Singapore Airlines (SQ) is the flag carrier of Singapore, with its main hub at Singapore Changi Airport. It has 2 subsidiaries: SilkAir, which flies to secondary cities in the region, and Scoot, a low-cost carrier. Certified a 5-star airline by Skytrax, Singapore Airlines has a fleet size of 142-plus aircraft and ranks among the world’s top 15 carriers in terms of revenue and passenger kilometers. Passengers holding Singapore Airlines reservations can fly to more than 137 destinations across 32 countries on 5 continents.

Singapore Airlines offers 5 booking classes (travel classes): Suites, First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class.

Singapore Airlines Booking Methods

You can make a Singapore Airlines flight booking: 

  1. By phone 
  2. Online 
  3. With the mobile app (Android or iOS)
  4. At a ticket counter 
  5. Through a travel agent

Singapore Airlines Online Booking

To make an online booking with Singapore Airlines:

  1. Go to 

        The Book Trip tab will open by default

  1. Enter your trip requirements in the boxes
  2. Click on the Search button
  3. Select your flight from the options that appear on your screen
  4. Follow the prompts to: 
  1. Select your payment method 
  2. Enter the necessary details 
  3. Select your seat (optional) 
  4. Confirm your booking 
  5.  Pay

You will receive your e-ticket by email after you pay. 

Disability Assistance: Traveling with Special Requirements 

Book special assistance at least 48 hours before departure

You can receive special assistance at the airport, while boarding and disembarking, and on the flight. Those eligible to receive special assistance include:

  • Passengers with reduced mobility 
  • Passengers requiring vision assistance
    • Special safety briefing session before take-off 
    • Orientation to surroundings
    • Assistance in preparations for meal consumption 
    • Food items identification 
  • Passengers requiring hearing assistance
    • Safety video in sign language
  • Passengers requiring special seating arrangements 
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Passengers traveling with pets
  • Pregnant passengers

How to Book Special Assistance on Singapore Airlines

If you need any special assistance at the airport, during your flight, or after, call or your local Singapore Airlines office at least 48 hours before your flight’s departure and inform them about the service you need. 

If you’re traveling from/to the U.S., you can also request online for special assistance. If you’re travelling with a disability, you should check in at least 2–3 hours before your flight’s departure.

How to book wheelchair assistance on Singapore Airlines 

If you require a wheelchair or other assistive devices, you must book early to ensure the necessary arrangements are made without any delay. 

Singapore Airlines wide-body aircraft (Boeing 777, 787 and Airbus 330, 350, 380) have wheelchair-accessible lavatories. You can use a wheelchair to move from your seat to and back from the lavatory. The aircraft seats have movable armrests, which makes it easy for you to transfer yourself between the wheelchair and the seat. You will not, however, be allowed to occupy an emergency exit row seat. 

If you’re departing from, arriving at, or transiting via Changi Airport (Singapore), you’ll find wheelchairs available at all the counters for your use. Passengers are allowed to travel with their own electric or manual wheelchair and assistive devices like canes, crutches, walkers, or mobility scooters free of charge. Wheelchairs and other assistive devices, depending on size, will be stored as checked baggage in the cargo hold section of the aircraft.

Passengers travelling with battery-operated wheelchairs or in a group of 10 more passengers using wheelchairs must contact their local Singapore Airlines office at least 48 hours before departure. For details, refer to the table below.

Mobility Aid/Battery Type Requirements
Wet/Dry Cell (Non-spillable)If the battery is non-removable/non-collapsible The battery/batteries must be securely attached to the wheelchair/mobility aid. The battery terminals must be taped together to prevent short-circuiting. The wheelchair/mobility aid must be switched off.

