China Eastern Airlines Flight Booking

About China Eastern Airlines 

China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited (MU), also known as China Eastern, is a Chinese airline company headquartered in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in Shanghai’s Changning District in the People’s Republic of China. China Eastern’s main hubs include Shanghai (Pudong and Hongqiao), Beijing (Daxing), Kunming, and Xi’an, and secondary hubs include Xiamen, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Chengdu–Shuangliu

China Eastern has a fleet size of 600 aircraft. A China Eastern Airlines flight booking can take you to more than 248 domestic and international destinations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

China Eastern Airlines’ booking classes include First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class. 

China Eastern has been certified as a 3-Star Airline by Skytrax. It is China’s second-largest airline in terms of passengers flown after China Southern Airlines. Its subsidiaries include Air France—KLM (9.6%), China Cargo Airlines, China United Airlines, OTT Airlines, and Shanghai Airlines. 

China Eastern Airlines Ticket Booking Methods

How can I book a flight on China Eastern?

You can make a flight booking on China Eastern Airlines:

  1. By phone 
  2. Online via
  3. With China Eastern’s mobile app
  4. At China Eastern’s sales office 
  5. Through a travel agent 

China Eastern Airlines Online Booking

How to make China Eastern Airlines booking online 

A screenshot of China Eastern Airlines’ online booking functionality on China Eastern’s U.S. website 

To make a flight booking online through China Eastern’s website: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter your travel requirements in the boxes
    Note. If you’re booking from a non-U.S. country, the flight booking box may look something like this

  3. Click on the Search and book flights button
    (or the Search button if you’re booking from a non-U.S. country) 
  4. Select your flight, enter the passenger and contact information
  5. Confirm the booking and pay 

Your e-ticket will be sent to you at your registered email address, i.e., the email ID provided by you at the time of booking.

How to Check Your China Eastern Airlines Flight Status

How do I check my flight status on China Eastern Airlines?

You can check the flight status of your China Eastern Airlines flight in any of the following ways: 

  1. By phone
    1. Call China Eastern Airlines’ office in your city/airport and provide your flight details.
  2. Online via
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Flight Status tab
  3. Enter your flight details
  4. Click on the Search button 

China Eastern Airlines Manage Booking

How can I access my booking on China Eastern Airlines?

You can access or make changes to your flight booking online through China Eastern’s website or mobile app, branch office, or by phone (1-866-399-0587 or your local office/call center). 

How to Manage Your Reservations Online 

A screenshot of China Eastern’s Manage booking tab

China Eastern’s Manage Booking is a useful online functionality that allows you to view, manage, and modify your flight booking online through the website. But you can only do this if you purchased your ticket directly through China Eastern Airlines’ website, If you booked your ticket through the app or a third party, you must contact the source of purchase to make changes to your flight booking. 

You can use China Eastern’s Manage Booking tab to: 

  1. View/access your flight reservations 
  2. Check your flight status 
  3. Select or change your seat 
  4. Verify your ticket
  5. Purchase excess baggage 

Note. If you want to make changes to your flight or cancel it, you will need to:

  • Call China Eastern Airlines at 1-866-399-0587, or 
  • Contact the local office in your city/country, or 
  • Contact a branch office in your area, or 
  • Contact the travel agent you purchased your ticket from

To manage your China Eastern Airlines reservations online:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Manage Booking tab 
  3. To retrieve your flight booking:
    1. Enter your Order Number/Ticket Number 
    2. Enter your First, Middle, and Last Name
    3. Click on the Manage booking button 
  4. Select your flight and follow the prompts to:
    1. View/access your flight reservations 
    2. Check your flight status 
    3. Select or change your seat 
    4. Verify your ticket
    5. Purchase excess baggage 

