According to the IndiGo Airlines lost and found policy, you are solely responsible for the carriage of your handbag and personal belongings (i.e., carry-on baggage). However, if your checked baggage does not arrive, you must immediately report it to the IndiGo staff in the airport’s arrival hall. If you leave the airport’s baggage delivery area without reporting your bag as missing (or damaged), it will be deemed that you have received your bag in good condition. 

The major highlights of IndiGo Airlines’ lost and found policy are as follows:

  • Lost and Found Policy for Hand Baggage/Cabin Baggage/Carry-on Baggage
    • Passengers are solely responsible for their cabin baggage items, i.e., handbags and personal belongings. 
    • IndiGo cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to a passenger’s cabin baggage. 
  • Lost and Found Policy for Checked Baggage
    • If your checked baggage is missing on arrival, you must report it immediately to an IndiGo representative in the baggage delivery area. 
    • You will be asked to file a Property Irregularity Report, PIR (or Delayed Baggage Report). After you file the report, you will be issued a 10-character file locator/reference number (such as ATLXS13166) that you will need to track your baggage or file a lost baggage claim if your baggage cannot be found. 
    • If you don’t file a Property Irregularity Report, it will be assumed that you have received your baggage in good condition.
  • After filing the Property Irregularity Report, you can track your baggage status online via Worldtracer. 
  • If your lost baggage cannot be found, you can claim up to:
    • USD 20/kilo for the loss of a checked bag and USD 4.61/kilo for a damaged checked bag on international routes.
    • INR 350/kilo for the loss of or damage to a checked bag on domestic routes within India.

IndiGo Airlines Lost and Found Form

A screenshot of IndiGo Airlines Lost and Found Form, better known as the Delayed Bag Status Form

You can use the IndiGo Lost and Found Form, better known as the Delayed Bag Status Form, to track your mishandled/delayed baggage status online by yourself. You can also use the form to update or correct your address, flight information, and bag details to help track and return your baggage faster.

IndiGo Lost and Found Compensation

IndiGo’s “lost and found compensation”, i.e., lost baggage compensation, will depend on your flight route and type. 

IndiGo Airlines’ lost baggage compensation for international flights is: 

  • USD 20/kg if you lose a checked bag 
  • USD 4.61/kg if your checked bag is damaged 

Tips: IndiGo Airlines’ lost (or damaged) baggage compensation for domestic flights within India is INR 350 per kg. 

IndiGo Airlines’ lost baggage compensation for codeshare flights: 

  • Will depend on the policies of the operating carrier instead of the marketing carrier
  • Operated by one or more carriers will be indicated on the ticket at the time of booking
  • Will be made known later if the operating carrier is unknown at the time of booking 

How to Track IndiGo Airlines Lost Baggage

To track missing/delayed/lost baggage on IndiGo Airlines, you will need to: 

  • Call IndiGo Airlines at the number provided on your Property Irregularity Report, or 
  • Fill out IndiGo’s Lost and Found Form as explained below:
  • Go to IndiGo’s Lost and Found Form
  • Enter your:
    • 10-character file locator/reference number, and 
    • Name
  • Click on the Submit button 
  • Follow the prompts to:
    • Check the status of your delayed/missing bag, or
    • Update your address, flight info, and/or bag details 

IndiGo Airlines Lost Baggage Tips

Following the tips below will help prevent the chances of a lost baggage situation on IndiGo.

  • Lost Baggage Tips for Carry-ons
    • If you lose any personal belongings from your carry-on/cabin baggage or your carry-on baggage, you will be solely responsible for it and cannot hold IndiGo responsible for any loss or damage. 
    • Be sure to place a label with your name and contact details inside your handbag and stick one outside to make sure it’s clearly visible so that you can be easily reunited if you’re separated from it.
    • Always keep your handbag with you, with your personal belongings inside your handbag or on your person.
    • Don’t leave your handbag unattended.
  • Lost Baggage Tips for Checked Baggage
    • If your missing baggage does not arrive, you must report it immediately to the IndiGo staff at the airport. 
    • If you don’t file a Property Irregularity Report and receive a file locator/reference number, it will be assumed that you have received the baggage in good condition.
    • Always place a label with your full contact details inside and outside your checked bag so that nobody takes it by mistake and/or it can be easily traced if it’s lost. 
    • If possible, take a direct flight instead of a connecting flight. 
    • Purchase the Baggage Delayed & Lost Protection Service (explained below) so that if your baggage is delayed or missing for 96 hours after filing a report, you will be compensated INR 19,000/bag on domestic flights and INR 66,000 for international flights (for up to 2 bags). 

