If your name on your flight ticket appears incorrectly, you may be prevented from boarding your flight. To prevent this from happening, you must ensure that the name on your flight ticket appears correctly and exactly matches the name appearing on your passport or other valid legal documents. 

Asiana Airlines’ name change policy allows you to correct typographical errors and minor misspellings on tickets, but a complete change of name is not permitted under any circumstances. 

  • Asiana Airlines does not allow complete name changes. 
  • Asiana Airlines’ tickets cannot be transferred to another person. 
  • All name changes/corrections must be made prior to the journey.
  • You must provide proof of your correct name, such as your valid passport, driver’s license, marriage/divorce certificate, etc. 

Asiana Airlines Name Change Process

If after booking your ticket you discover that your name does not appear correctly on it, you must immediately contact local office in your area, or the agency you purchased your ticket from and inform them of the error. 

Before making the required correction, you will be asked to provide documentary evidence—such as your passport, driver’s license, marriage or divorce certificate, etc. You may be charged a name change fee, depending on your ticket issuing authority. 

Some travel agencies charge a fee for making name corrections, while others may not. You may be charged a name change fee if you booked your ticket online yourself and misspelled your name. You may not be charged a name change fee if you booked your ticket through an Asiana Airlines Reservation Center and a staff member entered your name incorrectly by misspelling it.

Asiana Airlines Name Change Fee

Asiana Airlines does not officially state a name change fee on its website. However, if you’re making a name correction that requires reissuing your ticket—such as due to a name change after marriage or divorce, etc.—you will have to pay the applicable re-issuance fee, depending on your fare type (and indicated on your ticket).

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