According to the AirAsia baggage policy for India and other countries, the cabin baggage allowance is the same for all passengers, comprising 1 carry-on bag and 1 small bag such as a small briefcase or a purse. The checked baggage allowance will depend on your fare type and route.

AirAsia Baggage Policy Overview

Below is an overview of the AirAsia baggage policy:

  • Carry-on Baggage Allowance
    AirAsia’s carry-on baggage allowance is 1 carry-on bag plus 1 small bag, with a combined weight of up to 15lb/7kg.
    • The carry-on bag must not exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm in size and must fit in the overhead bin.
    • The small bag must not exceed 40cm x 30cm x 10cm in size and must fit under your front seat. 

Note. If you’re travelling on an AirAsia India (I5) flight, no cabin baggage will be accepted on flights departing from Srinagar or Jammu airports.

  • Checked Baggage Allowance
    The checked baggage allowance on AirAsia will depend on your travel class and is subject to the following limits:
    • Max. dimensions 119cm (H) x 119cm (L) x 81cm (D)
      (or 319cm/126in in combined linear dimensions)
    • Max. weight
      • Economy Class/Low Fare No free baggage allowance
      • Value Pack Max. weight: 44lb/20kg 
      • Premium Flex Max. weight: 44lb/20kg
      • Premium Flatbed Max. weight: 88lb/40kg

AirAsia Carry-on Baggage Policy

A graphical illustration of the cabin baggage allowance on AirAsia

According to the updated AirAsia carry-on baggage policy, all passengers (except infants) are allowed to carry 2 pieces of cabin baggage—subject to the following limitations:

  1. The combined weight of both pieces must not exceed 15lb/7kg, but you can purchase an Xtra Carry On allowance of the same weight on select flights.  
  2. The size of the first bag must not exceed 56 cm (H) x 36 cm (W) x 23 cm (L)—and it must fit in the overhead bin.
  3. The size of the second bag (laptop bag, handbag or small bag) must not exceed 40 cm (H) x 30 cm (W) x 10 cm (L)—and it must fit under the seat in front of you. 
  4. If your carry-on baggage is overweight, i.e., it exceeds 15lb/7kg, oversized, or exceeds the maximum permissible size limit on your flight, you’ll have to check it in at the airport counter and pay the applicable checked baggage fee.
  5. You’re allowed to pool your carry-on baggage allowance with another passenger if you’re travelling and checking in together on the same booking number. 
  6. Lap infants below 2 years of age don’t qualify for any carry-on baggage allowance—except on AirAsia India (I5) flights where they’re also allowed 15lb/7kg. Children aged 2 years or more have the same carry-on baggage allowance as above. You can check your infant’s or child’s pram, stroller, or buggy for free, but you’re not allowed to bring it onboard unless it’s small enough to fit within the size limits of your carry-on baggage. Car seats for children will also have to be checked in, but as part of your free or purchased checked baggage allowance.
  7. Xtra Carry On baggage of 15lb/7kg per passenger (amounting to a total carry-on baggage allowance of 30lb/14kg per passenger) can be purchased for outbound flights from: 
  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • Maldives
  • Myanmar
  • Malaysia
  • Macau
  • Laos
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Cambodia
  • Bangladesh

You can purchase Xtra Carry On online via from My Bookings (Manage Bookings/Manage in some countries) under Add-ons up to 6 hours before departure.

