Azerbaijan Airlines allows the transportation of pets (cats, dogs, and birds) as carry-on baggage, checked baggage, or air cargo, depending on weight and size. If you’re travelling with a pet in the passenger cabin, the size of the pet (incl. pet carrier) must not exceed 55cm × 20cm × 40cm, and the weight of the pet (incl. cage) must not exceed 17.6lb/8kg. Heavier pets (weighing 17.6 – 165lb, i.e., 8 – 75kg) can be transported as checked baggage in the baggage compartment. Pets weighing more than 165lb/75kg must be transported as air cargo.

The transportation of pets must be requested and approved before travel. To make a pet reservation, contact the Reservations Department by phone () or the agency you purchased your ticket from. 

Azerbaijan Airlines In-Cabin Pet Policy (PETC—Animal in Cabin)

Azerbaijan Airlines allows small dogs, cats, and household birds to travel in the passenger cabin, as long as the weight and size do not exceed the set limits. Only adult passengers are allowed to travel with pets.

  • Pets Allowed. Small dogs, cats, and household birds.
  • Pet Documents
    • A health certificate, issued by a licensed veterinarian shortly before travel. If travelling from the United States or Canada, the health certificate must be issued by a USDA or CFIA-accredited veterinarian.
    • Pets older than 3 months must be vaccinated for rabies 30 days to 12 months before entering Azerbaijan.
    • AZAL recommends that:
      • Dogs should be vaccinated against Hepatitis, Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, and Leptospirosis. 
      • Cats should be vaccinated against Feline Panleukopenia (Distemper), Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Leukaemia.
    • A Rabies Titer test is not required if travelling to Azerbaijan. 
  • Pet Microchip. Not required if you’re travelling to Azerbaijan, but highly recommended that you microchip your pet and register your contact details before travelling for identification purposes, just in case your pet is lost or separated from you. Alternatively, make sure your pet is wearing an identification tag with your contact information.
  • Pet Reservations. Must be made before travel by contacting the:
    • Reservations Department at , or
    • Travel agency you purchased your ticket from.
  • Pet Carrier Requirements
    • The size of the pet carrier must not exceed 115cm (55cm × 20cm × 40cm).
    • The total weight of the pet carrier (incl. pet) must not exceed 17.6lb/8kg.
    • Up to 2 pets of the same yield are allowed in a pet carrier, as long as the total weight does not exceed 17.6lb/8kg. 
    • Pets exceeding 17.6lb/8kg must travel in the baggage compartment.
  • Number of Pets Accepted. Up to 2 pet carriers, unless indicated otherwise.
  • Pet Fee
    • Pets are not included in the free carry-on baggage allowance. 
    • The pet fee is for in-cabin pets (PETC—Animal in Cabin) is:
      • USD 120/EUR 100 on flights to/from New York and Beijing.
      • USD 60/EUR 50/AED 210 for other routes.

Azerbaijan Airlines Checked Pets Policy (AVIH—Animal in Hold)

Azerbaijan Airlines transports larger pets weighing between 17.6 – 165lb (8 – 75kg) as checked baggage in the baggage hold section of the aircraft. 

  • Pets Allowed. Dogs, cats, household birds, hamsters, rabbits, etc.
  • Pet Documents. Refer to the section above.
  • Pet Microchip. Refer to the section above.
  • Pet Reservations. Must be made before travel by contacting the:
    • Reservations Department at , or the 
    • Travel agency you purchased your ticket from
  • Pet Carrier Requirements
    • The combined dimensions of the pet carrier can be:
      • Up to 158cm (L + W + H) 
      • Between 158 – 203cm 
      • More than 203cm
    • The total weight of the pet carrier (incl. pet) must not exceed 165lb/75kg.
      (Pets exceeding 165lb/75kg must travel as air cargo).
    • Only 1 pet is allowed per pet carrier. 
  • Pet Fee. Pets travelling as checked baggage are not included in a passenger’s free baggage allowance and are charged at special rates (see below), depending on weight and size.
Pet Carrier Weight & SizePet Fee
From/to New York and BeijingAll other routes
Up to 158cm and 70lb/32kgUSD 120/EUR 100USD 60/EUR 50/AED 210
Up to 158 cm and 
70 – 165lb
(32 – 75kg)
USD 240/EUR 200USD 120/EUE 100 AED 420
Between 158 – 203cmAdditional USD 120/EUR 100Additional USD 60/EUR 50/AED 210
More than 203 cmAdditional USD 240/EUR 200USD 120/EUR 100/AED 420

Pets in Cargo

Pets weighing more than 165lb/75kg must travel as cargo baggage. To learn more about this service, contact Azerbaijan Airlines at (+994) 12-598-88-80.

Travelling with Guide Dogs 

Blind and deaf passengers can travel with trained guide dogs free of charge in the passenger cabin—with or without a pet carrier. Passengers travelling with guide dogs must produce a certificate/document confirming that the dog has been specially trained to assist blind and/or deaf passengers.

Conditions of acceptance
  • Guide dogs must:
    • Stay at the feet of the passenger at all times. 
    • Be leashed and muzzled at all times. 
  • Guide dogs must not:
    • Occupy a seat. 
    • Behave aggressively, growl at, jump on, or attack passengers. 
    • Eat out of a seat tray.
    • Give out an offensive odor.

To learn more about travelling with guide dogs/service animals on Azerbaijan Airlines, call

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