The SAS pet policy allows you to travel with pets. However, the option for your pet to travel in the cabin (only small cats and dogs), the cargo hold, or as air cargo will depend on its breed, size, weight, and age

Flying with pets in the cabin or cargo hold comes with a few restrictions:

  • Pets are not allowed in the cabin in SAS Business class. 
  • For flights to/from the UK or Ireland, pets cannot travel in the cabin or as checked baggage in the cargo hold, except for service dogs, which are permitted in the cabin.

When traveling with pets, there are a few important points to remember: 

  • Service dogs are always allowed to travel free of charge under SAS airlines pets in cabin.
  • Space for animals is limited on each flight. 
  • When flying with a pet, be sure to:
    • Submit your pet travel request within 24 hours of booking your ticket, as doing so early increases the likelihood of accommodating your pet.
    • Book your pet at least 24 hours before departure.
  • When traveling with pets, allow additional time for check-in and security procedures. Arrive at the airport no less than 2 hours prior to your flight’s scheduled departure time.
  • For journeys to or through specific nations, pets must be sent solely as cargo as unaccompanied baggage. Examples of these countries include Great Britain, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

SAS Pet in Cabin Policy

The SAS pet policy for in-cabin pets permits the transportation of only small cats and dogs in the cabin. Other types of pets are accepted but must be placed in the cargo section. Service dogs are allowed to accompany their owners in the cabin at no extra charge.

  • Pets Allowed. Only small dogs and cats.
  • Pet Age
    • Puppies and kittens must be at least 8 weeks old. 
    • For kittens up to 13 weeks old, you must present a veterinary certificate confirming their readiness for travel.  
  • Pet Reservations
    • You can book your pet online via My Bookings after completing your booking.
      • Once the booking is confirmed, you will be issued a payment receipt. 
      • If pet reservations are not available, the option will not appear in My Bookings.
    • You can also book your pet by phone via SAS Customer Service.
  • Pets Allowed Per Passenger. Each passenger is allowed to bring 1 pet container/carrier with up to 2 in-cabin pets of the same species.
  • Pet Check-in
    • Allow extra time for check-in and security. 
    • Reach the airport at least 2 hours before departure.
  • Pet-in-Cabin Price/Pet Fee.
    • Domestic: DKK 420/NOK/SEK 550, EUR 55, USD 60
    • Europe, Scandinavia, and the Middle East: DKK 550, NOK/SEK 750, EUR 75, USD 80 
    • USA, Canada, Asia: DKK 740, NOK/SEK 990, EUR 99, USD 105 
    • China: DKK 1100, NOK/SEK 1540, EUR 149, USD 159 
  • SAS-Approved Pet Carrier for Cabin Pets
    • Only carriers specifically designed for pet transport are accepted. 
    • A recommended option is a Sherpa Bag or a similar soft-type carrier, made from flexible materials, which you can find at most pet stores.
    • The carrier must be made from strong, well-ventilated material that is resistant to leaks and bites.
    • It should be fully sealable.
    • Size and Weight Restrictions
      • Maximum dimensions 40cm x 25cm x 23cm (16in x 10in x 9in)
        (L x W x H)
      • Maximum weight (incl. carrier) 18lb/8kg
      • The pet carrier must fit under your front seat.
      • Pets in the cabin must have enough room within the carrier to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably. Failure to meet these conditions may result in the denial of your pet’s boarding.
  • Restrictions for Cabin Pets
    • Pets must stay inside their closed carriers on the floor for the duration of the flight.
    • Both the pet and its carrier count as your carry-on luggage. No extra carry-on items are allowed, and a fee for pet transport will apply.
    • Pets cannot accompany passengers in SAS Business Class or on SAS charter flights.
    • If you’re flying to/from the UK or Ireland, pets are not allowed to travel in the cabin or as checked baggage in the hold. However, service dogs are always allowed to travel in the cabin for free.

