A Philippine Airlines upgrade allows you to upgrade your class of service in several ways, subject to availability and certain conditions. The first option is to use your frequent flyer miles (Mabuhay Miles) to upgrade. Another option is to bid for an upgrade through the airline’s bidding system, which allows passengers to submit a bid for an upgrade and if accepted, they will be upgraded to a higher class of service. The third option is to purchase an upgrade during online or airport check-in (up to 4 hours before departure), although availability may be limited.

Major Highlights of Philippine Airlines Upgrade Policy

The Philippine Airlines upgrade policy allows you to upgrade your seat to a higher class of service, subject to availability and payment of an additional fee. 

  • How to upgrade on Philippine Airlines. You can upgrade domestic and international flights to Premium Economy or Business Class:
    • With your frequent flyer (Mabuhay) miles, co-branded credit card points, or Service Class Upgrade (SCU) Awards.
    • By bidding for an upgrade via myPAL upgrade.
    • By purchasing an upgrade during online or airport check-in
      (no later than 4 hours before departure). 
  • The benefits of upgrading include all the perks that come with the upgraded class, such as:
    • Dedicated check-in and priority boarding
    • Extra space 
    • Additional baggage allowance
    • Crafted meal choices
    • Bigger personal screens
    • Exclusive lounge access
  • The upgrade fee (in miles or cash) will depend on the fare class of your original ticket, the destination, and the availability of the higher class of service on your flight. 
  • Upgrades are generally processed on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to members of the airline’s loyalty program. 
  • If an upgrade is not available at the time of the request, you may be placed on a waitlist and notified if a seat becomes available. 
  • Top-tier Mabuhay Miles members receive the following privileges in addition to their existing privileges:
    • Premier Elite members are entitled to 2 Upgrade Travel Certificates (UTCs) after accruing 45,000 Tier Miles within a single calendar year, plus 2 more certificates for every 25,000 Miles on Philippine Airlines and PAL Express flights in the same period. The UTCs are transferable and can be used to make a one-step, one-sector upgrade on Philippine Airlines and PAL Express flights. They can only be used to upgrade eligible revenue tickets.
    • Million Miler members are automatically entitled to 4 UTCs per year on eligible tickets (Economy Flex and Premium Economy).

Philippine Airlines Miles Upgrade 

If you’re looking to upgrade your travel experience on Philippine Airlines, using your Mabuhay miles is a great option. First, make sure that you have enough miles for the upgrade by logging in to your Mabuhay Miles account or contacting the customer service team. Once you have confirmed that you have enough miles, log in to your account and select the flight that you want to upgrade. Look for the option to redeem/upgrade with miles and follow the prompts to complete the process. 

Once you’ve confirmed your flight booking, you’ll receive an email with your upgraded itinerary. On the day of your flight, simply present your new boarding pass at check-in and enjoy the perks of flying in Premium Economy or Business Class.

It’s best to book early to ensure you get the upgrade you seek. 

How many miles do I need for a one-way service class upgrade?

The number of miles you’re required to make a one-upgrade is provided in the table below.

Distance/ZoneRouteService Class Upgrade (SCU) Award
Economy to
Premium Economy
(in Miles)
Economy/Premium Economy to Business (in Miles)
0 – 1000Manila 🡨🡪12,000
Macau, Quanzhou (Jinjiang), Canton (Guangzhou), Taipei, Xiamen
Hong Kong11,000
1,001 – 1,500Manila 🡨🡪15,000
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Phnom Penh, Fukuoka, Shanghai
Singapore, Bangkok, Wuhan14,000
Taipei 🡨🡪
Osaka (Kansai)
1,501 – 2,000Manila 🡨🡪20,000
Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bali (Denpasar), Nagoya, Guam, Beijing
Osaka (Kansai), Narita, Haneda, Busan, Seoul (Incheon)17,000
Cebu 🡨🡪
Seoul (Incheon)
Singapore, Bangkok, Osaka (Kansai), Nagoya
Clark 🡨🡪17,000
Pusan, Seoul (Incheon)
Kalibo 🡨🡪
Seoul (Incheon), Busan
Tagbilaran 🡨🡪
Seoul (Incheon)
2,001 – 3,000Manila 🡨🡪25,000
Sapporo (Chitose), Port Moresby
Cebu 🡨🡪
3,001 – 4,000Manila 🡨🡪—-30,000
Melbourne, Sydney, Perth25,500
4,001 – 6,000Manila 🡨🡪31,50035,000
Honolulu, Auckland
Dubai, Doha, Dammam, Riyadh
Clark 🡨🡪
 Cebu 🡨🡪
6,001 – 8,000 Davao 🡨🡪37,00040,000
Manila 🡨🡪
San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver
Cebu 🡨🡪
Los Angeles
San Francisco—-
8,001 – 10,000Manila 🡨🡪43,00050,000
New York, Toronto
– The routes and number of miles are subject to change, so do check for updates with Philippine Airlines. 
– For more information, call Mabuhay Miles or visit a ticket office.

