Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy
A snapshot of Alaska Airlines’ baggage fees and policy for 2023

Under Alaska Airlines baggage policy for 2023, standard checked bags are either included in your allowance or will incur a baggage fees of USD 30 and USD 40 for the first and second bags respectively, depending on your route and travel class.


Important points to remember about Alaska Airlines baggage fees and policy are as follows:

  • Carry-on baggage allowance 
    • Includes 1 free standard carry-on bag and 1 free personal item.
      • The standard carry-on bag must not exceed 55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86cm. 
      • The personal item (size not disclosed) can be a small purse, laptop bag, or briefcase.
    • Alaska does not have a weight limit for carry-on luggage. However, you must be able to place your bag in the overhead bin unassisted. 
    • Bags exceeding the carry-on allowance will be checked and charged USD 30 per bag.
  • Checked bags must adhere to maximum limit of:
    • 50lb/23kg in weight.
    • 158cm/62in in total combined dimensions (L + W + H).

No single piece of checked bag (except musical instruments) must exceed 100lb/45.45kg in weight and/or 292cm/115in in combined dimensions.

  • Baggage fees can be paid online, at a kiosk, or airport ticket counter.
  • Active-duty military personnel and their dependents can carry up to 5 bags weighing up to 70lb/32kg each and 292cm/115in per bag in combined dimensions. 
  • The following members are entitled to special baggage waivers:
    • Elite Mileage Plan members (2 free checked bags).
    • Alaska Airlines Visa, Visa Business, and World Elite Mastercard holders (1 free checked bag). 
    • Club 49 members (2 free checked bags).
    • Confirmed First Class passengers at check-in time (2 free checked bags).
    • Passengers travelling entirely within Alaska (3 free checked bags).
  • Assistive devices and mobility aids like canes, crutches, braces, wheelchair, walker, etc., and child strollers are allowed free of charge. 
Carry-on Bag (Free)Checked Bag (Paid)
Carry-on BagPersonal ItemFirst BagSecond BagAdditional Bags
1, free1, freeUSD 30USD 40USD 100 each
Max. Size: 55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86cm
(22 x 14 x 9in, i.e., 45 linear inches
Max Weight: 50lb/23kg
Max. Size: 158cm/62in (L + W + H)

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance—Carry-on Baggage 

Under the Alaska Airlines baggage policy, you can carry 1 personal item—such as a laptop, purse, or briefcase—and 1 standard carry-on bag—free of charge. 

  • 1 FREE Standard Carry-on Bag
    • Max. Size =>55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86cm 22 x 14 x 9in
    • Max. Weight =>No maximum weight 

Must fit under your front seat or in the overhead bin 

  • 1 FREE Personal Item
    • Max size =>Undisclosed 
    • Max. Weight =>No maximum weight 
      Must fit under your front seat or in the overhead bin 
  • Example =>Laptop, purse, or briefcase

Additional Items Allowed on Board

According to Alaska Airlines baggage rules, you can bring the following items FREE in addition to your carry-on baggage:

  • A hat, coat, or umbrella that easily fits under the seat or overhead bin 
  • FAA-approved car seat or stroller (if a ticket has been purchased for the infant)
  • A pillow
  • Reading material 
  • Food for inflight consumption 
  • Mobility aids and assistive devices 

(such as a wheelchair, walking stick, crutches, prosthetic device, CPAP machine, POC, breast pump, etc.)

  • Prescription medications 
  • 1 safely packaged case of wine (for Mileage Plan members on select flights)
  • 1 properly packed box of pineapples on select flights


Alaska Airlines baggage rules state that:

  • The dimensions include handles and wheels.
  • No weight limit applies to carry-on baggage, but you must be able to lift your bags and store them in the overhead bin without assistance.
  • Lap infants are not entitled to any carry-on baggage allowance. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance—Checked Bags 

Per Alaska Airlines’ baggage policy, checked baggage fees will apply in most cases—as shown in the table below. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees—Checked Bags
(one-way travel)