If the battery is removable/collapsible The battery/batteries must be removed and taped together to prevent short-circuiting. The battery/batteries must be packed in a protective pouch and checked in. 
Spillable Wet Batteries If the wheelchair/mobility aid can be placed upright The battery/batteries can remain attached to the wheelchair or mobility aid. The battery terminals must be taped to prevent short-circuiting.The wheelchair/mobility aid must be switched off.
If the wheelchair/mobility Aid cannot be placed upright The battery/batteries must be removed and packed in a rigid, leak-proof package. The wheelchair can then be checked in without any restrictions.The battery terminals must be insulated to prevent short-circuiting.The battery/batteries must be packed upright in a protective package with absorbent material around it/them. 
Lithium-ion BatteriesIf the battery is non-removable/non-collapsible The battery/batteries must be securely attached to the wheelchair/mobility aid. The battery terminals must be taped together to prevent short-circuiting. The wheelchair/mobility aid must be switched off. No power rating (Wh) limitation will apply. 
If the battery is removable/collapsible The battery/batteries must be removed, taped together to prevent short-circuiting, packed individually in separate pouch/pouches, and brought as cabin baggage. The wheelchair can then be checked in without any restrictions.The battery’s power rating must not exceed 300Wh. If the device uses 2 batteries, the individual power rating must not exceed 160Wh per battery. You’re allowed to bring 1 spare battery of up to 300Wh or 2 spare batteries of up to 160Wh each in your cabin baggage. 


  • You must check in at least 2 – 3 hours before your flight’s departure. Singapore Airlines meet-and-assist service staff will provide assistance at the airport till pre-boarding. The cabin crew will help you onboard with the airline’s wheelchair and during the flight. 
  • If you require feeding assistance, assistance inside the toilet, or help with taking medication, you should travel with a personal care assistant as these services will not be provided by the airline.

What to do if your wheelchair or assistive device is damaged?

If your wheelchair or assistive device gets damaged in transit, you must inform Singapore Airlines in writing within 7 days. 

Special seating devices are allowed

Singapore Airlines allows special seating devices on its flights, such as the MERU Chair and Crelling Harness. If you intend to travel with a special seating device, you must call or your local office at least 5 working days before your flight’s scheduled departure date.

How to Check Your Singapore Airlines Flight Status 

You can check your flight status by phone, i.e., by calling the Singapore Airlines airport office in your city or online, as explained below. 

To check your Singapore Airlines flight status online:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Flight Status tab 
How to check the flight status By route
(opens by default)
How to check the flight status By flight number
Enter your: From (city)To (city)Departure date Click on the Search button Select the Flight number option Enter your: Your flight name (SQ/MI) Your flight number From (city) Departure date Click on the Search button 

3.Your flight status will appear.
You can search for any Singapore Airlines or Silk Air flights within 48 hours of arrival or departure time.

Tip. To receive flight updates by WhatsApp, scan the QR code below and connect directly on WhatsApp at +65-6541-7788. After that, enter your flight number and date (say SQ866 15 Sep) to receive a flight update. To stop receiving the update for the flight, enter UNSUB followed by the flight number and date (UNSUB SQ866 15 Sep).

Alternatively, to connect via Facebook Messenger, add Singapore Airlines to your contact list by selecting the People tab and tap Scan Code to scan the QR code below.

How to Get Cheap Singapore Airlines Flight Tickets 

  1. Sign up for the newsletter to receive deals and discounts by email.
  2. Join KrisFlyer to earn extra miles on your daily purchases.
  3. Before booking your ticket, check the price with .
    (This Singapore Airlines flight booking number is toll-free in the U.S. and Canada—and open 24/7).

How to Get Senior Discounts on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines does not offer discounted fares for senior citizens. If you’re looking for discounted flight tickets (even if you’re not a senior citizen), call and you’ll likely get a good deal. 

Singapore Airlines Group Booking

To make a group booking on Singapore Airlines, you need to travel in a group of 10 or more passengers. Below are a few things you should know:

  • Group bookings work differently from individual bookings.
  • The minimum number of passengers on a Singapore Airlines group booking is 10.
  • Group booking is possible only when 10 or more passengers travel together on the same flight and on the same date.
  • Singapore Airlines allows you to combine different seat classes in a group booking.
  • Singapore Airlines offers special group discounted fares on international flights also.
  • If you cancel a group booking, certain charges may apply depending on your sector. 
  • In case of flight cancellation or delay, Singapore Airlines will accommodate the group on the next available flight.

