Bangkok Airways does not permit name changes on tickets. Minor corrections due to typographical errors made by the airline may be permitted. Although the airline does not state this anywhere on its website, it doesn’t hurt to call Bangkok Airways and request them to correct the error made by them. 

If you made a name typo while booking your ticket online, you may be asked to cancel your ticket and rebook it—but do call and ask your local Bangkok Airways ticket office. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, Bangkok Airways’ Ticket Conditions clearly state that the passenger name cannot be changed. 
A screenshot showing Bangkok Airways’ Ticket Conditions stating that name changes will not be permitted

Bangkok Airways Name Change Due to Marriage, Divorce, etc.

If you have legally changed your name after purchasing your ticket, you will need to provide valid legal documentation as proof to get your name corrected. The legal documentation could be:

  • A marriage certificate
  • A divorce decree
  • An updated passport or driver’s license
  • Other legally recognized documentation 

If Bangkok Airways accepts your name change request, you will be charged a service fee. 

If Bangkok Airways does not accept your name change request, you will have to cancel your ticket and rebook it under your correct/new name.

For details or clarification, call Bangkok Airways and explain your situation.

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Airways Name Change Policy”

  • Charlotte Leigh says:


    I have made a spelling mistake on a booking for a flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui on 16 May 2022. The flight number is Bangkok Airways PG 183 and Airline reference is 6POU2. The passport details are all correct but I have spelt my boyfriend’s name “Finn Henry Roxburgh Salter” when it should be “Finn Henry Roxburghe Salter”. Am I able to change his middle name to add this missing e?

    I am so sorry for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your support.

    Kind regards,
    Charlotte Leigh

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