Bag #1Bag #2Bag #3+Overweight Bags

Oversized Bags
Oversized Bags

Standard FeeUSD 30USD 40USD 100USD 100USD 100
Club 49 membersFreeFreeUSD 100USD 100USD 100USD 100
Elite Mileage Plan membersFreeFreeUSD 100USD 100USD 100
Eligible Alaska Airlines Credit CardholdersFreeUSD 40USD 100USD 100USD 100USD 100
Confirmed First Class PassengersFreeFreeUSD 100USD 100USD 100
Passengers traveling in AlaskaFreeFreeUSD 100USD 100USD 100USD 100
Active U.S. military dutyFreeFreeFree up to 5 bags, then USD 100Free up to 70lb/32kg, then USD 100USD 100USD 100
U.S. military dependents on travel ordersFree up to 5 bags, then
USD 100 per bag
Free up to 70lb/32kg, then USD 100USD 100USD 100
Per Alaska Airlines baggage policy (for checked bags):
– If a bag is overweight and oversized, the baggage fee will be charged only once. 
– Bags exceeding 100lb/45.45kg in weight and 292cm/115in in combined (except musical instruments) will not be accepted. 
– The number of checked bags per passenger may be reduced during peak travel periods. 
– Active-duty military personnel and dependents on travel orders can carry up to 5 bags weighing up to 70lb/32kg each.
– You can deposit your checked bags at the airport from 4 hours to 1 hour before your flight’s departure.
– Vancouver accepts bags from 3 hours before departure, and Calgary from 2 hours before departure. 

Alaska Airlines baggage rules further state that: 

  • The dimensions include handle, pockets, and wheels.
  • Anything beyond the maximum size will be charged extra.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees—Additional, Overweight, and Oversized Bags

Alaska Airlines’ baggage fees for excess baggage—i.e., extra, overweight, and oversized bags—are as follows:

  • Additional checked baggage item (3+)
  • Overweight baggage fee (51–100lb / 23–45.45kg)
  • Oversized baggage fee (158–292cm / 63–115in)

USD 100 each
USD 100 each
USD 100 each

You can pay for your excess luggage online or at the airport. 

How to Pay Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees 

You can pay your Alaska Airlines baggage fees from 24 hours before departure. 

  • Online via Manage trip (starting 24 hours before departure).
  • Through Alaska Airlines’ mobile app (starting 24 hours before departure).
  • At the airport self-service check-in kiosk (starting 4 hours before departure).
  • At the airport check-in counter (starting 4 hours before departure).

Alaska Airlines Sporting Equipment Policy


Per Alaska Airlines baggage policy, most sporting equipment is accepted as checked baggage on a chargeable basis—provided the equipment is safely packed in a hard- or soft-sided case specially designed for the purpose. 


Under Alaska Airlines baggage policy for sporting equipment:

  • Kayaks will only be accepted on Alaska Airlines flights 0001-1999 and charged the standard baggage fees. 
  • Glass kayaks are not permitted. 
  • The oversize baggage is waived for the following sporting equipment:
    • Golf clubs
    • Bicycles
    • Fishing Equipment
    • Archery equipment 
    • Windsurfing Equipment
    • Surfboards/Paddleboards
    • Skis/Snowboard
    • Skateboards
    • Scuba equipment
    • Pole vaults
    • Kiteboarding equipment
    • Hockey/Lacrosse equipment
    • Bowling equipment 
    • Boogie boards

Alaska Airlines Baggage Rules—Multiple Sporting Equipment Pieces

The following sports equipment will be treated as one checked piece of baggage, and subject to the standard baggage fees. 

