Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JL), popularly known as JAL (Jaru) or Nikkō, is the flag carrier of Japan. Headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo, JAL operates out of 4 major hubs in Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, and Nagoya. 

JAL has a fleet of 219 aircraft (192 owned and 26 leased). A Japan Airlines booking can take you to 211 destinations (132 domestic and 79 international) across more than 20 countries. 

Japan Airlines offers 4 cabin classes for long-haul international flights—First Class, Executive Class (Business Class), Premium Economy, and Economy. First Class and Class J (Business Class) are also available on select domestic flights.

Japan Airlines has been certified by Skytrax as a 5-star airline for staff service and onboard products (seating, food & beverages, amenities, inflight entertainment, cleanliness, etc.). Recent awards include the World’s Best Economy Class, Best Economy Class Airline Seat, and COVID-9 Excellence Awards (Skytrax, 2021).

Group companies of the JAL group include Japan Airlines, JAL Cargo, Japan Air Commuter, J-Air, Japan Transocean Air, and Ryukyu Air Commuter (domestic feeder services).

Japan Airlines Booking Methods

About Japan Airlines ticket booking methods 

A screenshot of the Japan Airlines online booking page

You can make a flight booking on Japan Airlines:

  1. By phone 
  2. Online via JAL.com
  3. With the mobile app 
  4. At a Japan Airlines ticket office
  5. Through a travel agent 

Japan Airlines Online Booking

Japan Airlines online booking process

To book a flight online on Japan Airlines: 

  1. Go to JAL.com 
  2. Choose your City and Language and click on the Go button…

    select your Language and Country and language from the boxes below

    or (if a different screen opens), select the Ticket Reservation option on top.
  3. Enter/select your flight requirements in the boxes on the next page, such as:
    1. Departure and destination cities
    2. Travel date(s)
    3. Number of passengers
    4. Travel class 

Note. When selecting your departure airport, choose whether you’re booking a Roundtrip, One-way, or Multi-City ticket*.

  1. Click on the Search Flights button 
  2. Choose your flight(s)
  3. Enter the passenger information
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your booking and pay

You will receive your e-ticket after your payment is received.

Note. You can book up to 9 passengers on a single booking on most flights. This includes adults (16 years or older), young passengers (aged 12 – 15 years), infants (up to 1 infant per adult), and children between 2 – 11 years of age (up to 3 children per adult).

Japan Airlines Multi-City Booking
How to make a multi-city booking on Japan AirlinesTo make a multi-city booking on Japan Airlines, click on the From tab and select Multi-City from the following options that appear in the dropdown box (as shown below): Roundtrip (by default)One-wayMulti-City 
A screenshot of the multi-city booking option on JAL’s website On the next page, fill out the boxes marked Sector 1 and Sector 2, and click on the Add a flight button to add more flights. After filling out all the cities in your travel itinerary, click on the Search button, select your flights from the options presented, follow the prompts to complete your multi-city booking, and pay.

You cannot book your ticket online if:

  • A child is travelling unaccompanied (including if the child is not travelling in the same class of service as an accompanying adult).
  • An adult aged 16 years or more is travelling with:
    • 2 or more infants aged 0 – 1-year-old.
    • 4 or more children below the age of 12 years.
  • An infant travelling on a child fare is occupying a seat.
  • A pregnant passenger:
  • Needs to submit a Medical Information Form (MEDIF).
  • Is expecting within 28 days.
  • Has an expected date of delivery.
  • Has multiple pregnancies.
  • Has a history of early delivery.
  • You require a medical device, oxygen tank, or stretcher.
  • You need to submit a Medical Information Form (MEDIF).
  • You require more than 1 seat for yourself.

If you fall in any of the above-mentioned groups, you will need to book your ticket by phone (call or a JAL Call Center in your city/country).

Other Booking Options 

You can also book your Japan Airlines flight: 

  • By phone
  • With the mobile app
  • At a Japan Airlines ticket office
  • Through your travel agent 

Japan Airlines Flight Status

How do I check my Japan Airlines flight status?