Philippine Airlines Bid for Upgrade

Philippine Airlines Bid for Upgrade

You can get an upgrade to the next-higher cabin by bidding for a flight upgrade with myPAL Upgrade. This is a bid-for-upgrade service offered by Philippine Airlines, which allows you to make a Bid Offer within a pre-determined price range.

Eligibility. The myPAL Upgrade service is offered to all passengers with a confirmed flight ticket on Philippine Airlines.

How myPAL Upgrade works

  • After you’ve purchased your ticket, you’ll receive an email 7 days before departure inviting you to make an Offer to upgrade your flight to a higher cabin class. 
  • Click on the myPAL Upgrade link in the email. 
  • You’ll be taken to the Offer page, where you’ll be required to:
    • Make an offer no later than 24 hours before departure by choosing an amount you offer per passenger and segment within the price range provided in the slider. 
    • Provide your credit card details. Your card will only be charged with the offer amount plus applicable taxes and fees if you have been successfully upgraded. Be sure to enter your valid email address so that you can be contacted about your offer. 
    • Review and submit your offer by checking that the information provided by you is correct. 
    • You will receive an acknowledgment email (from mypalupgrade@pal.com.ph) with the details of your Offer. 
    • If your Offer is successful:
      • Your credit card will be charged with the Offer amount bid by you.
      • Your flight booking will be upgraded to the next higher class of service
      • You will receive an email with your upgraded flight details.
    • If your offer is not successful:
      • You will receive an email informing you that your upgrade bid was unsuccessful. 
      • Your credit card will not be charged. 
      • Your original ticket will remain valid for travel.

Note. You’re allowed to modify or cancel your bid amount up to 36 hours before your flight’s standard departure time. To change your bid, click on the Modify link provided in the invitation email or online via the myPAL Upgrade page and choose the new offer amount on the price slider to place your new bid Offer. To cancel your bid, click on the Cancel link provided in the Upgrade Acknowledgment you would have received after you submitted your Offer. 

Time limit for making an upgrade offer on Philippine Airlines. The bidding Offer window at Philippine Airlines closes 24 hours before departure before a flight segment. This means you must submit your upgrade Offer no later than 24 hours before your flight’s departure. 

Other points to remember when making a bid upgrade Offer 

  • If you want to change your credit card information, you will have to cancel your Offer and resubmit it via the Get Upgraded button appearing on the cancel confirmation page.
  • If you change the flight booking for which you have made an upgrade offer, you will need to resubmit your Offer via the link provided on the Upgrade Acknowledgement. Alternatively, you can do it directly through the myPAL Upgrade page. Remember, all changes must be made at least 36 hours before departure.
  • Successful upgrades cannot be transferred, refunded, or changed.
  • Upgraded flights cancelled due to the airline’s fault will be fully refunded, incl. taxes.
  • To apply for a refund:
    • Send your refund request to mypalupgrade@pal.com.ph along with:
      • Your Boarding Pass 
      • Your upgrade confirmation email 
    • Call a PAL contact center 
    • Visit PAL Ticket Office in your area

Philippine Airlines Upgrade to Business Class

Philippine Airlines Upgrade to Business Class

The main benefits of upgrading to Business Class include:

  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Priority baggage handling
  • Additional free baggage allowance
  • Access to Mabuhay/VIP Airport lounges (if available)
  • More seating comfort and legroom
  • Special menu choices

How to upgrade to Business Class?

One of the easiest ways of upgrading to Business Class is to redeem your frequent flyer (Mabuhay) miles or credit card points. Some credit cards offer complimentary upgrades or discounts on airline tickets, so it’s worth checking if your card offers any perks that can help you upgrade your flight experience. 

