What is Frontier Airlines’ minor policy?

Starting November 1, 2018, Frontier Airlines has stopped accepting Unaccompanied Minors travelling alone if they are below 15 years of age, i.e., it no longer offers the Unaccompanied Minor service on flights.

Per Frontier Airlines rules for minors, children below 15 years of age must hold the same reservation as an accompanying adult, or they will not be accepted on the flight. This means children below 15 years are not allowed to travel alone—they must be accompanied by a passenger who is at least 15 years old.

Frontier Airlines Rules for Minors (Lap Infants and Children)

What are Frontier Airlines’ rules for minors?

Lap infants (7 days – under 2 years old) can travel free of charge on an adult’s lap, who must be at least 15 years old on domestic flights and 18 years old on international flights. 

Frontier Airlines requires that:

  • Children 2 years or older must travel on a paid seat. 
  • Children below 2 years travelling on a seat will be charged for it. 
  • Each ticketed adult can hold only 1 lap infant. 
  • A ticketed adult travelling with 2 lap infants must pay for the second seat. 
  • Lap infants travelling on a paid seat must use an FAA-approved car seat or harness. Booster seats are allowed during the flight, but not during takeoff and landing. 

Frontier Airlines Fares for Infants and Children

Lap infants, i.e., children between 7 days – 2 years are allowed to travel free of charge on all domestic and international flights (on international flights, taxes must be paid) on the following conditions: 

  • The infant must not occupy a separate seat, and 
  • The infant is held by a full fare-paying adult passenger, and
  • The adult passenger is at least 15 years old on a domestic flight and 18 years old on an international flight 

Lap infants and children occupying a seat will be charged the full adult passenger fare, unless they’ve purchased a special fare. 

Frontier Airlines’ Rules for Lap Infants

When travelling with minors/lap infants on Frontier Airlines, the following rules apply:

  • Flights can be booked online or by phone (+1-866-399-0587). 
  • An adult passenger can hold only 1 lap infant. 
  • An adult passenger travelling with 2 lap infants can hold 1 lap infant on their lap and must purchase a seat for the second lap infant, who must use an FAA-approved child restraint device. 
  • Always carry a birth certificate for age verification, as it may be requested if your child’s age appears questionable.
  • The number of infants accepted on a flight will depend on the aircraft due to equipment limitations. 
  • 2 adults with 2 lap infants cannot sit on the same side of a row. 
  • A passenger travelling with a lap infant cannot sit on a first-row seat if the seat has an airbag seatbelt installed.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Rules for Children and Infants 

How many bags can children and infants carry on Frontier?

Passengers travelling with children and lap infants on a Frontier flight are allowed to carry the following baggage free of charge:

  • 1 diaper bag 
  • 1 pre-approved child restraint device (if the device does not bear the approval label, it must be checked in).
  • 1 stroller, which must be deposited at the gate and retrieved at the arrival airport. 

Note. Booster seats cannot be used during takeoff and landing—they must be stowed under the front seat or in the overhead bin. 

Frontier Airlines Child Seat Policy—Children Travelling on Paid Seats 

Children under/over 2 years old travelling on a paid seat must use an FAA-approved car seat or harness. The minimum seat width varies by aircraft, and is as follows:

  • On A321 aircraft, the minimum seat width is 16.5in. 
  • On A319/A320 aircraft, the minimum seat width is 17.4in. 

Frontier Airlines allows the use of AMSafe Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES) as an alternative to car seats. 

Car Seats 

When using a car seat on a Frontier Airlines aircraft, you must ensure that: 

  • The child’s weight does not exceed the maximum weight limit of the car seat. 
  • The car seat is sturdy and equipped with proper restraint straps. 
  • The car seat bears a label that the restraint system conforms to all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards and/or that it is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft. 

Car Seat Restrictions on Frontier 

Car seats:

  • Cannot be placed in the emergency exit row or on seats directly in front of/behind them. 
  • Cannot be placed on a seat with an airbag. 
  • Must be properly secured by a seatbelt throughout the trip. 
  • Must not block a passenger’s path. 

Points to Remember

  • You must book your child on the same reservation as yours (i.e., an adult passenger).
  • Frontier Airlines’ computer system can detect families travelling together on the same reservation. 
  • Check in early—online or through the app. 
  • Frontier Airlines will try to assign group seats together subject to availability. 
  • If you can’t get a seat assignment together with your family, ask a gate agent for assistance. 
  • Frontier normally blocks a few seats and releases them after check-in to accommodate families and groups at check-in. 
  • Bring a toy to keep your child engaged during the flight. Frontier Airlines offers kids activities that you can print and bring along. These include activity pages, maps, flight certificates, etc. 
  • If you’re travelling with a child below 3 years of age, you will be boarded before most passengers via Courtesy Boarding immediately after Zone 1 passengers.

When Must Children Travel on Their Own Seats on Frontier Airlines?

Lap infants below 2 years can travel for free in an adult passenger’s lap, as long as the adult passenger is at least 15 years old. But you will need to purchase a seat on Frontier Airlines if:

  • Your child is 2 years or older. 
  • Your lap infant (below 2 years) will be travelling in her/his own approved car seat. 
  • You’re travelling with a second lap infant because only 1 lap infant is allowed in the lap of an adult ticketed passenger.

Frequently Asked Questions on Travelling with Minors, Infants & Children on Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines does not allow kids below 15 years of age to fly alone and does not offer an Unaccompanied Minor Program like other airlines.

All passengers (including minors) travelling on international flights must carry a valid passport to enter, leave, or re-enter the United States, per the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

Children below 18 years travelling on domestic flights are not required to show any ID, but it is highly recommended that they carry a valid ID card to prove their age. For lap infants (below 2 years of age), a birth certificate may be required.

Frontier Airlines allows booster seats to be used only during the flight. They cannot be used when the aircraft is taking off or landing—they must be stowed under your front seat or in the overhead compartment.

Children and lap infants are allowed 1 diaper bag free of charge (per child/lap infant) on Frontier Airlines, in addition to a pre-approved child restraint device and a stroller which must be checked in at the gate.

No, you don’t need to fill out the Unaccompanied Minor Form when travelling with a minor on Frontier, since the Unaccompanied Minor service has been discontinued. 

Yes, FAA-approved car seats and harnesses can be used by children free of charge on Frontier.

If you’re travelling with a lap infant below 2 years of age (in your lap), you may be required to show your lap infant’s birth certificate as age proof.

All kids, regardless of age, must carry a valid passport for international flights. Kids below 18 flying on domestic routes within the U.S. are not required to carry an ID but it is highly recommended. For lap infants less than 24 months old travelling on domestic routes, you should carry a birth certificate as age proof.

Frontier does not allow minors below 15 years of age to fly alone—they must be accompanied by a passenger who is at least 15 years old on domestic flights and at least 18 years old on international flights.

Yes, of course, you can (for a fee).

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