According to the IndiGo Airlines baggage policy, passengers on domestic and international flights are allowed a carry-on baggage allowance of 1 hand baggage and 1 personal item with a combined weight of up to 15lb/7kg. The checked baggage allowance on domestic flights is 32lb/15kg per passenger, and 44lb/20kg, 55lb/25kg, or 66lb/30kg on international flights, depending on your route.

  • Carry-on Baggage Allowance 15lb/7kg
    • Hand Baggage (1) Up to 55cm x 35cm x 25cm
    • Personal Item (1) 6.6lb/3kg
      Small lady’s bag/laptop bag/camera
  • Checked Baggage Allowance
    • Domestic flights 32lb/15kg  
    • International flights
      • Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket, Kathmandu, 44lb/20kg
        Dhaka, Male, and Kuala Lumpur 
      • Jeddah 55lb/25kg
      • Dubai, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Muscat, Colombo, 66lb/30kg
        Istanbul, Kuwait, Sharjah, and Yangon
  • The maximum combined dimensions of a single checked bag (L + W + H) must not exceed 158cm (62in) and the maximum weight per bag must not exceed 70lb/32kg.
  • Lap infants are entitled to a free hand baggage allowance of 15lb/7kg and the total combined dimensions (L + W + H) of the bag must not exceed 115cm (domestic and international flights). 

IndiGo’s Free Baggage Allowance 

Carry-on AllowanceDomestic FlightsInternational Flights
Hand BaggageHandbag (1)Personal Item (1)Handbag (1)Personal Item (1)
Max. Weight Handbag—15lb/7kgPersonal Item—7lb/3kgHandbag—15lb/7kgPersonal Item—7lb/3kg
Max. Size (L + W + H)Handbag               Personal Item55 x 35 x 25cm                 Ladies Bag/ (115cm)                             Laptop/CameraCarry-on Bag         Personal Item55 x 35 x 25cm                 Ladies Bag/ (115cm)                             Laptop/Camera
NoteThe Personal Item can be a small lady’s bag, laptop bag, camera, or duty-free bag not exceeding 7lb/3kg. Hand baggage will not be accepted on flights from Srinagar and Jammu. However, up to 15lb/7kg of hand baggage can be checked in free of charge, making up for a total checked baggage allowance of 48lb/22kg per passenger.
Checked Baggage AllowanceDomestic FlightsInternational Flights
Checked BagSingle Seat 1 x 32lb/15kgDouble Seats 1 x 55lb/25kg Bangkok, Kathmandu, Dhaka,                       1 x 44lb/20kg
Kuala Lumpur, Male, Phuket,
Jeddah                                         1 x 55lb/25kg
                                                                        + 5L Zamzam Water
                                                                        (only Jeddah-India)
Abu Dhabi, Colombo, Doha,                       1 x 66lb/30kgHong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul, Muscat, Kuwait, Sharjah, Yangon
NoteThe maximum dimensions (L + W + H) of a checked bag must not exceed 158cm (62in).The checked baggage allowance for Vande Bharat Mission flights is 55lb/25kg.If connecting with an international flight, the baggage allowance for the international sector will apply.You can carry up to 5 liters of alcoholic beverages as part of your checked baggage allowance, provided that:It is in retail packaging.The alcohol content does not exceed 70%.


In addition to your carry-on/cabin baggage, you can bring the following items free of charge: 

  • Medical or assistive devices you’ll be using, such as a collapsible wheelchair, braces/crutches, a walker, or a cane
  • Reading material for the flight
  • A rug/blanket
  • An overcoat/wrap
  • Umbrella/walking stick
  • Infant food for the flight and an infant carrying basket

Excess Baggage Fees

What is IndiGo Airlines’ excess baggage policy?

You can book excess baggage online through IndiGo’s website or through a call center up to 1 hour before departure for domestic flights, and up to 2 hours before departure for international flights (on most flights). Pre-purchasing excess baggage is generally cheaper than purchasing at the airport.

