Avelo pet policy allows small vaccinated domestic pets (dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits) to travel in the aircraft cabin on select flights. Pets are not allowed to travel in the cargo section as checked or air cargo baggage. Trained service animals (only dogs) are allowed to travel in the cabin for free with disabled passengers on all flights. 

Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old and should easily fit in a carrier that fits under your front seat. You must book your pet in advance online or by phone because Avelo limits the pet carrier count (excl. service animals) to 8 per flight on most flights (you’re allowed to travel with up to 2 small pets in a single carrier). A charge of $125 is applied per pet carrier for each direction of travel. 

Avelo Pet in Cabin Policy

According to the Avelo pet policy, only small dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits are allowed to travel in the aircraft cabin with their owners. Pets are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis and only 8 pet carriers are allowed per flight (could be fewer on some flights), you must book your pet well in advance. The size of your pet carrier (hard or soft) should not exceed 35cm in length, 22cm in width, and 24cm in height. 

Trained service dogs are allowed to travel in the aircraft cabin free of charge with disabled passengers on all flights. 

Below is a snapshot of Avelo pet policy for cabin pets.

  • Pets Allowed. Domesticated and vaccinated small dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits. 
  • Pet Age. Should be 8 weeks or older.
  • Pets Allowed per Passenger
    • Only 1 pet carrier per passenger is permitted. 
    • 1 pet carrier can contain up to 2 small pets of the same species, i.e., dogs, cats, birds, or rabbits.
  • Pet Reservations
    Pets are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. You can book your pet:
    • Online via the pet add-on option on AveloAir.com, or 
    • By phone
  • Pet Carriers Allowed Per Flight
    • Avelo accepts up to 8 pet carriers per flight. 
    • Service animals don’t count as pets.
    • A single pet carrier can include up to 2 small pets of the same species if they fit comfortably.
    • The number of pet carriers could be fewer than 8 on some flights. 
  • Pet Fee
    • The pet fee charged by Avelo is $125 each way per pet carrier. 
    • The pet fee is non-refundable unless your flight is canceled by Avelo.
  • Pet Carrier Requirements
    • Maximum Pet Carrier Size
      • Hard-Sided Carrier (L x W X H) 35cm x 22cm x 24cm/14in x 9in x 9.5in 
      • Soft-Sided Carrier Must fit within the same space (above)
    • Maximum Weight Not specified
    • Other Requirements
      • The pet carrier must be leakproof and have good ventilation.
      • The pet should be able to comfortably stand and move within the carrier.
      • The pet carrier should be small enough to fit under your front seat.
      • Your pet must remain inside the carrier and under your front seat throughout the flight.
      • Avelo accepts both hard-sided and soft carriers of the size mentioned above.
  • Check-in and Security. For a smooth passage through security:
    • Reach the airport ahead of time with all necessary documents. 
    • Ensure your pet has a collar displaying your contact details. 

Note. You will be required to carry your pet through the scanning device while the carrier undergoes inspection.

  • Restrictions for Cabin Pets
    • Passengers flying with pets aren’t allowed to occupy exit row seats or seats without forward under-seat storage.
    • Your pet must be able to easily stand and turn around inside the carrier.
    • The pet carrier must be leakproof and well-ventilated.
    • You’re not allowed to hold your pet in your lap during the flight.
    • Pets are not allowed to travel in the aircraft’s cargo compartment.
    • Your pet must stay inside its carrier at all times. 
    • You will board in your normal group unless you’re eligible for preboarding or have purchased Priority Boarding.
  • Pet Documentation. Avelo does not require health certificates or veterinarian documents for pet travel.

Avelo Airlines Pet Policy for Checked Pets 

Avelo does not allow pets to travel in the cargo section as checked baggage or as unaccompanied air cargo. 

Avelo Air Pet Policy for Service Animals

Avelo accepts trained service animals (only dogs) on all flights free of charge. Trained service animals are specially trained to perform a task(s) for individuals with physical and/or mental impairments. 

Acceptance Criteria for Service Animals

To travel with a trained service animal, you will need to submit a fully completed Department of Transportation Service Animal Form at either the ticket counter or the gate on your day of travel. 

  • The form must be dated no earlier than your ticket purchase date. 
  • Your service dog may not be allowed to board the flight if you do not submit the form or if the form is incomplete. 
  • Service animal gear like vests, harnesses, ID cards, or registrations are required but cannot replace the Service Animal Form for verifying a service animal.