China Eastern Airlines Booking Numbers 

United StatesTel: 1-866-399-0587Toll-free (open 24/7)
Canada Tel: 1-866-399-0587Toll-free (open 24/7)
ParisTel: +33 144 86 03 00Fax: +33 144 86 08 68
LondonTel: +0044-33-39000778Fax: +44 207 935 2967
FrankfurtTel: +49 69 133 8930  Fax: +49 69 133 89333
MoscowTel: +7 495 935 8828  Fax: +7 495 935 8829
AmsterdamCityTel: 0031-20  3164888Fax:0031-20  3164880
AucklandCityTel: 0064-9-303-1066 
Bangkok CityTel: 0066 2 6366980 Fax: 0066 2 6366982 
AirportTel: 0066 2 1342101 
Brisbane CityTel: 0061-07-3114-1211Fax: 0061-07-3220-3286
AirportTel: +61 (07) 3114 1210Fax: +61 (07) 3114 1211
ColomboCityTel: 0094-11-4218888Fax: 0094-11-4609616
DhakaCityTel: 0880-2-8819481Fax: 00880-2-8819486
DubaiCityTel: 971-4321-7890Fax: 971-4321-9472
Frankfurt CityTel: 0049-69-133-8930Fax: 0049-69-133-89333
AirportTel: 49-69-6953787-0Fax: 49-69-695378716
Fukuoka CityTel: 0081-92-2622000Fax: 0081-92-2828622
AirportTel: 092-477-7818 Fax: 092-477-0322 
Hiroshima CityTel: 0081-82-2456623Fax: 0081-82-2456625
AirportTel: 0848-86-8273Fax: 0848-86-8275 
Ho Chi Minh CityCityTel: 0084-862820666Fax: 0084-862918790
KagoshimaCityTel: 0081-99-2198888Fax: 0081-99-2198887
KanazawaCityTel: 0081-76-2326888Fax: 0081-76-2326808
KathmanduCityTel: 00977-1-4411666Fax: 00977-1-4411111
Kuala Lumpur AirportTel: 0060-3-21611666 Fax: 0060-3-21612666
CityTel: 0060-3-87766265Fax: 0060-3-87871658
Los Angeles CityTel: 001-626-5831500Fax: 001-626-5831515
AirportTel: 310-646-1849Fax: 310-645-1758, 310-410-0353 
London CityTel: 0044(33)39000778 Fax: 0044(0)2079352967
AirportTel: Tel: 0044(0)2087597597Fax: 0044(0)2087597584
Matsuyama CityTel: 0081-89-9157555Fax: 0081-89-9157566
AirportTel: 089-965-3822Fax: 089-965-3821
MandalayCityTel:0095-933427777Fax: 00951-1201172
MadridCityTel: 0034-91-5599889Fax: 0034-91-5410411
Melbourne CityTel: 0061-3-8635-1000Fax: 0061-3-9614-8882
AirportTel: 0061-3-9338-8418Fax: 0061-3-9338-4808
MoscowCityTel: 007-495-9358828Fax: 007-495-9358829
Nagasaki CityTel: 0081-95-828-1510Fax: 0081-95-828-2539
AirportTel: 0957-52-5875  
Nagoya CityTel: 0081-52-2016668Fax: 0081-52-2018686
AirportTel: 0081-569-38-8588 Fax: 0081-569-38-8589
New DelhiCityTel: 0091-11-43513166Fax: 0091-11-43513155 
New York CityTel:(001) 212-685-8685Fax:(001) 212-685-8870
AirportTel: 718-751-2323Fax: 718-751-2325
Niigata CityTel: 0081-25-2485701Fax: 0081-25-2485661
AirportTel: 025-272-8810 Fax: 025-272-8813 
OkayamaCityTel: 0081-86-2335288Fax: 0081-86-2334655 
OkinawaCityTel: 0081-98-8606881Fax: 0081-98-8606886
Osaka CityTel: 0081-6-64485161Fax: 0081-6-64485160
AirportTel: 0724-56-5001Fax: 0724-56-5003
Paris CityTel: 0033-(0)144860300 Fax: 0033-(0)144860868
AirportTel: 0033-(0)148161296 Fax: 0033-(0)148161298
Phnom PenhCityTel:00855-023963086 
PragueCityTel: +420222 588 800Fax:420 222 541 945
RangoonCityTel: 00951-657698 
Rome CityTel:0039-06-420470888Fax:0039-06-420470818
Sapporo CityTel: 0081-11-2421258Fax: 0081-11-2421339
AirportTel: 0123-45-7050Fax: 0123-45-7040 
Seoul CityTel: 0082-1661-2600Fax: 0082-2-5188871
AirportTel: 82-32-744-3780Fax: 82-32-744-3792 
SingaporeCityTel: 0065- 6222 3456 Fax: 0065-6323 2932 
ShizuokaCityTel:0081-54-652-1212Fax: 0081-54-652-1213
Siem ReapCityTel:00855-63-966246 
Sydney CityTel: +61 (02) 9373 8600 Fax: +61 (02) 9290 1153
AirportTel: 0061-2-9313-5795 Fax: +61 (02) 9313 5630
Tokyo  CityTel: 0081-3-35061166Fax: 0081-3-35061117
AirportTel: 0476-34-3945Fax: 0476-34-8404
AirportTel: 905-6760606Fax: 905-6760636
Toyama CityTel: 0081-76-4285060Fax: 0081-76-4285061
AirportTel:  Tel:604-2070478Fax: 604-2070482
VientianeCityTel: 0085621-212300Fax: 0085621-212300 