To make a group booking on Singapore Airlines, call .
This U.S./Canada toll-free number is open 24/7.

You can also request a group flight by filling out a form on the Group bookings page of Singapore Airlines official website. After you submit the form, someone from Singapore Airlines will contact you within 3 business days.

Singapore Airlines Manage Booking
Use Singapore Airlines Manage Booking option to manage your flight reservations online

Singapore Airlines Manage Booking tab allows you to:

  • Check your flight credit balance
    • View your PPS Club/KrisFlyer balance
  • Manage your flight 
  • View your trip details
  • Rebook or cancel your flight (or trip)
  • Check in online
  • Book extra options 
  • Choose or upgrade your seat 
  • Check your baggage allowance 
  • Report delayed baggage
  • View refunds, in-flight amenities, etc.
  • Select or order a special meal
  • Book special services for bringing:
  • Sports equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Your pet 
  • A carrycot for your baby

To manage your Singapore Airlines bookings online: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Manage Booking tab
To manage bookings via Booking Reference
(opens by default)
To manage bookings via E-ticket number
Enter your: Your 6-character booking reference Your last/family name Click on the Manage Booking button Select the E-ticket number option Enter the following: Your 13-digit e-ticket number Your last/family name Click on the Manage Booking button 
  1. Check your flight credit balance 
  2. Manage your flight
    1. View your trip details
    2. Rebook or cancel your flight (or trip)
    3. Check in online
  3. Book extra options
    1. Choose or upgrade your seat 
    2. Check your baggage allowance 
    3. Report delayed baggage
    4. View refunds, in-flight amenities, etc.
    5. Select or order a special meal
  4. Book special services for bringing:
    1. Sports equipment
    2. Medical equipment
    3. Your pet 
    4. A carrycot for your baby

You can also manage your Singapore Airlines flight booking: 

  1. By logging in with your KrisFlyer/PPS Club membership number/Email address, and password.
  2. With the mobile app.

How to Contact Singapore Airlines Customer Support 

You can contact Singapore Airlines customer Support online by filling out this contact form.
Alternatively, you can contact via these numbers:

  • Huston +1-800-742-3333 (toll-free within USA)
  • Los Angeles +1-800-742-3333 (toll-free within USA)
  • New York +1-800-742-3333 (toll-free within USA)
  • San Francisco +1-800-742-3333 (toll-free within USA)
  • Seattle +1-800-742-3333 (toll-free within USA)

Singapore Airlines Booking Classes

Singapore Airlines offers 5 booking classes (travel classes):

  1. Suites
  2. First Class
  3. Business Class
  4. Premium Economy Class
  5. Economy Class

Singapore Airlines Suites

A Singapore Airlines Suite come with their own personal space. You get your own cabin—with a sliding door and window blinds to give you whatever level of privacy you choose. The cabin is spacious enough to accommodate a standalone bed that is completely separate from your seat. 

Major features

  • Individual cabin
  • Private space
  • 35in wide leather chairs (in high-quality full-grain leather from Aeristo)
  • Separate bed
  • International culinary and restaurant service
  • Special Book the Cook menu reservation 
  • KrisWorld inflight entertainment featuring 1,000+ entertainment options 
  • 23in personal LCD with noise-canceling headphones from Bose
Singapore Airlines First Class

Singapore Airlines First Class seats enjoy a 4-plus star rating from Skytrax on long-haul flights. 

Major features

  • Private space with extended curved partitions 
  • Extra-wide luxurious seats, down to the footrest
  • Mood lighting
  • Special Book the Cook menu reservation
  • KrisWorld inflight entertainment featuring 1,000+ entertainment options 
  • 24-inch personal LCD monitor with noise-canceling headphones from Bang & Olufsen 
Singapore Airlines Business Class

The Business Class seats on Singapore Airlines come with a fully-flat bed, enjoy a 4-plus star rating on Skytrax—plus more.

