Sun Country charges for baggage except for an under-seat item (personal carry-on bag), such as a purse, duffel bag, backpack, or a similar item that fits under your front seat. The baggage fees depend on how and when you purchase your baggage. If you plan to bring additional bags, it’s best to purchase your baggage allowance in advance, because purchasing at the airport is more expensive. 

Below is a snapshot of Sun Country Airlines baggage policy:

  • The FREE carry-on baggage allowance for standard fares is limited to 1 personal carry-on bag not exceeding 43 x 33 x 22.9cm (17 x 13 x 9in) in size.
    • If you wish to travel with a standard carry-on bag:
      • It will cost you USD 30 (online at the time of booking), USD 38 (via a call center at the time of booking/online post-booking/during online check-in), or USD 45 at the airport.   
      • You bag must not exceed 35lb (15.9kg) in weight and 61 x 40.5 x 28cm (24 x 16 x 11in) in size. 
      • Lap infants are not entitled to any carry-on allowance. 
  • Sun Country does not offer any free checked baggage allowance.
    • Individual checked bags must be purchased for USD 30 – 45 for the first checked bag (not exceeding 50lb/23kg), depending on when and how you purchase your checked baggage allowance. 
    • No checked bag should exceed 158cm/62in in combined linear dimensions (incl. wheels and handles), or they will be subject to oversized baggage fees.
    • The overweight baggage fees are USD 20 per bag for bags weighing 51 – 60lb and USD 60 for bags weighing 61 – 100lb bags. Checked bags exceeding 100lb/45.45kg will not be accepted.
    • The oversized baggage fee for bags exceeding 158cm/62in in combined linear dimensions is USD 100 per bag. Checked bags exceeding 203.2cm/80in will not be accepted.
  • Baggage fee waivers
    • Active-duty U.S. military personnel travelling on official orders are allowed 2 checked bags plus 1 overhead carry-on bag free of charge—plus a fee waiver for the first 2 oversized bags.
    • Sun Country Airlines Visa Signature Cardholders and passengers on the same reservation are entitled to a 50% discount on the first bag if it is purchased online or via Sun Country’s contact center.
  • The following items can be carried free of charge in addition to your checked baggage:
    • Wheelchairs and other mobility devices (collapsible/non-collapsible, manual/electric with dry or wet cell batteries), if you’re using any such device.
    • Strollers and/or car seats if you’re travelling with a child.

Sun Country Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy 

What is Sun Country Airlines carry-on baggage policy? 

Sun Country Airlines (SY) allows you to bring only 1 personal item (purse, duffel bag, laptop bag, etc.) as part of your free baggage allowance.

  • The free personal item must fit under your front seat. 
  • The standard carry-on bag must be purchased. 
  • If your personal carry-on item or bag exceeds the limits below, it will be subject to the
    applicable checked baggage fees.
  • Your carry-on bag must fit within the sizer boxes at the airport check-in counters/gate areas.
  • Carry-on baggage items must be stowed under your front seat or in the overhead bin.
Personal Carry-on Item 
(purse, duffel bag, laptop bag, etc.)
Free/PaidMax. SizeMax. Weight
Free43 x 33 x 22.9cm
(17 x 13 x 9in)
Not specified – must fit under your front seat
Carry-on BagPaid 
• Online when booking: USD 30
• Via call center at booking: USD 38 
• Online post-booking: USD 38 
• During online check-in: USD 38 
• At the airport: USD 45
61 x 40.5 x 28cm (24 x 16 x 11in)35lb/15.9kg
• The following items do not count toward your carry-on allowance and can be brought free of charge
◦ Outerwear such as coat, jacket, scarf, or hat
◦ Umbrella
◦ Food and beverages for in-flight consumption
◦ Duty-free items
◦ Diaper bag
◦ Mobility devices such as a wheelchair, pair of crutches, child restraint seats, strollers, walker, etc.
• The maximum size includes wheels and handles.
• Lap infants are not permitted any carry-on baggage allowance.
• FAA-approved child-restraint systems for in-flight use will only be accepted in the aircraft cabin if a ticket is purchased or an additional seat is reserved for the infant.

Sun Country Airlines Checked Baggage Policy 

What is Sun Country Airlines checked baggage policy?

