United Airlines (UA) is a major American airline company headquartered in Chicago. It operates from 8 hubs—the largest being Chicago-O’Hare.

Based on the number of routes and fleet size (843+ aircraft), United is the third-largest airline in the world. United Airlines reservations can take you to 356 destinations in 48 countries across 5 continents.

United Airlines’ cabin configurations typically comprise Premium (United Polaris Business, United First, United Business) and Basic Economy—with seat upgrades (Preferred Seating, Economy Plus, and United Premium Plus).

United Airlines Reservations—Options

You can make a flight reservation on United Airlines in several ways:

  1. Online via United.com
  2. By phone 
  3. With the mobile app
    (Android, iOS, or Amazon )
  4. At a United Airlines sales office 
  5. Through a travel agent 

How to Make United Airlines Reservations Online

How do I make online reservations at United Airlines?

Screenshot of the online reservations box at United Airlines

United Airlines flight reservations can be made online as follows:

  1. Go to United.com
    You will see a booking box on your screen
  2. Enter your flight requirements in the boxes
  3. After entering your flight requirements, click on the Find flights button
  4. Select a flight 
  5. Personalize your trip and pay 

Your e-ticket will be sent to you by mail.

United Airlines Reservations by Phone

What is the United Airlines reservations number?

Passengers who aren’t comfortable with online flight reservations can call the United Airlines Reservations Phone Number to book by phone. Just call this toll-free reservation number (open 24/7), give your trip details, select a fare option, and finalize your booking in minutes. 

United Airlines Mobile App Reservations 

You can make a United Airlines reservation with the mobile app. All you need to do is download the app (Android, iOS, or Amazon ), open an account, and start.

How to Save Money on United Airlines Reservations 

  1. To book a discounted flight, call United Airlines Reservations at . This number provides tickets at discounted prices and is open 24/7.
  2. View this page for special offers 
  3. Join the email list here
  4. Visit this page to view MileagePlus deals and offers 

How to Check Your Flight Status on United Airlines

A screenshot of the Flight status tab on United Airlines’ website

To check your United Airlines flight status online:

  1. Go to United.com
    The booking box will show up on your screen
  2. From the top, select Flight status
    (you can also click on Travel Info and then Flight status)
  3. Provide your flight details in the boxes and hit Search

Your flight status will appear. 

How to Get Senior Discounts on United Airlines

To qualify as a senior traveller, you need to be at least 65 years old.
To get a senior discount:

  • Ask for details when you’re making a reservation by phone or through your travel agent
  • Select the seniors’ category (age 65 and older) when making your reservations online 

United Airlines Manage Reservation

Use the Manage Reservations tab to quickly manage all your reservations

A screenshot of United Airlines My trips tab for managing online reservations 

United Airlines Manage Reservations functionality, known as My trips, is an online dashboard that allows you to perform many useful tasks, such as: 

  • View your reservations
  • Change your seat
  • Change your flight 
  • Add your frequent flyer details
  • Book a special service 
  • Request a refund
  • Print your reservation
  • View or request a receipt by email, fax, or online 
  • Share your itinerary by email with anyone
  1. Go to United.com
  2. Click on the My trips tab 
  3. Retrieve your flight booking as follows: 
    1. Enter your Confirmation Number and Last Name 
    2. Click on the Search button  

(to access past or cancelled flights, click on the Sign in link)

  1. Now proceed to manage your flight, i.e.:
    1. View your reservations
    2. Change your seat
    3. Change your flight 
    4. Add your frequent flyer details
    5. Book a special service 
    6. Request a refund
    7. Print your reservation
    8. View or request a receipt by email, fax, or online 
    9. Share your itinerary by email 

You can also manage your trip with the mobile app.

United Airlines Customer Support

You can contact the United Airlines customer support via:

United Airlines Cabin Classes

United Airlines offers Premium and Basic Economy Cabins with seat upgrades.

  1. Premium 
  1. United Polaris Business 
  2. United First
  3. United Business
  4. Basic Economy (with seat upgrades)
  1. Preferred Seating
  2. Economy Plus
  3. United Premium Plus

The features of these cabins are briefly described below.

  1. United Polaris-Business Class

The United Polaris Business Class is the top-of-the-rack cabin offered by United Airlines. 


