The Icelandair pet policy allows cats and dogs to travel in the aircraft hold section (climate-controlled) as checked baggage, but not in the aircraft cabin. However, service dogs accompanying deaf, blind, or mentally/physically impaired travellers are allowed to travel in the aircraft cabin without any charge. Other (or larger) animals can be transported as air cargo baggage. 

Since the number of pet crates accepted per flight is limited (4), you must book the pet service in advance by calling Icelandair’s customer service. 

Pet Policy for Pets Travelling in the Aircraft Hold as Checked Baggage

The Iceland air pet policy allows pets such as cats and dogs to travel in the climate-controlled area of the aircraft’s cargo hold section. However, you must comply with the requirements below, depending on your route (international/domestic). 

International Pet Travel Requirements—Pets Travelling as Checked Baggage 

Icelandair pet policy for international routes allows passengers to bring cats and dogs with them. According to the policy, pets are accepted as checked baggage in the climate-controlled cargo hold section of the aircraft as long as they meet certain requirements. To familiarize yourself with Iceland air pet policy, go through the section below to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for yourself and your beloved pet.

  • Pets Allowed. Only cats and dogs can travel in the aircraft’s cargo hold as checked baggage. Other/larger animals must be transported as air cargo.
  • Pet Age. Must be at least 8 weeks old and healthy.
  • Pet Reservations
    • You must book your pet by calling Icelandair’s service center
    • When booking your pet for transport, you must provide the following information:
      • The exact dimensions of your pet’s crate
      • The exact weight of the crate with the pet inside (i.e., the weight of crate + pet)
  • Max. Pet Weight. The weight of your pet (including crate) must not be more than 88lb/40kg.
  • Country Restrictions
    • Animals travelling from/to the United Kingdom or Ireland will be accepted only as cargo baggage. 
    • For cargo information or assistance, get in touch with icelandair pet cargo.
  • Breed Restrictions. Snub-nosed (Brachycephalic) dogs will not be accepted under icelandair pet travel policy due to breathing issues: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Fila Brasileiro, American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Tosa Inu, Presa Canario, Cane Corso and Boerboel.
  • Flight Restrictions. Pets will not be accepted in the hold section of the aircraft:
    • On stopover flights, i.e., flights with a 1-7-day stopover in Iceland
    • If a part of the route is operated by another carrier
  • Weather Restrictions. Iceland air pet policy may not allow your pet to board the flight in the hold if the temperature at the runway of the departure airport is above 84°F/29°C or below 45°F/7°C (in case of the latter, you could be asked to provide an Acclimation Certificate).
  • Government Requirements
    • Cats and dogs flying to Iceland as checked baggage:
      • Must be cleared by MAST 
      • Must comply with additional requirements 
    • Some countries mandate animal quarantine upon entry. Before booking your pet, you must contact the destination country’s embassy to find out whether your pet will be permitted to enter the country. Icelandair cannot be held responsible if your pet is denied entry/quarantined.
  • Keflavik Airport Transit
    • In-transit pets are not allowed to come in contact with other passengers or animals in the airport. 
    • The airport has facilities for animals to relieve themselves, as they are not allowed outside the airport. 
  • Pet Documents
    • A health certificate from a vet within 10 days of travel, stating that the pet is healthy to travel, has been vaccinated properly and is free of communicable diseases (to humans).
    • Any other documentation/requirements by the destination country, such as a microchip, pet passport, additional vaccinations, etc.
  • Number of Pets Allowed per Flight
    • Up to 4 crates are allowed in the hold section of an aircraft. 
    • 2 animals can share a single crate if they are small enough and belong to the same species.
  • Pet Crate Requirements
    • Must be IATA-approved
    • Max. Size (L x W x H) 120cm x 90cm x 81cm (47in x 35in x 31in)
    • Max. Weight (incl. pet weight) Must not exceed 110lb/50kg
  • Pet Fee/Pet Prices
    • Zone 1 Keflavik Airport 🡨🡪 Europe USD 126
    • Zone 2 Keflavik Airport 🡨🡪 North America USD 148
    • Zone 3 Europe 🡨🡪 North America USD 174

