There are several ways to make a Japan Airlines upgrade. The first option to upgrade your travel class is to use your Japan Airlines miles, i.e., JAL FLY ON points. The second option is to purchase an upgrade at the airport on the day of departure. The third option is to bid on an upgrade through Japan Airlines’ bidding system, where you can bid an amount you’re willing to pay for an upgrade and you may be awarded the upgrade if your bid is accepted. Finally, certain credit cards and loyalty programs offer complimentary upgrades as a benefit, so it’s worth checking if you are eligible for any of these perks before booking your flight with Japan Airlines. 

How To Get an Upgrade on Japan Airlines Flights?

You can get an upgrade on a Japan Airlines flight in the following ways: 

  1. With your miles (JAL FLY ON points) the next higher class, if you’re a member of the JAL Mileage Bank program. As a member, you will also receive exclusive offers and promotions to help earn an upgrade.
  2. By bidding for an upgrade through JAL’s bidding system. Simply log in to your booking and place a bid on the class of service you would like. If your bid is accepted, you’ll be upgraded to the next available class.
  3. At the airport check-in counter or gate if there are any upgrades available. 

Japan Airlines upgrades are subject to availability and never guaranteed, so the earlier you apply the better your chances of getting upgraded.

How to Check Availability of Upgrade Seats and Book Upgradable Fares?

For JAL FLY ON members

To check the availability of upgradeable seats, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Log in to the Flights&Services page if you’re a member 
  2. To search for an upgradeable flight:
    1. Use the Book flights section and
    2. Select Upgradable for booking class 
  3. Hit the Search flights button 
  4. From the Flight Selection page, select a flight 
  5. Click on the Display availability for upgrade (it appears at the bottom of the page) 
  6. The availability of the higher-class cabin will appear in a pop-up 
  7. You can now confirm the seat availability


  • You will not be able to check the availability of an upgrade award seat if:
    • You don’t log in to the Flights&Services page 
    • You don’t select an Upgradeable class
    • You’re upgrading from Business to First Class
  • To check the upgrade seat availability of a transit flight, you’ll have to call Japan Airlines. 
  • You can apply for an upgrade award through the Booking Details tab after purchasing your ticket 

How to Upgrade Your Seat on Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines Seat Upgrade

After purchasing an upgradeable ticket, you can upgrade your seat online, by phone, at a JAL ticket office, or through your travel agent

To upgrade your seat online, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the homepage,
  • Click on Manage Booking 
  • Access your flight 
  • Select the flight itinerary you want to upgrade 
  • Click on the Upgrade button
    (you will not be able to use this option if your ticket cannot be upgraded)
  • Follow the prompts to pay and complete the upgrade process

You will receive a confirmation email once you have been successfully upgraded.


  • You can upgrade your seat from 360 days to 25 hours before departure. 
  • If no seats are available, you will be waitlisted until the above deadline.
  • You can upgrade eligible tickets with cash or miles. 

To know the number of miles/points required to upgrade, refer to JAL Upgrade Awards. 

Japan Airlines Upgrade Classes

Japan Airlines offers a range of upgrade classes for passengers looking to enhance their in-flight experience. 

  • First Class is the highest level of upgrade and offers passengers access to private suites with fully reclining seats, personal entertainment systems, and gourmet Japanese cuisine
  • Business Class provides spacious seating with ample legroom, as well as gourmet meals and premium beverage options
  • Premium Economy is a step up from standard economy class, offering extra legroom and wider seats for added comfort during long flights. 
  • Economy Class seats form the lowest type of upgradeable seats from which you can upgrade to higher classes, as mentioned above. They feature comfortable seating, personal entertainment systems, and complimentary meals and beverages

With the types of seats mentioned above, Japan Airlines ensures that every passenger has the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable, enjoyable, and affordable flight experience.

Japan Airlines Business Class Upgrade

Japan Airlines offers a variety of ways to upgrade to Business Class. One option is to use points through their frequent flyer program, JAL Mileage Bank, to upgrade to the next higher class of service from your purchased class of service, i.e., Premium Economy (or Economy if your flight doesn’t offer Economy tickets).