The excess baggage fee for domestic flights is INR 500 per kilo when paid at the airport. On international flights, the excess baggage fees (paid at the airport) ranges from INR 525 per kilo (India – Bangkok/Dubai/Sharjah) to INR 1,000 per kilo (India – Hong Kong) and INR 1,300 per kilo (India – Kuwait). For detail, refer to the sections below.

Excess Baggage Fees on Domestic Flights 

The excess baggage charges on domestic flights within India range from INR 1,200 for 6.6lb/3kg to INR 12,000 for 66lb/30kg if you purchase in advance. If you pay at the airport, you will be charged at the rate of INR 500 per kilo.

Excess Baggage Fees (Domestic Flights)6.6lb/3kg Prepaid11lb/5kg Prepaid22lb/10kg Prepaid33lb/15kg Prepaid44lb/20kg Prepaid66lb/30kg PrepaidAirport Charges Per Kg

Excess Baggage Fees on International Flights

The excess baggage charges on international flights will depend on your flight route. The excess baggage fee for 6.6lb/3kg of excess baggage is INR 1,575 on nearby routes such as between India and Dubai, INR 3,000 between India and Kuwait, and INR 3,900 between India and Hong Kong. The airport charges are on a per kilo basis and much higher compared to paying in advance (online or by phone).

Excess Baggage Fees(International Flights)6.6lb/3kg Prepaid (INR)11lb/5kg Prepaid(INR)22lb/10kg Prepaid(INR)33lb/15kg Prepaid(INR)66lb/30kg Prepaid(INR)Airport Charges Per Kg
India to Bangkok/Phuket/ Dubai/Sharjah/ Abu Dhabi/ Singapore/Kuala Lumpur/Hanoi/ Ho Chi Minh/ Yangon/ Dhaka/ Muskat/Male/Doha1,5752,6255,2507,87515,750525
India to Hong Kong3,9006,50013,00019,50039,0001,300
India to Kuwait/ Istanbul/Chengdu/Guangzhou300050001000015000300001000
Other Countries Click hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick here

Excess Baggage Charges on Connecting International Flights 

Excess Baggage Fees (International Connecting Flights)17.6lb/8kg Prepaid33lb/15kg Prepaid66lb/30kg Prepaid
NotePre-purchase excess baggage at least 6 hours before your flight’s departure.Your connecting domestic flight must be within 48 hours of: Your international flight, or Institutional quarantine completion 

Infants Baggage Allowance 

Applies to lap infants between 7 days to 24 months of age 

Passengers travelling with lap infants on domestic and international flights are entitled to a hand baggage allowance (=1 handbag) not exceeding: 

  • 15lb/7kg in weight. 
  • 115cm in total dimensions (L + W + H). 

Lap infants are not entitled to any checked baggage allowance on IndiGo Airlines.

How to Pre-pay for Baggage Online 

Use the Manage Bookings functionality to pre-purchase excess baggage at a discount

A screenshot of the Manage Bookings tab used for paying IndiGo baggage fees online 

If you want to save on baggage fees, you must purchase excess baggage online or through an IndiGo call center at least 1 hour before departure for domestic flights, and at least 2 hours before departure for international flights. Paying at the airport is always costlier than paying in advance. 

To pre-purchase baggage online:

  1. Go to 
  2. From the Manage dropdown, select Excess Baggage
    (it appears under ‘6E Add-ons’)

    A screenshot of the Excess Baggage link on IndiGo Airlines’ website
  1. Click on the Buy Now button
    (click on the Add to Cart button if you want to purchase more add-ons)

  2. Retrieve your flight by entering your: 
  1. PNR/booking reference number
  2. Email/last name   
  1. Click on the Add Add-ons to PNR button
    (or log in with your mobile number and password, or through Facebook)
  2. Follow the prompts to add more baggage and pay


  • You can also pre-purchase excess baggage using IndiGo’s mobile app.
  • It is up to 20% cheaper to pre-purchase excess baggage online or through the call center than at the airport. 