  • Fishing equipment
    • Includes 2 rods, 2 reels, and one tackle box
    • To avoid an oversize fee, must be between 62 – 115 linear inches
  • Hockey/lacrosse equipment 
    • Includes hockey/lacrosse sticks (if multiple, tape together) 
    • Includes 1 bag or box of hockey equipment (gloves, pads, skates, pucks, etc.)
    • To avoid an oversize fee, must be between 62 – 115 linear inches
  • Kiteboard equipment
    • 1 set can be checked as 2 separate pieces per single charge
    • Includes 1 kiteboard, and fin(s) up to 3 inches long), 1 leading-edge inflatable (LEI) kite or foil, 1 control bar with flying lines, 1 helmet, and 1 personal flotation device (PFD)
  • Pole vaults
    • Includes up to 2 pole vaults 
    • Dimensions must not exceed 6in x 6in x 17ft
      (the max single dimension is 8ft on flights 2000-2999 and 3300-3499)
  • Scuba equipment
    • Includes 1 scuba gear container and 1 tank
    • Scuba gear container includes 1 regulator, 1 tank harness, 1 pressure gauge, 1 mask, 2 fins, 1 snorkel, 1 knife, 1 spear gun, and 1 safety vest
    • To avoid an oversize fee, must be between 62 – 115 linear inches
  • Skis/snowboards
    • Includes 1 pair of skis with poles, or 1 snowboard
    • Includes 1 boot/helmet bag
    • If the bag contains additional items incl. clothing, standard fees will apply 
    • To avoid an oversize fee, must be between 62 – 115 linear inches
  • Surfboards/paddleboards
    • Includes 1 surfboard or paddleboard case and up to 2 boards 
    • Must not be more than 115in (i.e., 9ft and 7in) long
  • Windsurfing equipment
    • Includes 1 windsurfing board and 1 mast, sail, and boom 
    • Max length of a mast is 15ft on Airbus 17ft on 737s, and 8ft on Horizon Air or SkyWest flights

Additional Sporting Equipment 

  • Camping equipment
    • Both camping equipment and fuel containers (stoves, heaters, and liquid flammable lanterns) are permitted provided the fuel system is totally dry and without any fuel or odor in the tank, hose, or other parts
    • Fuel is not allowed in checked baggage but can be shipped from the cargo section under the regulated dangerous goods label
    • Self-heating type meals (MREs and flameless) are not allowed as carry-on or checked baggage but can be shipped as cargo. 
    • Propane and empty tanks can only be shipped on all-cargo flights
    • Matches and lighters are not permitted in checked luggage
  • Firearms & shooting equipment

CPAP Devices

Passengers with medical conditions can carry FAA-approved CPAP and POC devices by giving advance notice.

Alaska Airlines Musical Instruments Policy

The Alaska Airlines baggage policy for musical instruments allows you to carry your musical instrument as carry-on or checked baggage—depending on its size.

  • Small Musical Instruments. Small musical instruments can be taken as a single carry-on bag even if they exceed the standard dimensions—provided they can be safely accommodated in the aircraft’s cabin.
  • Large Musical Instruments. If you want to carry a large instrument in the cabin, you may either buy a seat for it or carry it as checked baggage.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees for Musical Instruments
Per Alaska Airlines baggage rules, the baggage fees for musical instruments will depend on their weight and size, as shown below.

Musical Instrument Weight Baggage Fee
Up to 50lb/23kgStandard checked baggage fees: 
1st Bag =>USD 30
2nd Bag =>USD 40 
3+ Bags =>USD 100 each
51–165lbs/23.1–74.8kg USD 100 
Musical Instrument Bag Dimensions Baggage Fee 
Up to 158cm/62in Standard checked baggage fees: 
1st Bag =>USD 30
2nd Bag =>USD 40 
3+ Bags =>USD 100 each
159–381cm/63–150in (Flights 1–1999)$100
159cm–292cm/63–115in (Flights 2000–2999 and 3300–3499)$100



What to Do If Your Baggage is Missing or Damaged on Alaska Airlines

You must report baggage issues for damaged or missing bags immediately upon arrival.

  • At the airport
    • File a claim in person at Alaska Airlines’ airport service baggage office—no later than 24 hours. For general assistance, contact the Baggage Support office at 1-877-815-8253 from 7:30am–6pm (PT).
    • In case of damage, show it to an agent after you pick up your bag.
  • If you’ve left the airport

How to Check the Claim Status of Your Baggage 

To check your baggage claim status, contact the airport service baggage office where you filed your report.

