Avianca Airlines S.A. (AV) is the flag carrier of Colombia (since 1919). It is based out of Bogota, with a main hub at El Dorado International Airport. 

Avianca works as the flagship airline among a group by combining its operations with them on a codeshare system. This makes it Colombia’s largest airline, and the second largest airline in Latin America after Chile’s LATAM. With a fleet size of 90-plus aircraft, an Avianca Airlines booking can take you to 187-plus destinations across 27 countries. 

Avianca offers two travel classes—Economy Class and Business Class

Avianca is a Skytrax certified 3-star airline and a member of Star Alliance. Its subsidiaries include Avianca Cargo, Avianca Costa Rica, Avianca Ecuador, Avianca El Salvador, Avianca Express, Avianca Guatemala, Avianca Honduras, and Helicol.

Avianca filed for bankruptcy in a New York City in May 2020 and liquidated its subsidiary, Avianca Peru

Avianca Airlines Online Booking

You can make an online booking with Aviana by selecting as explained below:

  1. Go to 

        The Book your flight tab will open 

  1. Enter your trip requirements under the following:
    1. Where are you flying?
    2. When are you flying?
    3. Who is travelling?
  2. Click on the Search for flights button 
  3. Select a flight from the options 
  4. Follow the prompts to: 
  1. Select a flight 
  2. Select your travel class 
  3. Enter the passenger information
  4. Choose a seat
  5. Buy extra baggage (optional)
  6. Add sports equipment (optional)
  7. Purchase travel assistance (optional)
  8. Enter your debit/credit card details 
  9. Pay

You will receive your e-ticket by email after you pay. 

Avianca Airlines Phone Booking

You can make a phone booking on Avianca Airlines by calling or the Avianca Airlines office in your city/country (see below).

Colombia Barranquilla 60 5 330-2030 Bogota 60 1 401-3434 Cali 60 2 321-3434 Argentina (+54) 0-810-333-8222 Aruba (+297)-588-0059 Bolivia 800 100 940 Brazil (+55) 0800-8918668 Canada USA Chile (562) 3322-5802 Costa Rica (+506) 2299-8222 Curazo (5999) 844-2020Ecuador 1800 00 3434 El Salvador (+503) 2267-8222 Spain (+34) 900 802 500 Guatemala (502) 2470-8222 Honduras (504) 2570-8222 Mexico (+52) 800-123-3120 Nicaragua (505) 2276-9922 Panama (+507) 2068-222 Paraguay 009 800 511 8222 Peru 0800 51111/0-800-1-8222 Puerto Rico (+001) 800 284 2622 Republic of Dominica (+001) 809 200 8662 Uruguay (+598) 000-405-1004

How to Make a Booking on Avianca Airlines 

You can make a booking on Avianca Airlines: 

  1. By phone 
  2. Online 
  3. With the mobile app (Android or iOS)
  4. At a ticket counter 
  5. Through a travel agent

How to Check Your Flight Status on Avianca Airlines

You can check the status of your Avianca Airlines flight as follows: 

  1. On phone by calling the Avianca Airlines airport office in your city 
  2. Online via Avianca Airlines website
    1. By Route 
    2. By Flight number 

To check the flight status online via the website:

  1. Go to 
By RouteBy Flight number
Select your: Origin city Destination city Flight date Enter/select your: Flight number Flight date 
  1. Click on the Search button

Your flight status will appear 

You can also use the Avianca Airlines mobile app to check your flight status.

Tips to Book Cheap Flights on Avianca Airlines
  1. Check out the current deals and offers
  2. Subscribe to Avianca’s magazine
  3. Call and ask for a cheap flight booking

Avianca Airlines Manage My Booking

Use Avianca Airlines Manage your booking tab to change your flight or book additional services online

A screenshot of Avianca Airlines Manage your booking functionality

Avianca Airlines Manage your booking functionality allows you to quickly access your flight booking online and manage your trip from any device. You can use this feature to:

  • Review or change your flight booking 
  • Modify your contact information 
  • Change your itinerary
  • Manage a rescheduled/cancelled flight
  • Buy additional services
    • Purchase extra baggage
    • Select a seat of your choice 
  • Request special services
  • Upgrade to Business Class
  • Ask for travel assistance
    (Protect your travel with Travel Assistance by Iké)

To manage your Avianca Airlines booking online:

  1. Go to
  2. To access your booking:
    1. Enter your reservation number and last name 
    2. Click on the Continue button
  3. Select your booking and:
    1. Review or change your flight booking 
    2. Modify your contact information 
    3. Change your itinerary
    4. Manage a rescheduled/cancelled flight
    5. Buy additional services
    6. Purchase extra baggage
    7. Select a seat of your choice 
    8. Request special services
    9. Upgrade to Business Class
    10. Ask for travel assistance

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You can also use Avianca’s mobile app to manage your flight bookings.