IndiGo Sporting Equipment Policy

A view of the sporting equipment you’re allowed to carry on IndiGo flights

Per IndiGo Airlines’ baggage policy for sporting equipment, passengers can carry their sports equipment as checked baggage

Key Highlights

  • A per-sector handling fee applies to all sporting equipment:
    • Domestic flights: INR 1,200 
    • International flights: INR 2,500  
  • You can pre-pay for up to 3 sporting items per passenger. 
  • A partial list of the sporting items you can carry on IndiGo Airlines appears below:
    • Golf bags
    • Skiing equipment
    • Surfboards
    • Snowboards
    • Water skis
    • Bicycles
    • Scuba diving equipment
  • The maximum dimensions (incl. packaging) must not exceed:
Max. WidthMax. Height Max. Length 
  • You can book online or through a call center up to 2 hours before departure on most aircraft, except ATR aircraft and Lite Fares (or an equivalent fare).
  • If booking through a call center, 10% additional charges will apply.
  • The weight of the sporting equipment will count toward your free baggage allowance and standard excess baggage charges (if any) will apply.
  • The handling fees cannot be refunded, canceled, or transferred. However, the fees can be refunded if you cancel your flight or IndiGo cancels it. 
  • You must pack your sporting equipment properly and comply with the weight and size restrictions. 

Sports Equipment Fees

IndiGo charges a handling fee of INR 1,200 on domestic flights and INR 2,500 on international flights. If your sporting equipment (incl. baggage) does not exceed your free baggage allowance, you will only have to pay the handling fee for carrying your sporting equipment. 

However, if your sporting equipment (incl. baggage) exceeds your free baggage allowance, you will have to pay normal excess baggage charges plus the handling fee for your sporting equipment. 


  • Sporting equipment over your baggage allowance will attract an excess baggage fee (in addition to the handling fee). 
  • High-value sporting equipment should be insured before travel.

Non-Standard/Special Baggage Items

The following non-standard or special baggage items must be transported per rules that apply specifically to them:

  1. Oversized/Odd-sized Items
    You can carry oversized items on board by purchasing an additional seat per the applicable fee and fare. However, the item must fit safely on the seat, or IndiGo may refuse permission.
  2. Special Assistance Items
    Passengers using special assistance items are allowed to carry them free of charge, as cabin or checked baggage. Examples of special assistance items include:
    1. Fully-collapsible wheelchair
    2. Braces
    3. Crutches
    4. Other prosthetic devices
  3. Special Baggage Items
    IndiGo will charge a fee for Special Baggage items that you check in. This fee will be charged in addition to the excess baggage charges that may apply. The fee is INR 1,200 (or its equivalent in foreign currency) on domestic flights and INR 2,500 (or its equivalent in foreign currency) on international flights. Examples of Special Baggage items include:
    1. Sports/skiing equipment 
    2. Golf bags
    3. Bicycles
    4. Surfboards
    5. LCD and LED TVs exceeding 99.06cm
      (81.28 cm on ex-Riyadh flights)
    6. Items (incl. cartons) with total dimensions (L + W + H) exceeding 158cm


  • Cash and Jewelry Items are subject to clearance by the airport authorities and IndiGo will not accept any liability for them. 
  • Musical Instruments such as guitars (in soft cases) can be carried as hand baggage items at no additional cost as part of your baggage allowance. Larger instruments must be properly packed and carried as part of your checked baggage allowance. 

How to Pay Your Baggage Fee on IndiGo  

You can pay your baggage fee: 

  • When booking your flight ticket 
    • Online 
    • Through an IndiGo call center 
  • After booking your flight
    • Online through Manage Bookings
    • Through an IndiGo call center 
  • When checking in 
    • Online 
    • At the airport

IndiGo Musical Instruments Policy

The IndiGo Airlines musical instruments policy allows you to carry a musical instrument/equipment as part of your carry-on or checked baggage allowance—or purchase an extra seat to accommodate it. 

