issued. 
  8. You’re allowed to upgrade the remaining trips on your itinerary if your base ticket is partially used. 
  9. Miles upgrades are refundable and can be rebooked within their validity period. 
  10. The miles you earn on an upgraded ticket will be according to your original (and not upgraded) booking class.
  11. Miles upgrades are not allowed on the following tickets: Guest Saver (U), Special Fares, and discounted/free tickets. 

Saudia Upgrade Bid (Auction Program, My Upgrade)

Saudia Upgrade Bid Auction Program, known as My Upgrade, is a convenient auction service offered by Saudia Airlines that allows you to bid for an upgrade to a higher class of service. This service provides you with an opportunity to enjoy a more luxurious and comfortable experience during your flight. With My Upgrade, you can submit your bid online (or with the mobile app) before your flight’s scheduled departure. The bidding process is simple and transparent, allowing you to choose the amount you are willing to pay (within a provided range) for an upgrade. If your bid is successful, you will receive an email/SMS notification informing them of your upgraded seat assignment. 

How My Upgrade works? To check whether your booking is eligible for an upgrade, go to the homepage (, click on the Book & Manage link on top, and select Upgrade

To upgrade to a higher class: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Book & Manage and then on Upgrade 
  3. Enter your booking reference number and last name in the boxes
  4. Hit the Get Upgraded button 
  5. Name a price to upgrade each segment of your flight 
  6. Now enter your credit card information
  7. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of your bidding offer
    1. If your offer is accepted, your card will be charged for the upgrade 
    2. If your offer is not accepted, you won’t be charged and you can keep your original seat

Saudia Bidding Upgrade Terms & Conditions 

When bidding for an upgrade, do keep in mind the following points:

  • Bidding offers are valid from the time of submission till 4 hours before departure.
  • You can cancel your bid offer within the cancellation window through the cancellation link provided in the confirmation email from Saudia.
  • You can only submit one bid offer per flight (for flights starting with 065). 
  • You must submit your bid offer within the minimum and maximum range and also provide the details of the credit card that will be charged if your bid is successful. 
  • Saudi Airlines may or may not accept your bid, regardless of whether seats are available or not. 
  • You can revise or cancel your bid offer through the link provided in the offer email within the timeframe mentioned in your confirmation email, as long as your offer has not been accepted and your credit card has not been charged. If your bid offer has already been accepted, you are legally bound to pay the price stated by you in your original bid offer. 
  • If Saudi Airlines re-accommodates you on another flight than the one originally booked by you, your bid offer will be transferred to the new flight if seats are available in the upgraded class. 
  • If your bid offer is accepted:
    • You will receive an email from Saudia informing you that your bid has been accepted 
    • Your credit card will be automatically charged with the bid amount 
    • You will be issued your new ticket reflecting the upgrade for each passenger in the original flight booking
    • The amount by which your credit card will be charged will include any applicable pre-payable fees and taxes, if any.
  • Once your offer has been accepted and your card charged, no refund or reissue will be permitted unless:
    • Your flight is cancelled and you were re-accommodated by Saudi Airlines on another flight but in your original class of booking, in which case the amount you paid for the upgrade will be refunded to the credit card used to purchase the upgrade.
    • Your bid offer is accepted and you were upgraded, but you could not be seated in the upgraded class due to reasons within Saudi Airlines’ control, incl. a change of equipment, and a delay in the flight connection that caused you to miss the flight you were upgraded on.
  • Even if your offer is successful and you’ve been upgraded, the fare conditions of your original ticket will remain in force with regard to your baggage allowance, cancellation policies, change fees, and the accrual of your Alfursan miles.
  • If you make changes to your ticket, you will not be automatically upgraded, unless you pay for the upgrade per Saudia flight change policies and the conditions of your original ticket. 
  • If your bid offer is accepted, all other pre-paid services purchased by you will be cancelled.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, send a mail to:

Saudia Upgrade Bid Tips

How can I increase my chances of upgrading successfully on Saudia?

If you’re looking to bid for an upgrade on Saudia, here are a few tips to increase your chances of success. First and foremost, make sure you do your research and understand the airline’s upgrade policy and procedures. Familiarize yourself with any eligibility requirements or restrictions that may apply. Next, consider the timing of your bid. Bidding closer to the departure date may give you a better chance as airlines often have a clearer picture of available seats at that time. When submitting your bid, be realistic and competitive with your offer while still keeping within your budget. 