You can check your Japan Airlines flight status:

  • By phone
    (call the Japan Airlines airport office in your city) 
  • Online via JAL.com
  • With the mobile app 
A screenshot of Japan Airlines online Flight Status checking page

You can check your Japan Airlines-operated flight status online as follows:

  1. Go to JAL.com
  2. Choose your City and Language/Country and Language 
  3. Select the Flight Status tab (appears lower down the screen)
  4. Select JAL Operated Flight
  5. Enter your flight details:
    1. By route, or 
    2. By Flight Number 
  6. Click on the Search button

Your flight status will appear.

To check the flight status of a codeshare flight with a partner airline:

  1. Go to JAL.com
  2. Choose your City and Language/Country and Language 
  3. Select the Flight Status tab (appears lower down the screen)
  4. Select Codeshare Flight with a Partner Airline
  5. Enter your:
    1. Departure and arrival airports or Flight number
    2. Departure/arrival date
  6. Click on the Search departure and arrival information button

Your codeshare flight status will appear.

Japan Airlines Manage Booking

Japan Airlines Manage Booking

Japan Airlines Manage Booking functionality is a useful online tool that allows you to manage your flights online through the website. You can use this online functionality to:

  • Confirm a flight booking 
  • Change a flight booking
  • Select a seat
  • View, earn, and use your Miles 
  • Access your e-invoices

Note. You can use the Manage Booking feature only if you have purchased your ticket from Japan Airlines website/smartphone site. If you’ve purchased your ticket from a third party, contact them directly to modify your flight booking. 

To manage your Japan Airlines flight booking, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to JAL.com
  2. Choose your City and Language/Country and Language 
  3. Select Manage Booking 
  4. Click on:
    1. Manage Flight Booking to:
      1. Confirm a flight booking 
      2. Change a flight booking
      3. Select a seat
    2. Manage Miles to:
      1. View, earn, and use your Miles 
    3. Web Receipt to:
      1. Access your e-invoices

Note. You can continue as a guest as shown below, or as a JMB member. If you’re continuing as a guest, click on any of the above-mentioned options (Manage Flight Booking/Manage Miles/Web Receipt), and access your booking details by providing your: 

  • Flight number
  • Boarding date
  • Last and first name
  • Reservation number

After you provide the information, your booking details will appear. Now follow the on-screen prompts to make the changes you wish. 

If you’re logging in as a JMB member, log in by entering your 7/9-digit JMB membership number and password and follow the steps above.

You can also use the JAL App to manage your flight booking or call to have it managed for you.

Japan Airlines Phone Numbers 

  • U.S.A. and Canada 
    • USA
    • Canada
  • Central and South America
    • Argentina 54-11-5984-3944 
    • Brazil 0800-892-2203
    • Mexico 800-681-9230
    • Guam 1-671-642-6431
  • Australia and New Zealand 
    • Australia 1800-531-870
    • New Zealand 0800-441-090 
  • Asia 
    • India 1800-102-4135
    • Sri Lanka +852-39191688
    • Bangladesh <66> 2-131-3300
    • Taipei (02) 8177-7006
    • Beijing 4008-88-5301
      <86> (021) 5467-4533 from overseas
    • Hong Kong (852) 3919-1111
    • Seoul (02) 757-1711
    • Singapore 800-852-6432
    • Indonesia <62> (021)5591-3388 
    • Philippines <63> (02) 8403-2763
    • Malaysia 1-800-577725 
    • Vietnam 1-800-577725 
    • Thailand 1800-012-197
    • Cambodia <66> 2-131-3300
    • Laos <66> 2-131-3300
    • Myanmar <66> 2-131-3300 
  • Europe, Africa, and the Middle East 
    • Austria 01-5029-18-888
    • United Kingdom 0344-8-569-778 
    • Ireland <353> (01) 661-0749
    • Belgium (02) 745-4400
    • Denmark +44-7012-4700 (via London)
    • Finland 020-374700
    • France 0810-747-700
    • Germany 069-86798700
    •  Italy 8-488-74700
    • Norway 810-62050
    • Portugal 808-202-700
    • Russia +7-495-7820212
    • Spain 901-174-770
    • Sweden 08-402-8600
    • Switzerland 0844-888-700
    • The Netherlands 0205-829-488
    • UAE 04-2940099