Major features include:

  • Premier access 
    • Dedicated check-in counters and security lanes
    • Priority baggage handling
    • Priority boarding
  • Free checked bags
    • Up to 2 checked bags with no service fee
  • Wi-fi access (paid, on select flights)
  • Restaurant and Bar 
    • Multi-cuisine meals
    • Personalized dining experience 
    • Local and imported beers, top-rated wines, premium spirits
  • Customized luxury bedding
    • Fully-flat, direct-aisle-access seats
    • Sleeping spaces up to 6 feet 6 inches and 23 inches wide 
    • Powered privacy divider
    • Comfortable rest pods 
    • Shower facilities 
  • Sleep themed amenities  
  • Premium bedding
  • Airport lounge with comfortable seating, shower, and spa facilities
  • In-Flight entertainment (movies, TV shows, documentaries, music video playlists, etc.)

To book a United Polaris-Business Class flight at special rates—call now.
This United Airlines Reservations number is toll-free in the U.S. and Canada and is open 24/7.

  1. United First

A photograph of United Airlines First Class cabin

The next-in-class cabin, United First, features:

  • Premier access 
    • Dedicated check-in counters and security lanes
    • Priority baggage handling
    • Priority boarding
  • Free checked bags
    • Up to 2 checked bags with no service fee
    • Priority baggage handling 
  • Comfortable and spacious seating
    • Contoured leather seats
    • 6-way adjustable headrest 
    • Ample storage spaces for personal items
    • Granite cocktail table plus tray table
  • Premium dine and drink 
  • In-Flight entertainment (movies, TV shows, documentaries, music video playlists, live television, and new movies via DIRECTV, etc.)
  • Paid wi-fi access on select flights 
  1. United Business


The United Airlines Business cabin offers: 

  • Premier access 
    • Dedicated check-in counters and security lanes
    • Priority baggage handling
    • Priority boarding
  • Free checked bags
    • Up to 2 checked bags with no service fee
    • Priority baggage handling 
  • Spacious seating
    • Contoured leather seats
    • 6-way adjustable headrest 
    • Thoughtful storage spaces for personal items
    • Granite cocktail table plus tray table
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Can dine and drink 

To book a United Business flight at special rates—call now.
This United Airlines Reservations number is toll-free in the U.S. and Canada and is open 24/7.

  1. Basic Economy 

Created for price-sensitive passengers, United Airlines’ Basic Economy Class provides almost the same amenities and inflight services as standard Economy fares—such as food and beverages and inflight entertainment—but with some restrictions:

  • No complimentary seat selection
    (advance seat assignments available on purchase)
  • Option to purchase Economy Plus at check-in only 
  • Group/family seating not available 
  • Full-sized carry-on bags not allowed on select routes (but permitted on trans-Atlantic flights and for MileagePlus members) 
  • 1 personal item allowed—such as a shoulder bag, purse, laptop bag, etc.
    • Max. size permitted: 9in x 10in x 17in (22cm x 25cm x 43cm)
    • The item must fit under the seat in front of you
    • Assistive, mobility, and medical devices are also allowed
    • Checked bag charges are: 
      • First bag: USD 60 
      • Second bag: USD 100 
      • Third bag: USD 200 
  • Check-in restrictions—if you indicate that you’re checking a bag
    • Only via the website or app 
  • Flight changes are not permitted
  • Flight refunds are not allowed
    (except if you cancel within 24 hours of purchasing and at least 7 days before your flight’s departure)
  • Some restrictions on MileagePlus and Premier member benefits 
  • Last-to-board group
  • Pay for the first checked bag on trans-Atlantic flights
  • Other restrictions include:
    • No complimentary Economy Plus seating
    • Paid upgrades not allowed
    • Mileage upgrades not allowed
    • Complimentary Premier upgrades not allowed
    • PlusPoints upgrades are not allowed
  • You can still enjoy the following benefits:
    • Personalize your trip with most travel options 
    • Purchase baggage delivery and club access
    • Protect your booking with insurance
    • Buy more miles with the Award Accelerator program

United Airlines Seating Options

United Airlines offers 3 seating options—Preferred Seating, Economy Plus, and United Premium Plus.

  1. Preferred Seating

Slightly costlier than Basic Economy, the Preferred Seating option puts you in the front rows—just behind the Economy Plus seats. 

Important features include: 

  • Available on all aircraft
  • Standard legroom
  • Earlier onboard services
  • Faster disembarkation 
  • Available at no extra cost to MileagePlus members (Premier status)
  1. Economy Plus Seating

Located ahead of Preferred Seating, Economy Plus seats offer:

  • Available on all United and most United Express flights
  • Extra legroom
  • Near the front of the cabin
  • Faster exit at destination 
  • Available on an annual subscription 

If you’re holding a Basic Economy ticket or are a MileagePlus Premier member, you can upgrade to Economy Plus seating only at the time of check-in.