Sun Country does not offer any free checked baggage allowance—you must purchase your baggage allowance. If you pre-purchase baggage, print and bring a copy of your purchase receipt (received by e-mail) to the airport to save time. 

A few important points to bear in mind:

  • If you’re checking 4 or more bags, call Sun Country Reservations () or make arrangements at the airport check-in counter.
  • Weight and size restrictions
    • Checked bags exceeding 50lb/23kg will incur overweight fees.
      • Bags weighing more than 100lb/45.45kg will not be accepted. 
      • Bags weighing more than 70lb/31.81kg will not be accepted on flights to/from St. Martin, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico
    • A single checked bag must not exceed 158cm/62in (incl. wheels and handles) in combined linear dimensions. Bags exceeding 203.2cm/80in will not be accepted.
  • Your name must be marked clearly on your baggage.
  • Overhead bins
    • Are available only if you’ve selected the overhead bin option.
    • If your overhead baggage does not fit in the sizer bag at the airport, it will be checked and additional charges will apply.

Sun Country Checked Baggage Fees

The Sun Country baggage policy allows you to pay your checked baggage fees online in advance at the time of booking (cheapest) or later. You can also pay your baggage fees on phone by calling Sun Country Reservations at —or later while checking in, or at the airport (costliest). The bottom line is that you should pay your baggage fees as early as you can. 

Checked Baggage Fees
At the time of booking—onlineFirst BagSecond BagThird Bag
Up to USD 30USD 40USD 40
At the time of booking—via Contact CenterUSD 38USD 45USD 50
Post-booking—online/during online check-inUSD 45USD 50
Post-booking—via Contact CenterUSD 40USD 50USD 60
At the airport counterUSD 45USD 50USD 60
At the airport gateUSD 55USD 60USD 70

Checked Baggage Fee Waivers

The following passengers enjoy a baggage fee waiver at Sun Country:

  1. U.S. military personnel travelling on official orders are permitted 2 free checked bags plus 1 overhead carry-on bag for free. They are also exempted from paying oversized baggage fees for the first 2 checked bags.
  2. Sun Country Airlines Visa Signature Cardholders along with passengers on the same booking are eligible for a 50% discount on their first bag if they purchase their bag online or through a call center.

Excess Baggage Fees 

If you’re travelling with excess baggage (overweight and/or oversized bags), you will be charged an excess baggage fee, as shown below: 

  • Overweight bags
  • Overweight bags weighing 51-60lb/23-27kg will incur an additional fee of USD 20.
  • Overweight bags weighing 61-100lb/27.7-45kg will incur an additional fee of USD 60.
  • Oversized bags 
  • Oversized bags exceeding 160cm/63in in combined linear dimensions will incur an additional fee of USD 100. 

Weight and Size Limits

  • Checked bags weighing 100lb/45.45kg will not be accepted on any Sun Country flight.
  • Checked bags weighing 70lb/45.45kg or more will not be accepted on flights from/to Jamaica and Puerto Rico.
  • Checked bags measuring more than 203.2cm/80in will not be accepted on any flight.

Sun Country Baggage Policy for Sporting Equipment

Most sporting equipment (except those mentioned below) is included in your paid baggage allowance, i.e., you can substitute it for 1 checked bag. Additional, overweight and/or oversized sporting equipment bags will incur an additional fee if they exceed your purchased baggage allowance. 

The following sporting equipment can be substituted for 1 checked bag (anything above the allowance will be subject to additional bag charges):

  • Golfing Equipment (hard-sided case recommended), which includes:
    • 1 golf bag
    • Golf clubs
    • 1 pair of golf shoes
  • Sports Bags, comprising softball, hockey sticks, baseball equipment, lacrosse equipment, bowling equipment, dance equipment, etc.).
  • Bowling Equipment, comprising a bag with:
    • 1 bowling ball
    • 1 bowling bag
    • 1 pair of bowling shoes
  • Fishing Equipment, comprising:
    • 1 fishing tackle box 
    • 2 fishing rods not exceeding 6 feet in length
    • 2 reels
    • 1 landing net
  • 1 pair of fishing boots (properly packed)
    Note. You can bring a fishing tube as an overhead baggage item if it is within the existing overhead bin size restrictions.
  • Skiing Equipment, comprising a ski bag containing:
    • 1 pair of skis
    • 1 pair of ski poles
    • 1 pair of ski bindings
    • 1 pair of ski boots
    • 1 snowboard
    • 1 set of bindings
    • 1 pair of boots
      Note. You’re allowed to travel with up to 2 pairs of skis per bag. Skis and snowboards must not be more than 6 feet long. Anything in excess will incur an additional baggage charge, whether or not it is presented as a single piece. 
  • Hockey Equipment, comprising a hockey bag with up to 5 hockey sticks, bound together. 
  • Lacrosse Equipment, comprising a lacrosse bag with up to 2 sticks lacrosse sticks, bound together.