Japan Airlines Travel Classes

Japan Airlines offers 4 types of travel classes on international routes:

  1. First Class 
  2. Business Class
  3. Premium Economy Class
  4. Economy Class

JAL First Class 

Some of the major features of Japan Airlines First Class seats are as follows:

  • Spacious seats
    • Seat width ~58cm wide (between armrests)
    • Max. bed width ~84cm
    • Max. bed length ~199cm
  • Airweave DUAL MODE and Airweave S-Line pillow for supporting your waist and providing an ideal posture for lying.
  • Woodgrain furnishings 
  • In-console storage compartment, inflight entertainment controller, and a laptop power brick.
  • 23in personal TV screens. 
  • Retractable privacy partition.
  • Spacious storage compartments.
  • Luxurious menu by BEDD.
  • Gold and Silver medal wine selections.
  • Inflight entertainment
    • LCD touch panel controller
    • Movies, videos, games, and audio programs
  • Noise-canceling headphones (Bose Quiet Comfort 25).
  • ETRO amenity kits with toothbrush set, earplugs, mouth wash, eye mask, body and hand cream, lip balm, perfume, moisture mask, brush, and pocket tissue.
  • SHISEIDO personal care set.
  • Relaxing organic cotton wear
  • Other inflight items provided upon request, such as:
    • Medicines
    • Postcards and ballpens
    • Healthcare products like green bamboo massage sticks
    • Pre-meal wet towels with unique JAL aroma. 
  • Special check-in counter.
  • Priority baggage service.

JAL Business Class

A view of JAL’s Business Class seats

Major features of JAL Sky Suites, available on select routes, include:

  • Fully-flat beds with lots of legroom.
    • Max. bed width ~65cm 
    • Max. bed length ~188cm
  • Airweave mattresses and pillows for added comfort.
  • Unimpeded aisle access from all seats.
  • Retractable privacy partition.
  • Large swivel table.
  • Adequate under-seat storage space.
  • Overhead shelf for window and center seats.
  • Side table (aisle seats).
  • Monitor table (center and window seats).
  • Video input, USB port, AC power outlet.
  • Luxurious menu by BEDD.
  • Gold and Silver medal wine selections.
  • Inflight entertainment
    • 23in LCD monitor.
    • LCD touch-panel controller.
    • Movies, videos, games, and audio programs.
  • SONY noise-canceling headphones (select routes). 
  • BEAMS amenity kits with toothbrush set, earplugs, eye mask, pocket tissue, moisture mask, and lip balm—on routes between Japan and Europe, America (except Guam and Hawaii), Australia, and Canada. On other routes, different amenity kits will be provided.
  • SHISEIDO personal care set. Slippers are provided on all routes.
  • Special check-in counter.
  • Priority baggage service.

JAL Premium Economy Class

  • More comfortable seats
    • Front-to-back seat width that is ~10cm more than standard seats.
    • Increased seat slide by 7cm compared to previous seats.
    • Adjustable 3-step footrest.
    • 48 – 49cm seat width (select flights).
    • ~107cm seat pitch (select flights). 
  • Center divider for more privacy.
  • Table for A4-sized laptop.
  • AC power outlet, video input, and USB port.
  • Plastic bottle holder.
  • JAL Kitchen Gallery meals.
  • Select alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Inflight entertainment
    • 12.1in touch-panel monitor (smaller for front-row seats).
    • LCD touch-panel controller.
    • Movies, videos, games, and audio programs.
  • SONY noise-canceling headphones (select routes). 
  • Amenity items such as a toothbrush set, earplugs, eye mask, and moisture mask—on routes between Japan and Europe, America (except Guam), Australia, Canada, Southeast Asia (except Manila), and Delhi. Slippers are provided on all routes.
  • Pre-meal wet towels.
  • Other inflight items such as medicines, healthcare products, postcards, and ballpens will be provided upon request. 

