IndiGo does not allow the carriage of pets or animals on its aircraft—but trained service dogs are permitted to travel in the cabin with their owners. 

IndiGo allows trained service dogs to travel free of cost in the aircraft cabin with blind passengers—subject to the conditions below:

  • Passengers with sensory impairments traveling with a guide dog must make their reservations through a call center and notify IndiGo at least 48 hours before departure at this number: 0124 6613838.
  • Passengers traveling with a guide dog will be allotted first-row seats, so book well in advance.
  • Service/guide dogs are accepted on all aircraft except ATRs.
  • Documentation
    • The passenger must carry valid documentation from an established institution stating that the guide dog is a trained service animal.
    • The vaccination certificate must be in order.
  • Hygiene/travel requirements 
    • The passenger must carry a moisture-absorbent mat and place it under the service dog. 
    • The service dog must be properly trained, muzzled, restrained, and vaccinated.
    • A service dog that cannot be controlled by its owner or which poses a threat to the health or safety of other passengers will not be accepted. 
    • Passengers can request meet-and-assist services at the airport in advance. 
  • International travel
    • If traveling into or out of India, the service dog must meet the destination country’s requirements, including but not limited to:
      • Customs
      • Country-specific health regulations
      • Micro-chipping/e-tagging
      • Vaccinations
      • Animal passports
      • Certificates
      • Import/export regulations for foodstuffs if when carrying the service dog’s food
  • Restrictions 

Service dogs must not: 

  • Occupy a seat. 
  • Block anyone’s aisle space or passage. 
  • Eat from a tray table. 
  • Have any part of their body sticking out into the aisle. 
  • Recommended behavior 
  • The service dog must be muzzled and leashed/harnessed throughout the trip. 
  • It should not display any aggressive behavior, such as growling, barking, lunging at people. 
  • It must not urinate/defecate in the aircraft, airport terminal, or airport gate.

Note. Passengers traveling with a service dog have the option to request pre-boarding so that they can board early and allow the service dog to settle down before other passengers board the aircraft. 

Frequently Asked Questions on IndiGo Pet Policy

Does IndiGo Airlines accept pets?

No, IndiGo Airlines does not accept pets on its aircraft. Only trained service dogs are allowed in the passenger cabin. 

Can I travel with a Service Dog/Guide Dog on IndiGo Airlines?

Yes, if you have a sensory impairment such as blindness, a trained service dog can accompany you in the passenger cabin free of charge.

Can I travel with a guide dog on all IndiGo flights?

You can travel with a trained guide dog/service dog on all IndiGo aircraft except ATRs. If you’re planning to travel with a guide dog, call and check with IndiGo before booking your ticket. 

How much does IndiGo charge for traveling with a pet?

IndiGo does not allow pets or animals on its flights, either in the cabin or as checked baggage in the hold. However, trained service dogs (guide dogs) are allowed to travel free of charge in the cabin with blind passengers. 

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  • I own a 4 months beagle dog. I am traveling from Pune to kerala. The dog two vaccination are done but 2 are pending as per schedule. I had word with ped doctor and they said he(dog) can do traveling but depends upon traveal company rules and regulations. So can you please tell me can I traveal with my dog on plane. And if so what documents should I carry. Also if there any other restrictions please explain me.

  • I want to travel to Delhi from Bangalore with my 3years old Indian Spitz. Please help me with the process and cost estimation.

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