Another option is to inquire about paid upgrades at the check-in counter or through the airline’s website.

Philippine Airlines Business Class upgrade fee

The cost of upgrading to Business Class on Philippine Airlines varies depending on the route and availability of seats. However, the upgrade fee can typically range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Passengers who wish to upgrade should contact Philippine Airlines directly or speak with a customer service representative at the airport for more information about pricing and availability. If you’re upgrading a revenue ticket with Mabuhay miles, the cost of upgrading to Business Class can range from 12,000 – 50,000 miles, depending on your route. For details, refer to the table in the sub-section above titled How many miles do I need for a one-way service class upgrade?

Philippine Airlines Premium Economy Upgrade

Philippine Airlines Upgrade to Business Class

How does Philippine Airlines upgrade to Premium Economy work?

The major benefits of upgrading to Premium Economy on Philippine Airlines are:

  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Premium seats and exclusive cabin
  • Individual entertainment screens 
  • Superior meal options

How to upgrade to Premium Economy

You can upgrade to Premium Economy online through the Manage Booking section on the airline’s website. You will need to have your booking reference number and last name handy to access your reservation. Once you are logged in, look for the Upgrade tab and select Premium Economy as your preferred option. You can also check for available upgrades when checking in online or at the airport counter. Another option is to use your frequent flyer Mabuhay miles or credit card points to upgrade your seat. Since availability may be limited, always plan and book early if possible.

Philippine Airlines Military Upgrade

Philippine Airlines Military Upgrade

Philippine Airlines may offer discounted rates for military officials traveling domestically on official business. However, these discounts are subject to availability and may vary depending on the specific route and class of service. In some cases, military officials may also be eligible for free upgrades to higher classes of service if space is available. To take advantage of these discounts and upgrades, military officials should contact the Philippine Airlines customer service team or their travel agent to inquire about the specific terms and conditions. 

Philippine Airlines Upgrade Fee

The specific upgrade fees for Philippine Airlines are not publicly available as they can vary depending on many factors such as the flight route, class of service, and availability of seats. You can check the upgrade fee in cash as follows:

  • By calling a PAL office in your city 
  • By calling your travel agent 
  • Online through the Flight Upgrade link on the Manage Booking page
    (access your flight booking and select the upgrade option, where the prices will be displayed)

If you’re upgrading a cash ticket with miles, you’ll find the information under How many miles do I need for a one-way service class upgrade?

Philippine Airlines Meal Upgrade

Philippine Airlines Meal Upgrade

If you’re looking to upgrade your meal on Philippine Airlines, there are a few options available to you. First, you can choose to upgrade your entire meal service by upgrading to a higher class of service. This will give you access to a wider range of meal options and a more luxurious dining experience.

Alternatively, you can upgrade your meal by contacting the airline’s customer service department. They may be able to offer you an upgraded meal option for an additional fee. You can also do this online via Manage Booking, provided you do it at least 72 hours before departure.

Finally, if you have specific dietary requirements or preferences, you can also request a special meal from the airline in advance of your flight. 

How To Get a Free Upgrade to Business Class on Philippine Airlines?

As much as we would all love a free upgrade to Business Class, there is no guaranteed way to secure one. However, there are a few things you can try to increase your chances. Firstly, make sure you are a member of the airline’s loyalty program and have accumulated enough miles to be eligible for an upgrade. 

For example, being a Premier Elite member will entitle you to 2 Upgrade Travel Certificates (UTCs) as soon as you earn 45K Tier Miles in a calendar year. You can use your UTCs to upgrade eligible revenue tickets to the next higher class without paying anything, or even transfer them to someone else. 

Another (somewhat hard-to-achieve) option is to achieve the Million Miler status (available for life) by flying a million miles on PAL. If you achieve this status, you will be entitled to 4 UTCs every year on Economy Flex and Premium Economy tickets, which you can use to get a free upgrade without having to pay anything.

Frequently Asked Questions on Philippine Airlines Upgrade 

If you’re a frequent traveler with Philippine Airlines, you may be wondering about the upgrade options available to you. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Philippine Airlines upgrades.

How much to upgrade to Business Class on Philippine Airlines?

