This blog brings you up to speed with the TUI Pet Travel Policy. It outlines the conditions under which pets, including small dogs and cats, can join their owners in the cabin, as well as the guidelines for larger pets that need to travel in the aircraft’s hold. 

TUI airlines pet policy details specific requirements for pets in the cabin as carry-on baggage, such as age, weight, and the necessity for a suitable carrier, ensuring the safety and comfort of the pet, the passenger, and others on board. For pets travelling in the hold as checked baggage, TUI pet travel ensures a safe environment with temperature and pressure regulations akin to the passenger cabin, adhering to strict crate specifications and health documentation.

Passengers with disabilities are allowed to travel with service animals (guide dogs) in the cabin at no additional charge, ensuring they are seated comfortably in front rows, or even in Economy Plus on longer flights for extra legroom.

Additionally, TUI accommodates emotional support animals on flights to and from the United States, recognizing their significance in the well-being of passengers with specific needs. 

TUI Pets in Cabin Policy

TUI Pets in Cabin Policy

According to TUI pets in cabin policy, only small dogs and cats are allowed to travel in the passenger cabin with their owners. However, guide dogs are allowed to fly free of charge on all flights and routes. Emotional support animals (cats and dogs) are only accepted free of charge on flights to or from the United States. 

The other pet travel requirements of TUI pets in cabin policy are as follows: 

  • Pet Age. At least 12 weeks old.
  • Pet Weight. 17lb/8kg (incl. the weight of the pet carrier)
  • Pets Allowed Per Passenger:
  • Pets Allowed Per Flight: 3
  • Pet Reservations
    • Can be made at the time of booking (online/by phone, etc.) or later (online via myTUI/by phone, etc.). The sooner you book, the better are your chances of being able to fly with your pet because only 3 pets are accepted on a flight.
    • When booking your pet, you will be asked to provide:
      • The pet carrier’s weight and dimensions, and
      • The pet’s weight, and
      • The pet’s breed 
  • Pet Check-in
    • You must check in physically at the airport. 
    • Reach 20-30 minutes prior to the recommended check-in time.
  • Pet Fee. The pet fee for a cabin pet is EUR 50 each way.
  • Pet Carrier Requirements for Pets in Cabin 
    • Must be soft-sided
    • Maximum Size 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (21in x 16in x 8in) 
    • Other requirements
      • The pet carrier must fit under your front seat.
      • The pet carrier must be large enough for the pet to stand, sit, and turn around.
      • No part of the pet’s body must extend from the carrier.
      • Must have a waterproof bottom.
      • Must have strong fasteners. 
      • Pet padding is recommended.
      • Must remain closed with the pet inside.
  • Forms Required
    • EU Pet Passport
    • Health Certificate (incl. rabies)
    • The pet must be microchipped
    • Any additional documentation required by the destination country 
  • Restrictions
    • Pets must fly as air cargo on flights to/from the United Kingdom or Ireland. 
    • Snub-nosed breeds are not allowed on TUI flights.
    • Pregnant pets will not be accepted.
    • On long-haul flights, pets are not allowed in the cabin but can travel in the hold.

TUI Pet Travel Policy for Checked Pets 

TUI Pet Travel Policy for pets travelling as checked baggage in the cargo hold 

Pets (i.e., dogs and cats) that are too large or heavy to travel in the cabin can be transported in the hold section of the aircraft, which has the same temperature and pressure as the passenger cabin.

The pet travel requirements for checked pets travelling as checked baggage are as follows:

  • Pet Age. Must be 12 weeks or older. 
  • Pet Weight. Must not be more than 100lb/45kg in weight (pet + pet crate) 
  • Pet Reservations
    • Same as for in cabin pets. 
    • When booking your pet as checked baggage, you will need to provide the weight and dimensions of the pet crate and your pet’s weight and breed.
  • Pets Allowed Per Crate: 1 
  • Pet Fee for Checked Pets. The per-way pet fee for pets travelling in the aircraft hold is EUR 80.
  • Pet Crate Requirements for Checked Pets 
    • Maximum Size 121cm x 81cm x 88cm (47in x 32in x 35in)
    • Pet crates must:
      • Comply with IATA requirements. 
      • Have a waterproof bottom
      • Be adequately ventilated 
      • Have a spring lock door
      • Be clean, sturdy, and escape proof
      • Be roomy enough for the pet to stand up, sit, turn around, and lie down.
      • Be fastened at the top and bottom halves with metal hardware.  
  • Forms Required for Checked Pets 
    • EU Pet Passport
    • Health Certificate (incl. rabies)
    • The pet must be microchipped
    • Any additional documentation required by the destination country 
  • Restrictions
    • Snub-nosed breeds are not allowed due to health reasons.

TUI Airlines Pet Policy for Service Animals (Guide Dogs)

TUI Airlines Pet Policy for Service Animals (Guide Dogs)

Below is a snapshot of TUI pet travel policy for service/assistance animals.

