Navigating Bonza Change Flight Policy is essential for travelers who need flexibility in their travel plans. The policy allows passengers to modify their flights up to 2 hours before departure, ensuring that unforeseen changes in plans don’t lead to unnecessary stress. 

Whether you need to adjust your travel date or destination, or even cope with cancellations, Bonza offers various options to accommodate your needs, including rebooking on the next available flight, issuing flight credits, or providing refunds under certain conditions. Understanding the fees associated with changes, the process for making modifications, and the specific conditions under which refunds or credits are issued can help you make informed decisions and maintain peace of mind while navigating your travel arrangements with Bonza.

Below are the key points to remember about the Bonza flight changes policy.

  • Flight changes are permitted up to 2 hours before departure, subject to availability.
  • Flight changes are subject to a change fee plus the fare difference if the new ticket is costlier.
  • If your new ticket is cheaper than the original ticket, the difference will not be refunded.
  • The most cost-effective way to make flight changes is online through the My Trips section on the website or the Fly Bonza app. Changes processed through the Digital Support Centre (i.e., by phone or email) will incur a higher change fee.
  • Those with round-trip tickets wishing to postpone the outbound flight beyond the return date should adjust the return flight to the new date first. Subsequently, you can modify the outbound flight date in the Fly Bonza app. 
  • Since refunds are not permitted, it‚Äôs better to postpone your flight date if you don‚Äôt wish to travel. This will ensure the value of your purchased ticket is preserved.
  • If your flight is cancelled less than 72 hours before departure, you will be booked on the next available Bonza flight to your destination. If the alternative flight does not suit your travel needs, you will either receive a flight credit for future travel or a refund. For disruptions caused by factors beyond Bonza‚Äôs control‚ÄĒlike weather conditions, airport shutdowns, air traffic limitations, or security concerns‚ÄĒyou will be issued a flight credit. For cancellations due to reasons within Bonza‚Äôs control‚ÄĒsuch as additional maintenance or crew needs‚ÄĒyou will be entitled to a full refund of your ticket.
  • If you‚Äôre unable to travel due to COVID-19 or medical reasons, the best option would be to postpone your travel date for a fee. This is so because Bonza does not allow flight cancellations.
  • If a passenger dies before the flight, Bonza has the option to cancel and refund the full amount either for the deceased passenger or for all passengers listed under the same reservation. Additionally, Bonza may choose to waive the change fee and lift any limitations related to flight alterations for passengers who are part of the same reservation as the deceased.
  • If you‚Äôre denied boarding due to overbooking, Bonza will offer the following options to you:
    • Arrange for you to travel on the next available flight, or
    • Offer you an incentive for consideration, or
    • Issue a refund, or 
    • Issue a travel voucher with an expiration date

Bonza Change Flight Fee

You can change your flight date and/or origin and/or destination by paying a change fee plus the fare difference between the new and the original ticket. 

Bonza change flight fee will depend on how many days before departure you‚Äôre making the changes (within 7 days or more than 7 days before departure) and how (online or by phone/email), as shown in the table below. 

Bonza Flight Change Fees
Days Before Departure Online via My Trips Through the Digital Support Center At the Airport 
More than 7 days $35 + fare difference$50 + fare differenceNot available
Within 7 days $65 + fare difference$80 + fare differenceNot available 

Bonza Change Flight Process

To make flight changes with Bonza, you’ll need to connect with Bonza Digital Support Center, i.e., the airline’s customer support team via live chat on the website or the Fly Bonza app. The live chat support is available every day from 6 am to 11 pm AEST. If you contact the airline outside these hours, a team member will respond at the earliest opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bonza Change Flight Policy

How can I change my Bonza flight?

You can change your flight up to 2 hours before departure via the My Trips section on the Bonza website or the Fly Bonza app. Alternatively, you can contact the Digital Support Centre through live chat.

What are the charges for Bonza flight changes?

The change fee depends on when and how you make the change. Online changes more than 7 days before departure incur a $35 fee plus fare difference, or $65 within 7 days (plus fare difference). Through the Digital Support Centre, it’s $50 more than 7 days before, or $80 within 7 days, plus the fare difference.

What happens if my new flight is cheaper?

If the new ticket is cheaper, you will not receive a refund for the difference.

Is there a cost-effective way to change my flight?

Yes, changing your flight online through the “My Trips” section is the most cost-effective method.

How do I change my flight if I have a round-trip ticket and want to postpone my outbound flight?

First, adjust your return flight to the new date using the Fly Bonza app, and then change your outbound flight date.

What if I can’t travel on my booked date?

If you’re unable to travel, it’s best to postpone your flight to preserve the value of your ticket, as refunds are not provided.

What are my options if my flight is canceled less than 72 hours before departure?

Bonza will rebook you on the next available flight. If the flight doesn‚Äôt suit you, you’ll receive a flight credit or refund, depending on the reason for the cancellation.

What should I do if I’m unable to travel due to COVID-19 or medical reasons?

It’s advisable to postpone your flight for a fee (or claim travel insurance), as Bonza does not allow cancellations for such reasons.

What happens if a passenger in my booking passes away before the flight?

Bonza may refund the full amount for the deceased or all passengers in the same booking and may waive change fees for the rest of the passengers.

What are my rights if I’m denied boarding due to overbooking?

You may be accommodated on the next flight or offered an incentive, a refund, or a travel voucher with a validity period.

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