Major features

  • Handstitched leather seats by Poltrona Frau that seamlessly recline into a bed
  • Personal dividers on center seats
  • Multiple stowage compartments
  • 18-inch touchscreen monitor paired with noise-canceling headphones
  • 1,000+ entertainment options
  • World-class Book the Cook meal options 
  • Penhaligon toiletries 
Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class

What is the Premium Economy Booking Class on Singapore Airlines like?

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class seats are located in a spacious 2-4-2 cabin with 19.5-inch-wide seats. 

Major features

  • Calf- and foot-rest built right into the sear
  • An 8-inch recline with a 38-inch seat pitch for a relaxed snooze 
  • 2 USB ports to charge your devices 
  • A fully adjustable reading lamp
  • Dedicated storage areas for your laptop, water bottle, headphones, and other personal items
  • Reserve your menu or select from 3 meal choices on board
  • Your selection of wine or champagne
  • KrisWorld inflight entertainment with 1800+ entertainment options 
  • 13.3-inch DH enabled touchscreen monitor with noise-canceling headphones
  • Internet and wi-fi connectivity (select flights)
  • Text and multimedia messaging 
  • Priority check-in for boarding and baggage handling

Singapore Airlines Economy Class

Singapore Airlines Economy Class seats are the lowest-priced seats. While most Economy Class seats have a 4-6in recline, Singapore Airlines Economy Class seats normally have 6in of recline—which makes them relatively more comfortable. They enjoy a 5-star Skytrax rating on short-haul flights and a 4-plus star rating on long-haul flights.

Major features

  • Ergonomically designed backrest contours, plus a 6-way headrest for extra comfort
  • Special meals if you have specific dietary requirements, incl. child-friendly options
  • HD touchscreen monitor with the KrisWorld inflight entertainment system that also allows you to save your preferences for upcoming flights 
  • USB port to keep your devices fully charged
  • Additional stowage areas for more convenience

If you’re looking for more comfort or options, you can upgrade your seat by paying for:

  • Extra legroom 
  • A wider seat pitch 
  • A faster exit (Forward Zone seats)

Singapore Airlines Seat Choices

Singapore Airlines offers the following seat choices:

  1. Extra Legroom Seats 

Extra Legroom seats, earlier known as Preferred Seats, offer a wider seat pitch and more leg space.

You can book an Extra Legroom seat in both Economy and Premium Economy Class—starting from USD 25 per segment.

A view of Extra Legroom Seats 

  1. Forward Zone Seats

Forward Zone seats are located closer to the door and allow you to deplane earlier. If you’re on a Flexi fare, you can select these seats in advance for free.

If you’re flying on a Lite or Standard fare, you can select Forward Zone Seats in advance—but for a fee, starting from USD 8 per segment.

A view of Forward Zone seats

  1. Standard Seats
    Economy Class seats that are not Extra Legroom or Forward Zone seats are Standard seats. Standard Seats can be selected in advance for free on Standard and Flexi fares, or if you’re traveling with a child or an infant. You can select a Standard seat in advance on a Lite fare—but for a fee, starting from USD 5 per segment.
    A view of Standard seats

Singapore Airlines Fare Classes—A Snapshot

Lite (V, K)
Value (Q, N) 
Standard (M, H, W)
Flexi (Y, B, E)
Premium Economy
Lite (R)
Standard (L, P)
Flexi (S, T)
Lite (D)
Standard (U)
Flexi (Z, C, J)
(F, A)
Check-in Baggage
(except to/from USA)*






Check-in Baggage
(to/from USA)*
Lite—2 x 50lb/23kg.

Value—As above.
Standard—As above. 
Flexi—As above
Advance Seat Selection**Lite—Chargeable.


Standard—Complimentary for Standard Seats. 

Flexi—Complimentary for Standard and Forward Zone Seats.
Lite—Complimentary for Standard Seats.

Standard—Complimentary for Standard Seats.

Flexi—Complimentary for Standard Seats.