How to Report Damage to a Bag or Contents

(incl. missing contents)

  • If you’re still at the airport, you will need to personally file a claim within 24 hours at the airport service baggage office. If your bag is damaged, show the damage to an agent after you pick up your bag.
  • If you’ve left the airport, report your missing bag online

If your bag is recovered, it will be delivered to you.

Alaska Airlines’ Liability for Lost and Damaged Bags

  • Alaska Airlines’ domestic travel liability for checked baggage is limited to:
  • USD 3,800/passenger. 
  • Alaska Airlines’ international travel liability is limited to: 
  • Under the Warsaw Convention
    • USD 9.07/lb or the actual value of checked baggage, whichever is less.
    • USD 400/passenger for unchecked baggage.
  • Under the Montreal Convention (for checked and unchecked baggage)
    • SDR 1,288/passenger 

How to Get Reimbursed on Essential Items 

You can file a claim for the travel essentials you buy till your bag is found—such as clothing and toiletries. To get reimbursed for these items, you will need to:

  • Show your invoice to the airport service baggage office where you filed your report, or
  • Complete the statement of mishandling form and mail the receipts to:

Alaska Airlines

Attn: Central Baggage Service/SEALZ

PO Box 68900

Seattle, WA 98168-0900


Banned and Restricted Items

Below is a list of banned items on Alaska Airlines:

  • Battery-operated self-balancing devices
  • Battery-powered/self-folding strollers
  • Camping/outdoor equipment
    • Includes camp stoves with flammable liquid residue, fuel cylinders, matches (strike-anywhere type), animal repellants, propane heaters, etc.
  • Explosives
    • Such as gunpowder, fireworks, signal flares, sparklers, etc.
  • Flammable solids and liquids
    • Such as paint, fuels, lighter refills, Sterno, strike-anywhere matches, mothballs, self-heating meals (MREs), etc.
  • Hazardous household items
    • Solvents, drain cleaners, caustic and corrosive materials
  • Internal combustion engines
    • Such as chainsaws, outboard motors, gas-powered weed eaters, generators, etc.
  • Marijuana 
  • Pool chemicals containing hazardous, reactive, or oxidizing materials
  • Pressurized containers 
  • Other hazardous materials
    • Such as gas-powered tools, radioactive materials, wet-cell batteries, infectious substances, poisons, etc.

For more information, visit FAA Pack Safe

Liquids, Creams, Aerosols & Powders

  • Up to 3.4oz (100ml) packed per TSA regulations is allowed as cabin baggage. 
  • More than 3.4oz (100ml) is allowed in checked baggage.
  • Also allowed if purchased after security the checkpoint.

Alaska Airlines Contact Information

Below are a few important Alaska Airlines’ contact numbers. 

  • Reservations
  • Post-flight Concerns
  • Delayed Baggage
  • Accessible Services Help
  • Lounge
  • Cargo
  • Corporate Office
  • Horizon Air

(open 24/7)
+ 1-800-654-5669
+1-800-503-0101 (dial 711 for relay services)
+1-800-654-5669 For relay services, dial 711
+1-800-225-2752 (open 5am—9pm, all days)

Frequently Asked Questions on Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

What is Alaska Airlines baggage fees like?

Alaska Airlines standard baggage fees are USD 30 for the first bag, USD 40 for the second bag, and USD 100 for each additional bag. 

The following passengers enjoy a baggage fee waiver:

(i)- The first bag is free for eligible Alaska Airlines credit cardholders.
(ii)- The first two bags are free for Club 49 members, Elite Mileage Plan members, and confirmed First Class passengers.
(iii)- The first five bags (70lb/bag and 292cm/bag) are free for active-duty military personnel and their dependents.
(iv)- The first three bags are free for passengers travelling within Alaska.

What is Alaska Airlines baggage policy for lap infants?

Lap infants travelling on an adult passenger’s lap are not provided any baggage allowance by Alaska Airlines.

What is Alaska Airlines checked baggage policy?

