According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the number of delayed, damaged, and lost bags jumped from 0.38 per 100 bags in May 2021 to 0.56 per 100 bags in May 2022. While the chances of getting back your luggage during a mini vacation are low, you could be compensated partially for your troubles and even reimbursed for daily necessities, regardless of whether you’re travelling on a budget or a major airline. This Spirit Airlines lost and found guide shows you exactly what you should do if your baggage is mishandled on Spirit.

What Should I do If My Baggage Goes Missing on Spirit Airlines?

That depends on what type of baggage you’ve lost (checked or unchecked) and where (aircraft, airport ticket counter, gate area, or another part of the airport), as explained below.

  • If your checked baggage is missing or does not arrive, you must immediately:
    • Inform a Spirit agent in the Baggage Service Office or Baggage Claim area of the airport and file an Incident Report/Delayed Baggage Report. 
    • If you can’t find the office, ask a Spirit agent at the airport for assistance. 
    • You must file the Incident Report within 4 hours of arrival for domestic flights and within 21 days of arrival for international flights. 
    • After you file the Incident Report, you will be issued a File ID.
  • If your checked bag arrives with missing items (rare), follow the steps above.
  • If you’ve left an unchecked baggage item:
    • Onboard, at Spirit’s ticket counter, or gate area, you must file a report. 
    • In any other part of the airport, you must contact the airport’s Lost and Found Property Office.

Your Spirit Airlines lost and found items (after recovery) will be returned to you at the earliest possible and you will be reimbursed any reasonable expenses you might incur due to the delay in receiving your baggage, incl. the Spirit baggage fee if your bag is lost (but only if you apply).

Next Steps 

  • Be sure to retain your baggage claim receipts for tracing your baggage and making a claim, if required. 
  • To track delayed baggage within 5 days of travel, contact the:
    • Local Baggage Service Office for international and Caribbean flights, or 
    • Central Baggage Office for domestic flights. 
  • If your checked bag cannot be located within 5 days, you must fill out an online claim form to help with advanced tracking. When filling out the form, you will be asked to provide your last name and File ID (which you would have received after filing the Incident Report).

What is the Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Phone Number?

The Spirit Airlines lost and found phone number. The lost and found numbers of a few other cities and airports are provided in the table below.

Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Phone Numbers
CityAirportBaggage Service Office
Armenia, Colombia (AXM)Aeropuerto Internacional El Eden(576) 747-9441
Aruba (AUA)Queen Beatrix International Airport(297) 524-2424ext. 126.
Barranquilla, Colombia (BAQ)Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport+57 320 405-6842
Bogota, Colombia (BOG)(BGA)Aeropuerto Internacional El Nuevo Dorado(571) 743-3267
Aguadilla, PR(BQN)Rafael Hernandez International Airport(787) 890-4008
Cap-Haitien, Haiti(CAP)Cap-Haitien International Airport011-509-37295170 
Cali, Colombia(CLO)Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport011-57-2-641-0403
Cancun, Mexico(CUN)Cancun International Airport(998) 886-0977
Cartagena, Colombia(CTG)Rafael Nunez International Airport575-656-1880
Charleston, WV(CRW)Yeager Airport(304) 341-0400
Guatemala(GUA)La Aurora International Airport502-2233-0221
Guayaquil, Ecuador(GYE)Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Airport011 593-4216-9436
Kingston, Jamaica (KIN)Norman Manley International Airport(876) 383-5336
Lima, Peru(LIM)Jorge Chavez International Airport(511) 517-2537
Los Cabos, Mexico(SJD)Los Cabos International Airport627-146-5717
Managua, Nicaragua(MGA)Augusto C. Sandino International Airport(505) 2233-2884/86
Medellin, Colombia(MDE)José María Córdova International Airport(574) 536-1036
Montego Bay, Jamaica(MBJ)Donald Sangster International Airport(876) 881-7245
Monterrey, Mexico(MTY)Monterrey Airport52 811-297-9348
Niagara Falls(IAG)Niagara Falls International Airport(716) 297-3162
Panama City, FL(PTY)Tocumen International Airport(507) 238-3841
Ponce, Puerto Rico(PSE)Mercedita International Aiport (787) 812 – 8419 
Punta Cana(PUJ)Punta Cana International Airport+52 (322) 209-4093
San Jose(SJO)Juan Santamaria International Airport506-2430-9925
San Juan(SJU)Luis Munoz Marin International Airport(787) 253-3760
San Pedro Sula(SAP)Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport(504) 2668-0346
San Salvador, El Salvador(SAL)El Salvador International Airport(503) 2314-9784
Santo Domingo(SDQ)Aeropuerto Internacional de Las Americas(809) 549-0200
St. Croix(STX)Henry E. Rohlsen Airport(678) 973-2402
St. Maarten(SXM)Princess Juliana International Airport(721) 524-1881
St. Thomas(STT)Cyril E. King International Airport(340) 777-4844
Tegucigalpa, Honduras(XPL)Palmerola International Airport (504) 2713-5108
West Palm Beach, FL(PBI)Palm Beach International Airport(561) 478-0441

Will Spirit Airlines Compensate Me for Lost Baggage? 