SAS Pets in Hold Policy

If your pet is too large or heavy to travel in the cabin, it will need to be transported in the cargo hold as checked baggage. The cargo hold accepts only cats and dogs, while other pets and wild animals must be shipped exclusively as air cargo. For availability and booking, you’ll need to contact SAS Customer Service.

It’s important to remember that access to the cargo hold is not available during the flight.

  • Pets Allowed. Only cats and dogs.
  • Pet Age. Must be 8 weeks or older. 
  • Pet Reservations
    • Contact SAS Customer Service to check for space availability and to book your pet.
    • Book your pet at least:
      • 24 hours prior to departure
      • Within 24 hours of booking your ticket (the earlier, the better)
    • If your pet travel request is refused within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket and you decide to rebook your ticket, the rebooking fee will be waived but you must pay the fare difference, if any.
  • Pet Documents
    • You’ll need to fill out and submit the Certificate for Transportation of Animals Form at the check-in counter, unless you’re travelling domestically within Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.
    • A Health Certificate issued by your vet within 10 days of travel.
    • Any other certificate(s)/documentation required by the countries of departure, transit, and destination.
  • Pets Allowed Per Passenger
    • Up to 2 adult animals of similar size weighing up to 30lb/14kg are allowed, provided they are of the same species and used to living together.
    • Animals that weigh more than 30lb/14kg must travel in separate carriers.
    • Up to 3 kittens or puppies from the same litter, all under 6 months old, are allowed to travel together.
  • Pet Check-in
    • Keep enough spare time for check-in and security. 
    • Arrive at the airport no less than 2 hours prior to departure.
  • Pet Fee for Pets in Hold/Checked Pets
    • Domestic: DKK 680, NOK/SEK 950, EUR 90, USD 100 
    • Europe, Scandinavia, and the Middle East: DKK 1250, NOK/SEK 1740, EUR 169, USD 195
    • USA, Canada and Asia: DKK 2500, NOK/SEK 3500, EUR 340, USD 370 
    • China: DKK 5400, NOK/SEK 7600, EUR 725, USD 775 
  • SAS-Approved Pet Carrier for Checked Pets
    • Maximum pet weight (incl. pet container) 330lb/150kg
    • The pet container must be IATA-approved and suitable for pet transportation. 
    • The pet container should be escape-proof.
    • If the pet container is too small or fails to comply with IATA requirements, your pet may be refused transportation at check-in.
    • Brachycephalic dogs other than Pekingese, Bulldogs, and Pugs and their mixed breeds will only be accepted in the cargo hold if the container is one size larger, well-ventilated, and has a door with open bars from the top to the bottom.
  • Restrictions for Checked Pets
    • The following Brachycephalic (snub-nosed) dogs and their mixed breeds are not allowed in the cargo hold due to potential breathing issues: Pekingese, Bulldogs, and Pugs. 
    • Other Brachycephalic dogs are accepted in the cargo hold section on the conditions mentioned above.

SAS Policy for Pets Travelling as Air Cargo Baggage

If your pet is ineligible to travel in the cargo hold as checked baggage, or if it must be shipped as cargo, utilizing a freight forwarder is recommended. 

This applies to both domestic pets and wild animals. Pets/animals traveling as air cargo must travel independently. This is necessary for destinations that mandate pets/animals to be transported as cargo—such as Great Britain, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

For more information or assistance, contact SAS Customer Care.

SAS Airlines Pet Policy for Service Animals

SAS service dog

Fully trained service animals (only dogs) are welcome in the cabin free of charge, provided they adhere to the following stipulations.

  • A single service dog is allowed per passenger, but those traveling to the US with disabilities can travel with up to 2 service dogs.
  • The service dog should be actively working and easily recognizable (for instance, by wearing a vest).
  • The service dog must remain on the ground in front of you during the flight, not extending into the aisle.
  • Should your service dog require more space, options include rescheduling to a less crowded flight or purchasing an additional seat, although the dog must stay on the floor.