Behavior and Handling

  • Service animals should be leashed, harnessed, or otherwise secured to the handler at all times. 
  • Service animals should be clean, odor-free, and trained to act appropriately in public spaces, remaining under handler control at all times. 
  • Service animals exhibiting threatening or disruptive behavior, such as scratching, excessive noise, aggression, or relieving themselves in inappropriate areas, will not be allowed on board.

Traveling with Service Animals

You are responsible for understanding and adhering to the legal and procedural requirements for traveling with a service animal, which vary by location. You must inform Avelo in advance if you are traveling with a service animal, either during the booking process under the Special assistance section (under Add-ons) section or by modifying an existing reservation.

For existing bookings, navigate to the Change/Cancel option on the main page, enter the necessary details, and hit Submit. Then proceed to the Add-ons section, choose the appropriate special assistance option for your service animal, click Save, and your booking will be updated accordingly.

At the Airport

Check in with your service animal at the ticket counter or gate and present the necessary documentation. Avelo staff will verify the animal as a trained service animal based on your disability and the animal’s training.

In-Flight Rules for Service Animals

  • You won’t be allowed to occupy an emergency exit seat.
  • The service animal should not hinder emergency evacuation.
  • If using a pet carrier, the service animal must fit under the seat during taxi, takeoff, and landing.
  • The service animal can sit on your lap or the floor but must not block aisles, occupy seats or tray tables, or invade another passenger’s space.

Service Animal Relief Areas

Designated areas for service animal relief are provided at all the airports served by Avelo, with staff available to guide you to such facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avelo Pet Policy

The FAQs below about Avelo Pet Policy provide pet owners with essential insights and guidelines for traveling with their furry companions on Avelo Airlines. This comprehensive resource covers everything from carrier requirements to in-flight procedures, ensuring a smooth journey for both pets and their owners.

Can you bring pets on Avelo Airlines?

Yes, Avelo Airlines allows small vaccinated pets like dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits to travel in the aircraft cabin on most flights. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old and fit in an appropriate hard or soft carrier under the seat in front. The pet carrier must not be more than 35cm long, 22cm wide, and 24cm high. 

What is Avelo Air pet policy?

According to Avelo’s pet policy, only small domestic pets (dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits) can travel in the cabin, but not in the cargo section. Service dogs travel for free with disabled passengers. Only 8 pet carriers are permitted per flight (sometimes fewer), with a $125 fee each way. 2 small pets may share one carrier, fitting the size limit of 35cm x 22cm x 24cm (L x W x H). Carriers must be leakproof, well-ventilated, and fit under your front seat. Pets must be booked in advance and stay in their carriers during the flight. No health certificates are required.

Do I need to book my pet in advance?

Yes, advance reservations for pets are necessary due to limited space. You can book your pet online through Avelo’s official website or contact the Customer Support Center. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

What kinds of pets are allowed on Avelo?

Avelo allows small cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds in carriers that fit under your front seat. The size of a hard-sided pet carrier should not exceed 35cm x 22cm x 24cm/14in x 9in x 9.5in (L x W X H) and the same applies to soft carriers.

What is the cost of pet travel on Avelo?

The charge for transporting a pet is $125 each way, per pet carrier.

Can pets be transported in cargo on Avelo?

Pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds can only travel in the cabin and are not allowed in the aircraft’s cargo area.

What’s the limit of pets per flight on Avelo?

Up to 8 pet carriers per flight are allowed, though this number can be fewer on some flights.

How many pet carriers can one passenger have?

One passenger can carry only one pet carrier, with a maximum of two small pets in it.

Are service animals included in the pet limit?

No, service animals are exempt from the pet count limit onboard.

Can someone with a service animal also bring a pet?

Yes, but they need to buy an additional seat for the pet carrier, which must be placed under that seat.

What’s the maximum size for a pet carrier?

Pet carriers must fit under your front seat, with hard-sided ones capped at 35cm x 22cm x 24cm/14in x 9in x 9.5in (L x W X H) or soft carriers of the same size.

What types of pet carriers are permitted?

Both hard and soft pet carriers are permitted. They should fit under the front seat, allow pets to stand and turn easily, and be leakproof and well-ventilated.

Can pets be held on laps during the flight?

No, pets must stay in their carriers throughout the flight and airport procedures.

Are there pet relief areas at airports?

Yes, pet relief areas are available and staff can guide passengers to these locations.

Is there a specific seating area for passengers with pets?

No specific area, but seats with no under-seat storage or exit row seats are off-limits for those with pets.

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