JAL Economy Class 

A view of Japan Airlines Economy Class seats and amenities 

  • Rated the world’s no. 1 Economy Class seat (JAL Sky Wider).
  • ~84 – 86in seat pitch (select aircraft). 
  • ~45 – 48cm seat width (select aircraft).
  • Plastic bottle holder and an accessory pouch.
  • AC power outlet for all seats on Boeing 787/789/788/777-200ER, and shared power outlets between seats on Boeing 767-300ER/777-300ER.
  • Special meals from JAL Kitchen Gallery
  • Select wines/non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Inflight entertainment (MAGIC)
    • 10.6in touch panel monitor.
    • Movies, videos, games, and audio programs.
  • Amenity items such as earplugs and an eye mask, available on routes between Japan and Europe, America (except Guam), Australia, Canada, Southeast Asia (except Manila), and Delhi. 

Japan Airlines Seat Booking 

You can select your seat on Japan Airlines at the time of booking or later:

  • By phone
    • Your JAL city/country office
    • Call the travel agent you purchased your ticket from 
  • Online via JAL.com
    • At the time of booking
    • After booking via Manage Booking

Below are a few things you should know about Japan Airlines seat selection:

  • Seat selection is open to all passengers regardless of travel class (First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, or Economy Class)—incl. discount fares. 
  • Seat selection is also available to award ticket passengers.
  • The range of seats you can select may be limited depending on your fare type, mileage requirements (award tickets), and purchase location. 
  • The number of seats that can be pre-selected is limited, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get a seat based on your preferences. 
  • You will not be able to make a seat selection if all the seats available for selection have already been assigned or on Deutsche Bahn Rail segments.
  • Unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, passengers requiring a wheelchair or travelling with infants may not be allowed to occupy some seats. 
  • Baby bassinet seats will be assigned on priority for passengers travelling with babies. 
  • If you select a baby bassinet seat and are not travelling with a baby, you may be asked to change your seat in favor of a passenger travelling with a baby.
  • Passengers below 15 years of age are not allowed to occupy emergency exit row seats.

Note. If you’re selecting your seat online and want to avoid sitting near small children, you can check out your seatmates from the seat map while booking your seat. Passengers travelling with lap infants between 8 days and 2 years of age will bear a child icon on their seats on the seat selection page. You can also make your preference known by phone if you’re not booking online. 

Paid Seat Selection for Extra Legroom Seats

A view of Japan Airlines Extra Legroom Seats

Extra Legroom Seats are front row seats in Economy Class (B/H/K/M/L/V/S/Q/N/O/T). They offer more legroom and are available for an additional fee, payable in advance. A few important things to remember:

  • Extra Legroom Seats offer easier aisle access.
  • Extra Legroom Seats can be selected from an exit row and/or bulkhead seat (if available).
  • On some aircraft types (V40), Extra Legroom Seats will not be located in the front row.
  • The number of Extra Legroom Seats is limited.
  • Seat configuration will vary by aircraft type.
  • Fee-based seats bear a ☆ mark on the seat map.
Service Fees for Extra Legroom Seats
RouteJapan SalesCanada SalesOther Area Sales
Between Japan and North America, Europe, India, and AustraliaJPY 10,000CAD 100USD 100
Between Japan and South East Asia (excluding Manila)JPY 6,000CAD 60CAD 60
Between Japan and Guam, East Asia, Vladivostok, and ManilaJPY 4,000CAD 40 CAD 40 
• The above fees are per passenger/per flight segment. 
• The seat fee for a child will be the same as that for an adult. 
• No extra charges will apply for lap infants (i.e., infants who do not occupy a seat).
• Seat availability can be checked while booking (or later).
• The following passengers (incl. those accompanying them) can choose extra legroom seats free of charge in advance: 
◦ JMB Diamond members
◦ JGC Premier members
◦ JMB Sapphire members
◦ JMB Cristal members
◦ JAL Global Club members
◦ One World Tier status members 
• Passengers with “Y” booking class tickets can select extra legroom seats free of charge.
• Fare types not eligible for advance seat selection are not eligible.
• The paid seat service does not apply to inclusive tour fares and group fares.
• Passengers occupying emergency exit row seats must satisfy all the safety criteria. 
• Passengers who do not meet the safety criteria for exit row seats will be re-assigned a different seat without any refund.

How to Select an Extra Legroom Seat on Japan Airlines 

If you did not select an Extra Legroom Seat at the time of booking, you can do it later via Manage Booking as explained below. 

