Exploring the options for TUI seat upgrade prices and TUI flight upgrades offers a variety of enhancements to elevate your travel experience. A flight upgrade to Premium Economy provides a sweet spot between Economy and Business Class with wider seats and additional legroom, whereas Extra Legroom and Extra Space Seats offer cheaper and practical choices for those seeking just a bit more comfort. 

TUI Select Your Seat upgrade ensures your preferred spot onboard. Seat upgrade prices, particularly the move from Economy to Premium Economy, typically range from 25% to 80% above standard Economy fares (£100 to £300 per passenger), depending on the route, season, and availability

However, as your departure date approaches, the gap in pricing may narrow, presenting more affordable opportunities to enhance your journey. TUI seat/flight upgrade benefits to Premium not only include a more comfortable seating arrangement but also extend to increased baggage allowances, priority services, and exclusive in-flight amenities, ensuring a superior travel experience tailored to your preferences and needs.

Some of the key points relating to TUI seat upgrade prices and flight upgrades are provided below:

  • TUI seat upgrades include the following types of flight upgrades:
    • Premium Seat upgrade, where you upgrade to a higher class (Premium Economy).
    • Extra Legroom Seat upgrade, where you get up to 2 inches of extra seat pitch plus choose your preferred seat.
    • Extra Space Seat upgrade, where you get extra space, and often extra legroom.
    • Select Your Seat upgrade, where you get to choose where you sit on the aircraft.
  • TUI Premium Economy Class serves as an intermediate option between Economy and Business Class. It offers wider seats with more legroom and recline compared to standard Economy seats, as well as an expanded menu of complimentary food and drinks, priority boarding, and a higher baggage allowance depending on the flight route.
  • Fares for Premium Economy are typically 25% to 80% higher than Economy fares for the same journey, though this can fluctuate based on the season, demand, and booking timing. However, the price difference between Premium Economy and Economy may narrow to 10–30% closer to departure.
  • TUI seat upgrade prices depend on several factors, such as the type of seat upgrade, route, season, and seat availability. Generally, the price to upgrade from Economy to Premium Class seats ranges from £100 to £300 per passenger, each way, roughly translating to 25% to 80% more than the price of a standard Economy Class seat. However, during high-demand periods such as holidays and weekends, the seat upgrade prices can be higher. 
  • TUI may offer discounted seat upgrades at check-in if Premium seats remain unoccupied, but that’s not guaranteed.

Benefits of TUI Flight Upgrades 

The major benefits of TUI flight upgrades, applicable only to TUI package holidays, are as follows:

  • Premium Seat Upgrades. The major perks of upgrading to Premium Class seats are as follows:
    • Reserve your seat when you book
    • 50lb/23kg checked baggage allowance and 22lb/10kg hand baggage allowance with TUI Airways
    • Priority baggage drop at the airport
    • Fast track security 
    • Lounge access at airports in the UK, Ireland, and Melbourne Orlando International Airport
    • Priority boarding
    • Separate cabin at the front
    • 38-inch seat pitch
    • Wider ergonomic seats equipped with footrests and adjustable headrests
    • Premium beverages during your flight (Champagne and Prosecco excluded)
    • A four-course meal with a selection of main courses where possible, complemented by tea, coffee, and liqueurs
    • A lighter meal before arrival
    • Noise-cancelling headphones 
    • Seatback screens with a variety of movies, TV shows, and games 
    • Rituals® amenity kit 
    • Blanket and pillow 
  • Extra Legroom Seat Upgrades. Extra legroom seats are available on select short- and mid-haul flights and offer the following benefits:
    • Up to 2 more inches of seat pitch
    • Seat selection
  • Extra Space Seat Upgrades. Extra space seats are available to physically fit adults and children aged 12 and more who do not require an extension seatbelt or aren’t travelling with a service animal. They are located next to/close to the emergency exit doors, behind a dividing wall or bulkhead, and offer the following benefits:
    • More space
    • Extra legroom (often)
  • Select Your Seat Upgrades. Purchasing a Select Your Seat Upgrade allows you to choose where you sit on the aircraft. This means you can select your seat number using the seat map at the time of booking your ticket. 

TUI Flight Upgrade Process

TUI Flight Upgrade Process

TUI flight upgrade process is simple and seamless. Whether you’re looking for the extra comfort of Premium seats, the convenience of additional legroom, the luxury of extra space, or the satisfaction of choosing your exact seat, TUI upgrade system is designed to cater to your preferences and budget. 

