Like most airlines, Ethiopian Airlines requires that the name on your flight ticket exactly matches the name on your passport or valid legal ID. Otherwise, you may not be allowed to board your flight. For this reason, you must book your flight ticket using the same name, birth date, and gender that is used on your passport. 

If you purchase a ticket and then change the name on your valid legal ID or passport, you must immediately contact Ethiopian Airlines to request a name correction. 

Permitted Name Changes/Corrections

What should I do if the name on my ticket is misspelled?

Ethiopian Airlines allows name minor changes free of charge as long as they are name corrections in the first/middle/last name of up to a total of 3 characters. In most cases, name corrections involving more than 3 characters (first/middle/last name combined) will require your ticket to be reissued for a fee. 

Name Corrections Due to Marriage, Divorce, and Other Reasons 

If the name on your ticket does not appear correctly due to marriage, divorce, adoption, or other reasons, you must contact your local Ethiopian Airlines office immediately and request a name change. You will be asked to provide valid legal documentation to prove that you have changed your nameā€”such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption certificate, or court decree. 

Ethiopian Airlines Name Change Fee 

If your Ethiopian Airlines ticket requires to be reissued either because it involves a change of more than 3 characters or because youā€™ve changed your legal name due to marriage, divorce, adoption, or other reasons, the name change fee will likely be the same as that for changing a flight, i.e.:

  • USD 10 for domestic tickets within Ethiopia
  • USD 200 for tickets to/from North America 
  • USD 100 for tickets to/from other routes

How to Change the Passenger Name on Ethiopian Airlines

To change the passenger name on your Ethiopian Airlines ticket, you must call us or the Ethiopian Airlines office in your city/country. Alternatively, you can visit ETā€™s city office and request the staff to correct/change your name. 

If youā€™re making the changes/corrections by phone, provide your flight information and personal details to the agent and describe your problem accurately. The agent will inform you what documentation you will be required to submit and the cost involved.

Tip. You must ensure that the name on your ticket appears correctly, otherwise you may not be allowed to board your flight. 

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  • Am from Tanzania,I booked a ticket for some one I made a mistake in his name..they have closed the office..please help Dar es salaam office numbera

  • Am from Nigeria, I booked a flight with my first and last name, but i have my first, middle and last name on my passport, please will it cause an issue at the airport, if yes, kindly state how to go about the correction, thank you

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