  1. Go to JAL.com. 
  2. Choose your City and Language/Country and Language 
  3. Select the Manage Booking tab 
  4. Now click on Manage Flight Booking 
  5. Access your booking by entering your flight details
    (i.e., flight number, boarding date, name, and reservation number).
  6. Select the flight for which you want to make a seat selection.
  7. From the seat map page, select a chargeable seat. 
  8. Click on the Service Subscription button on the Seat Assignment page.
  9. Choose a chargeable seat with extra legroom (marked with a ☆).
  1. Pay for the seat 

​You will receive a confirmation email at your registered email address.

Japan Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Japan Airlines inflight entertainment system, called MAGIC, offers a wide range of movies, videos, music, games, e-book programs, and more. On international flights, you can connect your laptop, smartphone, and other Wi-Fi devices to the inflight Wi-Fi system.

Wi-Fi Charge PlanConnection time
(after logging in)
ChargesCharges for JALCARD holders
1-hour Plan1 hourUSD 10.15USD 9.15
3-hour Plan3 hoursUSD 14.40USD 12.95
Flight Plan24 hoursUSD 18.80USD 16.80
– No data limits apply.
– JALCARD holders must pay by JALCARD, JAL USA Card, or JAL Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Card.

Special Assistance on Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines provides special assistance to passengers, such as:

  • Vision assistance
    • Seeing-eye dogs can travel free of charge with the passenger.
    • You will receive seating assistance. 
    • Book your seat in advance, preferably at the time of booking.
    • If you need assistance at the airport, arrive early.
    • Pre-boarding is available on request at the gate.
    • Canes and walking aids can be carried free of charge.
    • The cabin crew will explain about the devices around the seat and in the restroom, as well as emergency facilities such as oxygen masks, emergency exits, and life vests.
    • Aircraft safety cards can be provided in Braille.
    • Inflight entertainment programs are available with audio guidance.
    • A crew member will help you fill out the immigration form on international flights.
    • A staff member will help you through customs and baggage and guide you to the arrival lobby and those who are meeting you (if requested).
  • Hearing/speech assistance
    • Hearing-assistance dogs can accompany the passenger free of charge.
    • You will be guided to the boarding gate upon request.
    • In case of delays or gate changes, you will be informed through a writing board/memo.
    • Book your seat in advance, preferably at the time of booking.
    • If you need assistance at the airport, arrive early.
    • Pre-boarding is available on request at the gate.
    • You will be guided to your seat on request.
    • Canes and walking aids can be carried free of charge.
    • The cabin crew will explain about the devices around the seat and in the restroom, as well as emergency facilities such as oxygen masks, emergency exits, and life vests.
    • You can communicate with the crew in writing.
    • Inflight entertainment programs have subtitles.
    • A staff member will guide you to the arrival lobby if requested. 
  • Cognitive and developmental assistance
    Passengers requiring cognitive and developmental assistance:
    • May be required to travel with a travel companion.
    • Must request wheelchair in advance (if required).
    • May be provided seating preference, subject to availability.
    • May not be allowed to occupy some seats.
    • Must come to the airport as early as possible.
    • Will receive cabin crew support upon request.
    • Will be guided to the arrival lobby and to meet the people waiting upon request.
  • Assistance for ill/injured passengers
    • Syringe disposal cases can be provided on request.
    • Medical assistance/administration of medication will not be provided.
    • Must bring their own insulated cooler bag for storing medicines. 
  • Assistance for passengers with food allergies
    • Must request allergy-compliant meals at least 72 hours before departure (online, by phone, or through a travel agent).
    • To ensure special cleaning around the seat, inform JAL at least 14 days before departure.
    • Japan Airlines does not serve peanuts and products containing peanuts on domestic and international flights, as well as in JAL-operated lounges (domestic/overseas).
    • To minimize any chances of an allergic reaction, carry a protective mask and medicine/injections (EpiPen) prescribed by the doctor.
  • Assistance for passengers with mobility problems

If you’ll be checking in a manual/electric wheelchair (allowed free of charge), you will need to: 

