Managing your booking online with Norse Atlantic Airways is streamlined and user-friendly, ensuring you can easily adjust your travel plans to suit your needs. If your travel plans change, here’s how you can manage your booking by yourself via the Find trips link:

  • Accessing the Norse Manage Booking Functionality. To view and modify your flight booking, simply log in to the Your trips option from the dropdown hamburger menu on the airline’s official website, You will need your confirmation code and last name to access your flight booking.
  • Modifying Your Flight Booking. Norse allows you to customize your flight booking in the following ways:
    • Name Changes and Corrections. Soon, you will be able to make name corrections including any spelling mistakes directly through the Your trips section.
    • Flight Changes. You have the flexibility to change flight times and dates, though this may incur a fee depending on your fare type and the nature of the change.
    • Flight Cancellations. You can cancel your flight, subject to the applicable cancellation fee.
    • Seat Selection. Enhance your travel experience by selecting or changing your seat assignment.
    • Luggage Options. Add checked baggage and sports equipment, or increase your weight allowance to meet your travel needs.

How to Access the Norse Airlines Manage Booking Functionality?

Follow the steps below to access Norse Manage Booking functionality: 

1.Go to the official website,

2.Select Your trips from the dropdown menu
The Your trips page will show up (see below)

A screenshot of the Your trips page. Courtesy:

3.Enter your Confirmation code and Last name

4.Hit the Search button

5.Select the flight you want to manage

6.Follow the prompts to:

  • Correct or change the name 
  • Change your flight time/date
  • Cancel your flight 
  • Add or change your seat 
  • Add extra baggage and sports equipment, or increase your weight allowance

7.Confirm and pay (if required)


Most modifications are subject to a fee, but certain changes like spelling corrections and title adjustments can be made free of charge. The cost of changes may vary based on your selected fare type. Always remember that making changes online is the most cost-effective option.

Customer Support

If you encounter any issues while managing your booking through the Your trips section, contact the Customer Care team to help you resolve your problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Norse Manage Booking 

Navigating the intricacies of air travel can often be confusing, especially when it comes to adjusting your travel itinerary. The FAQs below on Norse Manage Booking are designed to offer you clarity and assistance, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience as you tailor your journey to your preferences. Whether it’s modifying flight details, adding extra baggage, or understanding fees, this resource aims to address all your concerns with Norse Airlines booking management.

How can I access the Manage My Booking feature for Norse Airlines?

To access Norse Manage My Booking feature, visit, click on the hamburger menu, and select Your trips. You will need to enter your confirmation code and last name to access your booking details.

What options are available for modifying my flight booking with Norse Airlines?

You can modify your flight booking in several ways, including name corrections, flight time/date changes, cancellations, seat selection, and adding luggage or sports equipment.

Are there any fees associated with making changes to my booking?

Yes, most modifications come with a fee, but some changes like spelling corrections and title adjustments to your name are free. Fees vary based on fare type and what type of change you wish to make.

Can I change the name online on norse manage my booking?

Soon, you will be able to make name changes, including spelling corrections, through the “Your trips” section on the website.

How do I change the date or time of my Norse Airlines flight?

After accessing your booking through “Your trips,” you can select the flight you wish to change and follow the prompts to adjust the flight time and/or date.

What should I do if I need to cancel my Norse Airlines flight?

You can cancel your flight through the “Your trips” section, but be aware that cancellation fees may apply.

How can I select or change my seat on a Norse Airlines flight?

You can select or change your seat on a Norse Atlantic Airways flight through the Your trips option, also known as the Manage Booking functionality.

Is it possible to add extra baggage or sports equipment to my booking?

Yes, you can add extra checked baggage and sports equipment, or increase your weight allowance through the Your trips link.

What is the most cost-effective way to make changes to my Norse Airlines booking?

Making changes online through Your trips is the most cost-effective option compared to other methods.

Who can I contact if I encounter issues while managing my booking online?

If you face any difficulties, contact the Customer Care team to help you with any issues you may encounter.

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