  1. United Premium Plus

United Premium Plus seats are closer to the aircraft front, and feature: 

  • More legroom and elbow space 
  • More recline
  • Foldable leg rest
  • Saks Fifth Avenue bedding
  • An outlet for connecting electronic devices
  • Upgraded menu for dining and 
  • Complimentary alcoholic beverages
  • Bigger screens for entertainment 
  • Hi-Fi noise-canceling headphones 

Other benefits include:

  • Premium Access
  • 2 free standard checked bags
  • Reserved overhead bin for your carry-on bag
  • Access to premium airport lounges before flights

United Airlines Seat Reservation

How to choose or change your seat on United Airlines 

You can choose your seat on United Airlines online, through the app, or your travel agent:

  • When you’re buying your ticket (except fares like Basic Economy) 
  • After you’ve purchased your ticket (via My trips)
  • During check-in

How to Choose or Change Your Seat on United Airlines 

A screenshot of the My trips tab on United Airlines

You can choose or change your seat assignment for most flights. If seat assignments aren’t available, check again closer to your departure date if seating options are available. 

To choose or change your seat online on United Airlines:

  1. Go to United.com 
  2. To access your flight: 
    1. Select the My Trips tab 
    2. Enter your confirmation number and last name and click on the Search button
  3. Click on View or Change Seat 
  4. Select or change your seat and confirm 

Tip. You may also be able to change your seat onboard after asking a flight attendant. 

United Airlines Seating Accommodations for Disabled Passengers

If you have a disability, inform United Airlines at least 24 hours before departure to help you with:

  • Boarding the aircraft 
  • Accessing the aircraft with an aisle chair
  • Sitting in a row with moveable armrests
  • Traveling with an assistant 
  • Extra legroom to accommodate a disability


  • If you’re traveling within 7 days, you must call United Airlines and inform them—and not submit your request online:
    • From the U.S. and Canada, call United’s Accessibility Desk at +1-800-228-2744.
    • From other locations, contact United Customer Contact Center and ask for the Accessibility Desk. 
  • If you’re traveling on a Basic Economy ticket and need special accommodation, you must call United Airlines or submit a form.

United Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program MileagePlus

Known as MileagePlus, United’s frequent flyer program is free to join—for adults who are 18 or more. 

After joining MileagePlus, you can:

  • Start earning air-miles with every flight
  • Spend air miles to book hotels, cars, and cruises
  • Enjoy complimentary checked bags, priority check-in, security, and boarding 
  • Get complimentary access to Economy Plus seating and Premier upgrades
  • Use MileagePlus gift cards for buying products from your favorite stores

United Airlines Phone Numbers

Below are a few important United Airlines phone numbers:

Reservations (open 24/7)

Baggage Enquiries +1-877-858-3876 (U.S. and Canada)

+1-800-33-55-2247 (Asia Pacific and Europe)

Baggage Service Office +1-800-335-2247 (U.S. and Canada)

(for reporting lost, missing or damaged bags) +1-281-821-3526 (other countries)

Cargo +1-800-822-2746
Cargo Contact Form

Online Shipment Tracking Find Air Waybill

Telecommunication Device for the Deaf or Teletypewriter +1-800-323-0170

Flight Status +1-866-276-7386

MileagePlus +1-866-820-3559

United Club +1-866-UA-CLUBS (+1-866-822-5827)

Travel Insurance +1-877-934-8308 (U.S.)
+1-877-624-8196 (Canada)

Ticketing Fees Charged by United Airlines 

United Airlines will charge the following ticketing service charges: 

  • In the United States and Canada 
    • By phone USD 25 
    • At a city ticket office: USD 30 
    • In-person at the airport USD 50
  • Outside the United States and Canada
    • May vary based on MileagePlus travel level 

The ticketing charges are non-refundable.

Special Assistance Services Offered by United Airlines

United Airlines offers special assistance services to passengers who are:

  • Traveling while pregnant
  • Traveling with a disability (mobility, hearing, sight)
  • Traveling with a medical condition requiring medical oxygen onboard
  • Traveling as an unaccompanied minor
  • Traveling with a service animal or a pet 
  • Traveling as a senior
  • Traveling with special meal requirements
  • Traveling with food allergies
  • Traveling with extra seating requirements

United Airlines Travel Destinations

United Airlines flies to more than 356 cities in 48 countries. Some of the popular destinations to which you can fly on a United Airlines reservation are:

Popular Destinations

CubaRio de JaneiroBrusselsSau PauloNew ZealandWithin CaliforniaNew YorkChicagoLondonLas VegasSingaporeHong KongRomeDublinArubaSpainCaribbeanParisGermanyAsiaSt. LuciaBermudaNew OrleansOrlandoChileCayman IslandsFlorida

Frequently Asked Questions on United Airlines

United Airlines reservations phone number in USA and Canada is

You can call to book a flight whenever you wish because this number is open 24/7.