  • Inform Japan Airlines of your wheelchair’s size (length, width, height) and weight at least 48 hours in advance online through the website, or by phone () or by calling the Special Assistance Desk if you’re calling within 48 hours of your flight’s departure. If you’re carrying an electric wheelchair, you’ll also need to specify the battery type, whether it’s foldable, and the size when folded. 
  • Ensure that your wheelchair does not exceed 220lb/100kg. 
  • Ensure that your wheelchair passes through the aircraft doors per the following size limits on international flights (for domestic flights within Japan, the weight and size limits may be different):
Aircraft TypeMax. HeightMax. Width
Size 1737-80081cm114cm
Size 2767-300119cm93cm
Size 3777-200/300101cm84cm
Size 4787-8/9111cm88cm
– If you’ll be bringing your own wheelchair to the aircraft cabin on a flight to/from the United States, contact the airport counter on the day of travel. 
– If you’re checking in your wheelchair, ask for an airport wheelchair at the JAL’s Special Assistance or check-in desk at the airport. After you check in your wheelchair, you’ll be escorted to the aircraft by JAL’s staff.
  • Assistance to children travelling alone
  • Assistance to passengers travelling with babies/small children
  • Assistance to expectant mothers
  • Assistance to passengers travelling with pets

On domestic flights within Japan, Japan Airlines offers assistance to:

  • Passengers travelling with babies/small children
  • Expectant mothers
  • Children travelling alone
  • Elderly passengers 

Assistance Requiring Advance Notice

You must inform Japan Airlines in advance if:

  • You’re travelling with an assistance dog (guide dog, hearing dog, mobility assistance dog) 
  • You’re bringing and using a medical device
    • Examples include an artificial respirator, portable oxygen concentrator (POC), inhaler (nebulizer), etc.
    • Inform at least 48 hours before departure. 
    • You must provide the following information to Japan Airlines:
      • Product name
      • Manufacturer’s name
      • Model number
      • Battery type
    • Carry enough batteries to last 150% of your flight’s duration as in-flight power supply cannot be used. 
    • Must carry a medical certificate filled out by your attending physician.
    • Your medical device must be under your front seat or you will need to purchase an additional seat for it.
    • You must be able to operate the medical device yourself, or you will need to bring a travel companion.
    • Arrive early to adjust for inspection time at the airport.
    • Some seats may not be available.
    • If you need pre-boarding, inform the boarding gate staff. 
    • Inform in advance if you require special in-flight meals.
    • You will be assisted after landing (upon request).
  • Passengers using a stretcher
    • Can be provided a stretcher (cot) upon request, subject to availability of stretchers, securing of seats on the passenger’s flight, the medical certificate, and medical device.
    • Must contact JAL Priority Center at least 48 hours before departure.
    • Must carry the airline-prescribed medical certificate filled out by the attending physician for “Stretcher Use”.
    • The stretcher location will be in the designated spot in Economy Class.
    • The size of a stretcher is typically the size of 6 seats.
    • The charge will include the fare of the accompanying passenger plus a stretcher fee. 
    • If the passenger will be using oxygen bottles or a medical device, you must inform Japan Airlines about the medical device’s product name, manufacturer name, model number, and battery type. The accompanying passenger must place the medical device in the aircraft cabin. 
  • Customers who use an oxygen bottle
    • Only medical use oxygen bottles are allowed. 
    • Must submit the oxygen bottle’s specification certificate, along with bottle number, expiration date, and re-inspection deadline, weight, and size. 
    • Concentrated oxygen cans (portable) for sports, O2 Pack, liquid oxygen, and oxygen flares are not allowed. 
    • Must carry the airline-prescribed medical certificate filled out by the patient’s attending physician. 
    • Oxygen bottles are prohibited on flights departing from and arriving in the U.S. (incl. Guam), under U.S. laws
    • For oxygen bottles used in the cabin or stored in the cargo hold, the following conditions must be complied with:
      • JAL will confirm transport suitability after checking the specification certificate issued by the oxygen bottle’s vendor.
      • Only oxygen for medical use (air) is allowed, not liquids. 
      • The oxygen container’s durability must have been certified under the Japan High-Pressure Gas Safety Act.
      • It must have received a 3-year durability certification inspection (may be 5 years in some cases).
      • The size of the oxygen bottle must not exceed 70cm in height and 10cm in diameter. The maximum weight of the bottle (incl. carrier bag) must not exceed 11lb/5kg.
  • Passengers with sleep apnea 
    • Contact the JAL Priority Guest Center as soon as possible.
    • The medical device must be approved for use in the cabin by the airline. 
    • Only CPAP devices can be connected to the PC power supply.
    • Medical certificates are not required for using CPAP machines.
    • If using a CPAP device with a battery drive, provide the battery details to JAL as batteries are restricted items.
    • Confirm that the aircraft provides a personal computer (PC) power supply source. Keep in mind that the power source for PCs is limited to max. power consumption of 75W (110V and 60Hz). 
    • If you’re carrying but not using a medical device, you must provide the product name to JAL at the time of booking. 
  • Passengers who find it difficult to stay seated 
    • Passengers who can sit down but find it difficult to stay in a seated position will be provided an auxiliary belt (Length: 145cm, Width: 11cm) free of charge for fastening the upper body. 
    • Must request at the time of reservation or at least 96 hours before departure.