Avianca Airlines Travel Classes

Avianca Airlines offers travel classes on its flights:

  1. Economy Class
  2. Business Class

Economy Class 

(Fare Classes: Q, A, R, Y, B, M, E, H, U, Q, V, W, S, T, K, G, and L)

If you’re flying on an international route (outside of Colombia), Avianca offers several fare options within its Economy Class:

  • XS fares are typically promotional fares that include a carry-on bag and a personal item. Anything else comes for an additional price, such as checked baggage, seat selection, etc. XS fares cannot be changed or refunded, and don’t allow you to earn redeemable miles on its loyalty program known as Avianca LifeMiles. 
  • S fares include a carry-on bag, and everything else must be purchased. However, you can earn redeemable miles on an S fare. 
  • M fares allow you to bring a checked bag and earn redeemable miles. These fares are refundable (for a fee) and upgradeable to the next class of service if you’re a LifeMiles Elite member. 
  • L fares include 2 checked bags. These fares also include complimentary Avianca Plus upgrades and allow you to change, cancel, and refund your flight.
  • XL fares include 2 checked bags and allow you to upgrade to Business Class. You’re also allowed to change, cancel, and refund your flight—but for a fee. 
  • XXL fares include everything you will typically need—such as 1 carry-on bag, 2 checked bags, seat selection, Business Class upgrade, accrual of miles, and complimentary flight changes or refunds.

Business Class

(Fare Classes: J, C, D, Z, and P)

Avianca’s Business Class seats vary by aircraft type and route. 

Major features include: 

  • Baggage allowance. Business Class fares include 2 checked bags of up to 70lb/32kg each, 1 carry-on bag of 22lb/10kg, and 1 personal item. Elite status members are entitled to extra checked baggage. For exact baggage allowance, use the Avianca Baggage Calculator.
  • Boarding. Avianca’s Business Class passengers are entitled to board in Group A, which is the first group after preboarding. 
  • Seats. Avianca’s Business Class seats depend on aircraft type and route. The seats on narrow body aircraft are similar to a domestic First Class seat on a U.S. carrier. However, the Business Class seats on Boeing 787s and some Airbus A330s are the lie-flat type. 
  • Lounges. Business Class passengers have access to VIP lounges at airports in North America, Spain, Brazil, El Salvador, and Colombia. 
  • Meals and drinks: Avianca’s food and drink service will depend on the flight duration and route. Business Class passengers on short domestic flights within Central America may get a free complimentary drink, whereas on longer international flights, they can look forward to a full meal service and drinks. 

Avianca Airlines Fares

(excl. Colombia)
(excl. Colombia)
Personal Item45 x 35 x 25cm45 x 35 x 25cm45 x 35 x 25cm45 x 35 x 25cm45 x 35 x 25cm45 x 35 x 25cm
Carry-on bagPaid1 x 22lb/10kg1 x 22lb/10kg1 x 22lb/10kg1 x 22lb/10kg1 x 22lb/10kg
Checked bagPaidPaid1 x 50lb/23kg1 x 50lb/23kg1 x 70lb/32kg1 x 70lb/32kg
Flight changes before flight date**XPaidPaidPaid
Refund before flight**XXXPaid
Check-in at airport counterPaidPaid
Priority baggage drop-off/deliveryXXXX
Priority boarding***XXX
Avianca Plus/ Emergency exit seat
(if available)
PaidPaidPaidExecutive CabinExecutive Cabin
Standard seatPaidPaidExecutive CabinExecutive Cabin
Mileage accrual****X5 miles per dollar5 miles per dollar5 miles per dollar5 miles per dollar5 miles per dollar
Class upgrade (LifeMiles Elite members*****)XXExecutive CabinExecutive Cabin
Additional baggage (LifeMiles Red Plus members)XXXXXX
Additional baggage (LifeMiles Silver members)X+1 x 50lb/23kg+1 x 50lb/23kg+1 x 50lb/23kgX
Additional baggage (LifeMiles Gold & Diamond members)X+2 x 50lb/23kg+2 x 50lb/23kg+2 x 50lb/23kg+1 x 50lb/23kg+1 x 50lb/23kg
* XS fares are not available for flights to/from Europe and flights departing from Brazil.
** Refunds and flight changes are not allowed XS, S and M after the original flight. For L and XL fares, refunds and flight changes are chargeable. For XXL fares, the ticket will remain open for use in the future within the ticket’s validity period, except in case of self-cancellation or operational reasons. Changes made at the airport will cost more.
*** The boarding process will be per the biosecurity protocols of the departing airport.
****The fare to calculate your qualifying miles does not include taxes, fees, or additional services.
*****LifeMiles Elite member upgrades are not permitted if you’re flying on an M or L fare to/from Europe