KrisFlyer Miles EarningLite—50%




Upgrade with KrisFlyer MilesLite—Not allowed

Value—Not allowed 


Lite—Not allowed

Lite—Not allowed


KrisFlyer Points#Lite—Not allowed

Value—Not allowed

Flight Cancellation##Lite—Not allowed 


Lite—Not allowed 

Lite—Not allowed


Flight Change## Lite—Not allowed~




No Show##Lite—Not allowed 





* KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club members are entitled to an additional baggage allowance, based on their membership level. 
** Passengers travelling with infants and children are allowed complimentary seat selection. KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club members are also entitled to make a free advance selection for certain types of seats, based on their membership level. 
# Applies to companies that have enrolled for the HighFlyer corporate travel program.
## Cancellation charges, change fee, and the no-show fee will depend on your fare type. Higher fare types will be subject to a lower charge.
~ Certain tickets qualify for complimentary rebooking.

Singapore Airlines Inflight Entertainment (IFE) System— KrisWorld

Known as KrisWorld, the Singapore Airlines inflight entertainment system offers 1,800-plus on-demand entertainment options, such as:

  • Movies
  • TV programs
  • Audio CDs
  • Interactive games
  • Informational applications 
  • Inflight connectivity 

Singapore Airlines Frequent Flyer Program—KrisFlyer

Known as KrisFlyer, Singapore Airlines frequent flyer program is free to join. It offers attractive redemption points and partners with most of the flexible point programs.

Benefits of joining KrisFlyer

  • You will earn miles for on Singapore Airlines and 30-plus partner airlines 
  • You will earn miles on daily purchases from 200+ non-airline lifestyle partners 
  • You’ll be able to redeem your air miles with selected partner loyalty programs 
  • You’ll be able to spend your earned miles on hotel stays, car rentals, and retail partners
  • You’ll be able to use your air miles to upgrade your seats and earn other benefits
  • You’ll earn additional discounts on seat selections, baggage, and add-on deals

Singapore Airlines Booking Phone Numbers

Below are a few important Singapore Airlines booking phone numbers. 

USA (toll-free, open 24/7)

Canada (toll-free, open 24/7)

Australia 13 10 11 (open 24/7)

France 0 821 230 380/
+33 1 49672301 (from overseas)

Germany +49 69 7195 200 (for passengers only)
Hong Kong +852 25202233 (Mon – Fri, 08.30am – 5.30pm)

India +1800 121212 (Mon – Fri, 08.00am to 6.00pm) 

Indonesia +62 21 2561 7913 

Kuwait +965 22970246

Malaysia +60 3 2789 8798 (Mon – Fri, 08.00am to 6.00pm) 

Philippines +63 2 8539 4588 (Mon – Fri, 08.00am to 6.00pm)

Saudi Arabia +966 12 691 9484 / 691 2297

South Africa +27 10 500 9046

South Korea +82-2-2096-8900 (Mon – Fri, 09.00am to 6.00pm)

Singapore +65 6223 8888 (open 24/7)

Switzerland +41 44 218 61 11 (for passengers only) 

Taiwan +886 2 25516655 (Mon – Fri, 08.45am – 12.45pm, 1.45pm – 5.45pm)

Thailand +66-2-460-7511 

Singapore Airlines Travel Destinations 

A Singapore Airlines booking can take you to more than 137 destinations in 32 countries across 5 continents. 

This includes 50+ locations in the United States, such as:

  • West Palm Beach 
  • Washington DC
  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Tampa
  • Syracuse
  • Seattle
  • Santa Rosa
  • Santa Ana
  • San Jose del Cabo
  • San Jose
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Salt Lake City
  • Rochester
  • Raleigh
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Portland
  • Palm Springs
  • Orlando
  • New York (Newark)
  • New York (JFK)
  • New Orleans
  • Nashville
  • Montreal
  • Minneapolis
  • Miami
  • Mexico City
  • Mammoth Lakes
  • Los Angeles
  • Loreto
  • Las Vegas
  • Kahului
  • Jacksonville
  • Houston (Hobby)
  • Houston
  • Honolulu
  • Fort Myers
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Dallas
  • Dallas
  • Chicago
  • Charlotte
  • Buffalo
  • Boston
  • Boise
  • Baltimore
  • Austin
  • Atlanta
  • (Love Field)
  • (Forth Worth)