Additionally, consider bidding for an upgrade during off-peak times when more seats may be available. Also, choosing less popular routes can increase your chances of securing an upgrade, as there may be more availability in the premium cabin. Another option is to inquire about available upgrades at the check-in counter or gate, as last-minute changes or no-shows could result in opportunities for upgrades.

Finally, keep in mind that upgrades are not guaranteed, so it’s important to remain flexible and open to other options if your bid is not accepted. By following these tips, you may have a better chance of securing an upgrade on Saudia.

Saudia Last-Minute Upgrade at the Airport

Saudia offers the convenience of last-minute upgrades at the airport, allowing passengers to enjoy a more comfortable and luxurious travel experience. Whether you prefer to pay with a credit card or cash, Saudia accepts both forms of payment for these upgrades. With a simple transaction, you can elevate your journey to new heights and enjoy the added benefits of premium services and amenities. So whether you’re looking for extra legroom, access to exclusive lounges, or enhanced in-flight services, Saudia’s last-minute upgrades provide a flexible and convenient option for discerning travelers. 

The deadline for a last-minute upgrade on Saudia flights at the airport is typically at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights and at least 3 hours before departure for international flights, subject to availability. You should arrive at the airport well in advance to allow sufficient time for any necessary upgrades to your flight.

Frequently Asked Questions on Saudia Upgrade

Are you tired of flying in cramped economy class? Dreaming of upgrading to a more luxurious experience? Saudia upgrade options allow you to enjoy the perks and comforts of Business or First Class without breaking the bank. The section below answers some frequently asked questions about upgrading with Saudia Airlines. Do check it out.

How can I upgrade my ticket on Saudia? 

You can upgrade your ticket on Saudia through Saudia’s website, mobile app, or by contacting their customer service directly.

What are the eligibility criteria for an upgrade on Saudia? 

Eligibility criteria for upgrades will depend on: 
• Seat availability in the higher class
• Your fare class (Guest Basic fares on some routes cannot be upgraded)
• Frequent flyer status (if you’re upgrading with miles)

Can I upgrade my Saudia ticket on the day of travel?

Yes, if there are seats available in the higher class, you can request an upgrade at the airport check-in counter.

How much does a Saudia upgrade cost?

Upgrade costs vary depending on factors like destination, fare type, and class of service being upgraded to. For more information, call customer service.

Can I pay for a Saudia upgrade using my miles? 

Yes, Saudia’s Alfursan loyalty program allows members to use their accumulated miles towards upgrades.

Can I upgrade multiple passengers on one booking? 

Yes, you can, if all passengers meet the eligibility criteria and there are available seats in the higher class.

Is it possible to get a refund if my upgrade request is not approved? 

If your upgrade request is not approved, your card will not be charged for the upgrade. 

Can I make changes to my upgraded ticket after confirmation? 

You can if the fare conditions of your original ticket permit. However, the upgrade will not be transferred to the new flight—you will have to purchase a fresh upgrade. 

Is it possible to get a complimentary upgrade on Saudia? 

Saudia may occasionally offer complimentary upgrades based on your loyalty status and seat availability.

How will I know if my Saudia upgrade request has been approved? 

Saudia will notify you via email if your upgrade request has been approved.

Are there any restrictions on upgrading certain fare types? 

Some fare types may have restrictions on upgrades depending on your route. For example, Guest Saver fares cannot be upgraded on domestic flights within Saudi Arabia or on international flights between Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and Africa (excl. Ethiopia).

Can I request an upgrade after booking my ticket? 

Yes, you can request an upgrade after booking your ticket, subject to availability and eligibility criteria.

Can I upgrade my Saudia ticket if I booked through a travel agent or third-party website? 

Yes, you can upgrade your ticket even if you booked it through a travel agent. 

Can I request an upgrade on Saudia for someone else travelling with me? 

Yes, as long as you have their booking details and they meet the eligibility criteria.

Are Saudia upgrades guaranteed? 

Saudia upgrades are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Priority is given to higher-tier frequent flyers and full-fare passengers.

How early should I request an upgrade on Saudia? 

You should request an upgrade as early as possible to increase your chances of securing one.

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