  1. You’re allowed to carry infant/formula food in your carry-on baggage as long as it’s enough for the journey. This includes breast milk, but you should check with the airport before travelling. 
  2. Cremated human remains (ashes) are allowed both in cabin and checked baggage. However, they must be packed in an urn and kept out of sight from other passengers. Plus, you must carry a copy of the death and cremation certificates. 
  3. AirAsia allows wedding dresses in the aircraft cabin, but may not have adequate storage facilities to store or hang them. 
  4. Fresh produce and frozen seafood may be accepted as carry-on baggage, subject to the destination country’s quarantine regulations. However, it must be properly packed and must be within your weight and size limits. If you’re using dry ice to preserve the items in your cabin baggage, the maximum amount of dry ice permitted per passenger is 5.5lb/2.5kg.
  5. AirAsia does not allow food and beverages from outside. Self-heating meals/MREs, and FRH (Flameless Ration Heater) are prohibited on the aircraft. 
  6. Electronic items must not be used during takeoff and landing due to safety reasons. These items include (but are not limited to) mobile phones, tablets, laptops, CD players, electronic games, CD players, radio-controlled toys, walkie-talkies, etc. Pacemakers and hearing aids are permitted, however.
  7. You can carry e-cigarettes only as part of your cabin baggage, but aren’t allowed to use them onboard.

AirAsia Smart Baggage Requirements

Images of smart bags on AirAsia

Your smart (battery-powered) baggage must meet the following requirements: 

  • Batteries cannot be more than 0.3g if lithium metal and 2.7Wh if lithium-ion. 
  • Removable batteries must be carried separately. 
  • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / GPS must be turned off.
  • 2 spare batteries are allowed at the most.

AirAsia Checked Baggage Policy

What is AirAsia’s check-in baggage policy?

An illustration of the AirAsia checked baggage allowance for flights to/from the USA

An illustration of the AirAsia checked baggage allowance for flights to/from USA

  • If your flight is to/from the U.S., you can carry up to 88lb/40kg as checked baggage. You can purchase your baggage allowance on a per-piece concept within the following weight range: 
  • 44lb/20kg
  • 55lb/25kg
  • 66lb/30kg
  • 88lb/40kg
  • The maximum baggage allowance you can purchase on a flight is 2 pieces—subject to a maximum of 88lb/40kg. However, the maximum weight of a checked bag must not exceed 70lb/32kg per bag.
  • The checked baggage fee is lowest at the time of booking. You can pre-book after purchasing your ticket booking through your BIG Member account (at a discount), or later at the time of web check-in (at normal rates). The baggage fees are highest when paid at the airport. 

Important to Know

  • You can upgrade your checked baggage from 44lb/20kg to 55lb/25kg online via Manage Bookings/My Bookings or the AVA chatbot up to 4 hours before departure—or at a higher rate at the airport.
  • AirAsia allows you to pool or share your checked baggage allowance if you’re travelling with another passenger on the same booking number and checking in together. 
  • 2 bags weighing 22lb/10kg each will be treated as 2 pieces.  
  • If one bag weighs 50.6lb/23kg and the other bag weighs 37.4lb/17kg, you will have to remove the extra 6.6lb/3kg from the first bag and add it to the second bag that weighs 37.4lb/17kg.
  • If your baggage exceeds the maximum limit, an extra baggage fee will apply on a per kilo basis.
  • If you’re traveling from Dhaka (or within Indonesia), you will be entitled to a complimentary checked baggage allowance.
  • You must check in your baggage at least 45 minutes departure for AirAsia flights with the carrier code AK, JW, PQ, QZ, and FD; and at least 1 hour before departure for AirAsia X flights with the carrier code D7.
  • If you’re taking a connecting flight with AirAsia FLY-THRU, your bags will be automatically tagged to your final destination city.
  • If you purchase any duty-free items at the airport, they will not be included in your carry-on baggage allowance as long as:
    • The duty-free items are within your destination country’s duty-free allowance. 
    • They’re packed in STEBs (Security Tamper-Evident Bags), and sealed. 
    • You’re carrying an original invoice/invoices.

Complimentary Checked Baggage Allowance

What is the free checked baggage allowance on AirAsia?

If your AirAsia seat booking is for Value Pack, Premium Flex or Premium Flatbed, your baggage allowance is complimentary, i.e., it is already included in your fare. The baggage allowance details for different fare classes are provided in the table below.

