Finnair flight change policy accommodates passengers needs with flexibility and convenience. Depending on the type of ticket purchased, you can modify your travel plans accordingly. The Classic and Flex ticket options for all travel classes—Economy, Premium Economy, and Business—allow changes (or cancellations) until check-in closes. However, Economy Superlight and Light fares (all classes) do not offer the option for changes.

Finnair change flight policy becomes relevant particularly when there are unexpected changes in flight schedules. If Finnair initiates a schedule change that doesn’t align with your travel plans, the airline encourages contacting its customer service for resolution. For tickets purchased through travel agencies or third-party websites, you need to approach the respective provider to process your flight change.

Managing flight changes is straightforward via Finnair Manage booking section, where you can adjust your flight dates or choose alternative flights, subject to fare differences. Online changes reduce the hassle with self-service adjustments online, and dedicated support through chat services for more complex changes involving points, upgrades, or group bookings. 

In the event of significant disruptions like cancellations or substantial delays, Finnair ensures you have the right to cancel and obtain a full refund.

Highlights of Finnair Flight Change Policy

Below are a few key points to remember about Finnair change flight policy:

  • Whether you can change your flight ticket will depend what type of ticket you’ve purchased. 
  • When making a flight change, the fare difference must be paid if the new ticket is costlier.
  • The following tickets can be changed (or cancelled) until check-in closes:
    • Classic (all travel classes—Economy, Premium Economy, and Business)
    • Flex (all travel classes, as above)
  • The following tickets cannot be changed:
    • Economy Superlight 
    • Economy Light 
    • Premium Economy Light 
    • Business Light
  • If Finnair changes your flight schedule and the schedule doesn’t suit you, contact customer service for assistance—you could be rebooked on a convenient flight.
  • The best way to make date and/or time changes for tickets booked directly through Finnair is online via Manage booking. 
  • If you purchased your ticket from a travel agency/website, you must contact the source directly to request any flight changes. 
  • The Finnair change flight fees will vary based on your ticket’s fare rules. To know the exact change fee, refer to the Manage booking section when making the flight change. 
  • Changing an already-issued award ticket is subject to a change fee of €50 or its equivalent in another currency plus taxes and other applicable charges.
  • When changing flights, travel extras cannot be transferred or refunded (unless Finnair is unable to provide the service purchased by you). 
  • All Finnair tickets can be cancelled without penalty within 24 hours of booking for flights departing at least 7 days later. 

How to Change a Flight on Finnair?

A screenshot of Finnair Manage booking page for changing flights online. Source:

You can change your Finnair flight in the following ways:

  1. Online via Manage 🡪 Manage booking or Chat if you purchased your ticket directly from Finnair
  2. By phone (call Finnair or the travel agent you purchased your ticket from) 

How to Change a Finnair Flight Online?

If you purchased your ticket directly from Finnair, you can easily change your finnair change flight date and/or time online by yourself without paying a service fee. To do so, you need to access your flight booking first by following the steps below:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on the Manage tab
  3. On the Manage booking page that opens up:
    • Enter your booking reference/e-ticket number and family name 
    • Hit the Search button 

Your flight booking details will show up 

  1. Click on the Change flights option
  2. Select the flight(s) you want to change 
  3. Select your new flight from the available dates and flights 
  4. Confirm the updated booking details
  5. Pay the fare difference if the new ticket is costlier 


  • You will need to contact Customer Care by chat or phone to change your flight date:
    • If you’re unable to change your flight date online.
    • If you booked your ticket partly with Finnair Plus points.
    • If you upgraded with cash, Finnair points or a tier benefit.
  • Group bookings should be managed directly through your travel agency.
  • If you were unable to change your travel dates online or via Customer Service at least 48 hours prior to departure, Customer Service can make the change later as long as you contact them within one month of your departure date. Whether or not you qualify for a refund will depend on the fare rules of your ticket.

Finnair Change Flight Fees 

Finnair change flight fees will depend on the fare rules of the ticket you’ve purchased. To determine if you can change your booking and the cost involved, you should check the conditions on your booking confirmation mail. 

If your ticket type allows for changes, you can do this through the Manage booking self-service option on Finnair’s website. The total cost for changing a flight will depend on the fare rules and any applicable penalties or fees. Therefore, the most accurate way to check the cost is during the change process in the Manage booking section. Additionally, if you need assistance and contact Finnair customer service, some additional service fees may apply.

Remember, if your new ticket is costlier, you must pay the fare difference in addition to the change fee—regardless of what type of ticket you’ve purchased. 

Finnair Schedule Change Policy

Finnair flight change policy outlines the steps you should take when notified of a schedule alteration. In case of a schedule change exceeding 5 minutes, you’ll be informed via email or SMS. In such a scenario, follow the instructions provided by email or SMS and log in to Manage booking to review and accept any changes exceeding 5 minutes. If you find the new flight schedule inconvenient for any reason, contact Customer Support by phone or chat.

In cases of significant disruptions, you can cancel your flight and receive a full refund. This would apply if your flight is cancelled, delayed by over 5 hours, or if there is a schedule change exceeding 1 hour and your trip is rendered pointless as a result. For schedule changes of less than 1 hour, your refund eligibility will depend on the fare rules of your ticket. 

Finnair Flight Delay Policy 

If your Finnair flight is delayed, Finnair provides:

  • Meals and communication for delays of 2 hours (flights up to 1,500 km), 3 hours (EU flights exceeding 1,500 km and other flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km), or 4 hours (non-EU flights exceeding 3,500 km).
  • Overnight accommodation for next-day delays.
  • Full ticket refund for delays over 5 hours if the flight loses its purpose, including return to the initial departure point.