Popular International Destinations 

  • Southeast Asia—40+ cities
    • Yangon
    • Penang
    • Ho Chi Minh City
    • Hanoi
    • Chiang Mai
    • Bangkok
  • North Asia—40+ cities 
    • Tokyo
    • Shanghai
    • Osaka
    • Hong Kong
    • Guangzhou
    • Beijing
  • West Asia & Africa—50+ cities
    • Zanzibar
    • New Delhi
    • Mumbai
    • Johannesburg
    • Dubai
    • Cairo
    • Bahrain
  • Southwest Pacific—60+ cities
    • Sydney
    • Perth 
    • Mount Isa
    • Melbourne
    • Hamilton Island
    • Auckland
  • Europe—100+ cities 
    • Vienna
    • Moscow
    • Madrid
    • London
    • Geneva
    • Dusseldorf
    • Berlin
    • Barcelona
    • Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions on Singapore Airlines 

Can you tell me how to add a frequent flyer number after booking on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, you can add your frequent flyer membership number through the Manage Booking tab. 
• Go to 
• Click on Manage Booking 
• Retrieve your booking by entering:
◦ Your 6-digit booking reference number or 13-digit e-ticket number, and
◦ Last/family name
• Now enter your frequent flyer (i.e., KrisFlyer or PPS Club membership) number 
• Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm and close 

Can you tell me how to book assistance with Singapore Airlines?

To book assistance with Singapore Airlines, contact the Singapore Airlines office in your area at least 48 hours before your flight. If you’re traveling to or from the U.S., you can ask for assistance online. 

Singapore Airlines offers the following types of services to passengers with disabilities: 

• For visually impaired passengers, the staff will: Conduct a safety briefing and help familiarize them with their surroundings
Help prepare for meal consumption identification of food items 
• For hearing-impaired passengers The inflight safety video will be shown in sign language
• For passengers requiring special seating arrangements, the staff will provide necessary assistance 

If you require any such type of services, you will need to contact your local Singapore Airlines office or the airport ground staff for assistance.

However, the following services will not be provided:
• Help with the feeding of meals
• Restroom assistance 
• Medical service provision
If you require these services on your flight, consider traveling with a personal care assi

How to book Singapore Airlines with United miles?

If you’re a MileagePlus member, you can earn award miles and qualifying credits (Premier) on certain Singapore Airlines flights. For receiving mileage credit, you will need to:
• Show your MileagePlus number when making a reservation 
• Ensure that the number appears on your boarding pass at check-in

As a MileagePlus member, you can also receive these benefits on flights operated by Singapore Airlines:
Access to United Club locations
Star Alliance Gold or Silver status recognition
Use of Star Alliance Upgrade Awards

Any tips on how to upgrade to Business Class on Singapore Airlines?

Most upgrades on Singapore Airlines are one-class. This means if you’re traveling on Economy and want to upgrade to Business Class, you can upgrade only if the Premium Economy is not available.
To upgrade to Business Class on Singapore Airlines:
• Go to 
• Click on the Manage Booking tab 
• Enter the following information:
◦ Your 6-character booking reference, or
◦ Your E-ticket number (after selecting the E-ticket option on top)
◦ Your last/family name
• Hit the Manage Booking button
• Select the Redeem an Upgrade button 
• Follow the on-screen prompts to upgrade
(if the option is greyed out, you are not eligible for an upgrade) 

• If your upgrade is successful, your KrisFlyer and Elite Miles may accrue only to your original Economy or Premium Economy fare.
• You won’t be able to upgrade if you’re traveling on most frequent flyer award tickets.
• You may also not be able to upgrade on a codeshare flight.

Can you tell me how to earn Elite miles on Singapore Airlines?

es, you will need to fly with: 
• Singapore Airlines
• SilkAir
Star Alliance airlines
• Certain Star Alliance Connecting Partner airlines and other airline partners

Elite miles will also accrue from the bonuses you earn for certain tickets. 