China Airlines Booking Numbers — Domestic

Baotou CityTel: 0472-5919901,0472-5919902Fax: 0472-5919906
 Working Hour: 8:30~17:00 
Beijing CityTel: 010-64681166Fax: 010-64688323
AirportTel: 010-64590367/64Fax: 010-64590369
ChengduCityTel: 0028-86113276Fax: 0028-86113296
Chongqing  CityTel: 023-63711818Fax: 023-63734662
 Email: DH.CQ@163.COM
AirportTel: 023-67152623Fax: 023-67152623
Changchun  CityTel: 0531-8400808, 8400909Fax: 0431-8400707
 Working Hour: 8:30~17:00
Changsha  CityTel: 0731-4463638Fax: 0731-4463460
 Working Hour: 8:00~17:00
Dalian  CityTel: 0411-82828266-700/800Fax: 0411-82828255
 Working Hour: 8:00~17:00
AirportTel: 0411-82927010 
FuzhouAirportTel: 0591-28013431Fax: 0591-28013431
Guangzhou  CityTel: 20-81350071、74、75Fax: 20-81350058、55
 Working Hour: 8:30~19:00
AirportTel: 20-86123880、86123881Fax: 20-86123833
Guilin   CityTel: 0773-3117788,3117799Fax: 0773-3119597
 Working Hour: 8:30~17:30
AirportTel: 0773-2845297Fax: 0773-2844555
 Working Hour: 7:00~23:00
GuiyangCityTel: 0851-6822288Fax: 0851-4463460
Hefei CityTel: 0551-63776999Fax: 0551-63776999-0
 Working Hour: 8:30~17:00
Hohhot  CityTel: 0471-8936888,0471-8937888Fax: 0471-6925333
 Working Hour: 8:30~18:00
Harbin   CityTel: 0451-82896307,0451-82340388Fax: 0451-82896307,0451-82896472
 Working Hour: 8:30~17:00
AirportTel: 0451-82894099,0451-82894098 
Hangzhou  CityTel: 0571-87016688Fax: 0571-87016745
 Working Hour: 8:00~18:00
AirportTel: 0571-86660291 
HaikouCityTel: 0898-66521367Fax: 0898-66784521
Jinan  CityTel: 0531-87964445, 0531-86077794,0531-86077481Fax: 0531-87966978
 Working Hour: 8:30~17:00
AirportTel: 0531-82081193Fax: 0531-82081187
Lanzhou  CityTel: 0931-8821964Fax: 0931-8817208
 Working Hour: 8:30~21:00
AirportTel: 0931-8968760 
NanjingCityTel: 025-84567158/968968Fax:025-84567166
NanchangCityTel: 0791-8514195 
Ningbo CityTel: 0574-87191884, 0574-87191887Fax: 0574-87191892
Qingdao   CityTel: 0532-83070535Fax: 0532-85739175 Email:
AirportTel: 0532-83789210Fax: 86-532-83789206
ShanghaiCityTel: 021-95530 
Shenyang  CityTel: 024-22815320Fax: 024-22813380Email:
Shenzhen CityTel: 0755-83271270,83271272Fax: 0755-83271273
AirportTel: 0755-27771550755-27776789-3025Fax: 0755-27771553
Shijiazhuang   CityTel: 0311-88641673Fax: 0311-88641533
AirportTel: 022-27823909Fax: 022-27823809/022-27828833Email:
TianjinCityTel: 022-24901985Fax: 022-24901985
Taiyuan  CityTel: 0351-4042903, 8008061333Fax: 0351-4139665, 0351-4187678
AirportTel: 0351-7012363 
Urumqi   CityTel: 0991-45122120991-4512748Fax: 0991-4525594Email:
AirportTel: 0991-3807388,0991-3807399Fax: 0991-3807388
Wenzhou  CityTel: 0577-886675500577-88669550Fax: 0577-88663350Email:
XiamenCityTel: 0592-5206777 
Zhangjiajie   CityTel: 0744-8250732, 0744-8250832Fax: 0744-8250832
AirportTel: 0744-8238417/ 8253177Fax: 0744-8253077
AirportTel: 852-28611898Fax: 852-25217011