How to Book Special Assistance 

You can book special assistance on Japan Airlines: 

  1. Online when purchasing your ticket 
  2. By phone

Japan Airlines Travel Destinations 

Japan Airlines flies to 211 cities, which include 132 domestic and 79 international destinations across 20-plus countries. 

Some of the popular destinations are listed below:

Australia Sydney Perth Melbourne Cairns Brisbane New Zealand Auckland Bahrain Manama Brazil São Paulo Rio de Janeiro Belem Iceland Rey kjavík Indonesia Jakarta DenpasarIran Tehran China Xi’anXiamen Tianjin Shanghai Qingdao Hangzhou Guangzhou Dalian BeijingUnited States Wake Island Seattle San Francisco San Diego New York City New Orleans Los Angeles Las Vegas Kona Honolulu Dallas Chicago Boston Atlanta Anchorage Guam Guam Canada Vancouver The U.K. London Netherlands Amsterdam Italy Milan Rome Finland Helsinki France Paris Germany Düsseldorf Frankfurt Hamburg
Philippines Angeles City Philippines Cebu Manila Russia Khabarovsk Moscow Vladivostok Singapore Singapore South Korea Busan Seoul Spain Madrid Switzerland Zürich Venezuela Caracas Vietnam Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong Hong Kong Kuwait Kuwait City Lebanon Beirut Pakistan KarachiIndia Mumbai Kolkata Bangalore Delhi Egypt Cairo Fiji Nadi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Mexico Mexico City New Caledonia Noumea Northern Mariana Islands Saipan Taiwan Kaohsiung Taipei Thailand Bangkok U.A.E. Abu Dhabi Denmark Copenhagen Hungary Budapest Greece AthensJapan Yamaguchi-Ube Yamagata Tokyo Tokushima Tokunoshima Takamatsu Shizuoka Shirahama Sapporo Ōzora Osaka Okayama Ōita Obihiro Niigata Naha Nagoya Nagasaki Miyazaki Misawa Matsuyama Kushiro Kumamoto Komatsu Kōchi KobeKitakyūshū KagoshimaI zumoIwakuni Hiroshima Hanamaki Hakodate Fukuoka Asahikawa Aomori Amami Ōshima Akita

Frequently Asked Questions on Japan Airlines Booking

How far in advance can I book a Japan Airlines flight?

You can book from 360 days to 6 hours before departure (or up to 11.59pm of the day before departure, whichever is earlier). 

Can you tell me about Japan Airlines booking confirmation?

After you booked your flight and paid for it, you will receive a booking confirmation mail along with your e-ticket at your registered email address. 

Can you tell me about Japan Airlines booking class?

Japan Airlines offers the following booking classes on international flights: First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class. Select domestic flights offer First Class and Class J (Business Class) seats.

How do I access my booking on Japan Airlines? 

You can access your booking on Japan Airlines via Manage Booking. If you have an account with Japan Airlines or if you’re a JMB member, you can also access your flight booking through the Log in option.

How do I make an international flight booking on Japan Airlines?

You can make an international flight booking on Japan Airlines as follows by phone (), online (via JAL.com or the mobile app), at a ticket office, or through a travel agent. 

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