Low FareValue PackPremium FlexPremium Flex
Premium Flatbed
Carry-on baggageComplimentaryComplimentaryComplimentaryComplimentary
Checked baggageMust purchase44lb/20kg44lb/20kg88lb/40kg
Value Pack fares are not offered on Fly-Thru routes from/to/through India, Thailand, or Japan. 
• The checked baggage allowance is complimentary for: 
◦ Passengers travelling domestically within India on a flight with an I5 carrier code
(up to 33lb/15kg per passenger).
◦ Passengers travelling between Dhaka (DAC) and Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
(up to 66lb/30kg per passenger).
• You can book additional baggage up to 4 hours before your flight’s departure, as long as you pay the excess baggage fee.

AirAsia India Baggage Policy

According to the AirAsia India baggage policy:  

  1. You’re allowed a carry-on baggage allowance (complimentary) of 2 bags with a combined weight of 15lb/7kg. The size of the first bag can be up to 56 cm (H) x 36 cm (W) x 23 cm (L)—and the bag must fit in your overhead bin. The size of the second bag (laptop bag, handbag or small bag) must not exceed 40 cm (H) x 30 cm (W) x 10 cm (L) and it must fit under your front seat. 
  2. You’re allowed a checked baggage allowance (complimentary) of 1 checked bag of up to 33lb/15kg (reduced from 44lb/20kg till September 30, 2020) and a maximum size of 119cm (Height) x 119cm (Length) x 81cm (Depth). 
  3. Baggage allowance charges (India, I5). If you’re carrying more than your checked baggage allowance, you will be charged a handling fee of INR 750 for every additional piece you book in advance, and INR 1,000 per piece if you pay at the airport. 
  4. You can pre-book your checked baggage in slots of 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, and 25kg (6.6lb, 11lb, 22lb, 33lb, and 55lb). 
  5. Lap infants below the age of 2 years and children above 2 years of age are allowed a carry-on baggage allowance (complimentary) of 15lb/7kg plus a baby stroller/buggy/pram as free checked baggage (if used). Small/foldable baby strollers Pock are allowed as cabin baggage if they are within a passenger’s cabin baggage allowance.

According to the AirAsia India baggage policy, the checked baggage fees are as follows:

AirAsia Baggage Fees for India (I5)
During BookingFreeINR 1,200INR 2,000INR 4,000INR 6,000INR 10,000
After Booking– Excess Baggage Fee INR 500 per kilo
– Handling Charge per Piece (Pre-book) INR 750
– Handling Charge per Piece (Airport) INR 1,000
Note. Baggage exceeding 70lb/32kg in weight and 119cm in height), 119cm in length, and 81cm in depth will not be accepted for safety reasons.

Excess Baggage Fees

AirAsia baggage allowance charges/baggage fees for other countries 

You will be charged an excess baggage fee (in addition to what you paid) if you carry more luggage than what you pre-book online. The excess baggage fee: 

  • Will be charged on a per kilo basis, depending on your departure airport. 
  • Must be paid at the check-in counter on the day of travel.

If you’re taking a connecting flight, you will be charged an excess baggage fee on a per kilo basis. When travelling with excess baggage, you must reach the airport at least 2 hours before departure. 

Liquids, Aerosols & Gels (LAGs)

Liquids, Aerosols & Gels (LAGs)

You are allowed to carry liquids, aerosols, and gels on board (in your carry-on baggage), subject to the following conditions:

  • The content must not exceed 100ml/3.4oz (volume) or 100 grams (weight). 
  • Anything carried in 100ml or larger containers is not permitted. 
  • The containers must be carried in a transparent plastic bag with a maximum 1-liter volume.

Note. These restrictions apply only to carry-on baggage items—not to checked baggage.


  • Medication and special dietary requirement foods such as baby food are permitted within a reasonable quantity. 
  • Duty-free items purchased from the airport on the day of travel will not be considered a part of your cabin baggage allowance if they are within the duty-free allowance of your destination country. However, such items should be packed in Security Tamper-Evident Bags (STEBs), and must be sealed and accompanied with valid proof of purchase.

