The EVA Air name change policy does not allow name changes on a ticket if the ticket can be used by someone else. This is in keeping with IATA’s regulations and applies to all airlines. However, if your name contains typographical errors, you’re allowed to make name corrections—but only once. 

EVA Air Name Change Fee

If the name on your ticket contains an error or errors, you can rectify your ticket by paying a name change fee of USD 50 or its equivalent value in your local currency. The name change fee is non-refundable and does not provide any discounts to infants or children. 

Why Name Correction Matters

If the name on your ticket does not match the name that appears on your government ID, such as your passport or driver’s license, you may not be allowed to board your flight. To avoid last-minute anxiety and unpleasant surprises, you must make sure that your ticket is completely in order, and your first name, middle name, and/or last name are spelled correctly. 

How to Change the Passenger Name on EVA Air 

If your name appears incorrectly on your EVA Air ticket, you must contact your local EVA Air/UNI Air ticket office immediately. If you purchased your ticket from a travel agency, you must contact them directly to rectify the error. 

Eva Air Name Change Process

  • Call the EVA Air name change number
  • Provide your booking reference/e-ticket number and name to the agent
  • Ask the agent to correct the name on your ticket 
  • Answer any questions the agent may ask to confirm your identity 
  • Pay the name change fee (if applicable)
  • You will receive your new and corrected e-ticket on your registered email or mobile phone

EVA Air Name Change Number

The EVA Air name change phone number (worldwide) is .
This number is toll-free in the United States and Canada and is open 24/7.

2 thoughts on “EVA Air Name Change Fee and Policy”

  • Hi hope you can help…..My Auntie booked their flights to Thailand with eDreams but there is a spelling mistake on their air ticket booked via eDreams uk. The mistake was only 1 letter on their name. Although the policy allow minor change but they won’t do it even though the #EVAAir and #ThaiSmile said it’s possible to make a change. When we ask if we can cancel the ticket in order to re book eDrems told us that they won’t be able to make any refund for us.

    We rang eDream customer service team and 2 of they teams member ensure us that the possible to do it and asked as to wait for email confirmation for the next step, however when the email arrive it said otherwise!

  • Jaypaul Simon says:

    Dear Reservation Team,

    Greetings from ATPI! This is regarding name correction policy of our guest. Booking reference number 585VNN /TKT-6956068190442 / TKT-6956068190443. As per passport name is Michael John Phillips. Kindly let us know what is the process to correct name and fee involved.
    Jaypaul Simon

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