Sporting Equipment Treated as Oversized Bags

The following sporting equipment are treated as oversized bags and will incur an additional baggage fee of USD 75:

  • Scuba Diving Equipment,  which includes:
    • 1 regulator 
    • 1 pressure gauge
    • 2 fins
    • 1 mask
    • 1 snorkel
    • 1 knife
    • 1 spear gun
    • 1 BC-vest (without air cartridges)

Note. Scuba diving tanks are prohibited, even if empty. 

  • Surfboard, Kiteboard, and Wakeboard not exceeding 5 feet in length.
  • Windsurfing Equipment, comprising:
    • 1 windsurfing board (with wooden boom)
    • 1 mast not exceeding 5 feet in height 
    • 1 sail
  • Bicycles must be racing/non-motorized bicycles with single seats.
  • Antlers:
    • Must be free of residue
    • The tips must be protected
    • Will be subject to load restrictions
    • No liability will be accepted by the airline
  • Trail hitches
    • Must be properly packaged 

Special and Restricted Items 

  • 3-1-1 Policy. You’re allowed to bring liquids, gels, lotions, and similar items in your overhead baggage as long as:
    • No individual item exceeds 100ml/3.4oz 
    • All the items fit inside 1 transparent and resealable plastic bag
    • The size of the transparent, resealable bag must not exceed 1 quart
    • You take out the plastic bag for inspection (incl. x-ray) at the security checkpoint

The following items can also be packed in the overhead bag, as long as you declare it at the screening checkpoint to TSA: 

  • Baby milk/formula/breast milk
    (you can bring breast milk even if you’re not travelling with a child)
  • Juice and baby food in containers if you’re travelling with a small child 
  • Medications in liquid, aerosol, or gel form
  • Liquids/juice and gels for medical needs (incl. for diabetics)
  • Car seats and strollers
    • You’re allowed to use an FAA-approved car seat/child restraint system onboard only if you purchase a ticket for your child. 
    • Booster seats are not permitted onboard. 
    • You can check in a car seat/stroller at the ticket counter/gate at no additional charge.
  • Diaper bags, breast pumps, and cribs
    • You’re allowed to bring 1 diaper bag per infant in addition to your free personal carry-on item. 
    • Breast pumps are not subject to baggage fees as they are medical devices. 
    • Portable cribs will incur the standard baggage fee. 
  • Alcoholic beverages

You can carry alcoholic beverages under these conditions:

  • The alcohol content must not be more than 70% (140 proof) by volume.
  • The item must be in original, unopened retail packaging.
  • A maximum of 5 liters per passenger is permitted as long as the alcohol content is between 24% – 70% (48 – 140 proof).
  • Alcoholic beverages such as most beers and wines with less than 24% (48 proof) alcohol content are not subject to any restriction.
  • Alcohol/wine bottles must be packed in a leakproof, cushioned checked bag. If you purchase it at an airport’s duty-free shop, you can carry it on board under your front seat as long as it’s in a secure, tamper-evident bag, and it fits under your front seat. 
  • Batteries. You may or may not be allowed to travel with batteries in your overhead or checked bag, depending on the type of battery you’re carrying. Make sure you stay abreast of the FAA rules and regulations on batteries before travelling.
    • Dry batteries (AA, AAA, C, and D) can be carried in overhead and checked bags
    • Lithium batteries (for cellphones, watches, laptops, hearing aids, etc.). Uninstalled spare lithium-ion/lithium metal batteries are only allowed in carry-on bags. If your carry-on bag is checked at the gate/planeside, you must remove the batteries from the bag, pack them securely by protecting them from short circuits, and carry them with you to the aircraft cabin
    • Non-spillable wet batteries are allowed in overhead and checked bags as long as they don’t exceed 12 volts and 100Wh, but additional restrictions apply.
    • Spillable Batteries can only be transported if they’re being used to power mobility devices.
    • Portable Electronic Devices (PED) powered by batteries:
      • Can be carried in overhead or checked bags. 
      • If packing in a checked bag, the devices must be completely switched off so that they cannot be accidentally activated and packed securely to protect them from damage. Examples of common PEDs include laptop computers, cellphones, cameras, watches, automatic external defibrillators, portable oxygen concentrators (POCs), sleep apnea monitors (BiPAPs and CPAPs), etc.
    • Smart luggage pieces:
      • Are allowed in overhead bags only if:
        • They meet the size and battery limits.
        • Their battery/batteries are removable.
      • Are allowed as checked bags only if:
        • The battery is removed and carried in the aircraft cabin. 