From the moment your booking is confirmed, to the possibility of last-minute upgrades at check-in, TUI flight upgrades provides multiple avenues to enhance your journey. This process, supported by intuitive online platforms like Manage My Booking and myTUI account, as well as personal assistance in TUI Stores or over the phone, ensures that every traveler has the opportunity to tailor their flight experience to their liking.

How to Upgrade to a Premium Seat?

For those journeying with a TUI package holiday or on a TUI flight, upgrading to Premium seats is straightforward. Simply opt for Premium seating during your online booking and select your preferred seats using the aircraft’s seating chart. Alternatively, after confirming your booking, you can upgrade your seat via Manage My Booking, logging into your myTUI account, visiting a TUI Store nearby, or calling TUI at 0203 451 2688.

How to Upgrade to an Extra Legroom Seat?

When you upgrade to an Extra Legroom Seat, you get to choose your seat numbers through the seat map during the booking phase. To upgrade post-booking, use the Manage My Booking feature on the website, drop by your local TUI Store, or call TUI at 0203 451 2688.

How to Upgrade to an Extra Space Seat?

When you upgrade to an Extra Space Seat, seat selection is available during booking via the seat map. Post-booking upgrades can be done online through Manage My Booking, by visiting a nearby TUI Store, or by phone at 0203 451 2688

Note. Per European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) guidelines, seats in emergency exit rows are reserved for passengers capable of moving swiftly and handling emergency exits effortlessly if needed. These seats are not available for children under 12, individuals under alcohol influence, those needing an extension seatbelt, or passengers travelling with assistance animals.

How to Upgrade to Select Seat Upgrade?

To upgrade to Select Your Seat, you can either use Manage My Booking, visit a local TUI Store, or call TUI at 0203 451 2688.

For families with children under 12, TUI will ensure that they are seated with at least one adult from their group, whether in the same row, the row immediately in front or behind, or across the aisle. If seating arrangements do not meet this criterion at check-in, contact TUI at 0203 451 2688.

Note. For some holidays, you may have the option to choose your seats during the booking process itself. If not, the seat map will become accessible right after your holiday booking is confirmed. Plus, you can make a seat selection by signing into your myTUI account or through the Flight Extras page.

Frequently Asked Questions About TUI Seat Upgrade Prices and Flight Upgrades

The FAQs below about TUI Seat Upgrade Prices and Flight Upgrades unveil useful insights, demystifying the process and revealing the different options to enhance your flight experience. Whether you’re curious about the cost implications of moving to premium comfort or the specifics of securing that coveted extra legroom, this section will help you make informed decisions to upgrade your trip with TUI.

What are the different types of seat upgrades available on TUI flights?

TUI offers several seat upgrade options including Premium Seat, Extra Legroom Seat, Extra Space Seat, and Select Your Seat upgrades, each providing various benefits from increased legroom to the choice of seat location.

How much more does it cost to upgrade to Premium Economy with TUI?

Upgrading to Premium Economy typically costs 25% to 80% more than an Economy fare, depending on factors like season, demand, and how close to departure the booking is made.

Can I choose my seat when I upgrade with TUI?

Yes, most seat upgrades, including Premium and Extra Legroom seats, allow you to select your seat at the time of booking, after booking through the Manage My Booking portal, myTUI account, at the local TUI Store, or by phone.

What additional benefits do I get with a Premium Seat upgrade?

Benefits include a 50lb/23kg checked baggage allowance and 22lb/10kg hand baggage allowance, priority check-in, lounge access, wider seats with more legroom, premium meals and beverages, and other exclusive amenities.

Are there any restrictions on booking Extra Space Seats?

Yes, Extra Space Seats are subject to EASA guidelines, meaning they’re not suitable for children under 12, those under the influence of alcohol, passengers requiring an extension seatbelt, or those traveling with assistance animals.

How can I upgrade my TUI flight seat?

You can upgrade your TUI seat online during booking, later via Manage My Booking, through your myTUI account, at a TUI Store, or by calling TUI directly at 0203 451 2688.

Is there a chance to get a discounted seat upgrade with TUI?

Yes, TUI may offer discounted upgrades at check-in if premium seats remain unoccupied.

What is the baggage allowance for Premium Seat upgrades?

The baggage allowance for Premium Seat upgrades with TUI Airways is 50lb/23kg of checked baggage and 22lb/10kg of hand baggage.

How does TUI ensure families are seated together?

TUI seats children under 12 with at least one adult from their party, ensuring proximity within the same row, one row in front or behind, or across the aisle.

What should I do if my preferred seating arrangement isn’t available at check-in?

If your seating arrangement isn’t as requested, you can contact TUI at 0203 451 2688 for assistance.

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