It is not possible to provide an accurate cost (in cash) for upgrading to Business Class on Philippine Airlines. The cost of an upgrade will depend on a variety of factors, including the route, date and time of travel, and availability of seats in Business Class. It is best to contact Philippine Airlines directly or check the prices online via Manage Booking 🡪 Flight Upgrade if you’ve already booked your flight, or by asking a PAL agent/travel agent in your city about the cost of upgrades. 

What are the requirements for a Philippine Airlines upgrade?

Upgrades are subject to availability and are typically based on your booking class and membership status in the Mabuhay Miles program.

How do I upgrade a seat on Philippine Airlines?

If you want to upgrade your seat on Philippine Airlines, the first option is to purchase an upgrade directly through the airline’s website or customer service center. This may be possible if there are available seats in the class you wish to upgrade to.

Another option is to use your frequent flyer miles or credit card points to upgrade your seat. This method can be a great way to save money while still enjoying the benefits of a higher class of service.

You can also try asking for an upgrade when checking in online or at the airport check-in counter. If there are empty seats in a higher class of service, the airline may choose to offer them to passengers who are interested in upgrading.

Finally, you can bid for an upgrade for eligible flights through the airline’s bidding system, myPAL Upgrade.

No matter which method you choose, it’s important to remember that upgrades are not always available and come with additional fees in most cases.

How to get an upgrade on a flight on Philippine Airlines? 

Refer to the answer above on how to get an upgrade on a flight on Philippine Airlines.

How will I know if my Philippine Airlines upgrade request has been approved?

You will receive an email or text message confirming your upgraded seat assignment prior to your flight.

Can I bid to upgrade on Philippine Airlines? 

Yes, you can bid to upgrade on Philippine Airlines:
• If you’re holding a confirmed reservation on PAL/PAL Express
• If the flight segment is mentioned in your email invite or on PAL’s Offer page
• You’re holding a revenue ticket
• Your booking does not include: 
◦ An unaccompanied minor
◦ More than 9 passengers in a single booking
◦ Any Medical Case (MEDA) passenger
◦ An infant
◦ Codeshare flights other than those operated by PAL Express
◦ Charter flights other than those approved by PAL
◦ An ineligible flight segment

Can you buy Philippine Airlines upgradeable tickets online? 

Yes, Philippine Airlines does offer the option to purchase upgradable tickets online. Upgradable tickets allow passengers to upgrade their seat class from Economy to Premium Economy or Business Class for an additional fee. This can be a great way to enjoy a more comfortable and luxurious travel experience without having to book a separate ticket. 

To purchase an upgradable ticket with Philippine Airlines, simply visit the website and select the flight you wish to book. During the booking process, you’ll be given the option to upgrade your ticket if it is upgradable and/or available. Alternatively, you can contact customer service or your travel agent for assistance with purchasing an upgradable ticket.

How much for a flight upgrade on Philippine Airlines? 

The cost of flight upgrades will vary depending on factors such as the route, travel class, time of day, and availability. For more information on upgrade options and pricing, contact Philippine Airlines or your travel agent directly or check the upgrade prices online through Manage Booking 🡪 Flight Upgrade if you’ve already booked your ticket.

How to get a cheap Business Class upgrade on Philippine Airlines? 

To get a cheap Business Class upgrade on Philippine Airlines, consider the following options:
Leverage the peak season to your advantage. Buy an Economy Class ticket during the busiest vacation times. That’s when Economy Class tickets are most likely to be occupied and Business Class seats less likely to be occupied. A more crowded Economy Class will increase your chances of an upgrade to Business Class.
Use your Mabuhay miles and loyalty points. Be sure to join the Mabuhay Miles frequent flyer program to be eligible for cheap/complimentary upgrades for future trips, because loyal frequent flyers always receive priority. Another great way to earn miles is to get a credit card that allows you to earn miles whenever you use it so that you can use your points later to subsidize your upgrade cost. 
Travel solo to increase your chances of getting an upgrade, because upgrading a group is a lot more difficult.
Bid for an upgrade via myPAL Upgrade. Although not guaranteed, it increases your chances of getting a flight upgrade at a price you’re comfortable paying.
Check promotional emails, as you may receive vouchers and offers offering you an upgrade.

Can I pay for a Philippine Airlines upgrade with cash or a credit card?

Yes, you can also pay for an upgrade with cash or credit card at the airport check-in counter or ticket office, subject to availability. You can also upgrade with your credit card online during check-in.

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