What pets are allowed on Saudi Arabian Airlines?

Saudia (formerly Saudi Arabian Airlines) allows you to travel with cats and small birds in the passenger cabin, subject to certain conditions. Dogs and larger pets are only accepted as checked baggage in the aircraft hold provided they are equipped with proper ventilation. Other animals (larger and/or wild) are accepted as air cargo baggage.  

The import, export, or transfer of all animals (plus fungal products) from Saudi Arabia is permitted only after receiving written approval from Saudia Arabia’s National Authority for the Protection of Wildlife and Development.

Saudia Pet Policy for In-Cabin Pets 

  • Pets Allowed
    • Only cats and small birds are allowed in the aircraft cabin and baggage bulk holds equipped with ventilation. 
    • Falcons are allowed in the passenger cabin if they are properly hooded, meet all the requirements of the entry and transit countries, and are accompanied by the owner.
    • Trained guide dogs for blind and hearing impaired passengers are allowed free of charge.
  • Pet Weight. The weight of your pet plus cage must not exceed 11lb/5kg.
  • Pet Forms. 
    • Valid health certificate 
    • Vaccination certificates against rabies and other animal diseases
    • Export certificate (if required)
    • Entry/Import permit required by the destination country
  • Pet Reservations. 
    • Inform Saudia in advance when booking your flight. 
    • Call to contact the Saudia Office/Call Center in your city.
  • Number of pets allowed. Only 1 pet per container is permitted.
  • Pet Carrier Requirements for In-Cabin Pets
    • Pet Carrier Dimensions 
      • The dimensions of the pet carrier for in-cabin pets must not exceed
        52.5cm x 32.5cm x 40cm (21in x 13in x 16in).
    • The pet carrier must be adequately ventilated
    • The pet carrier must be leakproof.
  • Pet Restrictions
    • Destination Restrictions—Saudi Arabia 
      • Before travelling to Saudi Arabia with your pet, you must register your pet with the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture.
      • Live birds will only be accepted if the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture issues a permit stating that your bird is free of infectious diseases. 
      • Cats will only be accepted on the condition that the required health certificate is obtained after attestation from the Saudi Arabian Embassy in the country of departure. 
      • Wildlife animals and their products cannot be imported into or exported from Saudi Arabia unless you have written permission from the Saudi Arabian National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (P.O. Box 61681, Riyadh 11575. Phone Number 011-4418700 Fax. 011-4418413).
    • Other restrictions
      • Your pet must be odorless, harmless, and inoffensive, and must not require any extra attention on board. 
  • Pet Fee. The one-way pet fee on Saudia is as follows:
    • USD 130 on domestic and international flights (except USA/Canada).  
    • The applicable excess baggage fees on flights to/from USA/Canada

Note. If you’re booking a round trip, the pet fee will be multiplied by 2

Saudia Pet Policy for Pets as Checked Baggage 

If your pet is too large to travel in the cabin, you can transport it in the aircraft hold as checked baggage, subject to the conditions below. 

  • Pets Allowed. Dogs, cats, birds, and other animals, provided the aircraft’s bulk hold section is adequately ventilated. 
  • Pet Forms 
    • Same as above 
  • Pet Reservations 
    • You must book in advance. 
    • Get in touch with the Saudia Office/Call Center in your city.

Note. If your pet is denied permission for carriage after its ticket has been issued, Saudia will bear the expenses for the cancellation and pay up to SDR 300.

  • Number of pets allowed. 1 pet per carrier/container.
  • Pet Carrier Requirements for In-Cabin Pets
    • Must be IATA-approved. 
    • Must be properly ventilated
    • Must be leakproof.
    • Must be spacious enough for your pet to comfortably stand up, turn around, sit, and lie down.
  • Pet Fees. The pet fee for pets travelling as checked baggage is equal to the regular excess baggage rate for the final destination. 
  • Pet Restrictions
    • Aircraft Restrictions
      • Dogs will only be accepted as checked baggage on aircraft equipped with proper ventilation systems.
      • Pets will not be accepted as checked baggage on the following aircraft due to inadequate temperature controls:
        • AB300
        • B737
        • MD90
    • Breed Restrictions. Brachycephalic (snub-nosed) dog and cat breeds may not be allowed to fly as checked baggage in the aircraft hold section for health reasons.
    • Temperature Restrictions. Your pet may not be accepted as checked baggage if the runway temperature is more than 84F (29C) degrees. If the temperature is less than 45F (7C) degrees at the time of departure, you may need to submit an Acclimation Certificate for your pet to be accepted.
    • Destination Restrictions 
      • Same as in the section above.
    • Other restrictions
      • Same as in the section above. 
  • Other Conditions 
    • Your pet’s cage and food will be treated as extra baggage and will incur an additional fee.

Saudia Pet Policy for Pets Travelling as Cargo Baggage 

Pets that are too large to travel as checked baggage, or animals other large/wild animals can be transported as air cargo. The temperature and pressure conditions in the cargo section of the aircraft are the same as those in the passenger cabin. 

  • Pets Allowed. Large dogs and other large/wild animals. 
  • Pet Reservations 
    • Call Saudia Cargo in advance at +966 126964000.
    • Obtain all written approvals before travel. 
  • Pet Documents
    • Your pet will require a valid Health Certificate, issued by a qualified veterinarian within 10 days of departure stating that your pet is:
      • Healthy enough to travel
      • Free of communicable diseases
      • Has been properly vaccinated
    • If your pet is travelling to another country, ensure that the destination country’s documentation requirements and permits are in place.
  • Pet Carrier Requirements 
    • Same as in the section above. 
    • Must be IATA-compliant. 
    • Consider acclimating your pet in its crate before travel
  • Pet Fees. Will depend on your pet’s weight, size, and route. 
  • Pet Restrictions
    • Pets are not allowed in aircraft with inadequate temperature controls: MD90, AB300, and B737.
    • Do not tranquilize your pet before or during travel. 
    • The same pet restrictions will apply as those for pets travelling as checked baggage
      (see the section above for pets travelling as checked baggage).

Saudia Pet Policy for Trained Guide Dogs

Trained guide dogs are allowed to accompany blind and hearing-impaired passengers free of charge.

  • Guide dogs can be transported in the aircraft hold, as long as they are in a proper cage.
  • Food/water/boxes for guide dogs can be carried free of charge.
  • Guide dogs must not misbehave, bark, growl, and/or bite.
  • Guide dogs must not urinate/defecate in the airport or aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions on Saudia Pet Policy

Can I travel with my cat to Saudi on Saudi Arabian Airlines?

Yes, you can—as long as you obtain a valid health certificate after getting it attested by the Saudi Arabian Embassy in your country of departure.

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    Hi. We want to bring our female semi Persian cat to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia on vacations. Can we bring her to Pakistan with us in cabin? We live un Al Khobar Saudi Arabia. How we take permit from Saudi Arabian National center?

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