Navigating flight cancellations can often be a complex process, but understanding the SAS cancellation policy simplifies making informed decisions when travel plans change unexpectedly. This policy caters to various scenarios, whether the cancellation originates from the passenger or Scandinavian Airlines. 

Highlighting flexibility and consideration for circumstances, the policy outlines conditions under which refunds are permissible, emphasizing the nature of the ticket purchased as a determining factor for refund eligibility. The SAS airlines cancellation policy accommodates unforeseen changes in most cases by either offering full refunds or ticket cancellations with a fee, except for non-refundable tickets which cannot be cancelled. 

Major Highlights of the Scandinavian airlines cancellation policy 

Navigating the process of canceling your flight with Scandinavian Airlines can vary based on who initiates the cancellation you or the airline. If circumstances prevent you from traveling and necessitate the cancellation of your flight, you may be allowed to cancel your flight and apply for a refund, depending on several factors. 

  • Whether you can cancel and refund your ticket will depend upon what type of ticket you have purchased. While some tickets allow for a full refund, others can be canceled for a fee, whereas others are non-refundable.
  • All tickets (regardless of ticket type) can be canceled and refunded without penalty: 
    • Within 24 hours of purchase if you purchased your ticket directly through SAS at least 24 hours before departure; and at least 12 hours before departure if you purchased your ticket within 24 hours of departure.
    • If your flight departure is delayed by more than 5 hours and you choose not to travel.
    • If your flight is cancelled and the alternative flight offered to you does not suit you.
  • The following tickets can be cancelled and fully refunded:
    • SAS Go Pro
    • SAS Plus Pro
    • SAS Business Pro
    • Star Alliance bonus tickets canceled at least 24 hours before departure
      (only the valid points will be refunded before starting your trip; no points will be refunded for the return trip if you’ve already started a bonus trip).
  • The following tickets can be canceled for a fee:
    • SAS Plus Smart (for intra-Europe flights), 
    • SAS Bonus tickets
  • The following tickets cannot be canceled—only taxes and fees are refundable upon cancellation:
    • SAS Go Light, 
    • SAS Go Smart
    • SAS Plus Smart (for flights between Asia and North America)
    • SAS Business Smart
    • SAS Youth tickets
  • If you purchase your ticket with EuroBonus points and another payment form, you’ll need to review the specific refund rules for that ticket.
  • If SAS cancels your flight, you have the option to:
    • Rebook to another flight, or 
    • Cancel your flight and request a monetary refund* via My Bookings, or
      (*within 7 days)
    • Cancel your flight and request a SAS Travel Voucher 

Note. Travel Vouchers can be used for future travel to any SAS destination. They are valid for 1 year from the issue date, with any remaining balance refundable post one year.

  • If you book your ticket through a travel agent, you must contact the agent directly to cancel your flight or fill out an online form requesting SAS to process your flight cancellation request.
  • Cancellation policy due to visa denial. You must comply with all laws, regulations, and requirements for exit, entry, health, and other documentation as mandated by the destination countries.
    • Except for journeys involving China, a visa denial will result in a refund of only the ticket price, as per the ticket’s terms. 
    • For visa denials concerning travel to or from China, you can cancel your SAS-directly booked trip by submitting the visa denial document as proof.
  • If a close family member dies, you can cancel your ticket and request a refund by filling out the Refund due to Death Form online.
  • It is advisable to purchase travel insurance or consult your insurance provider to understand the coverage for cancellations due to illness. 
  • A full refund due to hospitalization is specifically available for US residents.
  • Regardless of the ticket type, taxes are always reimbursed if you cancel your flight. 
  • Refunds are credited back using the original payment method.
  • If you cancel your ticket, the service fees, cancellation penalties, and payments for any additional services (like pre-selected seats, meals, or lounge access) are non-refundable.

Scandinavian Airlines Refund Policy

Scandinavian Airlines refund policies vary based on whether the cancellation is initiated by you or by SAS. For cases where you decide to cancel your trip without a preceding cancellation by SAS, the following conditions apply:

General Refund Terms of SAS Refund Policy

  • The amount refunded will depend on what type of ticket you’ve purchased. Some tickets offer a full refund, while others do not offer refunds, or might necessitate a service charge for processing the refund.
  • Taxes are invariably refunded upon the cancellation of a trip, irrespective of the ticket category. 
  • Refunds are processed using the original payment method.
  • Canceling your trip means service fees, cancellation charges, and any extras (such as pre-selected seats, meals, and lounge access) are non-refundable unless the ticket is canceled within the 24-hour refund guarantee period.
  • It’s advisable to opt for travel insurance or consult your insurance provider to understand the extent of your home insurance’s coverage for cancellations due to illness. Only hospitalizations entitle US citizens to a complete refund.
  • Refundable points are credited back, whereas expired points are not.
  • Once a bonus trip has commenced, points for the return segment are non-refundable.