Yes, you can change your United Airlines reservation by phone or online via My Trips, such as the date or destination of your flight, your seat assignment, your travel class, etc.

You can find your reservations on United Airlines (current and cancelled) online via My trips or Manage Reservations. 

The United Airlines reservations phone number in the USA is . This number is open 24/7 and if you’re calling from the United States or Canada, it’s toll-free.

You can contact United Airlines reservations by phone in Chicago (as well as anywhere in the United States and Canada) via this 24/7 toll-free phone number: .

United Airlines offers 3 types of Premium Cabins, and Basic Economy Cabins (with 3 seating upgrades).

  1. Premium 
  1. United Polaris Business 
  2. United First
  3. United Business
  4. Basic Economy (with seat upgrades)
    1. Preferred Seating
    2. Economy Plus
    3. United Premium Plus

On a United Airlines reservation, you can travel to more than 356 destinations in 48 countries. For specific details, refer to the section titled Popular Destinations on this page

You can find your United Airlines reservations by your confirmation number (a 6-character code) as follows: 

  • If you made your reservation through another website or a travel agent, you can find your reservation details by accessing your flight via the My trips tab on the homepage.
  • If you made your reservations without signing in to MileagePlus account, you can find and save your reservation details as shown above.
  • If you made your reservations after signing into your MileagePlus account, access your flight online via My trips and then click on the link marked Find past or canceled flights with your MileagePlus number.

You can look up your United Airlines reservation online via My trips by entering your confirmation number and last name. After you enter the information, your reservation details will appear. 

You can look up your United Airlines reservation online via My trips by entering your confirmation number and last name. After you enter the information, your reservation details will appear. 

Yes, it absolutely safe to make online reservations via United.com. The website any data exchange between you and its web server. This ensures that even if someone tries to intercept the data, all that they will see is a jumbled collection of characters that make no sense. 

If you have received a promotional offer online, you will need to enter the promotional code you received in the required field of the booking page when making your reservation online. After you enter the code, you will be able to book your flight with United Airlines at a lower price.

You can redeem an e-certificate/gift certificate by entering it in the required field on the payment page.

You can check your United Airlines reservation by entering your confirmation number and last name in My trips on the homepage, or by signing into your MileagePlus account if you had booked your flight via MileagePlus. 

On a single reservation, you can book up to 8 passengers on United.com. 

The United Airlines reservations phone number in USA is .

The telephone number for United Airlines reservations in Canada is .

Yes, it is absolutely safe to book United Airlines tickets and reservations via United.com. The website uses the latest encryption tools to ensure that all transactions are safe and data integrity is maintained. This means that even if someone manages to intercept the exchange of data between the user and the website, all they’ll see is a jumbled mess of characters.

The United Airlines reservation phone numbers in different languages in the United are as follows:

Language Contact Numbers

United States English 1-800-323-0170

Cantonese 1-800-551-0943

Dutch 1-800-225-8612

French 1-800-537-3444

Germany 1-800-537-2999

Hebrew 1-800-225-8610

Italian 1-800-537-8885

Japanese 1-800-537-3366

Korean 1-800-825-2136

Mandarin 1-800-551-3062

Portuguese 1-800-323-5359

Spanish 1-800-426-5561

United Airlines Reservations Phone Numbers (Worldwide)

United Airlines Africa Reservations 

South Africa Reservations +27 (11)-463-1170
Ghana +233(0) 302 243 895/+233(0) 302 243 893

United Airlines Asia Reservations
Indonesia 62-21-837-80-607/62-21-837-80-730 

Japan (81)-3-6732-5011
(81)-3-6732-5022 (MileagePlus)

Malaysia 603-2143-1433

Mongolia 976-11-331390
Nepal 977-1-4-220245

China 400 883 4288

Hong Kong 852-2810-4888

Philippines 1800 87989915 (GLOBE mobile and landline)

1800 14411136 (SMART/SUN/PLDT) 

Singapore 65-6670-9737

South Korea 02-751-0300

Taiwan 886-2-2325-8868

Thailand 662-652-6087-88

Vietnam 84-24-3934-7233/84-28-3930-6613 

United Airlines Australia and New Zealand Reservations 

Australia 131-777
1 300 651 815 (MileagePlus)

New Zealand 0800-747-400
0800 673 5937 (MileagePlus)

