ANA generally does not allow name changes after PNR creation. However, if your name appears incorrectly, ANA allows name corrections on all its tickets without penalty—even if it means reissuing a ticket. However, ANA does not allow name substitutions that result in a change of passengers. When making a name correction, the name on your ticket must match the name on your government-issued photo ID card. 

Name Corrections Permitted by ANA

What type of name corrections are permitted by ANA?

ANA allows you to make the following corrections to your name:

  • Misspellings, i.e., name spelling corrections 
  • A correction to your initial, name title, and/or gender 
  • A correction to the order in which your first name and family name appears
  • Addition/deletion of the middle name 
  • A change of surname to due marriage or divorce
  • A correction to an incorrectly entered name (incl. misread kanji)

Eligibility Conditions

Under what conditions can I make a name correction on ANA?

To make a name correction on an ANA ticket, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your ticket must be an All Nippon Airways ticket (NH 205) 
  • All flights on your ticket must be operated by ANA. If your itinerary includes a flight operated by a different carrier, call ANA Sales Support Desk.
  • When making a name correction, you cannot change your flight or travel dates.
  • Your ticket can only be reissued once for a name correction. 
  • Additional name corrections will incur a change fee and may also be subject to a fare increase.

ANA Name Change Fee

What is ANA Airlines name change fee like?

ANA allows you to make your first name correction for free. A one-time reissue fee waiver applies to all first name corrections, as long as the corrections do not result in a change of passengers. 

If you make any additional corrections to your name, you will have to pay a flight change fee applicable to your fare type and route, plus any additional fare if your fare has increased in the meantime. 

Frequently Asked Questions on ANA Name Change Policy

Will ANA prevent me from boarding my flight if the name printed on my ticket and passport are different?

If you’re travelling on an international flight, the name on your ticket must match the name on your passport. If it doesn’t, you will not be allowed to board your flight.
This is so because once registered, your name cannot be changed or corrected without cancelling your ticket, refunding it, and making a new reservation with the correct information. However, if the name correction is required due to unavoidable reasons such as marriage or divorce, you must call or an ANA office in your city or country. If you’ve purchased your ticket from a travel agent or another airline, you must contact them directly to process your name change/correction request. 

How do I update my name on my ANA Mileage card?

ou’re can update the last name on your ANA Mileage card online via the name change request form or by phone. If you want to change your first name, you must contact ANA as additional documentation will be required. 

Will I be allowed to board my flight if my first and middle names appear together on my ticket?

Yes, you’ll be allowed to board your flight as long as your name matches the name on your passport without the spaces in between. The names on e-tickets may appear together (without spaces) due to system-related reasons, so you have nothing to worry about.

How do I change the name on my domestic reservation?

You can change the name on your domestic ticket after cancelling your existing reservation and making a new reservation with the correct name. If you’ve already paid for your ticket, you will be charged for the cancellation and refund.

The refund charges are JPY 440 per ticket per sector and the cancellation charges will depend on when you cancel your ticket, your route, and your fare type. 

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