  • Service/assistance animals can only be dogs.
  • They must be specially trained to perform tasks and provide assistance to individuals with disabilities, such as visual/hearing/mobility/psychiatric impairments.
  • Guide dogs are permitted in the cabin without a fee. However, they must not occupy a seat.
  • Guide dogs can accompany disabled passengers in the aircraft cabin at no extra cost.
  • You must inform the airline at least 48 hours before departure.
  • The guide dog must be harnessed at all times. 
  • The harness must bear the name of the organization that trained the guide dog. 
  • Passengers travelling with an assistance or guide dog will be allotted seats in the front row for easier access.
  • On longer flights, passengers with guide dogs may be given front-row Economy Plus seats to ensure additional leg space.

TUI Pet Policy for Emotional Support Animals

TUI Pet Policy for Emotional Support Animals

TUI airlines pet policy for emotional support animals (ESAs) allows emotional support animals to travel only on flights to or from the United States. The major highlights of the policy are as follows: 

  • Only dogs and cats are accepted as emotional support animals. 
  • The passenger must have a recent medical certificate (less than 1 year old) issued by the attending doctor or therapist stating that the passenger has to travel with the dog or cat. 
  • Emotional support animals on such flights are accepted free of charge. However, all other rules that apply to other pets will apply to them. 
  • You must notify the airline at least 48 hours before departure. 

10 Pet Travel Tips

Traveling with your pet on TUI flights can be a smooth experience with the right preparation with the 10 pet travel tips below.

  1. Check Eligibility. Only small dogs and cats are permitted in the cabin. Ensure your pet meets the age (minimum 12 weeks) and weight (up to 17lb/8kg including the carrier) criteria.
  2. Guide Dogs. Service animals, specifically guide dogs, are allowed in the cabin at no extra charge, but they cannot occupy a seat.
  3. Emotional Support Animals. If you’re flying to or from the United States, your emotional support dog or cat can accompany you free of charge, with proper medical documentation proving your eligibility.
  4. Reservation. Book your pet’s spot as early as possible, ideally when you book your own ticket, as only three pets are allowed per flight book through .
  5. Pet Carrier. Use a soft-sided carrier that fits under your front seat, ensuring it’s the correct size (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and has a waterproof bottom and strong fasteners.
  6. Check-in. Arrive 20-30 minutes before the recommended check-in time, as pet check-in must be done physically at the airport.
  7. Fees. Be prepared to pay EUR 50 each way for cabin pets. For pets too large for the cabin, the hold travel fee is EUR 80 each way.
  8. Health and Safety. Ensure your pet has an EU Pet Passport, a current health certificate, is microchipped, and meets all destination country requirements.
  9. Breed and Condition Restrictions. Note that snub-nosed breeds and pregnant pets are not accepted, and pets must travel as cargo to/from the UK or Ireland.
  10. Seating. If traveling with a guide dog, inform TUI at least 48 hours before departure to secure a front-row or Economy Plus seat for additional space you can also change/cancel your flight anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions About TUI Pet Travel Policy

Navigating the complexities of flying with pets can be daunting on any airline. The FAQs below about TUI Pet Travel Policy can significantly simplify the process. The section below addresses common inquiries and provides clear insights into the rules, regulations, and tips for traveling with your beloved animals on TUI flights, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience for both you and your pet.

Does TUI allow pets?

TUI allows small dogs and cats both in the passenger cabin (as carry-on baggage) and in the cargo hold section (as checked baggage)—subject to certain conditions outlined in the airline’s pet travel policy. 

Are there any fee exemptions for pets traveling on TUI flights?

Yes, guide dogs can fly at no extra charge on all TUI flights and routes, and emotional support animals (dogs and cats) are accepted free of charge only on flights to or from the United States.

What is TUI Airlines pet policy for pets traveling in the cabin?

Pets travelling in the cabin must be at least 12 weeks old and weigh no more than 17lb/8kg, including the pet carrier.

How many pets are allowed per passenger and per flight in the TUI cabin?

Each passenger is allowed one pet, and a maximum of three pets are permitted on each flight.

What are the pet carrier requirements for TUI pets in cabin?

The carrier must be soft-sided, not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, fit under the front seat, and meet other specified conditions for the pet’s comfort and safety.

What documentation is required for pets traveling on TUI flights?

Necessary documents include an EU Pet Passport, a health certificate including rabies vaccination, microchipping, and any additional documentation required by the destination country.

Can pets travel as checked baggage on TUI flights?

Yes, pets too large or heavy for the cabin can travel in the hold, with specific requirements for age, weight, reservations, and crate specifications.

What is the fee for pets traveling as checked baggage on TUI flights?

The fee for pets traveling in the aircraft hold is EUR 80 per way at present. 

What is TUI policy for service animals and guide dogs?

Service animals (only dogs), are allowed in the cabin at no extra cost, provided they meet certain training criteria and are not occupying a seat.

What are TUI requirements for emotional support animals?

Emotional support animals (only dogs and cats) are accepted without charge on flights to or from the U.S., with passengers required to present a recent medical certificate and notify the airline 48 hours before departure.

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