Another option is to purchase a Business Class upgrade online before departure or, if available, at the airport check-in counter. Purchasing an upgrade to Business (or First Class) is mostly not available on the day of departure at the airport.

Additionally, Japan Airlines may offer complimentary upgrades to Business Class to its most loyal customers or as a gesture of goodwill for irregular operations or flight delays. 

How much does a Japan Airlines upgrade to Business Class cost?

Without specific information, it is difficult to provide an accurate cost (in cash) for upgrading to Business Class on Japan Airlines. The cost will depend on many factors such as your route, time of year, your original travel class, and seat availability

How many miles to upgrade to Business Class on Japan Airlines?

That will depend on your route. For example, it will cost you 30,000 miles to upgrade to Business Class if you’re flying between Tokyo and New York, Seattle, or San Francisco. To know the exact number of miles or points you’ll need to upgrade to Business Class (by region), check out the JAL Upgrade Awards page.

JAL Upgrade Charges for Same-Day Departures

You can upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy Class on the day of departure, subject to the following conditions:

  • Upgrade chargesRefer to the departure day upgrade charges if you’re upgrading on the day of departure.
  • Eligibility – Only the following types of Economy Class fares are eligible for same-day upgrades: 
    • Flex
    • Saver
    • Special Saver
    • Round Trip Saver
    • Shareholder’s Flex
    • Promotion
    • JAL CARD Flex
    • Business Flex
    • Remote Island Flex
    • JAL Domestic Award Ticket
    • JAL CARD Navi Discount 
    • Go somewhere with miles
    • Tour Fare
  • AvailabilitySame-day upgrades open 3 hours before departure and close 20 minutes before departure.  
  • How to request a same-day upgrade – You can request a same-day upgrade online or with the mobile app via Boarding/check-in 🡪 Departure dateupgrade, or at the airport counter.

Note. If no upgrades are available, you’ll be added to the waitlist and called to the airport counter when a seat becomes available.

Japan Airlines Premium Economy Upgrade

Japan Airlines Premium Economy Upgrade

Japan Airlines offers you the option to upgrade to Premium Economy class for a more comfortable and enjoyable flight experience. You can upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy with your JAL points/miles, purchase an upgrade online or at the airport check-in counter, or bid for an upgrade with Japan Airlines’ Upgrade Bid program

The number of miles required for your upgrade will depend on your flight route and seat availability, as indicated on the JAL International Upgrade Awards Chart page. Once you’re upgraded to Premium Economy, you will enjoy all the benefits that go with Premium Economy—such as more legroom, wider seats, enhanced meals and amenities, priority boarding, and access to the airline’s lounges

Note. If you’re upgrading to Premium Economy Class at the airport, the number of miles required to upgrade will not depend on the Premium Economy Class fare but on the Economy Class fare purchased by you.

Premium Economy Upgrade Cost at the Airport

If you’re upgrading to Premium Economy Class at the airport, the following charges will apply per passenger and sector.

Premium Economy Upgrade Charges
RouteCityTo JapanFrom Japan
North America, HawaiiNew YorkUSD 350JPY 40,000
San FranciscoUSD 350JPY 40,000
SeattleUSD 350JPY 40,000
LAUSD 350JPY 40,000
DallasUSD 350JPY 40,000
ChicagoUSD 350JPY 40,000
BostonUSD 350JPY 40,000
San DiegoUSD 350JPY 40,000
VancouverUSD 490JPY 40,000
HonoluluUSD 350JPY 40,000
EuropeLondonGBP 290
+ Air Passenger Duty Tax
JPY 40,000
ParisEUR 330JPY 40,000
FrankfurtEUR 330JPY 40,000
HelsinkiEUR 330
MoscowRUB 18,000JPY 35,000
AustraliaSydneyAUD 350JPY 30,000
MelbourneAUD 350JPY 30,000
SE Asia, South AsiaBangkokTHB 6,200JPY 20,000
JakartaIDR 2,800,000JPY 20,000
SingaporeSGD 250JPY 20,000
HanoiUSD 180JPY 20,000
Ho Chi Minh CityUSD 180JPY 20,000
ManilaUSD 180JPY 20,000
Kuala LumpurMYR 800JPY 20,000
Delhi+ INR 18,000
Goods & Service TAX (GST)
JPY 30,000
Hong KongHong KongHKD 1,500JPY 15,000
ChinaShanghaiCNY 1,000
Does not include passengers on JAL operated codeshare partner flights except:
– American Airlines passengers on all the above-mentioned routes.
– British Airways passengers flying between Tokyo and Helsinki/Frankfurt/London Heathrow. 
– Finnair passengers flying between Tokyo-Frankfurt and Tokyo-Helsinki.