According to Alaska Airlines’ baggage policy, passengers must pay for their baggage unless they are:

(i)- Eligible credit cardholders (Alaska Airlines).
(ii)- Members of Club 49 and Elite Mileage Plan.
(iii)- Confirmed First Class passengers.
(iv)- Active-duty military personnel or their dependents.
(v)- Flying entirely within the state of Alaska

What are Alaska Airlines baggage rules for carry-on bags?

Per Alaska Airlines baggage rules for carry-ons, passengers are allowed to bring one standard carry-on bag and one personal item (purse, laptop bag, or briefcase) to the cabin free of cost. Although there’s no weight limit for carry-on bags, you must be able the bags unassisted. The bags must fit in the overhead bin or under your front seat, and the size of the standard (i.e., larger) carry-on bag (incl. wheels and handle) must not exceed 55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86cm (22 x 14 x 9in).

The baggage rules allow you to carry certain items (in addition to your allowance) free of charge, such as a hat, coat, or umbrella, a pillow, reading material, food for the flight, mobility aids/assistive devices, and prescription medications. 

What are Alaska Airlines baggage rules for standard checked baggage?

According to Alaska Airlines’ baggage rules, all passengers (except certain categories) must pay for their checked baggage. The baggage fees for the first three bags are USD 30, USD 40, and USD 100. The weight and combined dimensions of a checked bag must not exceed 50lb/23kg and 158cm/62 respectively.

What are Alaska Airlines baggage weight limits?

Alaska Airlines’ baggage weight limit for checked bags is 50lb/23kg for most passengers. Although there’s no weight limit for carry-on bags (a size limit applies, however), you must be able to stow your bag in the overhead bin without any assistance.

Also, no single piece of baggage (with the exception of a musical instrument) can exceed 100lb/45.45kg.

What is Alaska Airlines baggage weight limit for musical instruments?

The weight of a musical instrument on Alaska Airlines must not exceed 165lb/74.8kg.

What is Alaska Airlines baggage allowance like?

There’s no free checked baggage allowance on Alaska Airlines. However, certain exceptions apply. Alaska Airlines cardholders, Club 49, and Elite Mileage Plan members confirmed First Class passengers, active-duty military personnel and their dependents, and passengers flying within Alaska are allowed to bring free checked baggage.

What are Alaska Airlines baggage size limits?

The baggage size limits on Alaska Airlines are as follows:

Standard carry-on bag                                    55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86cm (22 x 14 x 9in).
Standard checked bag                                    158cm/62      

What is Alaska Airlines carry-on baggage weight limitation?

Alaska Airlines has not set a weight limit for carry-on baggage (but a size limit applies). Also, you must be able to lift your bag and store it in the overhead bin without assistance.

What is Alaska Airlines military baggage policy?

Alaska Airlines military baggage policy allows active-duty military personnel (and their dependents) to travel with up to 5 checked bags. The maximum weight of a checked bag must not exceed 70lb/32kg and the total combined dimensions (L + W + H) must not exceed 292cm/115in.

What is Alaska Airlines baggage weight limit?

The weight limit for standard checked bags on Alaska Airlines is 50lb/32kg.

What is Alaska Airlines first class baggage allowance?

Alaska Airlines First Class baggage allowance for domestic flights is 2 free checked bags. However, all passengers travelling entirely within the State of Alaska are entitled to carry 3 checked bags free of charge.

What is Alaska Airlines baggage policy for Economy Class?

Alaska Airlines baggage policy for Economy Class passengers requires passengers to pay for checked bags. However, they are allowed to bring 1 standard carry-on bag (max. size 55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86cm, no weight limit) and 1 small personal item free of charge.

The baggage fee for the first two bags is USD 30 and USD 40 respectively, and USD 100 for each additional bag. The combined dimensions of a checked (incl. handle and wheels) must not exceed 158cm/62in and the per-bag weight must not exceed 50lb/23kg. 

Some items can be carried free of charge by all passengers, such as assistive/mobility devices, children’s strollers, a hat or umbrella, reading material, outer garments such as a coat, food for consumption during the flight, prescription medications, a small pillow, and a box of pineapples (on select flights).

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