SAS 24 Hour Cancellation 

24 hour cancellation policy

The SAS 24 hour cancellation policy ensures that passengers can cancel their flights within 24 hours of making their reservation without incurring any fees. 

According to Scandinavian Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, if you purchase your ticket directly through SAS, you are entitled to a full refund within the 24-hour window, regardless of what type of ticket you’ve purchased. However, you should have purchased your ticket at least 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure time. For example, a booking made at 5 pm qualifies for a refund until 5 pm the following day.

However, if you booked your ticket within 24 hours of your flight’s scheduled departure time, you are entitled to a refund up until at least 12 hours before departure—but never within 12 hours. For example, if you booked an 11 am flight at 5 pm the previous day, your ticket would be eligible for a refund up until 11 pm on the day you booked your flight.

It’s important to note that the 24 hour cancellation policy with a money-back guarantee does not extend to ticket modifications/rebookings.

How to Cancel a SAS Flight?

If you booked your ticket directly with SAS, you can cancel it: 

  • Online via My bookings
    • Enter your booking reference and last name
    • Use the Cancel & Refund option and follow the prompts
  • By phone—call SAS Customer Service to request a cancellation 

SAS Cancellation Policy Due to Death 

To qualify for a refund, the reservation must have been made before the event. If an immediate family member dies, you can cancel your SAS directly booked trip by submitting the death certificate. If you booked through a travel agency, you must reach out to the agent directly. 

You will also be required to furnish official documentation confirming your relationship to the deceased. 

Points to Remember

  • For departures scheduled within the next 7 days, contact SAS Customer Service immediately.
  • SAS will reimburse the cost of completely unused tickets using the original payment method.
  • Partially-used tickets are subject to refund based on the ticket’s guidelines.
  • Only direct family members of the deceased are eligible for a full refund from SAS. Refunds for other travelers who have had to cancel due to the bereavement will be managed under the standard fare regulations.
  • Direct/immediate family members include spouse, live-in partner, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law, and in-laws (brother/sister, son/daughter).
  • For any inquiries or assistance needed, contact SAS Customer Service directly.

What If My Flight is Cancelled?

What If My Flight is Cancelled?

When an unexpected cancellation occurs, Scandinavian Airlines provides immediate assistance and keeps you informed.

Assistance from SAS. You will receive immediate notifications via text or email via the contact details in your booking. Ensuring these details are current is essential for effective communication. You can verify and update contact information in My Bookings.

Your Options After Cancellation

  • You can proceed with the next available flight. SAS cancellation policy promptly begins rebooking efforts following a cancellation, aiming to place you on the next flight with similar transport conditions. You’ll be notified upon successful rebooking. If the new arrangement works for you, simply confirm your acceptance.
  • You can choose an alternative fight. If the rebooked flight does not meet your needs, you’re free to reschedule for a more suitable date under comparable transport conditions. For rebooking needs, reaching out to SAS Customer Service is advised. For bookings made via travel agents, contact them directly for assistance.
  • You can ask for a refund. A complete refund is available for the unused portion of your ticket if you opt not to travel. This includes a full refund for both the impacted leg and any unaffected segments within the same booking. Familiarize yourself with EU passenger rights for detailed rules. To initiate a refund, access My Bookings. Travelers who booked through agents should seek their assistance or request a refund online.

Passenger Rights in Flight Delay Situations

Passenger Rights in Flight Delay Situations

Services During Delays. Entitlement to meals and non-alcoholic beverages if delayed over 2 hours, correlating with the length of the wait. Keep all original receipts for potential reimbursement.

Accommodation for Overnight Delays. Should an overnight stay be necessary, and returning home isn’t feasible, you’re entitled to hotel accommodation and transport between the hotel and the airport. Additionally, you may make 2 phone calls or send two emails. Retain all receipts for any expenses.

Reimbursing Additional Costs. For extra costs due to flight disruptions, compensation claims can be filed through SAS’s online form, attaching original receipts. Direct claims with SAS are advisable to avoid third-party fees.