Japan Airlines Upgrade to First Class

If you’re looking to upgrade to First Class on Japan Airlines, the most common method is to simply inquire about availability at the airport check-in counter or gate before your flight. If there are First Class seats available, you may be able to purchase an upgrade on the spot. Alternatively, if you have a JAL Mileage Bank account and enough points/miles in your account, you can use them to upgrade your seat. 
Another option is to bid for an upgrade using JAL’s Upgrade Bid program, which allows passengers to place a bid for a First Class seat up to 24 hours before their flight. The availability of First Class upgrades can vary depending on the route and time of year, so it’s always best to check with Japan Airlines directly for the most up-to-date information.

Japan Airlines Upgrade Cost

Japan Airlines upgrade cost will depend on your route and class of service. For international flights, purchasing an upgrade from Economy to Business class can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. However, Japan Airlines also offers a bidding system for upgrades, allowing you to bid on available seats in the next higher class. This can be a more cost-effective option for you if you’re looking to upgrade your travel experience without paying too much. 

Ultimately, the cost of upgrading on Japan Airlines will depend on multiple factors and should be researched and compared before making a decision.

How to Upgrade Japan Airlines with AA Miles?

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade a Japan Airlines flight with your AA miles. While American Airlines and Japan Airlines are both part of the oneworld alliance and have a partnership that allows for earning and redeeming miles, there are limitations to how those miles can be used. Upgrades on Japan Airlines flights are only available using Japan Airlines’ own mileage program. 

However, you can use AA miles (among several others) to book award flights on Japan Airlines.

Japan Airlines Upgrade with Miles/Points

Japan Airlines International Upgrade Awards allow passengers to redeem their miles to fly in the next-higher service class than that of the originally purchased ticket. To know the exact number of miles required for an upgrade, refer to the JAL International Upgrade Award Chart.
You can upgrade with miles before departure or at the airport on the day of departure, subject to availability.

Tickets Eligible for Upgrade Awards with JAL FLY ON Points/Miles

What types of tickets qualify for an upgrade with points on Japan Airlines?

Tickets with the following booking classes are eligible for an upgrade with points/miles.

  • From Business to First Class Booking Classes J, C, D, and I
  • From Economy/Premium Economy to Business Class Booking Classes W, R, Y, B, H, and K
  • From Economy to Premium Economy Class Booking Classes Y, B, H, and K

Tickets Not Eligible for Upgrade with JAL FLY ON Points/Miles

The following types of tickets cannot be upgraded with points on Japan Airlines: 

  • Group or individual tour fares
  • Special discounted fares
  • JMB award tickets 
  • JAL tickets subject to special provisions
  • International package tour fares (other than J and Y)
  • International Dynamic Package flights from Japan (other than J and Y) 
  • Certain other types of fares, even if an eligible fare class is mentioned on the ticket
  • Flights that do not offer a higher class of service
  • Domestic flights within Japan 
  • Codeshare flights operated by other airlines 
  • Codeshare flights operated by Japan Airlines with another airlines flight number 

How Many Flight Sectors Are Permitted Per Upgrade?

You can only use 1 upgrade award per flight sector. However, you can use 2 upgrade awards if your itinerary originates outside Japan and includes Japan as a transfer point for continuing to your final destination outside of Japan. For example, if you’re requesting an upgrade from Bangkok to LA, you will need 2 upgrade awards for both sectors (one from Bangkok to Japan and the other from Japan to LA).
Itineraries. You can use an upgrade award for a one-way flight or a round trip. Also, the conditions of travel and travel restrictions of the original ticket will continue to apply (such as those relating to flight cancelations and flight changes).

