Allegiant allows only domestic cats and dogs to travel in the passenger cabin. The Allegiant pet policy does not allow pets to be transported as checked baggage or air cargo. Pet reservations can be made by phone (702-505-8888) or online when purchasing your ticket.

Allegiant Pet Policy—In-Cabin Pets

Under the Allegiant Air pet policy, domestic cats and dogs are allowed to travel within the 48 contiguous states in the United States, Puerto Rico, and San Juan. 

  • Pets Allowed.  Only domestic dogs and cats are allowed to travel in the cabin. 
  • Countries
    • 48 contiguous states in the U.S.
    • Puerto Rico
    • San Juan
  • Age Requirements
    • Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old. 
    • The passenger accompanying the pet must be at least 15 years old.
  • Form Requirements
    • Health certificates are not required on domestic flights. 
    • A health certificate may be required on flights to Puerto Rico.
  • Pet Reservations
    • You can book online when purchasing your ticket. 
    • You can also book by phone (702-505-8888).
  • Check-in
    • Check in at the airport desk at least 1 hour before your flight’s departure.
    • Airport check-in starts 4 hours before departure.
    • Be sure to present the necessary paperwork for the destination country if travelling internationally. 
  • Pet fee
    • A one-way fee of USD 100 will apply for each carrier in the cabin. 
    • The pet fee applies to flights within USA, Canada, and to/from USA.
    • Service animals (dogs) can travel for free with passengers who have a disability. 
  • Pet Carrier Requirements
    What is the Allegiant pet carrier policy?
    Under Allegiant’s pet carrier policy, your pet carrier:
    • Must be FAA-approved.
    • Must not be larger than 9in x 16in x 19in (22cm x 40cm x 48cm).
    • Can be hard- or soft-sided (preferably soft-sided) but leak-proof. 
    • Must be large enough for the pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down in.
    • A single pet carrier can include up to 2 pups or kittens (same species), provided they are small enough to fit inside comfortably.
  • Restrictions
    The Allegiant Airlines pet policy places the following restrictions on pet travel:
    • Route Restrictions. Pets cannot fly to/from Hawaii, unless they are service dogs and they comply with Hawaii’s import regulations. 
    • Seating Restrictions. Passengers travelling with a pet will not be allowed to occupy seats in the exit row, seats just before or after an exit row, or a bulkhead seat. 
    • Carry-on Allowance Restrictions. The pet carrier is not considered a part of the normal baggage allowance and will be subject to excess baggage charges. 
    • Emotional Support Animals. Allegiant will no longer accept reservations for Emotional Support Animals, unless they travel as normal pets and comply with the Allegiant Pet Policy regulations. 
    • Number of Pet Carriers/Passenger. Only 1 pet carrier is allowed per passenger. 
  • Your Pet Must
    The Allegiant Air pet policy requires that your pet:
    • Remain inside its carrier at the airport and throughout the flight. 
    • Must be odorless, harmless, and non-disruptive.
    • Must not be ill, in physical distress, or violent.

Allegiant Pet Policy—Pets as Checked Baggage

The pet policy at Allegiant does not allow pets to travel checked baggage on its flights any longer.

Allegiant Pet Policy—Pets as Air Cargo

Allegiant does not accept pets as air cargo on its flights.

How to Travel with Service Animals on Allegiant 

Allegiant allows fully-trained service animals to travel free of charge in the passenger cabin with owners who have a physical, sensory, psychiatric, mental, or intellectual disability. However, the following conditions must be met:

  • Animals included. Only dogs, regardless of breed or type. 
  • Documentation Requirements. The U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form must be filled out and emailed to at least 48 hours before departure, and a hard copy it presented to an Allegiant representative at the gate or check-in counter. 
  • Check-in. Must present the service animal at the ticket counter or gate, along with the required documentation. 
  • Number of Service Animals Per Passenger. Each passenger is allowed to travel with up to 2 service dogs free of charge.
  • Service Animal Guidelines
    The Allegiant pet policy requires the following conditions to be met:
    • The service animal must not occupy any space outside of the foot space of its owner. If it does, the passenger may either be denied boarding or asked to purchase a second seat. 
    • The service animal must not extend any part of its body to into the aisle space. 
    • If travelling to a destination outside of the 48 contiguous United States, the passenger must comply with the (additional/different) regulations of that region. 
    • The service animal must be seated on the floor, under the seat, or in the passenger’s lap if it is similarly sized to a 2-year-old child and no heavier than 30lb. 
    • The service animal must not occupy a seat or eat from a tray table. 
    • The service animal must be under the passenger’s control at all times and remain properly leashed/harnessed and tied to the passenger. 
    • Passengers travelling with service animals are not allowed to not occupy an exit row seat. 
    • Allegiant only accepts service animals as stated in Title 14, Part 382 of the Code of the U.S. DOT’s Federal Regulations.
    • A service animal that shows any signs of disruptive behavior will not be accepted. The disruptive behavior includes but is not limited to growling, biting, barking, or behaving aggressively, running around other passengers or jumping on them, relieving themselves inside the aircraft or airport, etc. 
    • For information or assistance, contact

What is the Allegiant ESA pet policy?

Effective January 11, 2021, Allegiant has stopped accepting reservations for Emotional Support Animals (ESAs). This means emotional support animals will no longer be allowed to travel free of charge in the passenger cabin. However, they may travel as normal pets for a fee if they meet all the requirements laid out in the Allegiant Pet Policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Allegiant Pet Policy

What is the Allegiant pet policy?

According to the Allegiant pet policy, you can travel with your pet in the cabin only if you meet the conditions listed below. 
• Only small domestic cats and dogs are permitted.
• Pets are only allowed to travel inside the passenger cabin.
• The pet carrier must be:
◦ FAA-approved and no larger than 9in x 16in x 19in in size. 
◦ Hard- or soft-sided (preferably soft-sided) and leak-proof.
◦ Able to fit under the seat in front of you.
• Only 2 pups or kittens per pet carrier are allowed. 
• The pet must be able to sit, stand, lie down, and turn around comfortably inside the carrier.
• Your pet must be comfortable inside its carrier and stay inside it throughout the flight. 
• All pet carriers must be inspected at the ticket counter prior to check-in.
• Pets travelling within the 48 contiguous United States can travel without a health certificate. 
• Pets are not allowed to travel to/from Hawaii. However, service animals can travel with their owners free of charge, provided they comply with all the import requirements. 

What is the Allegiant pet policy for military personnel?

The Allegiant pet policy for military personnel allows active-duty U.S. military personnel* to travel with 1 pet of charge in the passenger cabin. 

*Per the pet policy at Allegiant, the following personnel are eligible to avail of this benefit: active duty, reserve duty, and veterans of the U.S. Army, Marine Corps., Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Officer Corps., subject to a valid ID.

What is Allegiant Air’s small pet policy?

Allegiant Air’s small pet policy allows only small dogs and cats to travel in the passenger cabin, but not in the checked baggage or air cargo section of the aircraft. 

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