Booking a Service Dog 

To fly with your service dog at no extra cost, you must notify the airline promptly after booking—but no later than 48 hours before departure.

  • Place your service dog request through “My Bookings” once your flight is booked.
  • Upon request approval, complete and bring the Certificate for Transportation of Animals to the airport check-in (not required for domestic flights in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden).
  • You can also book your service dog by contacting SAS Customer Service.

Documentation for Service Dogs

Travel with a service dog necessitates showing:

  • A medical/mental health certificate from a certified professional confirming the need for the dog.
  • A veterinary health certificate with vaccination details.
  • Certification from a reputable service dog training entity verifying the dog’s training and the owner’s needs.

Service Dog Conduct 

  • Your service dog must respond to your commands and act suitably in public—no barking, growling, or leaping at others.
  • Always control your service dog with a leash and/or harness.
  • Misbehaving service dogs will be classified as pets, incurring relevant charges and conditions.
  • Service dogs are prohibited from:
  • Sitting in exit rows or obstructing aisles.
  • Using a passenger seat, though they may sit on the floor beneath if a seat is booked.
  • Eating from the tray tables.

Special Rules When Travelling to/from the US

When traveling to or from the US, you must provide 48-hour prior notice for traveling with a service dog as well as for the following:

  • Accommodations for severe vision and hearing impairments.
  • Group accommodations for ten or more disabled individuals.
  • Bringing personal medical equipment.
  • Requesting onboard oxygen or other medical devices.

Frequently Asked Questions About SAS Pet Policy

Navigating the specifics of airline travel with pets raises a range of inquiries from pet owners. The FAQs below about the SAS Pet Policy serve as a handy guide to address common concerns and provide essential information for those planning to travel with their pets on SAS flights. This section clarifies the SAS’ pet travel rules and regulations, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey for both you and your animal companion.

Does SAS allow pets?

Yes, SAS allows pets to travel, subject to certain conditions regarding their size, weight, breed, and age.

What is the SAS pet travel policy? 

SAS’s pet policy enables pets to travel either in the cabin (limited to small cats and dogs), in the cargo hold, or as air cargo, with specific restrictions based on the travel class and destination.

Can all types of pets travel in the SAS cabin? 

No, only small cats and dogs are allowed in the SAS cabin. Other pets must travel in the cargo hold or as air cargo.

Are there any specific breed restrictions for pets traveling with SAS? 

Yes, brachycephalic (snub-nosed) breeds like Pekingese, Bulldogs, and Pugs and their mixed breeds have special restrictions, particularly for cargo hold travel.

What are the size and weight limits for pets traveling in the SAS cabin? 

The maximum size for pet carriers in the cabin is 40cm x 25cm x 23cm, with a total weight limit (pet and carrier) of 8kg.

How can I book my pet’s travel with SAS? 

You can book your pet online via “My Bookings” after completing your ticket booking, or through SAS Customer Service by phone.

What are the fees for pet travel with SAS? 

Fees vary depending on the destination, ranging from EUR 55 for domestic flights to EUR 725 for flights to China, including different rates for cabin and cargo travel. For details, refer to the sections above. 

What are the requirements for pet carriers on SAS flights? 

Pet carriers must be specifically designed for pet transport, IATA-approved, escape-proof, well-ventilated, leak-proof, and bite-proof, and must fit under the seat in the cabin or meet cargo specifications. For details, refer to the sections above.

What should I do if my pet cannot travel in the cabin? 

If your pet is too large or does not meet cabin criteria, it must travel in the cargo hold as checked baggage or as unaccompanied air cargo, requiring arrangements through SAS Customer Service or a freight forwarder.

Are there any special considerations for traveling with pets on international flights with SAS? 

Yes, when traveling to certain destinations like the UK, Hong Kong, UAE, and Australia, pets must be transported as cargo and not in the cabin or as checked baggage.

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