Embrace the convenience of personalized travel with Gulf Air Manage Booking feature, a seamless online service designed to put control of your flight details at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to review your itinerary, select the perfect seat, or ensure your contact information is up to date, Gulf Air Manage Booking portal offers a comprehensive suite of options. 

From the ease of online check-in to the flexibility of modifying your travel class or adding extra baggage, this user-friendly platform lets you tailor your journey according to your preferences, ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable travel experience with Gulf Air.

Gulf Air Manage my Booking Capabilities

Gulf Air Manage my Booking functionality provides a streamlined online service for managing your flight bookings. It allows you to manage all aspects of your flight booking online by yourself by allowing you to:

  • Manage your flight bookings. Manage Booking offers a comprehensive online platform for you to view and print your flight details, update your contact details, modify the flight date, time, travel class, and fare class, cancel your flight, select/upgrade your seat, and edit your frequent flyer information.
  • Check your itinerary. The Manage Booking functionality enables you to review your flight itinerary online, providing essential information such as departure and arrival times, flight duration, and other critical flight details.
  • Select your seat. You can use the Manage Booking tool to select your preferred seats within Economy Class, with options for better placement or additional legroom for a fee.
  • Check in online. The Manage Booking tool allows you to check in online for your flight and obtain your boarding remotely to avoid the queues at airport check-in counters.
  • Purchase extra baggage allowance. You can use the Manage Booking tool to purchase additional baggage allowance at reduced rates.
  • Update the passenger information. The Manage Booking platform lets you update your contact information, such as your address and phone number, ensuring your details remain current.

Gulf Air Manage Booking self-service tool provides a flexible and user-friendly interface to ensure a seamless travel experience.

How to Access and Use Gulf Air Manage Booking Tool?

To access Gulf Air Manage My Booking tool, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the homepage, GulfAir.com

2. Select the Manage option on top

The Manage Trips page will show up on the screen (see below)

A screenshot of Gulf Air’s Manage Trips page. Courtesy: GulfAir.com

3. Enter your Booking Reference number and Last Name in the required fields

4. Click on Search 

5. Select the flight you wish to manage

6. Follow the prompts to:

  • View or print your flight details
  • Update your contact details
  • Change your flight date, time, travel class, and/or fare class
  • Cancel your flight 
  • Select or upgrade your seat
  • Edit your frequent flyer information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gulf Air Manage Booking 

Refer to the FAQs below on manage booking to unlock the full potential of your travel experience. This resource has been curated to guide you through every step of customizing your journey with Gulf Air, from adjusting your flight details to enhancing your in-flight comfort. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned traveler, these FAQs provide the insights you need to navigate the Manage Booking portal with ease, ensuring your upcoming adventure with the airlines is as smooth and tailored to your needs as possible.

How do I access Gulf Air Manage My Booking functionality?

To access online booking management, visit GulfAir.com, click on the Manage option at the top, and enter your booking reference number and last name.

What can I do with Gulf Air online booking management?

Gulf Air online booking management tool allows you to view/print your flight details, update personal info, change flight specifics, cancel flights, select/upgrade seats, and edit frequent flyer details.

Can I select my seat through Manage My Booking on Gulf Air?

Yes, you can choose your preferred seat in Economy Class, with options for enhanced placement or extra legroom, subject to a fee, via the Manage Booking tool.

Can I check in for my Gulf Air flight online?

Yes, The airlines provides an online check-in option through Manage Booking as well as Check-in, letting you obtain your boarding pass remotely to bypass airport check-in queues.

How can I update my contact information in my Gulf Air booking?

You can update your contact details through the Manage Booking platform to ensure they remain accurate for your travel. All you need to do is access your flight booking with your booking reference number and last name and follow the prompts to update your contact details.

What should I do if I need to change the date, time, or class of my Gulf Air flight?

You can modify your flight’s date, time, travel class, and fare class directly through Manage Booking service.

Can I cancel my Gulf Air flight online?

Yes, you can cancel your flight online through Gulf Air Manage Booking feature.

How do I purchase additional baggage allowance for my Gulf Air flight?

You can purchase extra baggage allowance for your flight at discounted rates through the Manage Booking tool on Gulf Air’s website.

How do I view my flight itinerary details with Gulf Air?

Your flight itinerary, including departure/arrival times and flight duration, can be viewed online via Gulf Air Manage Booking functionality.

Can I edit my frequent flyer information on Gulf Air Manage Booking?

Yes, you can update your frequent flyer details through the Manage Booking section to ensure your account reflects the most current information.

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