Avianca Frequent Flyer Program—LifeMiles

Avianca’s frequent flyer program, known as LifeMiles, is free to join, and allows you to earn your miles in 3 ways: 

  1. By flying on Avianca or any of the 25 alliance-member airlines
  2. By flying on 3 non-alliance-member airlines (Iberia, Aero Mexico, and GOL)
  3. By spending through Avianca credit cards
    1. Avianca Vuela Visa credit card 
    2. Avianca Vida Visa credit card
    3. By transferring points from 10 loyalty programs—AmEx, Capital One, Citi, Marriott, Hilton, Radisson, Wyndham, Best Western, Accor, and IHG.
      1. AmEx cards can earn you 1,000 LifeMiles by transferring 1,000 Membership Rewards.
      2. Capital One cards can earn you 1,000 LifeMiles by transferring 1,000 Capital One Miles.
      3. Citi cards can earn you 1,000 LifeMiles by transferring 1,000 Citi Thank You Points.

You can also earn miles in the following ways:

  • Buy LifeMiles, often for as little as 1.1 cents per LifeMile. 
  • Hotel stays. Earn as many as 20 LifeMiles for every dollar you spend at a partner hotel. 
  • Car rentals. Earn up to 5 LifeMiles for every dollar you spend on a partner’s rental car.
  • Shopping. Earn up to 5 LifeMiles for every dollar you spend on a shopping partner’s store in Central or South America.
  • Dining: Earn up to 3 LifeMiles on every dollar you spend at a dining partner’s restaurant in Central or South America. 

Avianca Elite Status Program

Avianca’s elite status program includes 4 tier levels—Red Plus, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. 

Elite Status LevelMileage Requirements in 2021Mileage Requirements (Otherwise)
Red Plus8,250

Elite Status Benefits. If you’re a LifeMiles elite status member, you can earn 1 – 6 LifeMiles on every dollar you spend on Avianca. As an Elite status member, you get to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Priority check-in
  • Priority phone line
  • Advance LifeMiles promos 

Silver status elite members get:

  • Free Business Class upgrades.
  • Free lounge access to Aviana lounges on international flights.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Additional baggage allowance.

Gold status elite members get all of the above benefits, plus:

  • Earlier upgrades.
  • Lounge access whenever you fly.
  • Seat selection preference at the time of booking.
  • Additional baggage allowance.
  • Star Alliance Gold status and a wider access to partner lounges.

Diamond elite status members get:

  • LifeMiles upgrade certificates.
  • Diamond VIP lounge access.
  • Any seat selection when booking.
  • Redemption fee waiver on LifeMiles.
  • A 16,000-qualifying-miles rollover.

How to create a LifeMiles account?

To create a free account on LifeMiles, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to LifeMiles
  2. Click on the flag icon on the top right corner to change your language
    (set to Spanish by default)
  3. Click on the Join LifeMiles for free button
  4. Enter your email and create a password and click on the Next button
  5. Enter the required information (along with your ID number/ driver’s license)
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to create your account
Chart for Accruing Avianca Miles 
Travel ClassFare FamilyFare ClassMin. Miles AccruedMiles EarnedSegments Earned
EconomySuper PromoU, S, T, W50050%1
EconoZ, P, O, L, G, E, V, Q500100%1
FlexiH, M, B, Y500150%2
BusinessBusiness PromoA, D, K500150%2
BusinessJ, C500200%2
Travel Destinations 

Avianca Airlines flies to 187-plus destinations across 27 countries, such as:

  • United States
    • Washington, D.C. (IAD)—Washington Dulles International Airport
    • Orlando (MCO)—Orlando International Airport
    • New York City (JFK)—John F. Kennedy International Airport
    • Miami (MIA)—Miami International Airport
    • Los Angeles (LAX)—Los Angeles International Airport
    • Fort Lauderdale (FLL)—Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport
    • Chicago (ORD)—O’Hare International Airport
    • Boston (BOS)—Logan International Airport
  • Canada
    • Toronto (YYZ)—Toronto Pearson International Airport
  • Colombia
    • Yopal (EYP)—El Alcaraván Airport
    • Villavicencio (VVC)—La Vanguardia Airport
    • Valledupar (VUP)—Alfonso López Pumarejo Airport
    • Tumaco (TCO)–La Florida Airport
    • Santa Marta (SMR)—Simón Bolívar International Airport
    • San Andrés Island (ADZ)—Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport
    • Riohacha (RCH)—Almirante Padilla Airport
    • Quibdó (UIB)—El Caraño Airport
    • Popayán (PPN)—Guillermo León Valencia Airport Aruba
    • Pereira (PEI)—Matecaña International Airport
    • Pasto (PSO)—Antonio Nariño Airport
    • Oranjestad (AUA)—Reina Beatrix International Airport
    • Nuquí (NQU)—Reyes Murillo Airport
    • Neiva (NVA)—Benito Salas Airport
    • Montería (MTR)—Los Garzones Airport
    • Medellín (MDE)—José María Córdova International Airport
    • Medellín (EOH)—Olaya Herrera Airport
    • Manizales (MZL)—La Nubia Airport
    • Leticia (LET)—Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport
    • Ibagué (IBE)—Perales Airport
    • Florencia (FLA)—Gustavo Artunduaga Paredes Airport
    • Cúcuta (CUC)—Camilo Daza International Airport
    • Cartagena (CTG)—Rafael Núñez International Airport Paraguay
    • Cali (CLO) Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport
    • Bucaramanga (BGA) Palonegro International Airport
    • Bogotá (BOG)—El Dorado International Airport
    • Barranquilla (BAQ)—Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport
    • Barrancabermeja (EJA)—Yariguíes Airport
    • Bahía Solano (BSB)—José Celestino Mutis Airport
    • Asunción (ASU)—Silvio Pettirossi International Airport
    • Armenia (AXM)—El Edén International Airport
    • Arauca (AUC)—Santiago Pérez Quiroz Airport
  • Spain
    • Valencia (VLC)—Valencia International Airport
    • Tenerife (TFS)—Tenerife-Queen Sofia
    • Madrid (MAD)—Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
    • Barcelona (BCN)—Barcelona–El Prat Airport
    • Alicante (ALC)—Alicante–Elche Airport
  • Netherlands
    • Amsterdam (AMS)—Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Barbados
    • Bridgetown (BGI)—Grantley Adams International Airport
  • Guatemala
    • Guatemala City (GUA)—La Aurora International Airport
  • Ecuador
    • Quito (UIO)—Mariscal Sucre International Airport
    • Guayaquil (GYE)—José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport
  • Cuba
    • Varadero (VRA)—Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport
    • Havana (HAV)—José Martí International Airport
  • Bolivia
    • La Paz (LPB)—El Alto International Airport
  • Peru
    • Lima (LIM)—Jorge Chávez International Airport
  • Argentina
    • Buenos Aires (EZE)—Ministro Pistarini International Airport
  • Mexico
    • Cancún (CUN)—Cancún International Airport
    • Mexico City (MEX)—Mexico City International Airport
  • Brazil
    • São Paulo (GRU)—São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport
    • Rio de Janeiro (GIG)—Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport
    • Manaus (MAO)—Eduardo Gomes International Airport
  • Belize
    • Corozal (CZH)—Corozal Airport
  • Jamaica
    • Montego Bay (MBJ)—Sangster International Airport
  • Uruguay
    • Montevideo (MVD)—Carrasco International Airport
  • Panama
    • Panama City (PTY)—Tocumen International Airport
  • Sint Maarten
    • Philipsburg (SXM)—Princess Juliana International Airport
  • Dominican Republic
    • Punta Cana (PUJ)—Punta Cana International Airport
  • Costa Rica
    • San José (SJO)—Juan Santamaría International Airport
  • Puerto Rico
    • San Juan (SJU)—Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport
  • El Salvador
    • San Salvador (SAL)—Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport
  • Bolivia
    • Santa Cruz (VVI)—Viru Viru International Airport
  • Chile
    • Santiago (SCL)—Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport
  • Venezuela
    • Valencia (VLN)—Arturo Michelena International Airport
    • Porlamar (PMV)— Santiago Mariño Caribbean International Airport
    • Caracas (CCS)—Simon Bolivar International Airport
  • Curaçao
    • Willemstad (CUR)—Hato International Airport
  • Dominican Republic
    • Santo Domingo (SDQ)—Las Américas International Airport
  • Germany
    • Frankfurt (FRA)—Frankfurt Airport
  • United Kingdom
    • London (LGW)—Gatwick Airport
    • London (LHR)—Heathrow Airport
  • Germany
    • Munich (MUC)—Munich Airport
  • France
    • Paris (ORY)—Orly Airport
    • Paris (CDG)—Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Italy
    • Rome (FCO)—Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport
  • Sweden
    • Stockholm (ARN)—Stockholm Arlanda Airport
  • Switzerland
    • Zürich (ZRH)—Zürich Airport

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