Upgrade awards cannot be combined

Japan Airlines does not allow 2 upgrade awards to be combined to result in your being bumped 2 classes higher, such as from Economy to First Class. Upgrade awards are only permitted from a lower class to the next-higher class. Plus, you’re not allowed to upgrade to the next higher class by paying the difference in fares by cash or any other payment method.

Japan Airlines Bid Upgrade 

Japan Airlines Bid Upgrade

The Japan Airlines Bid Upgrade service lets you bid for a higher class of service, and if your bid is successful, you will be upgraded to a higher class of service from Economy or Premium Economy Class.

Eligibility—Who Can Bid for an Upgrade and on What Routes?

  • All passengers who have purchased an international JAL ticket with a flight number starting with 131 and have an eligible flight booking are allowed to make a bid, subject to seat availability. 
  • All international routes operated by JAL, except for codeshare flights operated by partner airlines.

To which higher classes can I bid for an upgrade? If you have booked an Economy Class ticket, you can bid for an upgrade to Premium Economy (if it’s offered on the flight) or Business Class. If you’ve booked a Premium Economy ticket, you can bid for an upgrade to Business Class. 

How do I pay for an upgrade bid? You can pay for an upgrade bid by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, or Diners)
Note. Minors must have the parent or legal guardian’s consent to use the service.

How to Bid for an Upgrade Online?

Follow the steps below to bid for an upgrade through JAL’s website:

  1. Click on the Reservation Confirmation link
  2. Click on the Bid Upgrade button (it will show up if your flight is eligible for an upgrade bid)Note. If you’ve purchased your ticket through JAL’s website, you will receive an email through which you can also apply.
  3. On the bidding page:
    1. Select the higher class (Premium Economy Class or Business Class) available for bidding
    2. Enter the bidding amount 
    3. Enter your credit card information on the form


  • Upgrade Bids are accepted up to 48 hours prior to departure.
  • You can cancel or change your bid up to 48 hours prior to departure.
  • Your credit card will only be charged once the upgrade is confirmed.

If your bid is successful

  • You will be informed by email (from at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Your credit card will be charged for the amount bid by you (for each passenger in the booking).
  • You will be issued an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) that you can use to board your flight, and 

Note. Your upgrade bid will be finalized in descending order and the bid amount will apply on a per-passenger basis for each passenger in the booking (bidding for individual passengers in a booking is not allowed). If the bid amount is the same for multiple passengers, the upgrade will be based on the order of your booking class, JMB membership status, and the date and time of executing the bid.

If your bid is unsuccessful: 

  • You will be informed by email at least 24 hours before departure. 
  • Your credit card will not be charged. 
  • You can board your flight in the ticket class originally purchased by you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Japan Airlines Upgrade 

Japan Airlines offers a variety of upgrade options for its passengers, allowing them to enjoy a more luxurious travel experience. However, with so many different upgrade options available, it is understandable that passengers may have some questions regarding the process. In this section, we answer a few frequently asked questions about Japan Airlines upgrades.

Can I upgrade a Japan Airlines ticket to get assigned seats? 

If you have purchased a ticket with Japan Airlines and would like to upgrade to get assigned seats, it is possible to do so depending on your fare type and availability. Japan Airlines offers several fare options, each with its own set of benefits and restrictions. If your ticket allows for seat selection, you can choose your preferred seat during the booking process or by logging into your account on the airline’s website. However, if you have already purchased a ticket that does not include seat selection, you may need to pay an additional fee to upgrade your fare class to select your seats.

Can you upgrade an airline ticket after booking on Japan Airlines (with miles)?

You can upgrade the following tickets with miles after booking: 
● Fare classes Y, B, H, and K From Economy to Premium Economy
● Fare classes W, R, Y, B, H, and K From Economy/Premium Economy to Business 
● Fare Classes J, C, D, and I From Business to First

Can you upgrade Japan Airlines with oneworld points?

Yes, you can upgrade a Japan Airlines flight ticket with oneworld points. The points that you earn on oneworld member airlines will count as FLY ON points and you can use them to upgrade your flight and status FLY ON.

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