How to Pay Your Baggage Fees on AirAsia

You can upgrade or purchase your baggage allowance in several ways
You can purchase or upgrade your AirAsia checked baggage allowance in 2 ways.

  1. Pre-book Online (cheapest). You can pre-book your checked baggage allowance while booking (cheapest), or after you’ve booked. If you’re buying or upgrading after you’ve made the booking, you can pre-book up to 4 hours before your flight’s departure. The cheapest way to pre-book is online at the time of booking, via AVA, or AirAsia’s mobile app—and later through My Bookings (Manage Bookings/Manage in some countries). 
  2. At the Airport (costliest). You can also purchase your checked baggage allowance before departure—but subject to 33lb/15kg per guest per way (44lb/20kg on AirAsia India) and the prevailing baggage fee. If you’re carrying excess baggage in addition to what you pre-booked, you will have to pay an additional fee. 


  • Your checked baggage allowance is included in your ticket fare if you’re holding a Value Pack ticket, or flying on a Premium Flex or Premium Flatbed ticket.
  • The checked baggage fee is lowest at the time of booking. However, you can pre-book later at the normal rate through your BIG Member account or at the time of checking in online. The checked baggage fees are the highest at the airport, so book in advance.
  • All pre-booked baggage fees are non-refundable.

Combining Checked Baggage Allowance on AirAsia

You can pool or share your checked baggage allowance on the following conditions:

  • You’re traveling on the same itinerary, i.e., booking number.
  • You check-in/drop off your baggage together.

Additional Items You Can Check in for Free at AirAsia

You can carry the following items free of charge—but only if you’re using them: 

  • Mobility device or wheelchair
  • Prams, baby strollers or buggies
  • Walking frame or crutch

What to Do If Your AirAsia Baggage is Delayed, Damaged, or Lost

Delayed Baggage

If your bag is delayed or missing on AirAsia: 

  • Contact AirAsia’s guest service officers immediately. 
  • Provide your baggage token number to help track your baggage. 
  • You will be provided a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number which will be used to send your baggage back to your local address once it is found. 
  • AirAsia will also assist you if your baggage arrives damaged.
Damaged Baggage

If you find that your bag has arrived damaged:

  • Contact an AirAsia guest service officer immediately before leaving the airport.  
  • A guest service officer will examine and record the damage to your bag. 
  • You will receive immediate assistance, if required. 
Lost/Missing Baggage

AirAsia will declare your baggage missing:

  • For domestic flights—within 7 days of lodging your Property Irregularity Report (PIR). 
  • For international flights—within 14 days of lodging your Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

If your baggage is missing, you will need to prepare the following documents: 

  1. Passport/ID copy 
  2. Passenger’s bank statement copy
  3. IBN/BCB/SWIFT code (international transactions)
  4. Third-party account authorization letter (if required)
  5. Third-part passport copy/ID (if required)

The Central Baggage Tracing Office will contact you and let you know the next steps.

For missing baggage inquiries, contact:

  • Kuala Lumpur Baggage Tracing Office +603-8778-5495 / +603-8778-5494

  • Philippines Baggage Tracing Office +639-9859-02029 
  • Indonesia Baggage Tracing Office +622-1559-16126

AirAsia Sports Equipment Policy

You can travel with sports equipment as part of your baggage allowance—subject to any associated fees and weight and size restrictions. 

  • Sports Equipment Allowance
    You must purchase a sports equipment allowance if you’re traveling with the following sports equipment:
  • Golf sets 
  • Bicycles
  • Diving equipment 
  • Ski / snowboard equipment
  • Cricket gear

The fees and charges are typically higher than the normal baggage fee, and can be purchased in the same range as regular checked baggage—20kg, 25kg, 30kg, and 40kg (max.) per way. 