The number of Elite miles you earn will also depend on the booking class you fly. Remember, certain booking classes (like G) will not earn you any Elite miles. 

For more details, check out Singapore Airlines Accrual Calculator

Any suggestions on how to select seats on Singapore Airlines?

You can select a seat on Singapore Airlines depending on your fare type and travel class.

• You can enjoy complimentary advance seat selection, or
• Select your seat in advance by paying

How does advance seat selection work on Singapore Airlines?

Advance seat selection depends on seat availability at the time of your request. 

• For Suites, First Class, and Business Class, seat selection is free and can be made at the time of booking or later. 
• For Premium Economy Class, seat selection is free, with an option to pay for a seat with extra legroom.
• For Economy Class, seat selection is free or paid, depending on what type of fare you’ve purchased. 

If you do not select your seat in advance, you can select it when online check-in opens (48 hours before departure). The following options are available at this stage: 

• Go to and select from the remaining seats 
• Select your seat at your airport’s check-in counter 

The following seat choices are available to you on Premium Economy and Economy Class:

Solo Seats. These seats are available in Premium Economy Class for certain flights, such as the ultra-long-range A350-900 aircraft. 
Extra Legroom Seats. Available from USD 25 on Economy and Premium Economy Class, Extra Legroom Seats provide a wider seat pitch for additional comfort and also you give you more stretching space. These seats are normally near the emergency exits and are non-transferrable and non-refundable. 
Forward Zone Seats. Located nearer to the doors, these seats allow you to disembark faster. You can select them for free in advance if you have booked a Flexi fare, or pay a little extra (about USD 8) if you’re traveling on a different fare type on Economy Class.
Standard Seats. Standard Seats are the remaining seats in the Economy Class. You can select them free of cost if your fare type is Standard or Flexi. But if you purchased a Lite fare, you can select a Standard Seat by paying an advance fee, starting from USD 5.

How is Singapore Airlines as a carrier?

Certified a 5-star airline, Singapore Airlines was ranked among the world’s best airlines 4 times by Skytrax. It has consistently topped Travel & Leisure’s best airline rankings for 20-plus years.

Aside from this, Singapore Airlines: 

• Was voted as having the World’s Best Airline Cabin Crew 2019
• Was awarded the World’s Cleanest Airline in 2019
• Ranked #10 in terms of international passengers carried
• Ranks amongst the world’s top 15 carriers (revenue passenger kilometers) 

How do I access my booking reference on Singapore Airlines?

Your booking reference is a 6-number-cum-letter code that appears on your ticket, which is also indicated in the confirmation email you would have received after you booked your ticket. 

What is Singapore Airlines booking class E?

Singapore Airlines booking class E refers to Economy Class Flexi fares. Seat selection is complimentary if you’re selecting a Forward Zone or Standard seat. The check-in baggage allowance is 2 pieces of 50lb/23kg each on flights to/from the United States, and 66lb/30kg on all other flights. Flight changes are complimentary, and flight cancellations are chargeable. 

What if I’m having online booking problems on Singapore Airlines?

If you’re having online booking problems, check your internet connection, clear your computer’s cache files, and/or change your browser. If the problem persists, use the mobile app (it’s free to download) or call Singapore Airlines directly on (or your local office) to book your ticket. 

What is Book the Chef on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines Book the Cook service allows you to select from a wide choice of main course meals. Many of the meals are inspired by the airline’s International Culinary Panel. Book the Cook is offered to passengers travelling in Business Class, First Class, and Suites, for flights that exceed 90 minutes. You must book at least 24 hours before your flight’s departure. The menu does not include refreshments or continental breakfast. For Premium Economy Class passengers, the service has been temporarily suspended on account of regulations.

What is Singapore Airlines booking class N?

Singapore Airlines booking class N is the code for Economy Value fares. Being cheaper than other fare types, advance seat selections, flight changes, and flight cancellations are chargeable. Economy Value fares with an N code include a free checked baggage allowance of 2 bags of up to 50lb/23kg each on flights to/from the United States, and 55lb/25kg on all other routes, and will earn you 50% KrisFlyer Miles on your trip. 