Yes, Spirit Airlines is obligated by U.S. law to reimburse you for your bag and its contents. The maximum liability amount for lost baggage differs for domestic and international flights, though the exact amount will depend on your claim. 

For domestic flights within the U.S., the maximum liability for a lost bag is USD 3,800 per DOT regulations, and around SDR 1,288 (approx. USD 1,731) for international flights governed by the Montreal or Warsaw Conventions. Plus, you will be reimbursed for the checked baggage fees paid by you. 

Within the above liability limits, you will also be allowed to claim reasonable interim expenses during the delay. 

  • The interim expenses can include expenses incurred on personal items because of the delay, such as clothing and toiletries. 
  • You must present original receipts to claim reimbursement (photocopies will not be accepted). 
  • Before issuing compensation, Spirit may ask you to return the items purchased by you. 
  • If your bag is deemed lost, the reimbursement already received by you will be deducted from the final settlement amount. 

Will Spirit Airlines Compensate Me for Delayed Baggage?

Spirit Airlines lost and found policy for delayed baggage allows you to claim compensation for delayed baggage, just as it does for lost baggage. 

If you incur incidental expenses while you wait for your baggage, Spirit will reimburse you as long as you don’t go on a shopping spree. Incidental expenses include expenses incurred on toiletries like toothpaste and necessary clothing items. 

  • Remember to keep your original receipts as you will be required to submit them.
  • The maximum amount you can claim is USD 3,800 for a domestic flight and SDR 1,288 for an international flight, which is the same reimbursement you will receive for lost baggage. 
  • Don’t expect to receive the full amount—you will likely be reimbursed only for the necessities you purchased (without going overboard). 

Remember, you can only claim reimbursement for delayed baggage after you’ve filed an Incident Report within the timelines provided (within 4 hours of arrival for domestic flights and 21 days for international flights). 

How to File an Incident Report/Delayed Baggage Report with Spirit Airlines

To file an Incident Report with Spirit Airlines, follow the steps below:

  1. Proceed to the airport’s Baggage Service Office or Baggage Claim area. 
  2. Inform a Spirit Agent that your baggage hasn’t arrived. 
  3. You will be asked to fill out an Incident Report/Delayed Baggage Report. 
  4. The Incident Report must be created within 4 hours of arrival for a domestic U.S. flight and within 21 days of arrival for an international flight. If your report is not made within the prescribed time, you will not be allowed to make a claim.
  5. After you’ve submitted the Incident Report, you’ll receive a Baggage Irregularity Receipt/Luggage Service Report (providing details about the Spirit claims process) and a File ID that you will require to track your baggage and make a claim (if necessary).


  • Some domestic airports in the U.S. allow you to file an online baggage claim with your mobile device. This is a very useful option, especially if you’ve already left the airport (claims not filed within the stipulated timeframe will be denied).
  • An Incident Report (with File ID) is not a claim but a record of mishandled baggage. After you’ve created an Incident Report, you can file a claim for reimbursement/compensation, but not before.

How to File a Baggage Claim with Spirit Airlines

To receive compensation for baggage delay, loss, damage, or pilferage, you must file a claim online via The online claim form (popularly known as the Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Form) must be complete in all respects and must include all the required documents, such as receipts (as proof of purchase) for any claimed item with a declared value of USD 50 and more. 

To submit an online baggage claim, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Spirit’s Baggage Service portal at
  2. Enter your Last Name and File ID 
  3. Click on the login button
  4. Select the Create Online Claim option
  5. Enter the required information by following the prompts 
  6. Attach supporting documents, such as:
    1. Receipts for claimed ítems
    2. Your government-issued photo ID (driver’s license/Passport)
  7. Hit the Submit button

When claiming interim expenses, you must: 

  • Present verifiable receipts for all the items purchased by you
  • Ensure that the expenses are within reasonable limits 
  • Mail the receipts/documents to Spirit within 30 days of arrival unless a longer period is provided in the treaty/law

The amount of reimbursement for mishandled baggage will depend on the original purchase price minus reasonable depreciation (except for assistive devices). 


  • Spirit Lost and Found Forms (with required documents) must be submitted no more than 30 days after arrival.
  • If you need any assistance with the claims process or submitting a claim:
    • Place a call customer service number, or 
    • Contact the Central Baggage team as follows:
      • Go to 
      • Select Communicate With Us 
      • Enter your last name and File ID
      • Follow the prompts 

If you don’t have a File ID, you’ll need to file an Incident Report with Spirit, as explained above. 

How Much is Spirit Airlines Lost Baggage Compensation?

Spirit Airlines lost baggage compensation for domestic flights within the United States is subject to a maximum of USD 3,800 per ticketed passenger. 