United Airlines Caribbean Reservations 

Antigua and Barbuda 800-231-0856

Aruba 800-1507

Bahamas 1 (800-864-8331)

Barbados 1 (800-864-8331)

Bermuda 800-231-0856

Bonaire 1 (0101-001-800-864-8331)

Cayman Islands 800-231-0856

Cuba 119-1-847-700-2822
011-53-7838-2881 (Local)

Curaçao 1 (001-800-864-8331)

Dominican Republic 829-946-3904

Jamaica 1 (800-864-8331)

Puerto Rico 1 (800-864-8331)

St. Lucia 1 (800-864-8331)

St. Kitts 1 (800-864-8331)

St. Maarten 1 (001-800-864-8331)

Trinidad and Tobago 800-461-2744

Turks and Caicos 1 (800-864-8331)

United Airlines Central America and South America Reservations 

U.S. Virgin Islands 800-231-0856

Argentina 11-5198-1441

Belize 0800-266-3822/501-822-1062

Brazil 0800-16 2323 2 (Toll-free within Brazil, excl. São Paulo)
(11)-3145-4200 (São Paulo only)

Chile 800-395-425

Colombia 01-800-944-0219

Costa Rica 0800-044-0005

Ecuador 1-800-000-735 (Local toll free)


El Salvador 800-6153/503-2-207-2040/503-2-136-7590

Guatemala 1-801-81-26684/502-2385-9610

Honduras (San Pedro Sula/Tegucigalpa) 800-279-19489

Nicaragua (505) 22-76-81-29

Panama  00-800-044-0001/(507)-265-0040

Paraguay  595-2161-2319/595-21-604 552

Peru  511-712-9230/0800-78972/0800-70030

Uruguay 598-2628-1480

Venezuela 0800-100-3198

United Airlines Europe Reservations

Belgium 02-2-0088-68

Czech Republic 800-050460
800-050460 (MileagePlus)

Denmark 7012-6233

Finland 358-800-96070

France 01-71-23-03-35
01-71-23-03-22 (MileagePlus)

Germany 06950-985-051
0800-663-7277 (MileagePlus)

Greece 00-800-441-4-3592
2103-00-2697 (Mobile users)

Iceland 800-4150


    Milan 02-6963-3256
02-69-43-0800 (MileagePlus)

    Palermo 06-66-05-3030/02-6963-3256

06-89-38-66-00 (MileagePlus)
    Rome 06-66-05-3030


Ireland 1890-925-252/1850-946-187

Luxembourg 02 200 8868

Netherlands 020-346-93-81
020-346-93-82 (MileagePlus)

Norway 810-03-630

Portugal 21-415-9102

Russian Federation 7-495-9800882

Spain 900-813-996

Sweden 08-585-36954
08-585-36955 (MileagePlus)

Switzerland 022-417-72-80 (English/French)
044-800-92-12 (German)
0844-844-020 (MileagePlus)

Turkey 0212-334-2920

United Kingdom 0845-607-6760

0845-607-0777 (United Polaris customers)
0207-365-1859 (MileagePlus)

United Airlines South Asia Reservations 

Bangladesh 880-2-9565380/880-2-9568388


India 91-124-4315500

    Islamabad 92-51-2206704/92-51-2206705

    Karachi 922-1-5680970

    Lahore 92-42-6312136/92-42-6312183

Sri Lanka 9411-2661703/9411-2661704/9411-2683230

United Airlines Mexico Reservations 55-5283-5500 (Toll-free within Mexico)
55-5283-5555 (MileagePlus/Groups)

Querétaro 52-442-220-5087

United Airlines Micronesia and the Mid-Pacific Reservations
Chuuk (Truk)
    Kosrae (691) 330-2424

    Pohnpei (691) 330-2424/(691) 320-5424

(691) 320-5425
    Yap (691) 350-2702/(691) 350-2788

Guam (1-800-864-8331)
1-800-421-4655 (MileagePlus)

Northern Mariana Islands 1-800-864-8331

Marshall Islands
    Kwajalein (805) 355-1013

    Majuro (692) 625-3209

Palau (680) 488-2448/(680) 488-1029

Rota 1-800-864-8331

United Airlines Middle East Reservations
Israel 1-809-344-363

Kuwait 965-2295-8900

Qatar 00-800-1000-21

Saudi Arabia 009 66 920002185

United Arab Emirates 971-08000-441-5492

United Airlines South Pacific Reservations 

Tahiti 00-1-847-427-4189

On a United Airlines reservation, you can travel to more than 356 destinations in 48 countries. For specific details, refer to:

  • The section titled Popular Destinations on this page
  • United Airlines’ Popular travel destinations page 

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