  • Other Sports Equipment
    Below is a partial list of sports equipment that can be carried as regular checked baggage—subject to the standard weight, size, and fee applicable to checked baggage.
    • Tennis gear
    • Squash gear
    • Badminton gear
    • Ten pin bowling equipment
    • Ice hockey equipment
    • Field hockey equipment
    • Archery equipment 
    • Angling/fishing equipment
    • Inflatable sports equipment such as rugby balls, football, etc. (fully deflated)


The following oversized sports equipment will not be accepted—even as cargo baggage:

  • Javelins
  • Pole vaults
  • Sails
  • Hang gliders
  • Kayaks, canoes, and oars

How to Pre-Pay Sports Equipment Allowance

You can purchase your sports equipment allowance in 2 ways:

  1. Online (the cheapest way)—up to 4 hours before your flight:
    1. My Bookings
    2. Mobile app
    3. AVA
  2. At the airport counter
    (costlier, and limited to 33lb/15kg)

AirAsia Musical Instruments Policy

Per AirAsia’s musical instruments policy, you can carry a musical instrument in any of the following ways: 

  • As standard cabin baggage at no additional cost if it fits within your cabin baggage allowance.
    • Max. weight 15lb/7kg 
    • Max. Dimensions 56cm x 36cm x 23cm
  • Purchase anextra seat for your musical instrument if it exceeds the cabin baggage limits and falls within the following weight and size limits:
    • Max. weight 75kg 
    • Max. Dimensions 103cm (H) x 41cm (L) x 41cm (W)
  • As checked baggage subject to checked baggage fees as well as size and weight restrictions.  

Frequently Asked Questions on AirAsia Baggage Policy

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on AirAsia’s baggage policy. Do go through them to ensure that you have a comfortable and stress-free experience while traveling.

How can I upgrade my AirAsia baggage allowance?

You can upgrade your baggage allowance, say from 44lb/20kg to 55lb/25kg in the following ways
• Online through My Bookings (Manage/Manage Bookings in some countries) up to 4 hours before departure or AVA—up to 4 hours before departure. 
• At the airport check-in counter (costlier).

You can purchase up to 88lb/40kg per passenger. If you’re travelling with heavier baggage, make sure no checked bag exceeds 70lb/32kg. If you’re in excess ofover your free baggage allowance, you will have to pay excess baggage charges in the currency of the country you’re departing from. 

You’re allowed to pool your checked baggage allowance with a co-passenger (or co-passengers) travelling on the same booking number and checking in together.

What all can I carry for free as checked baggage on AirAsia?

You’re allowed to carry a baby stroller/pram/buggy, mobility devices such as a wheelchair, a pair of crutches, and a walking cane (if using). If you’re not using any of these items, you must pre-book them for a fee. 

Am I allowed to bring my wheelchair on board?

If you’re carrying a wheelchair or a mobility device without batteries, you can bring it as unchecked baggage. However, if you’re travelling on a flight from/to the United States with more than one wheelchair, you may be required to check it in (wheelchair service will be provided to you after you check in the wheelchair and before you receive it upon arrival). 

The airline recommends that you check in your wheelchair and use the one provided by the airline. For details, refer to the page titled Prebook Special Assistance (Wheelchair Service) Online

If you’re travelling with a wheelchair or a mobility device with batteries, you’ll be required to check it in after filling out the Battery-Powered Wheelchair/Mobility Aid Form and submitting it via the AVA chatbot no less than 48 hours prior to departure. You must also ensure that: 
• Non-lithium batteries must be taped together to prevent short-circuiting. They can remain attached to the wheelchair, but must be switched off.

• Lithium-ion batteries do not exceed 300Wh. If your wheelchair is operated by 2 lithium-ion batteries, the power rating per battery must not exceed 160Wh.  Up to 1 spare battery of 300Wh or 2 spare batteries of up to 160Wh are is allowed. All lithium-ion batteries must comply with subsection 38.3 part III of the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria. After you check in your wheelchair, the battery/batteries will be removed and handed over to you to carry in the cabin after placing it/them in the battery pouch issued by the manufacturer.