Note. Smart luggage items with non-removable batteries are not permitted on Sun Country flights.

  • Power banks/charging devices can only be carried in overhead bags.
  • Firearms and ammunition can only be transported in checked bags on domestic flights within the United States. Travelling with firearms and ammunition on international flights is strictly prohibited.
    • Firearms
      • Must be packed in a locked, hard-sided container. 
      • The maximum limit per case is 3 rifles/shotguns or 5 revolvers/pistols, plus noise suppressors, a shooting mat, and tools. The number of cases can be as many as you like.
      • Must be unloaded when packed. 
      • Must bear a Firearms Unloaded declaration stating that the firearm is unloaded. The declaration form must be placed inside the container and witnessed by a Sun Country Airlines agent. 
      • Will be locked at the time of acceptance, and the key/lock combination must be in the passenger’s custody. 
    • Ammunition
      • Must not exceed 11lb per passenger, regardless of the number of rounds.  
      • Must be packaged in the manufacturer’s container or equivalent. 
      • The container must provide enough room for cartridge separation. 
      • Can be carried in the firearms case. 
      • Cannot be carried 


  • For more information on how to comply, refer to the rules and restrictions governing the transportation of firearms. 
  • You must present your firearm(s) and ammunition to TSA for inspection after tagging. 
  • Passengers under 18 years are not allowed to check a firearm unless they can provide proof of safety training.
  • BB and pellet guns require the same handling as they are treated just like other firearms. 
  • More than 1 lock may be required to secure cases for rifles with locks in the middle and long guns. 
  • Paintball Guns and Equipment
    • Can be carried in checked bags. 
    • Will not be subject to firearm container requirements. 
    • Must be declared at the ticket counter. 
    • Compressed gas cylinders can only be carried in overhead/checked bags if the regulator valve is fully disconnected from the cylinder and the cylinder is not sealed anymore, i.e., the cylinder has one open end. The cylinder(s) must have an opening to allow for visual inspection. Sealed cylinders with an attached regulator valve will not be accepted. 
  • Frozen items
    • Must be packed and sealed in containers (fish boxes or plastic coolers with a PE bag) before they are transported to the airport. 
    • Must use plastic/strapping tape with at least 2 bands around the package.
      Note. Styrofoam coolers will not be accepted. 
    • Containers exceeding 50lb/23kg will incur overweight baggage charges and containers weighing 100lb/45.45kg will not be accepted. 
    • All containers must be labeled and must bear their contents and the passenger’s name and address during the entire trip. 
    • Duct tape and wet ice must not be used.
    • You can dry ice for refrigerating in checked bags only, as long as the dry ice does not exceed 5.5lb and the container is vented. You’re not allowed to transport dry ice in overhead bags.
  • Wedding dresses/garment bags/suits are accepted as overhead baggage, as long as they:
    • Properly packaged 
    • Fit in the airport’s sizer box 
    • Do not exceed 35lb in weight 

Sun Country Airlines Musical Instruments Policy 

You’re allowed to bring a small musical instrument as part of your free personal item or as a paid carry-on item as long as it can be stowed under your front seat or overhead bin respectively. If your musical instrument cannot be stowed properly, you must check it as checked baggage, subject to the applicable baggage fees. 

If you’re carrying a larger musical instrument such as a guitar, tuba, cello, etc. that cannot be stowed on board, you must:

  • Transport it on a paid seat (on select aircraft), as long as:
    • You securely pack it in a case to prevent injury to other passengers. 
    • It does not exceed 100lb/45.45kg (incl. the case). 
    • It is secured on a seat directly behind a full bulkhead divider. 