What is the fare code of the Premium Economy booking class on Singapore Airlines?

The fare codes of Premium Economy booking class on Singapore Airlines are as follows:
• R for Premium Economy Lite fares.
• L and P for Premium Economy Standard fares. 
• S and T for Premium Economy Flexi fares. 

What is Singapore Airlines Book the Cook menu?

sample of the Book the Cook menu on First Class and Suites fares currently includes:
• A special feature such as Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice 
• Western delicacies, such as
Warm Waffle with Strawberry Coulis
Oven-Roasted Chicken Breast
Grilled Chilean Seabass
Grilled Angus Beef Burger
Classic Lobster Thermidor
Beef Tenderloin with Garlic Mashed Potatoes
• Singaporean delicacies
Singaporean Style Chicken Satay
Singaporean Chicken Rice
Singapore Laksa
Fish Congee
Bak Chor Mee Soup
Bak Chor Mee Dry Style with Soup on Side
• Malay delicacies, such as Nasi Lemak
• Indian delicacies, such as Nasi Biryani
• Deliciously Wholesome delicacies for the health-conscious Spiced Buckwheat and Pumpkin Pancakes
Specially created by COMO Shambhala
Specially created by COMO Shambhala
Specially created by COMO Shambhala
Roasted Salmon with Freekeh and Babaganoush
Red Rice and Fish Porridge

For details, refer to the Book the Cook page.

What is Singapore Airlines booking class U?

Singapore Airlines booking class U is a Business Class Standard fare, which includes: 
• A baggage allowance of 88b/40kg per passenger
• Complimentary advance seat selection
• 125% KrisFlyer Miles earning
• Option to upgrade with KrisFlyer Miles
• Chargeable flight cancellation option
• Chargeable flight change option
• Chargeable No-Show option

What if I encounter a booking error on Singapore Airlines but my card was charged?

If you encounter a booking error on Singapore Airlines after booking your ticket and your card was charged, you don’t need to worry. If you encounter such a problem, the payment will be reversed to your issuing card/bank. The payment reversal will typically reflect within 5 – 10 business days. If you don’t see a reversal within 10 business days, call your local Singapore Airlines office for assistance.

What is the Singapore Airlines booking fee?

If you book your ticket through a Singapore Airlines office or a reservation hotline, you will be charged a service fee of:

• USD 50 for the USA.
• USD 37 – 206 for South Africa.
• CHF 150 (adults) and CHF 75 (children) for Switzerland.
• USD 25 – 75 for other countries. 

What is the Singapore Airlines booking hotline?

The Singapore Airlines 24/7 booking hotline from the United States and Canada is and from Singapore is +65 6223 8888. For other numbers, refer to the section titled Singapore Airlines Booking Phone Numbers. 

How do I access Singapore Airlines NZ manage booking?

If you’re accessing Singapore Airlines Manage Booking page for New Zealand (NZ) from another country, click on this link (you’ll be taken straight to the page). If you’re accessing the page directly from New Zealand, enter in your browser’s address bar. You’ll be automatically taken to the homepage for New Zealand, after which simply click on the Manage Booking option.  

How do I access Singapore Airlines Manage Booking for Australia?

You can access Singapore Airlines Manage Booking for Australia as follows:
◦ If you’re accessing from another country, click on this link.
◦ If you’re accessing from anywhere in Australia, go to (you’ll be taken to Singapore Airlines Australia homepage) and click on the Manage Booking tab.

You can also select the country (Australia) from the top-right menu option. Let’s say the United Kingdom page opens on your browser: 

To change the country, click on United Kingdom-English, and select Australia from the dropdown. The Australia page will open up automatically. 

Does Singapore Airlines offer online booking discounts?

Singapore Airlines offers online booking discounts from time to time. To stay current with such discounts, sign up for the newsletter. This will ensure you receive the latest discount offers by email.

How can I make a Scoot Singapore Airlines booking?

You can make a booking on Scoot, a low-cost airline of the Singapore Airlines Group, through 

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