Asiana Airlines’ cancellation policy has changed, especially after the COVID-19 situation. The revised cancellation policy offers several relaxations, and allows you to cancel your flight and obtain a penalty-free refund if your flight or you have been impacted by COVID. 

flight cancellation policy

A snapshot of Asiana Airlines’ revised flight cancellation policy is provided below. Asiana Airlines has categorized COVID-19 affected flight tickets in 4 categories. If your ticket falls in categories 2, 3, or 4, you are allowed to cancel your flight without penalty and ask for a refund.

  • Category 2 itineraries include itineraries to/from countries with COVID-19 travel restrictions.
    • Applies to passengers facing quarantines and/or entry restrictions. 
    • Applies to tickets issued on any date as long as they are subject to entry restrictions.
    • Applies to flights departing between March 16, 2020 and December 31, 2021.
    • COVID-19 waivers include:
      • Waiver of refund penalty 
      • Waiver of paid extra seat penalty 
      • Waiver of one-time reissue penalty 
      • Extension of partially used tickets till December 31, 2021.
    • To be eligible for a new travel waiver, you must be able to provide adequate proof that your itinerary was affected by COVID-19 travel restrictions.
  • Category 3 itineraries cover:
    • The following passengers:
      • Passengers subject to COVID-19 isolation (subject to proof of diagnosis). 
      • Medical personnel, subject to a copy of the official travel restriction and employment certificate.
      • Military personnel, subject to a copy of the official travel restriction and military service document. 
      • International students, subject to student ID and proof of postponement of the school’s commencement date. 
      • Family members of the above-mentioned passengers, subject to proof of reservation number and family relation document.
    • The following period:
      • Any ticket issue date that qualifies. 
      • Any departure date between January 24, 2020 and December 31, 2021. 
      • (Retrospectively for) tickets refunded or reissued with a penalty after January 2020 with a departure date before December 31, 2020. 
  • Category 4 itineraries cover:
    • Passengers departing to China from applicable countries, with a Korea transit.
    • The following period:
      • Ticket’s issue date: November 10, 2020. 
      • Flight departure date: Up to December 31, 2021, or the notification date issued by each country’s Chinese consulate.
    • The following exemptions:
      • Waiver of ticket refund fee.
      • Waiver of paid seat refund fee. 
      • Waiver of one-time ticket reissue fee, subject to:
        • Flight change within the ticket’s validity period. 
        • Payment of fare and tax differences. 

(Tickets issued by other airlines must also be submitted).

How to Ask for a Refund

If your flight is/was affected by COVID-19, you must make a ticket refund request as follows:

  • For tickets purchased directly from Asiana Airlines (website, mobile app, reservation center, call center), contac your local Asiana office (Korea: +82-2-2669-8000; Japan: +81-3-5812-6600; China: +86-10-8451-0101) to process your refund request.
  • For tickets purchased through travel agencies or websites, contact them directly to process your refund request.

Asiana Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation

Does Asiana Airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Asiana Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all flight tickets to/from the United States, regardless of fare type (incl. non-refundable tickets). Under the policy, you can get a full refund if you purchase your ticket at least 7 days before your flight’s departure and cancel it within 24 hours of purchasing it. 

Note. If you want a full refund of a ticket purchased through Asiana Airlines’ branch office or Reservation Center, you must apply for it during the branch’s business hours.

How to Cancel Your Flight on Asiana Airlines 

You can cancel your flight ticket on Asiana Airlines in any of the following ways, depending on when you’re cancelling.

Refund TimeRefund Point
After payment and up to 24 hours before departure Asiana Airlines’ official website
(via Find My Trip)Asiana Airlines’ mobile appBy phone
(Asiana Airlines’ Reservation Center/your travel agent) 
On the day of boarding Airport ticket counter
Post-departureAsiana Airlines’ Reservation Center 

How to Cancel Your Asiana Airlines Ticket Online

A screenshot of Asiana Airlines Find My Trip tab

You can cancel your Asiana Airlines flight booking online as explained below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Find My Trip tab
  3. On the page that shows up, select the Find My Trip option (as shown below)
  4. Retrieve your flight booking by entering your:
    1. Booking Number
    2. Boarding Date
    3. Departure City
    4. Arrival City
    5. Last Name
  5. Hit the Search button
  6. Select your flight and cancel it 
  7. Confirm the cancellation request

You will receive a confirmation message by email. 

Note. If you have an account with Asiana Airlines, you can use the Log-in button to find your trip and cancel it.