Domestic Pet Travel Requirements—Pets Travelling as Checked Baggage

If you’re travelling domestically with a pet (cat or dog) in the climate-controlled hold area of the plane, remember the following points:

  • Pets Allowed. Dogs and cats. 
  • Pet Crate Requirements
    • The size (L x W x H) must not exceed 92cm x 64cm x 71cm (36in x 25in x 27in).
    • The weight of the pet crate (incl. the pet) must not exceed 84lb/38kg. However, if only one larger pet is being transported in the crate, the maximum permissible weight is 110lb/50kg, subject to space availability. 
    • Must comply with IATA’s guidelines. 
    • Must be made of tough plastic (folding fabric and collapsible metal crates are not allowed).
    • Must have a waterproof bottom. 
    • The crate must be spacious enough for the pet to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around naturally. 
  • Pet Booking. You can book pet travel online or by phone (incl. through your travel agent).
    • To book your pet online when purchasing your ticket:
      • Book your ticket as usual 
      • Under Extra Baggage Services, select Animal Transport 
      • Select the number of crates you’ll be flying with 
      • Complete the booking 
  • Pet Fee. The pet fee for domestic flights is ISK 7,500 per pet (non-refundable).
  • Pet Check-in. Reach the airport early to check in your pet in time. 
  • Other Requirements
    • The maximum number of crates permitted in the aircraft hold is 3 pet crates. 
    • Up to 2 small animals of the same species can share a crate
    • Before giving a sedative to your pet, consult with a vet. 
    • Distressed/noisy animals will not be accepted. 

Icelandair Pet in Cabin Policy

Icelandair does not allow pets (except service animals) to travel in the aircraft cabin. 

Icelandair Pet Cargo Policy

Icelandair Pet Cargo Policy

Icelandair pet policy allows you to transport larger pets and pets other than dogs via Icelandair Cargo. Below are key requirements of the Icelandair pet cargo policy. 

  • Pet Age. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old. 
  • Pets travelling as cargo baggage must have all necessary vaccinations and health certificates
  • Breed Restrictions. Icelandair Cargo does not accept snub-nosed dog breeds (brachycephalic) for safety/health reasons. Refer above for breed details.
  • Pet transportation to Iceland and transatlantic flights must be booked through local pet forwarding agents
  • The following must comply with IATA Live Animals Regulations:
    • Pet documentation
    • Type of cage 
    • Size of cage
  • Changes/Cancellations. You can change or cancel a cargo pet booking without incurring any additional cost.
  • Number of Cargo Pets Allowed per Cage
    • Up to 3 puppies and kittens of the same litter can travel in the same cage if they are less than 6 months old. 
    • Up to 2 animals are allowed to travel together in one cage if:
      • They are of the same species, and 
      • They are familiar with each other, and 
      • Their combined weight does not exceed 30.8lb/14kg 
  • Pet Cage Requirements for Cargo Pets
    • The pet cage must be IATA compliant. 
    • The pet cage:
      • Must be sturdy and leakproof. 
      • Must have handles or space bars along the length. 
      • Must have doors on the side (not top) made of heavy plastic, cast, or welded metal that are strong enough so that they cannot be bent by the pet. They must also be nose and paw-proof to prevent injury to the pet. 
      • Must be sturdy and non-collapsible with a solid roof.
      • Must be large enough for the pet to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around naturally.  
    • To calculate the correct cage size, use the online Cage Size Calculator.
    • To request a quote, scroll down to the Request A Quote section.  
  • Pet Fee for Cargo Pets 
Pet Fee for Cargo Pets—Iceland to Europe
Weight of pet (incl. crate) Pet Cargo Fee
0-15kgISK 76.5K
16-30kgISK 93.8 K
31-50kgISK 117K
51kg or moreISK 129K
Pet Fee for Cargo Pets—Iceland to USA/Canada
Weight of pet (incl. crate) Pet Cargo Fee
0-15kgISK 87.5K
16-30kgISK 108.9K
31-50kgISK 130K-
51kg or moreISK 147K
Pet Fee for Cargo Pets—From Europe or USA
For animals travelling from Europe or the United States (excl. Iceland), you will need to contact a qualified pet IPATA agent for a quote.