China Eastern Airlines Booking Classes

China Eastern Airlines’ booking classes include: 

  1. First Class
  2. Business Class
  3. Premium Economy Class
  4. Economy Class 

China Eastern Airlines First Class 

A photograph of First Class seats on China Eastern Airlines 

China Eastern’s First Class seats feature:  

  • Priority check-in and boarding 
  • Lounge access 
  • 6 suites (Boeing 777s) 
  • 26.5in wide seats
  • A closing door 
  • A lie-flat bed
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Automated blinds and door for privacy
  • Locker bins for storage
  • Gourmet meals (Chinese, Western, etc.)
  • Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kits, pajamas, and slippers 
  • Pillow and blankets
  • In-flight entertainment screen
  • Free wi-fi

China Eastern Airlines Business Class 

A photograph of Business Class seats on China Eastern Airlines 

China Eastern’s Business Class seats offer:

  • Lounge access 
  • 44 seats across 11 rows (Boeing 777s) 
  • Angled lie-flat seats 
    • Seat width: 23.6in
    • Seat Pitch 75in 
  • Adjustable armrests for added comfort or privacy 
  • Headphones, reading light, a power outlet, and a USB port 
  • 16in TV screen with touchscreen remote 
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Gourmet meals (Chinese, Western, etc.)
  • L’Occitane (or similar) amenity kit and slippers 
  • Bedding
  • Free wi-fi

China Eastern Airlines Premium Economy Class 

China Eastern Airlines currently does not offer Premium Economy Class seats on flights to/from the United States.

China Eastern Airlines Economy Class 

A photograph of the new Economy Class seats on China Eastern Airlines 

China Eastern Airlines’ Economy Class seats feature:  

  • Average seat pitch and legroom
  • Blanket and pillow 
  • Chinese/Western meals 
  • Chinese tea with meals 
  • Inflight entertainment 
  • Choice of Western movies and TV programs 

China Eastern Airlines Seat Booking 

You can select a seat on China Eastern Airlines: 

  • At the time of booking your flight 
  • After booking your flight 
    • Online
      (if you purchased your ticket online)
    • By phone 
    • Through a booking office 
    • Through your travel agent 

If you don’t select your seat in advance, you will be assigned a seat at check-in.


  • To change a seat selection, you must cancel your reserved seat and book a new one. 
  • You can change your seat up to 3 times only (including the first time) per flight segment. 
  • If you’ve already reserved a seat through a different channel, you must change or cancel it through the original channel. 
  • You cannot make an online seat selection for a lap infant. 
  • Online seat reservations are only available for flights operated by China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines with the prefixes 781 and 774.
  • China Eastern Airlines-operated flights can also include Shanghai Airlines (FM) flights, China Southern (CZ) flights, and XiamenAir (MF) code-share flights. 
  • You must complete your check-in formalities even if you’ve made a seat reservation. 
  • Before purchasing a seat by the emergency exit, you must sign the passenger notification form. If you’re found ineligible to occupy the seat at check-in, you will be reassigned a seat. No refund will be issued and you must pay the applicable fee for your new seat. 

China Eastern Airlines Seating Options

You can choose from the following seating options:

  • Priority Seating (paid) includes: 
    • Front row seats
    • Emergency exit row seats
    • Seats located in rows 34 – 40 and 62 – 65 
  • Standard Seating (free) includes: 
    • Any available seats excluding paid seats. 

China Eastern Airlines Group Booking

If you’re making a group booking for 10 or more passengers, you may be eligible for special discounts and group fares. To learn more about group booking discounts, call 1-866-399-0587.

Special Assistance 

Passengers requiring special assistance due to a physical or mental disability, health, age, or other reasons must contact 1-866-399-0587 or the local reservation office at least 72 hours before departure.  

If you have a major disability and require in-flight assistance with eating, taking medications, and other bodily functions, you must travel with a personal care attendant in the same cabin class. 