Key Highlights 

  • Musical instruments should be securely packed to prevent damage (or cause injury to others).
  • Large musical instruments unsuitable for carriage in the cabin must be checked in. They can include drums, harps, double basses, etc.
  • High-value musical instruments should be insured before travel. 
  1. Musical Instrument as Hand Baggage 

You can bring a small musical instrument as part of your hand baggage allowance. Be sure to pack it securely in a case and do ensure it is small enough to fit either in the overhead bin or under your front seat (with the case). Also ensure your musical instrument (incl. case) does not exceed your carry-on baggage limits, which are: 

  • Max. Weight 15lb/7kg 
  • Max. Dimensions 55cm x 35cm x 25cm 

If your musical instrument cannot be stored due to space limitations, you will need to carry it as checked baggage (or book a seat for it).

  1. Musical Instrument on a Double Seat Booking (as Seat Baggage)

You can carry larger musical instruments (guitar, bass, cello, etc.) by purchasing a double seat fare. Carrying a musical instrument as seat baggage is subject to the following conditions:

  • The total weight of the musical instrument (incl. case) must not exceed 165lb (75kg).
  • The musical instrument must be securely packed to ensure it does not cause any injury to other passengers. 
  • The musical instrument must be secured on the Double Seat with a seatbelt to avoid any movement during the flight. 
  • The musical instrument must not block other passengers’ view of the aircraft’s inner signage or their access to the aisle, passage, or emergency exit.
  • Musical instruments cannot be placed on an aisle seat. 
  • Double Seats are subject to dynamic charges, along with a convenience fee and GST.
  • If holding a Double Seat booking, you can check in online (i.e., web check-in) starting 48 hours before departure. After you check in, your boarding pass will show 1 passenger with 2 seats—and the following special service request (SSR) identifier: EXST.
  1. Musical Instrument as Checked Baggage 

If you’re travelling with a musical instrument that’s not suited for carriage in the cabin due to its weight and/or size, you must check it in. However, you must pack the instrument securely to prevent damage. Examples of musical instruments carried as checked baggage items include drums, harps, double basses, etc.

What Should I Do if My Baggage is Delayed, Lost, or Damaged on IndiGo 

If your checked baggage does not arrive or arrives damaged, you must report it immediately to an IndiGo staff member in the arrival hall of the destination airport.

How to track your IndiGo baggage 

After filing your report, you can follow up via IndiGo’s online baggage tracing service. This is an online service that you can use free of charge. 


  • If you leave the baggage area without reporting the damage or loss to an IndiGo staff member, it will be deemed that you have received your bag in good condition. 
  • If you want to file a claim or take legal action for any delay in receiving your checked bag(s), you must notify IndiGo within 21 of receiving your bag. 

Exceptions. IndiGo will not cover the minor damages such as scratches, dents, punctures, scuffs, etc., or damage or loss to protruding parts like wheels, external locks, handles, name tags, pockets, etc. Improperly packaged items or articles contained in overstuffed bags will also not be covered for damage. 

IndiGo’s Liability for Lost and Damaged Bags

IndiGo’s liability for delayed, lost, or damaged checked bags is typically limited to:

  • USD 20/kg for lost baggage. 
  • USD 4.61/kg for damaged baggage. 

The only exception to this is if you had declared a higher value for your bag’s contents and paid an additional fee for it before travelling. In such a scenario, you will be compensated based on the higher value provided by you in your special declaration. 

Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels (LAGs) Restrictions on IndiGo

IndiGo Airlines allows liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs) as well as pastes and creams in small quantities inside the passenger cabin. Examples of LAGs include shampoos, beverages, toothpaste, oils, and lotions; hair sprays/gels; perfumes/colognes; and items of similar consistency. 