Note for pet departures from Iceland (Keflavik)

  • Pets should be delivered to Icelandair Cargo Office at least 4 hours prior to flight departure.
  • Place all pet documentation in an envelope. 
  • The shipper must ensure that all the required health documentation is enclosed.
  • Be sure to write the following information on the envelope:
    • The airway bill number AWB 108-XXXX XXXX provided to you at the time of booking. 
    • The name of the consignee along with the phone number.
  • Before delivering to the carrier, feed your pet lightly and give water. 

Top 9 Tips When Flying with Pets on Icelandair

When flying with pets on Icelandair, follow the 9 tips below for a hassle-free journey.

  1. Go through Icelandair pet policy (above) before booking your flight to ensure you follow the requirements.
  2. Book your pet’s ticket in advance, because Icelandair does not accept more than 4 crates per flight. 
  3. Buy an IATA-compliant pet crate that is secure and comfortable for your pet and meets the airline’s safety and size requirements. 
  4. Carry the necessary documentation, including health certificates and vaccination records required by the country of destination.
  5. Reach the airport early to check in your pet in time. 
  6. Avoid overfeeding your pet to prevent discomfort. 
  7. Provide water and food in the crate, or follow what’s required by the airline depending on your route. 
  8. Exercise your pet thoroughly before travelling to help relax during the flight. 
  9. Familiarize your pet with its crate for a few days to help prevent distress on the day of travel. 

Iceland air Pet Policy for Service Animals

Icelandair Pet Policy for Service Animals

Regardless of breed, service animals are dogs that have been specially trained to assist a person with a disability (physical, mental, intellectual, psychiatric, or sensory). Icelandair pet policy allows the following service animals to accompany their owners in the cabin free of charge:

  • Mobility assistance dogs 
  • Hearing dogs 
  • Guide dogs 
  • Autism service dogs 
  • Diabetic alert dogs 

The following are not considered service animals under Iceland air pet policy for service animals, meaning that they cannot travel in the passenger cabin: 

  • Species other than dogs
  • Emotional support pets 
  • Comfort pets 
  • Companionship pets
    • Therapy pets 

How to book a service dog with Icelandair?

How to book a service dog with Icelandair?

You can book a service dog online or by phone. To book a service dog online after purchasing your ticket, follow the steps below: 

  • Fill out and submit the Drop us a line form at least 2 business days before departure
  • Be sure to add the following documents and forms:
    • For US 🡨🡪 Europe flights via Iceland
    • For Canada 🡨🡪 Europe flights via Iceland
    • For Europe 🡨🡪 Iceland flights
      • Approval from MAST for import arrangements, and
      • Icelandair Service Animal Transportation Form
    • For domestic flights within Iceland:
      • No form or documentation is required
      • Just contact Icelandair service center to book space for your service dog 

Important Points (Service Animals) 

  • The service dog must fit safely in the passenger’s lap or foot space in front of the passenger.
  • The maximum transit time at Keflavik Airport must not be more than 3 hours. 
  • An Icelandair Stopover (of 1-7 days in Iceland) will not be permitted because live animals travelling to Iceland must be quarantined for 14 days. 
  • Recognized service dogs are allowed to travel free of charge with their owners in the cabin. 
  • A passenger with a disability can travel with up to 2 service dogs
  • Service dog transportation cannot be confirmed if another air carrier is operating a part of the journey. 
  • Icelandair will not take any responsibility for a service dog’s illness, injury, or death. 
  • The owner will be held responsible if the service dog causes any damage.
  • The owner must carry all the documentation required by the countries of destination and/or transit. 
  • Icelandair cannot be held responsible if a service dog is denied entry. 
  • Before travelling, you must contact the embassy/consulate of the destination country to ensure that you comply with all the required procedures. 