  • Wheelchair Services. China Eastern Airlines provides wheelchair services (with an attendant) free of charge. The attendant will help transport you within the airport up to the aircraft gate or door, depending on the facilities available at the airport. To book the wheelchair service, contact the Reservations Office and submit 2 copies of the Special Service Applications Form to ensure there are no last-minute glitches. 
  • Visually impaired passengers. Blind and visually impaired passengers are allowed to carry assistive/supportive devices such as canes, walkers, etc., into the aircraft cabin at no additional charge. Passengers who are not visually impaired or blind are also allowed to bring such devices at no additional charge if they’re using them. The cane may have to be stowed under your seat or in the overhead bin before take-off and landing. If your assistive device cannot be stored under your seat or in the overhead bin, you will need to ask the cabin crew for assistance.
  • Hearing-impaired passengers must inform the airline in advance so that they can receive assistance if the flight is delayed or the departure gate is changed after check-in. Individual safety briefings can be arranged on request.
  • Oxygen. China Eastern Airlines provides oxygen onboard for therapeutic or medical purposes. However, passengers are not allowed to bring oxygen cylinders for safety reasons. If you require oxygen or a respiratory assistance device on board, you must contact the Reservations Office in advance.
  • Passengers requiring escorts. You may need to travel with a safety assistant capable of attending to your medical needs if:
    • You’re travelling in a stretcher/incubator. 
    • You require medical attention onboard. 
    • You cannot understand or respond appropriately to safety instructions due to a mental disability. 
    • You have mobility problems that could prevent you from evacuating the aircraft in an emergency.
    • You’re unable to communicate with airline employees due to severe hearing or seeing impairments. 
  • Documentation requirements for pregnant passengers. 
    • Passengers who are less than 32 weeks pregnant during the flight period must present a copy of their Big Card (maternal health handbook) or a pregnancy certificate with the hospital stamp when purchasing tickets, checking in, and boarding.
    • Passengers who are more than 32 weeks but less than 36 weeks pregnant during the flight period must present a Diagnosis Certificate in duplicate. The certificate must be stamped by the hospital and signed by a doctor within 72 hours before departure. 
    • Passengers who are 36 (or more) weeks pregnant will not be accepted on China Eastern Airlines flights.
  • Babies. Aircraft on long-haul flights have special baby bassinets and packs, along with a range of baby food. Each aircraft has at least 2 toilets with fold-down tables to change diapers. Babies below 14 days will not be accepted for safety reasons.
  • Special orders. To book a special meal, you must contact China Eastern Airlines at least 24 hours before departure (48 hours before departure for Kosher Meals). 

China Eastern Airlines Frequent Flyer Program—Eastern Miles 

China Eastern Airlines’ frequent flyer program is called Eastern Miles, which rewards passengers to fly with the airline. Members can earn Eastern Miles points by taking flights on China Eastern Airlines or partner airlines. You can use the miles in the future to purchase flights on China Eastern or its partner airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions on China Eastern Airlines Flight Booking

You can check your booking on China Eastern Airlines by phone (1-866-399-0587/the local office in your area) or online via Manage Booking (enter your order/ticket number and full name, and click on the Manage booking button).

You can book a round trip on China Eastern online by selecting the Round Trip option that appears in the Departure Date box that appears after you enter your flight’s departure and destination points.

You can book a one-way flight online by selecting the One Way option that appears in the Departure Date box that appears after you enter your flight’s departure and destination points.

No, you can’t. You must have a valid credit card if you want to book a flight online.

You can book up to 9 passengers in one reservation on If you want to book more passengers, repeat the process by creating a separate reservation. 
If you’re making a group reservation for 10 or more passengers, call 1-866-399-0587 and ask for special group fares and discounts.

You may not see a flight you were expecting if it does not operate daily, or if the seats are not available in any segment on your itinerary.

If you’ve already booked your ticket online, you cannot make any changes online. You will have to call 1-866-399-0587 or the local office in your area to process the changes you require.

Once you’ve made a reservation online, you cannot cancel it online. You will have to call 1-866-399-0587 or the local office in your area and request them to cancel your ticket.

Yes, you can. To book a ticket for someone else, you will have to enter their names in the Passenger Details section. If your name already appears in the boxes, type over it with the actual passenger names. Remember, if your Easternmiles number appears in one of the boxes, remove it or replace it with the passenger’s Eastern Miles number.

No, China Eastern currently does not accept any vouchers or credits for online purchases.

To view your booking(s) on China Eastern Airlines, click on the Manage Bookings tab on the home page, enter your order number or ticket number and your first, middle, and last name, and click on the Manage booking button. Your flight booking details will appear.

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