SAS Cancellation Fee

The specific cancellation fee charged by SAS cancellation policy is not uniformly set and varies depending on several factors depending on your ticket type and the circumstances of the cancellation. Here’s a general overview based on the information provided:

  • Ticket Refundability. The amount refunded upon cancellation is governed by the rules of your ticket. Some tickets are fully refundable, others are non-refundable, and some may require a service fee for processing the refund.
  • Service Charges and Extras. It’s important to note that if you cancel your trip, service charges, cancellation fees, and payments for any travel extras (like pre-selected seats, meals, and lounge access) are not refunded.
  • Tickets Refundable for a Fee. Certain ticket types, such as SAS Plus Smart (only for flights within Europe) and SAS Bonus tickets, can be refunded for a fee, depending on your route.
  • Non-Refundable Tickets. For tickets such as SAS Go Light, SAS Go Smart, SAS Plus Smart (for flights to/from Asia and North America), SAS Business Smart, and SAS Youth tickets, only taxes and fees are refunded upon cancellation.

For the most accurate and personalized information regarding cancellation fees for your specific situation, review your ticket’s terms or contact SAS directly.

SAS Cancellation Flight Compensation

If a flight on which you hold a confirmed reservation is cancelled or significantly delayed, or you have been denied boarding, you are protected under EU Regulation (EC) No 261/2004. You are entitled to receive specific services and compensations for flights not operating as planned, provided you have a confirmed reservation and a valid ticket, including a ticket booked under a frequent flyer program, for a flight departing from or arriving in the EU under certain conditions.

Flight Cancellations. If your flight is cancelled, you can choose between rerouting at the earliest convenience or reimbursement for the unused portion of your ticket, including a return flight to the departure point if necessary. 

If required, you may also be entitled to complimentary meals, refreshments, accommodation, and transport, along with two communication attempts during extended waits.

Flight Cancellation Compensation 

You are entitled to compensation unless you were informed of the cancellation well in advance or offered suitable rerouting options. The amount of flight cancellation compensation per EU Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 is as follows:

  • Tier A Passengers. €250 for journeys up to 1500 km.
  • Tier B Passengers. €400 is for intra-European flights exceeding 1500 km and for all other flights spanning 1500 to 3500 km.
  • Tier C Passengers. €600 for flights that extend beyond 3500 km


  • The flight cancellation compensation is subject to a 50% reduction if a replacement flight arrives no more than 2 hours late for tier (A), 3 hours late for tier (B), or 4 hours late for tier (C), compared to the original flight’s scheduled arrival time. 
  • You are not entitled to any compensation if your flight is disrupted due to extraordinary events that couldn’t be anticipated or prevented, even with all reasonable precautions. These events include, but are not limited to, political unrest, adverse weather conditions, security concerns, unexpected issues with flight safety, decisions by air traffic control, or labor strikes impacting the airline’s operations.
  • This regulation does not affect passengers’ eligibility for additional compensation. Any compensation received under this regulation may be subtracted from subsequent compensations.

Flight Delays. For delays over 5 hours that render the journey unnecessary, you can request a refund for the unused segments and possibly a return to the departure point.

Similar to cancellations, assistance includes meals, accommodation, transport, and communication services based on the delay duration.

If your flight is delayed by 3 hours or more, you may be entitled to compensation. Since the compensation cannot be claimed at the airport, you will need to contact SAS Customer Service by filling out this online form.

Denied Boarding. SAS will seek volunteers to give up seats in exchange for compensation and assist involuntarily denied passengers as per regulations. Affected passengers can choose between immediate rerouting or ticket reimbursement, alongside airport assistance.

Involuntarily bumped passengers are entitled to compensation, subject to the flight’s distance and the delay extent in the alternative flight provided.

Downgrading. Passengers downgraded from their purchased class are eligible for a partial refund, varying by flight distance.

Making a Claim. You should direct your compensation and/or reimbursement request to SAS using the online form, and thus avoid any third-party charges.

If you’re not satisfied with the SAS response, you can escalate the issue to Alternative Dispute Resolution bodies or through the Online Dispute Resolution platform established by the European Commission.

Frequently Asked Questions on SAS Cancellation Policy

Navigating the complexities of travel plans can lead to many questions, especially when it comes to modifying your itinerary. Understanding the specifics of airline policies is crucial for a smooth travel experience. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of FAQs on the SAS Cancellation Policy. It aims to address your concerns and provide clarity on how to manage cancellations with Scandinavian Airlines, ensuring you’re well-informed about your options and the procedures involved.