Note. Your cabin must have a bulkhead in front of the seat, but all aircraft have a cabin bulkhead with a seat in front. 

  • Transport your musical instrument as checked baggage, subject to the prevailing baggage rules and fees. Checked musical instruments are limited liability items, so be sure to pack them securely as the airline will be liable for any damage during transit. 

Damaged and Lost Baggage 

If your bag is damaged, delayed, or lost in transit, you must file a claim with Sun Country Airlines at the airport within 24 hours of arrival. If you couldn’t file a claim at the airport, you will need to fill out a Missing Item Form. If you don’t report the missing or damaged baggage item within the 24-hour timeframe, you may be denied compensation by the airline. 

Note. You must retain a copy of your ticket, bag claim check, and any receipts (in original) you may have incurred for expenses you may have incurred related to your claim. 

Items Left Behind 

  • If you left an item at a ticket counter, gate, or airport terminal, contact the Lost and Found department of the airport where you left the item.
  • If you left an item at a TSA Checkpoint, contact TSA at +1-866-289-9673 or through the TSA website
  • If you left an item on a Sun Country aircraft, fill out and submit the online Item Left Onboard Form.

How to Pay for Baggage 

You can pre-pay for baggage in any of these ways:

  • Online 
    • At the time of booking 
    • Later via My Trips
      (Enter your last name and 6-character reservation code, access your flight booking, and follow the on-screen prompts to add the number of bags you want to purchase).
  • By phone 
    • At the time of booking
    • Later 
  • At the airport 
    • Ticket counter
    • Gate 

Frequently Asked Questions on Sun Country Baggage Policy

What is Sun Country Airlines baggage policy for Economy Class?

Sun Country Airlines baggage policy for Economy (normal) passengers includes only 1 personal carry-on item free of charge. This can be a purse, duffel bag, backpack etc., as long as it does not exceed 43cm x 33cm x 22.9cm (17in x 13in x 9in). Other baggage items, such as a carry-on bag and checked bags must be purchased. 

Purchasing a carry-on bag will depend on when and how you pay, and will cost you for the first/second/third bags as follows: 

• USD 30/40/40 if you pay online at the time of booking.
• USD 38/45/50 if you pay via a contact center at the time of booking.
• USD 38/45/50 if you pay online or during online check-in. 
• USD 40/50/60 if you pay via a contact center at the time of booking.
• USD 45/50/60 if you pay at the airport counter.
• USD 55/60/70 if you pay at the airport gate.

Does Sun Country charge for a carry-on bag?

Yes, Sun Country charges passengers for travelling with a carry-on bag. The only baggage item you will not be charged for is a personal carry-on item—such as a purse, laptop bag, duffel bag, etc.—as long it does not measure more than 43 x 33 x 22.9cm (17 x 13 x 9in) and fits under your front seat.

If you’re travelling with a carry-on bag that does not fit under your front seat, you will be charged a USD 30 – 45, depending on how and when you pay for it. Also, the size of your carry-on bag must not be more than 61 x 40.5 x 28cm/24 x 16 x 11in (incl. handle and wheels) and its weight must not exceed 35lb/15.9kg.    

Does Sun Country allow free checked bags?

Only select passengers on Sun Country are allowed a free checked baggage allowance—such as active-duty U.S. military personnel (free baggage) and Sun Country Airlines Visa Signature Cardholders (50% discount). All other passengers must purchase their baggage.

What’s considered a personal item on Sun Country Airlines?

A personal item on Sun Country can include a small baggage item like a purse, duffel bag, laptop bag, backpack, or a similar item that fits under your front seat and does not exceed 43 x 33 x 22.9cm (17 x 13 x 9in) in size.

How much does checked baggage cost on Sun Country?

Sun Country Airlines charges a baggage fee of USD 30-45 for the first checked bag, depending on how and when you purchase your baggage. Purchasing a bag online at the time of booking is the cheapest (USD 35), whereas purchasing it at the airport counter is the costliest (USD 45). 

Do backpacks count as a personal carry-on item on Sun Country Airlines?

A backpack will only count as a free personal item on Sun Country if does not exceed the maximum size limits of 43cm x 33cm x 22.9cm (17in x 13in x 9in).

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