Keflavik Airport Transit

  • Due to Iceland’s Ministry of Agriculture regulations, in-transit animals are not permitted to come in contact with other passengers or animals in the airport. 
  • Passengers travelling with service dogs will be escorted to a secluded area by a staff member where she/he can wait for her/his connecting flight. When the flight is ready for departure, the passenger will be guided to the departure gate.
  • The airport has pet relief facilities for animals, as they are not permitted outside the airport. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Icelandair Pet Policy

This section answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the Icelandair pet policy. From fees and restrictions to crate requirements, we’ll provide all the information you need to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey for you and your pet. 

Does icelandair allow pets into the cabin? 

No, you cannot bring your pet into the aircraft cabin—only service dogs assisting passengers with disabilities are allowed in the cabin at no extra charge. However, you can carry your pet (dog or cat) as checked baggage in the climate-controlled hold section of the aircraft or transport it as air cargo baggage through Icelandair Cargo Service. 

What is the maximum weight limit for pets in the aircraft hold? 

The maximum weight for pets in the cabin is 110lb/50kg, including the weight of the pet crate/carrier.

Are there any breed restrictions on Icelandair? 

Yes, there are. Icelandair does not accept snub-nosed (Brachycephalic) dog breeds due to breathing difficulties. Examples include American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boerboel, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Pit Bull Terrier, Presa Canario, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Tosa Inu.

How much does it cost to transport a pet on Icelandair? 

The per-way fee for transporting a pet as checked baggage in the hold section of the aircraft on international flights is USD 126 for flights between Iceland and Europe (Zone 1); USD 148 for flights between Iceland and North America (Zone 2); and USD 174 for flights between Europe and North America (Zone 3).

On domestic flights within Iceland, the fee for transporting pets as checked baggage is ISK 7,500/pet.

Do I need to provide any documents for my pet? 

Yes, you will need to provide an up-to-date health certificate, vaccination records, and any other documents required by the destination country, such as a microchip, pet passport, and additional vaccination/deworming shots.

Is there a limit to how many pets I can travel with on Icelandair? 

Icelandair allows a maximum of 2 crates in the aircraft hold section per passenger. However, you’re allowed to bring 2 small pets of the same species provided they can fit comfortably inside the crate. 

Can I bring my pet as checked baggage only?

You can transport your pet as checked baggage, but larger/heavier dogs and pets other than dogs and cats can be transported as cargo baggage through Icelandair Cargo.

Are there any temperature restrictions for transporting pets in the cargo hold? 

Yes, there are temperature restrictions to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet during transport. Your pet may not be allowed to board the flight if the runway temperature at the departure airport exceeds 84°F/29°C or is less than 45°F/7°C. If the temperature is below 45°F/7°C, you may be asked to provide an Acclimation Certificate.

Can I book my pet’s travel at the same time as my ticket? 

Yes, you can book your pet’s travel at the same time as your ticket. You can do this online or by phone (including through your travel agent). 

Can I bring my emotional support animal into the cabin? 

No, you cannot bring an emotional support animal on board the cabin. Only recognized service dogs are allowed in the aircraft cabin. However, your emotional support animal can travel for a fee as checked baggage, provided it meets the airline’s weight and size requirements. 

What are the requirements for pets traveling internationally as checked baggage on Icelandair? 

Pets must be at least 8 weeks old, and you’ll need to provide the dimensions and weight of your pet’s crate at booking. Certain countries have additional restrictions, and snub-nosed dog breeds are not accepted.

Can I travel with my pet to the UK or Ireland on Icelandair? 

Pets traveling to or from the United Kingdom or Ireland can only be transported as cargo baggage, not as checked baggage in the hold or the cabin.

What are the crate requirements for pets traveling in the cargo hold? 

The crate must be IATA-approved, with maximum dimensions of 120cm x 90cm x 81cm and a maximum weight (including the pet) of 110lb/50kg.

What documents do I need for my pet when traveling on Icelandair? 

You’ll need a health certificate from a vet issued within 10 days of travel and any additional documentation required by the destination country, such as a microchip or pet passport.

What are the policies for service animals on Icelandair? 

Service animals trained to assist passengers with disabilities are allowed in the cabin at no charge. Icelandair requires documentation and approval for service animals, and certain conditions apply for transit through Keflavik Airport.

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