For delays of 3 hours or more, you are entitled to the same compensation as in boarding denials (see below), barring extraordinary circumstances over which Finnair flight change policy has no control—such as bad weather, airport strikes, ATC issues, etc.

Boarding Denial Policy

When a flight’s passenger count exceeds its seating capacity, Finnair prompts passengers to voluntarily give up their seats for certain benefits. Should too few passengers volunteer, Finnair provides compensation to those involuntarily denied boarding:

  • €250 for flights up to 1,500 kilometers;
  • €400 for flights exceeding 1,500 kilometers within the EU, and for non-EU flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers;
  • €600 for non-EU flights exceeding 3,500 kilometers.

Compensation amounts are halved if alternative transportation delays the arrival by no more than 2, 3, or 4 hours, corresponding to the flight distances above. Payment is made unless denial is due to health, safety, security, or document issues.

Additionally, Finnair offers refreshments, communication options, and, if needed, hotel stays and transportation for overnight delays. You can choose alternative travel at the earliest or a later convenient time, or opt for a refund if the flight no longer meets your travel needs, including a return to the starting point if already traveled.

Frequently Asked Questions About Finnair Flight Change Policy

Navigating the intricacies of air travel can be daunting, especially when plans change unexpectedly. To ease the stress and confusion, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs about Finnair flight change policy. It provides answers to common queries regarding flight changes, thus ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience with Finnair. 

Can I change my Finnair flight?

Yes, you can change your Finnair flight depending on the type of ticket you have purchased. Classic and Flex tickets in any travel class (Economy, Premium Economy, Business) are changeable until check-in closes. Economy Superlight, Economy Light, Premium Economy Light, and Business Light fares are non-changeable.

Can I change the flight destination on Finnair?

Yes, you can change the flight destination on Finnair, subject to the fare rules of your ticket. This process can be done through the “Manage booking” section on Finnair’s website, where you can select new dates and/or flights, with any fare difference applicable. However, if you purchased your ticket from a travel agency/website, you must contact the source directly to request any changes.

What is Finnair change flight policy?

Finnair change flight policy allows passengers with Classic and Flex tickets to change or cancel their flights until check-in closes. The following tickets are non-changeable: Economy Superlight, Economy Light, Premium Economy Light, and Business Light

In case of schedule changes by Finnair that are unsuitable to you, contact customer service for assistance. Changes can be managed online through the “Manage booking” portal or through customer service for more complex changes involving Finnair Plus points, upgrades, or tier benefits.

What ticket types allow changes under Finnair flight change policy? 

Classic and Flex tickets across all travel classes (Economy, Premium Economy, and Business) can be changed or cancelled until check-in closes. Other fares cannot be changed. They include Economy Superlight and Light fares across all classes (Economy, Premium Economy, and Business).

What should I do if a Finnair schedule change doesn’t suit my travel plans? 

You should contact Finnair’s customer service for assistance if the new schedule is not convenient for your travel plans.

How can I change my flight on Finnair? 

You can manage your booking through Finnair website. Log in, select “Change flights,” choose the new flight date(s) and time(s), confirm the changes, and pay any fare difference if applicable.

Are there any penalties for changing a Finnair flight? 

The possibility of penalties or additional costs depends on the type of ticket and the extent of the change. Changes always incur a fare difference, whether you’re upgrading or changing to a more expensive flight even on the same route and class. If the new ticket is cheaper, no refund will be issued, however.

Can I get a refund if Finnair cancels my flight or changes the schedule significantly? 

Yes, if your flight is cancelled, delayed by more than 5 hours, or the schedule changes by more than 1 hour, you are entitled to a full refund if the flight no longer serves your purpose.

How does Finnair handle group bookings for flight changes? 

Group bookings should be managed through the travel agency where the booking was made, not directly through Finnair’s customer service.

What happens if I purchased my Finnair ticket from a third-party agency and need to change it? 

You must contact the travel agency or website directly to request any flight changes.

What compensation does Finnair offer for denied boarding? 

Compensation varies from €250 to €600, based on flight distance, unless an alternative transport solution minimizes delay to the passenger’s arrival time.

What provisions does Finnair provide for flight delays? 

For delays, Finnair offers meals, communication facilities, and overnight accommodations (if necessary), with full ticket refunds for delays over five hours (in addition to compensation, depending on the reason for the delay).

What are the guidelines for receiving compensation for flight delays? 

Passengers are entitled to compensation similar to denied boarding scenarios for delays of three hours or more, except in cases of extraordinary circumstances over which Finnair has no control (bad weather, air traffic control issues, airport strike, etc.).

Can I pay the flight change fee with points (Finnair Plus)?

No, you cannot pay for ticket changes with Finnair Plus points.

If I’ve already upgraded to Business with my Finnair Plus points and I change my flight, will the upgrade be automatically transferred to my new flight?

Flight upgrades with Finnair Plus points are not transferred automatically. You will need to contact customer service by phone or chat and ask if any upgraded seats are available. However, other types of upgrades, such as instant upgrades, are non-transferable. 

How much does it cost to change my flight booking?

The cost of changing your flight booking (flight change fee) will depend on the fare rules of your ticket and the penalties that may apply. The best way to know this is online via Manage booking when making the change. However, you must pay the fare difference if your new ticket is costlier. 

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