Asiana Airlines Refund Policy

  • Cash purchase refunds will be made to the account of the ticket holder. 
  • Tickets purchased through credit cards will be transferred to the credit card company.
  • When asking for a refund, you (i.e., the ticket holder) must apply in person, or through a legally authorized representative with valid supporting documentation.
  • The refund period for credit card-purchased tickets will depend on the credit card company’s processing-cycle.
  • If you cancel a flight departing from Korea at least 91 days before departure, you will not be charged any cancellation or refund fee.
  • The refund and cancellation rules may vary, depending on your place and point of purchase. 
  • For refund details, contact your point of purchase. 
  • For domestic routes, you can ask for a refund any time before your ticket’s expiry date. 
  • For international routes, you can ask for a refund up to 30 days after the ticket’s expiry date.
  • When you cancel or refund a partially used ticket, the refund amount will be equal to the unused portion of your ticket minus the part of the segment already used by you, incl. fuel surcharge, tax, and a refund fee and penalty per your ticket’s fare rules. 
  • The fare rules of certain types of discounted fares do not permit one-way cancellations and refunds, but the unused portion of the fuel surcharge and taxes are eligible for a refund. 
  • Additional penalty charges will apply for unused tickets of international flights departing from Korea, depending on the date of the refund request. The charges typically range from KRW 30,000 to KRW 420,000, depending on your flight’s route and distance. 
  • For questions and clarifications, call or your local Asiana Airlines office. 

Asiana Airlines Cancelled Flights Policy

What happens if Asiana Airlines cancels my flight?

If Asiana Airlines cancels your flight due to extreme weather conditions or airline-related issues, you have the option to: 

  1. Take the alternative flight offered to you
  2. Cancel your flight and ask for a refund if the alternative flight does not suit you 

 Note. Your ticket will not be automatically cancelled and refunded. You must request a refund through the reservation center, regional office, or airport counter. Although such types of cancellations qualify for a refund fee waiver, you will incur a refund fee if you apply for a refund online via Asiana Airlines’ website or mobile app. 

Asiana Airlines No-Show Penalty 

You will be charged a no-show penalty if: 

  • You fail to cancel your Asiana Airlines booking before your flight’s departure.
    The no-show penalty will be USD 120/KRW 120,000 per ticket. 
  • You do not board your flight after checking in.
    The gate no-show penalty will be USD 300/KRW 300,000 per ticket.

Asiana Airlines Free Cancellation

When is Asiana Airlines ticket cancellation free?

Can I cancel my ticket and get a full refund?

Asiana Airlines free cancellation policy allows you to cancel your ticket and get a full refund if:

  • Asiana Airlines cancels your flight and the replacement flight offered to you does not suit you. 
  • You cancel a flight ticket to/from the United States within 24 hours of purchasing it and you had booked the ticket at least 7 days before your flight’s departure. 
  • Your flight is covered under Asiana Airlines’ COVID-19 travel waiver policy, as long as you can provide valid documentary proof to claim eligibility:
    • You’re a category 2 passenger, i.e., your flight departing anytime between March 16, 2020, and December 31, 2021, has been impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions.
    • You’re a category 3 passenger with a travel date between January 24, 2020, and December 31, 2021, and:
      • You are undergoing COVID-19 isolation. 
      • You’re an international student whose school’s commencement date has been postponed. 
      • You’re a medical or military personnel who has been officially restricted from travelling. 
      • You’re an immediate family member of any of the above-mentioned passengers. 
    • You’re a category 4 passenger, i.e.:
      • Your flight departs for China from an eligible country with a Korea transit, and
      • Your ticket was issued after November 10 and
      • Your travel date is anytime up to December 31 or the notification date issued by each country’s Chinese consulate.

If you have any questions or need clarification, call or your local Asiana Airlines office. 

Asiana Airlines Cancellation Fee

Asiana Airlines does not have any standard cancellation fee.

  • The cancellation fee will depend on your fare type and route. 
  • Refer to your ticket for the exact cancellation fee. If your fare conditions allow you to cancel your flight, it will be mentioned on your ticket, along with the cancellation fee. 
  • You can refund the following up to 48 hours before your flight’s departure:
    • Preferred Seating 
    • Economy Smartium and Royal Business tickets 

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  • I need to rebook or cancel my tickets on Asiana Airlines due to a serious increase in Covid 19 in Cambodia in Phnom Penh. My flight leaves on Feb 20 at 8:10 am from Boston to JFK and connecting with Asiana flight OZ 221 at JFK to Incheon and then to Phnom Penh. I live near Boston but cannot talk with the Asiana Reservation Center until 800 AM Pacific Standard Time ( 12 noon Eastern Standard Time) This is less than 24 hours before I take off. Can I still get a refund or rebook?

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