The lost baggage compensation for international travel is subject to the Warsaw or Montreal Conventions. 

  • For international itineraries covered by the Warsaw Convention (including domestic portions), the liability for lost baggage (as well as delayed and damaged baggage) per ticketed passenger is limited to:
    • USD 9.07/lb for a 40lb/18.1kg checked bag, further subject to USD 362.80/bag unless you pay an additional charge and the weight of the bag is noted on the baggage claim check 
    • USD 400 for unchecked baggage 
  • For international itineraries covered by the Montreal Convention (including domestic portions), the liability for lost, delayed, or damaged baggage based on the standard checked baggage allowance is limited to SDR 1,288 unless you’ve paid additional charges for excess weight, and the same is noted on your claim check. 

Tips to Avoid Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Situations

  • Always attach a baggage identification tag to each bag, clearly displaying your name, address, and phone number. Also place the tag inside each bag, along with a copy of your itinerary. 
  • Always bring the following items with you to the aircraft: necessities like medication, passports, personal documents, keys, laptops, iPods, cameras, electronics, cash, jewelry, etc. 
  • avoid overpacking and use sturdy bags capable of withstanding rough handling at the airport. 
  • Avoid checking in late, changing destinations after checking in, or travelling on standby, as it increases the chances of your baggage being delayed/misplaced and does not entitle you to receive the delayed/misplaced baggage free of charge.

Call the Central Baggage team via Claim (select the Communicate With Us option), and enter your last name and File ID

Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Policy (FAQs)

To learn more about Spirit Airlines’ lost and found policies, check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Does Spirit Airlines have a lost and found office?

Yes, Spirit Airlines has a lost and found office in the baggage claim area at all airports. Look for a Baggage Service Office/Baggage Claim Office sign or ask a Spirit representative for its location.

What should I do if I lost something on Spirit Airlines?

If you’ve lost something on Spirit Airlines, you must immediately report it to a Spirit agent at the airport. If you’ve already left the airport, you can submit an online report for unchecked items. However, for checked baggage, you must file an Incident Report with the Baggage Service Office at the airport. 

The deadline for filing an Incident Report is within 4 hours of arrival for domestic U.S. itineraries and 21 days of arrival for international itineraries. If don’t file your report within the required timeframe, you will not be eligible to claim compensation from Spirit Airlines for the delay or loss of your bag.

How do I report a missing item on Spirit Airlines?

You can report a missing item on Spirit Airlines as follows: 
1. For unchecked items forgotten on the aircraft, a Spirit ticket counter, or a gate area, you will need to file an online report. 
2. For unchecked items forgotten in any other part of the airport, you’ll need to get in touch with the Lost and Found Property Office of the airport.

For how long do airlines keep lost and found items?

The TSA typically keeps lost and found items for at least 30 days. Items not claimed within this period are either turned over to the state agency, sold, or destroyed.

How do I access the Spirit Airlines lost baggage claim form?

You can access Spirit Airlines lost baggage claim form through If your bag cannot be recovered within 5 days, you will need to fill out and submit a baggage claim for interim expenses losses.

What to do if my checked baggage is missing?

If your checked baggage is missing:
1. Check the bag carousel again to ensure all the bags have been offloaded. 
2. Check the Oversized Baggage Claim area just in case your bag was sent there.

What should I do if my baggage doesn’t arrive after 5 days?

If your baggage is still missing after 5 days, you must file a claim with Central Baggage by filling out an online claim form, which is different from the Baggage Report you would have filed to report missing baggage. When filling out the form, you will have to provide additional information to help locate your baggage through advanced tracing.

For how long will the search for my lost item last?

Thorough searches typically take about 30 days after receiving a lost item report. If your item cannot be found after 30 days, you will receive an email informing you that your item could not be traced.

How will I know that my item has been found?

If an item matching the description of your lost item is found, you will be contacted by email and/or telephone to establish your ownership after which it will be delivered to you.

How will you return my lost and found item?

You will be provided a link to Spirit’s shipping checkout page. This will enable you to verify your shipping details and provide your credit card information toward the payment of shipping charges.

How can I help improve the chances of finding my missing item?

You must provide an accurate and detailed description of the missing item on the Lost Item Report Form. Be sure to include all possible details to help with the search. You must also include the flight number and date when the item was lost. 

You can provide additional information both in the brief description and help us find your item sections. Not providing enough information will reduce the chances of your item being found. You must file your report at the earliest possible because reports filed after 7 days have lower chances of recovery.

How do I update my Spirit Lost and Found report with more information?

You can update the information on your Spirit Lost and Found Report up to 14 days after filing it through the Lost Item Update link. To log in, you’ll be required to provide your last name and Report ID.

Does the Spirit Airlines Lost and Found policy apply to unaccompanied minors?

Yes, Spirit Airlines lost and found policy applies to all passengers, including Spirit unaccompanied minors travelling alone.

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