IndiGo Airlines Delayed and Lost Baggage Protection Service

IndiGo Airlines Baggage Protection Service helps track and speed up your delayed baggage return for up to 96 hours and sends updates in real-time by email and SMS. The service is provided by Blue Ribbon Bags and if your bags cannot be located within 96 hours of landing, you can receive INR 19,000/bag on domestic travel and INR 66,000/bag for international flights, regardless of your bag’s contents, value, or receipts.

  • You can purchase the Baggage Protection Service online at when booking your ticket. After you purchase the service, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of purchase, protecting up to 2 bags, including on round trips. If you don’t receive a confirmation mail, contact and seek assistance. 
  • If your baggage is delayed, all you need to do is: 
  • Submit a claim with IndiGo at the destination airport and collect your tracking reference number, also known as PIR Report/File Locator or Reference Number, or 
  • File a report for Mishandled Baggage for up to 24 hours after your flight lands—online through or by calling +1-888-BAGGAGE (both are open 24/7). After you file the report:
    • Your baggage tracking will commence immediately. 
    • You will receive updates by email/SMS from Blue Ribbon Bags whenever the status of your delayed bag undergoes any change. 
    • If your bag cannot be found within 96 hrs after your flight lands, you will receive INR 19,000/bag for domestic flights and INR 66,000/bag for international flights, regardless of the contents of your bags. 
  • To file a Mishandled Bag Report, you will need to provide the service agreement number of your Blue Ribbon Bags. The number will be indicated on the email you would have received after purchasing the service and will be the same as your IndiGo airline confirmation number. 
  • You will automatically qualify for compensation if:
    • Your checked bag does not reach your destination, and
    • You have filed a baggage claim and have obtained a File locator/reference number from the airline, or 
    • You file a report for mishandled baggage within 24 hours with Blue Ribbon Bags after your flight lands, and 
    • Your baggage cannot be located within 96 hours (4 days) after your flight’s arrival date
  • You will receive the compensation directly from Blue Ribbon Bags by wire transfer or PayPal, depending on which option you choose when submitting the mishandled baggage report. 
  • The service will apply to all passengers on the booking, so you won’t have to apply to add the service separately for each passenger. 
  • In case of IndiGo flight cancellations or changes, the service will be automatically updated.
  • The service is fully refundable via the IndiGo Customer Service Team if you cancel it before the scheduled departure of your flight. 
  • Other points to remember are as follows: 
    • A one-time purchase will cover up to 2 checked bags, incl. bags checked in at the airport gate. 
    • You can purchase the service right up to the time before your flight departs. 
    • You must report undelivered bags within 24 hours of your flight’s arrival. If you report a bag after the 24-hour cut-off deadline, you will not qualify for compensation. 
    • You will receive email/SMS notifications automatically whenever your bag’s status changes, meaning that you won’t have to contact IndiGo for checking your luggage status. 
    • You won’t be required to provide any proof of your bag’s contents, value, or receipts to receive compensation. 
    • The compensation is limited to 2 checked bags per passenger.
    • The compensation is guaranteed, regardless of your bag showing up after 96 hours.
    • The service does not cover missing contents, theft, or damage to baggage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The section below provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on IndiGo Airlines’ lost and found policy. So if you couldn’t find the information you were looking for, do check out the section below.

What is the IndiGo Airlines lost and found policy for carry-on baggage?

Per IndiGo Airlines’ lost and found policy for carry-on baggage, passengers are responsible for their carry-on baggage, meaning that if you lose your carry-on item on the aircraft or in the airport, you will be solely responsible for it. IndiGo will not be responsible for the loss and you will not be entitled to any compensation if you lose your carry-on bag or any personal belongings contained in it.

What is the IndiGo Airlines lost and found policy for checked baggage?

According to the IndiGo Airlines lost and found policy for checked baggage, you must report missing checked baggage immediately at the airport after discovering that it hasn’t arrived. After you file a report (Property Irregularity Report, PIR), you will be issued a file reference number that you can use to track your baggage or file a claim (lost baggage compensation) if it cannot be found.

What is the IndiGo Airlines lost and found compensation for lost baggage?

IndiGo Airlines lost baggage compensation (for checked baggage) will depend on your route. For international flights, the compensation for lost baggage is USD 20 per kg and for domestic flights within India, the compensation is INR 350 per kg.

What is the IndiGo Airlines lost and found policy for lost personal belongings?

IndiGo Airlines’ lost and found policy for lost personal belongings does not provide any compensation for any loss of a passenger’s personal belongings. This means if you lose your carry-on baggage or the contents in it, you will be solely responsible for it and you cannot hold the airline responsible for it, regardless of where you lose it—in the airport or onboard the aircraft.

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