Am I allowed to bring medical equipment such as a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) onboard?

You’re allowed to bring electronic medical devices as long as they do not pose a safety hazard on the aircraft or interfere with the aircraft’s electrical or communication equipment. AirAsia allows the carriage of the following medical equipment:
• Non-battery mobility aids like walking frames and canes as unchecked baggage. 
• Battery-powered mobility devices with batteries, such as wheelchairs.
• On flights from or to the U.S., you’re allowed to carry wheelchairs and mobility devices without batteries as unchecked baggage. If your aircraft is carrying more than one wheelchair, you’ll have to check in your wheelchair (you’ll be provided a wheelchair after you check it in). 
• POCs and CPAP machines are allowed on the aircraft, as long as your batteries meet the criteria for non-lithium and lithium-ion batteries (above). 

AirAsia does not accept passengers who need medical oxygen or an incubator on the flight or those who are travelling on a stretcher. Passengers are not allowed to use their own oxygen or medical equipment containing oxygen bottles or cylinders.

What happens to my luggage if I have a connecting flight on AirAsia?

If you have a connecting flight on AirAsia, you will have to claim your baggage after you’ve flown each sector, and then re-check it in for your next flight after obtaining your boarding pass. 

However, if you’ve purchased a Fly-Thru add-on, your baggage will be checked right through to your final destination—after you check it in for your first flight and make sure it’s checked in till your final destination.

Under the AirAsia domestic baggage policy, by when should I drop my baggage?

According to the AirAsia domestic baggage policy (for flights within Malaysia), the check-in and Baggage Drop counters for domestic flights open 2 hours before departure and close 45 minutes before departure for most flights (KLIA2 – 1 hour before departure, and Japan – 30 minutes before departure). That means you must have checked in your bags at least 45 minutes before departure for most domestic flights.
For international flights, the Baggage Drop and check-in counters open an hour earlier, i.e., 3 hours before departure, and close 1 hour before departure for all airports.

What are AirAsia’s baggage limits?

AirAsia’s baggage limits are as follows:
• Carry-on baggage Total combined weight 15lb/7kg
◦ 1 carry-on bag Max. size 56cm x 36cm x 23cm
◦ 1 small bag Max. size 40cm x 30cm x 10cm 
• Checked baggage
◦ Max. size of a bag 119cm (H) x 119cm (L) x 81cm (D)
◦ Max. weight of a bag
• Economy Class No free baggage allowance
• Value Pack Max. weight: 44lb/20kg 
• Premium Flex Max. weight: 44lb/20kg
• Premium Flatbed Max. weight: 88lb/40kg

The maximum weight per checked bag must not exceed 70lb/32kg.

What is the Indonesia AirAsia baggage allowance?

AirAsia’s complimentary baggage allowance for domestic AirAsia flights within Indonesia is 44lb/20kg of checked baggage plus 15lb/7kg of carry-on baggage per passenger. Prebooking checked baggage will be charged per 66lb/30kg and 88lb/40kg tiers. 

What happens if my baggage is lost or damaged?

If your baggage is lost or damaged during a flight with AirAsia, you must immediately report the incident to the Baggage Services counter at the arrival airport. AirAsia will assist in locating lost baggage and compensate you for any damages or losses incurred.

Can I bring sports equipment or musical instruments on AirAsia flights?

AirAsia allows passengers to bring sports equipment and musical instruments on flights, but specific rules and fees apply. It is best to check the information provided in the sections above for details on these items before you travel.

What is the baggage allowance for unaccompanied minors?

Unaccompanied minors are not accepted on AirAsia, unless they are accompanied a passenger aged 18 years or older. Their baggage allowance is the same as that for the accompanying adult passenger. For children aged 12 to 16 years of age, a.k.a. Young Passenger Traveling Alone, the baggage allowance is also the same as that of an adult passenger. 

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