You must pack such items in a clear zip-lock plastic bag with a volume of up to 33.8oz (1L) per passenger. Be sure to zip-lock the plastic bag so that the contents do not spill out, and open it for visual inspection at the airport. 


The following items are allowed in cabin baggage if required during the flight—but you must declare them at the checkpoint:

  • Baby foods for inflight consumption 
  • Prescribed medications in liquid, gel, or aerosol form

Duty-free Purchases

Duty-free items are subject to the same carry-on/hand baggage rules that apply to LAGs (liquids, aerosols, and gels). You’re not allowed to carry individual items exceeding 100ml (3oz) as cabin baggage items. However, you can check in up to 5 liters of duty-free alcohol, provided that the alcohol content does not exceed 70%.  

Prohibited Items 

A view of the list of prohibited items on IndiGo 

The items listed below are considered dangerous and will not be accepted on any IndiGo flight. 

  • Corrosive substances, such as alkalis, acids, mercury, apparatus containing mercury, and wet-cell batteries.
  • Compressed gases, such as non-flammable, flammable, poisonous, and deeply refrigerated gases. Examples include oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and butane, as well as compressed gas and aqualung cylinders with 100 – 160Wh watt-hour rating. 
  • Flares, fireworks, munitions, explosives, and ammunition, such as handguns, pistol caps, blank cartridges, etc.
  • Flammable liquids and solids, such as lighter fuel, refills, fire-lighters, lighters requiring to be inverted before ignition, thinners, paints, matches, (except when carried in-person) radioactive material, attaché cases and briefcases with alarms.
  • Oxidizing substances such as peroxides and bleaching powder.
  • Poisons and infectious items, such as weed-killers, insecticides, and live viruses.
  • Fish, seafood, birds, insects, and animals in any form—live or dead, frozen, dried, or cooked.
  • Any substances that can emit an offensive and/or distinct odor. 
  • Other dangerous items, including offensive or irritating materials, magnetized materials, etc.

Prohibited Cabin Baggage Articles 

The following items cannot be carried inside the passenger cabin of IndiGo aircraft:

  • Dry cell batteries.
  • Sharp instruments such as scissors, knives, Swiss army knives, etc.
  • Toy replicas of firearms and ammunition.
  • Weapons such as stun guns, batons, whips, nan-chakus, etc.
  • Electronic devices that cannot be turned off.
  • Liquids and aerosols, except beverages; creams, shampoos, toothpaste, suntan lotions, oils; perfumes; hair sprays, hair gels, shower gels, and other items of similar consistency when packed in a clear plastic bag with a maximum volume of 33.8oz (1L) per passenger.  
  • Other items deemed to cause security hazards by the local authorities. 

Note. Medications, fragile or perishable items, and valuable items such as jewelry, cameras, money, etc. should not be checked in but carried as carry-on baggage in the cabin. 

Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) and Spare Lithium Batteries

  • Spare Lithium batteries
    • You are permitted to carry up to 20 spare/loose: 
      • Lithium-ion batteries (incl. power banks) with a maximum watt-hour rating of 100Wh, or 
      • Lithium metal batteries with a maximum lithium metal content of 2 grams per battery
    • However, you must: 
      • Obtain approval at least 24 hours before your flight’s departure by calling an IndiGo Airlines office in your area (0124-6173838/0124-4973838). 
      • Obtain security clearance at the airport. 
    • You’re allowed to carry up to 2 spare or loose: 
      • Lithium-ion batteries (incl. power banks) with a watt-hour rating exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh per battery.
      • Lithium metal batteries with a lithium metal content exceeding 2 grams but not exceeding 8 grams per battery—provided that the batteries are being used in your PED(s). 

Note. The lithium batteries must either be in their original retail packaging or packed in separate plastic bags, with the battery terminals properly insulated with tape to prevent any chances of short-circuiting. 

  • Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) with Lithium Batteries

PEDs include devices such as a laptop, cellphone, drone, watch, calculator, etc. 

  • You can carry up to 15 portable electronic devices—subject to clearance at the airport:
    • The watt-hour rating of the lithium-ion battery used in the device must not exceed 100Wh per battery. 
    • The metal content of the lithium metal battery used in the device must not exceed 2 grams per battery.
  • You can carry up to 2 portable electronic devices with more powerful batteries—subject to the following conditions: 
    • The maximum watt-hour rating of the lithium-ion batteries used in the PED is more than 100Wh but does not exceed 160Wh.
    • The maximum metal content of the lithium metal batteries used in the PED is more than 2 grams but does not exceed 8 grams.
    • You must obtain approval at least 24 hours before your flight’s departure by calling IndiGo’s call center in your area (the local numbers are 0124-6173838/0124-4973838). 

Note. IndiGo recommends that you carry your PEDs as carry-on/hand baggage. However, if you’re checking in your PED, you must turn it off to prevent accidental activation—and pack it securely. 

Loose Batteries 

Loose batteries can short circuit and catch fire. If you’re travelling with loose batteries, you must:

  • Carry them in your handbag.  
  • Pack them in securely or let them remain in their original retail packaging.
  • Protect any contact with metal items.

If you’re carrying devices with in-built batteries, you must pack them in your checked baggage after switching off the devices.

Frequently Asked Questions on IndiGo Baggage Policy

IndiGo Airlines’ domestic baggage policy for flights within India allows a free baggage allowance of: 

  • Checked baggage 32lb/15kg 
  • Carry-on baggage 1 handbag not exceeding 15lb/7kg or 55cm x 35cm x 25cm.
    1 small personal item not exceeding 7lb/3kg. 

The combined dimensions of your checked bag (L + W + H) must not exceed 158cm/62in. Medical and assistive devices can be brought free of charge, as also an overcoat/wrap, umbrella/walking stick, reading material for the flight, and infant food. 

The excess baggage fee if you pay at the airport is INR 500 per kilo, but cheaper if you pay online or by phone at least 1 hour before your flight’s departure.

If your checked baggage is delayed, missing, or damaged, you must report it immediately to an IndiGo staff member in the airport’s arrival hall. If you leave the baggage area without filing a report, it will be deemed that you have received your bag in good condition. Also, if you want to file a claim for any damage, you must notify IndiGo within 21 of receiving your bag. 

After you’ve filed a report for your missing luggage, you can follow up via IndiGo’s online baggage tracing service.

You can pay your baggage fee online (if you purchased your ticket directly from IndiGo), through a call center, by phone, or through your travel agent. You can pay the fee at the time of booking your flight, or later till check-in. Remember, paying in advance (in any form) is cheaper than paying at the airport. 

The maximum check-in baggage size on IndiGo Airlines is 158cm/62in in combined dimensions. In other words, the sum of the Length + Width + Height of your checked bag must not exceed this figure. Also, the maximum weight of your checked bag must not exceed 70lb/32kg.

Infants between 7 days and below 24 months who do not occupy a seat are entitled to a hand baggage allowance of 15lb/7kg. The combined dimensions of the handbag must not exceed 115cm, both on domestic and international flights.

The prepaid excess baggage fees for domestic flights are as follows: 

  • For 5kg INR 2,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency
  • For 10kg INR 4,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency
  • For 15kg INR 6,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency

The airport fee is slightly higher at INR 500 per kg. 

The prepaid excess baggage fees for international flights to Bangkok, Dubai, Dhaka, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur are:

  • For 5kg INR 2,625 or its equivalent in foreign currency 
  • For 10kg INR 5,250 or its equivalent in foreign currency
  • For 15kg INR 7,875 or its equivalent in foreign currency

However, the airport fee is slightly higher at INR 525 per kg. 

For details, refer to the section titled Excess Baggage Fees. 

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