What is SAS Airlines cancellation policy? 

According to the SAS cancellation policy, refund eligibility varies by ticket type—some are fully refundable, others require a cancellation fee, and some are non-refundable. 

All tickets can be cancelled and refunded without penalty within 24 hours of purchase if bought directly from SAS and at least 24 hours before departure. You can also cancel and refund your ticket without penalty under special conditions, such as flight delays of more than 5 hours, flight cancellations by SAS, if an alternative flight offered post-cancellation is unsuitable, or due to the death of an immediate family member.

If the above exceptions do not apply, the following tickets are non-refundable (except fees and taxes): SAS Go Light, SAS Go Smart, SAS Plus Smart (for routes between Asia and North America), SAS Business Smart, and SAS Youth tickets.

The following tickets can be cancelled for free: SAS Go Pro, SAS Plus Pro, SAS Business Pro, and Star Alliance bonus tickets (at least 24 hours before departure). 

Plus Smart tickets for intra-Europe flights and SAS Bonus tickets can be cancelled for a fee, depending on your route.

Can I cancel my SAS flight?

You can cancel any SAS flight without penalty within 24 hours of purchase, provided it departs at least 24 hours later, or if your flight is cancelled and the alternative flight does not suit you, or if your flight is delayed by more than 5 hours, or if an immediate family member dies. 

Outside of the 24-hour grace period and the above conditions, the following tickets are non-refundable (but taxes and fees are): SAS Go Light, SAS Go Smart, SAS Plus Smart (for flights between Asia and North America), SAS Business Smart, and SAS Youth tickets.

What if there’s a refund delay by Scandinavian Airlines?

If you experience a refund delay from SAS Airlines, it is important to follow up to ensure your request is being processed. Initially, consider the standard processing time for refunds, which may vary depending on the payment method used for the purchase. If the expected timeframe has passed without receiving your refund, here are steps you can take:

Contact Customer Service. Reach out to SAS Customer Service directly. Have your booking reference, ticket number, and any relevant communication regarding your refund request ready to provide clear details of your case.
Check Your Bank/Credit Card Statement. Sometimes refunds are processed but may not immediately appear on your bank statement. Verify with your bank or credit card provider if there is any pending transaction from SAS.
Review the Refund Policy. Familiarize yourself with the SAS refund policy (explained earlier) related to your ticket type. Understanding the specifics can provide clarity on expected timelines and any conditions that might affect your refund.
Submit Documentation. If requested by SAS or if you believe it will support your case, submit any additional documentation that can expedite the refund process, such as proof of cancellation or communication indicating a promised refund.
Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). If you’re within the EU and unable to resolve the issue directly with SAS, you can use the Online Dispute Resolution platform provided by the European Commission to file a complaint.

You must maintain a record of all communications with the airline for reference. While delays can be frustrating, being informed and persistent can help in resolving the issue effectively.

How do I make a refund request with Scandinavian airlines cancellation policy?

If you purchased your ticket directly from Scandinavian Airlines, you make a refund request online via the Apply for Refund form or call Customer Service directly. If you’ve booked your ticket through a travel agent, contact the agent directly or fill out this online form asking SAS to process your request.

Can I get a full refund for any SAS ticket types?

Yes, SAS Go Pro, SAS Plus Pro, and SAS Business Pro tickets are eligible for a full refund. Also, Star Alliance bonus tickets qualify for a full refund at least 24 hours before departure.

Are there any tickets that can be cancelled for a fee?

Yes, SAS Plus Smart (for intra-Europe flights) and SAS Bonus tickets can be cancelled for a fee.

Which SAS tickets are non-refundable?

SAS Go Light, SAS Go Smart, SAS Plus Smart (for flights between Asia and North America), SAS Business Smart, and SAS Youth tickets are non-refundable, but taxes and fees are.

How does the SAS 24-hour cancellation policy work?

Tickets purchased directly through SAS can be cancelled within 24 hours for a full refund, provided the booking was made at least 24 hours before the flight’s departure.

What options do I have if SAS cancels my flight?

If SAS cancels your flight, you may rebook another flight at no additional charge, cancel your flight and request a monetary refund via My Bookings (without penalty), or opt for a SAS Travel Voucher valid for future travel within a year.

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